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Hunks Workshop! (ハンクス・ワークショップ!), by Future Games.

Project migrated here from Bara no Nioi.


You, a young, jobless college guy, suddenly find yourself with the opportunity of a lifetime: your uncle has offered you a part-time manager of a strange handyman business called BODY&SOUL for one month. To prove to your uncle that you're competent enough to be hired full-time, you must meet a revenue quota of one million yen, all while juggling friendships and more with your four employees. Do you have what it takes to work this shop? (this is temporary shut up)

  • Artist: Masanori, Kozaru (BG)
  • Scenario: Hanada Akihiko
  • Music: Super Sweep (Hosoe Shinji/sampling masters MEGA, Ayako Sasou)

Full credits can be found here.

Want to Help?[edit]

Please contact me through [email protected] I'm looking out for TL checkers.

Also see technical issues.


  • Rough translation: 100%
  • Drafted: 100%
  • Finalized: 70%
  • Hacked: ~75%


Still alive! 85 files to go, and out of them, only 9 are heavy! I hope the release will be in August. - Makekko