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Asakura! P is a side-scrolling 2D hardcore action platformer developed by Somiso and released at Comiket 80. At a price point of only 1200 yen (15 dollars), it boasts 20+ hours of insidiously difficult, yet delightfully refined gameplay, and is certain to be a worthy addition to the library of any gamer who appreciates a solid, skill-based challenge.

Note: Not recommended for anyone who does not find attractive the prospect of seeing a game over screen thousands of times.


  • Translation: Moogy
  • Engineering: Rena
  • Image Editing: Moogy
  • Testing: Moogy, Kefit, moops
  • Special Thanks: teruterubouzu, Kefit, Talkhaus Fansubs



Patch version 1.00 released. All text present within the game is fully translated to English and there are no known bugs introduced by the patch. Errors may be reported on the talk page. See below for download and installation instructions.


  • Patch v1.00 - Installation instructions: Just point the installer at the directory where you have the game installed and proceed. Once installed, simply run AssaCrip_en.exe to play the game in English. Note that you'll need to set your controls up again if you were playing the Japanese game previously.

Release Notes[edit]

  • Due to the nature of the game's text (nearly all of the messages are little more than explanations of game mechanics) and some rather tight character limits, I have taken a good deal of liberty with the script in an effort to preserve all of the information presented by the original. I have omitted references to previous games to save space, rephrased some descriptions to be a bit more sensible within the space allocated, etc. That said, unless you are particularly concerned with the holy sanctity of text explaining the effects of inertia on the player character, this means more or less nothing for the finished product - I'd just like to make it clear that it was more or less a royal pain in the ass making everything fit in the space I had to work with. Even so, I think it was a lot of fun in the end, and it did allow me to give myself rather more leeway than I normally would when approaching this sort of thing, which is always good from an experience standpoint, I suppose.
  • You may notice that this is the fourth game in a series. Asakura 1-3 use the same basic engine as P, but are radically different games, being closer to Megaman X in terms of basic gameplay and focusing on prolonged exploration of some rather massive dungeons, thus ultimately casting them in the Metroidvania mold, I suppose. They even have hit points! I have no interest in looking at 1 or 2 at the moment, but I do intend to translate 3 at some point in the future after having spent some time playing through it over the past few days, so that should give you something to look forward to.