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Young smuggler Filho Rossi teams up with the mysterious assassin Foxbat to join in the life-and-death race known as Cannonball. But the secrets surrounding Foxbat make them the target of the entire galaxy...

Cannonball is a science fiction racing ero ADV from Liar-soft, the creators of Forest and the Steampunk (What a Beautiful...) series.


A walkthrough (translated from Japanese) can optionally be installed with the installer.


Main Article: Cannonball:Glossary

A list of some of the name sources and unusual/foreign words from the game.

Translation Notes[edit]

Main Article: Cannonball:Translation Notes

Not translation notes, per se, but notes on a few things that changed significantly in translation. Contains a few spoilers.

Gameplay Notes[edit]

Main Article: Cannonball:Gameplay Notes

A few notes on how races, battles, and the game itself work.


Another day, another insanely long project complete...

Working on Cannonball was quite different from working on Period. I feel the language in Cannonball was easier, and shrinking the font size early on meant I didn't have to do as much line chopping as I did in Period. On the other hand, HOLY SHIT was this game buggy. I don't know why it was released the way it was - did Liar-soft not bother to do any testing at all? Were they under some insane deadline? Even after the quick patch that made the game actually playable, it still had a host of problems (most of which I think I fixed).

Cannonball isn't structured as a typical eroge - there are only two routes, and they aren't character routes. (In fact, depending on your definition, you could consider Foxy to be the only heroine in Cannonball.) You have to do both routes to get the true ending, which you really do want to get. If you can't seem to get on the other route on your second play-through, you can always look at the walkthrough, but I would advise playng without it at least once.

A word of warning to those who like to play eroge in public and alt-tab/close at impending H scenes - there's a lot of incidental nudity outside of H scenes. Some characters are naked constantly, or during races, or during fights.

Comments/corrections/suggestions are welcome. If you don't want to sign up to comment here, I'm also on the VNDB forums; I often read (but don't participate in) /jp/vnts/, /jp/vn/ and /vg/vn/; or you can just email me at oshanyan replacemewithanatsign hotmail replacemewithaperiod com (at least until my disgust at how shitty Hotmail is now overcomes my unease at using Gmail for multiple identities).

Anyway, what's next? Remember how I said I was going to take a break after Period, and then I didn't? Well, I am this time. I swear. I've been putting off other projects for quite a while to finish up Cannonball, and I have a hard time working on my backlog while I'm doing a translation. Of course, I already have several candidates picked out for my next translation...


The patch program also serves as an installer for the game (trust me, you don't want to use the original). Just start up the installer, choose your options, and put in the disks as it asks for them. The installer works on the five disk version of Cannonball, not the four disk version (which I haven't seen but apparently exists). As far as I can tell with minimal testing, you can install and play the game if you're not in the Japanese locale in Windows, but the font will look screwed up, so I highly recommend you run it in the Japanese locale, as is usual for Japanese games.

The installer also gives you the option of installing a walkthrough for the game. It simply copies a few web pages into a subdirectory of the installation directory, and adds a link to the start menu. The walkthrough isn't complete, and it has a few issues (e.g. I had to rescue it from the Wayback Machine, which screwed up the I and II in Route I and Route II and made them indistinguishable), but it gives some helpful tips, and ways to breeze through many of the battles. Of course, you'll get a greater sense of accomplishment from doing the battles/races without a walkthrough, and it's good to go through the game at least once without it.


I've never really cared for the translation of the title given on VNDB - Cannon Ball ~Neko Neko Machine Rage Race!~. For starters, while some places do use two words for Cannonball, I think more of them use one word, and it looks better to me. Also, 'rage' seems very out of place there. Here are a few other options.

  • I think 'mou' is better translated as 'extreme,' as in extreme sports, and I probably wouldn't leave Japanese is there, so I would go with something like Cannonball ~Extreme Kitty-Cat Machine Racing~ if you want a literal translation.
  • The Japanese name is a play on the Japanese name of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon Wacky Races (チキチキマシン猛レース), although that name is so short that not much can be done to make it fit the game. It's interesting to note that there are other references to Wacky Races, other than the whole thing being about racing with goofy vehicles. The villians in the cartoon, Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley, drive car #00, just like Baldanders and Higgs; Dastardly was always coming up with (failed) plots, like Higgs; and Dastardly's name in the Japanese version was the Black Maou (Maou being Baldanders title - I used the English name from the official web page, the Erlkoenig).
  • Yes, it's an overused joke, but when combining nekomimi and racing, you can't go wrong with Cannonball ~The Fast and the Furriest~


  • 2015/04/20 - Obviously I haven't made a lot of progress with re-editing, but I did create a patch that translates the DLSite version of the game. (Actually, it changes the DLSite version into the CD version, overwriting any changes in the DLSite version. There don't seem to be any major changes, anyway.) Just start it up and point it to the directory in which you unpacked the DLSite game.
  • 2014/11/24 - Since initial feedback is that people don't tend to like my, err, unorthodox use of punctuation, I'm going to change it to be more standard English and release an updated patch. If you have any other feedback (except for anything involving short fences), speak now or forever hold your peace. I don't really have a time estimate.
  • 2014/11/22 - It's done! See the release notes/ramblings, download, and all the other information added to this page.
  • 2014/11/08 - Sorry to have gone for so long without an update. Basically, my QCers either said they don't have enough time or just went dark, so rather than relying on more unknowns I'm just doing a final editing/bug-hunt pass myself. I've finished one route and I'm well into the second. I've also translated a walkthrough and created a rather extensive glossary of foreign/unusual terms and name sources. If I had to guess at a completion date, I'd say maybe a couple more weeks.
  • 2014/09/20 - Initial patch has been sent out for QC. No guesses yet on how long it will take.
  • 2014/08/30 - Editing is finished (except for one more pass through some of the scripts). Now on to final image editing and inserting voice-only lines. The next update will be when I send the patch out for QC.
  • 2014/08/02 - Translation is finally complete, and editing is proceeding faster than I thought. It's enjoyable to read through the scripts at an almost normal pace.
  • 2014/07/19 - Another drop in percentage because I've added more lines than I've translated, but I think I've found all the voice only lines now - this includes the true credits, race commentary and announcements, Tail Play, and background lines in sex scenes that are more substantial than moaning and "II!" I figured out how to add the lines during the race; now I just have to figure out how to do it during sex scenes (the dreaded "second text box"?) and Tail Play (might be difficult because the voice to play is held in a variable rather than hard-coded, like every place else in the game). I just want to finish and get on with editing...
  • 2014/07/12 - I added the voice-only lines from the race (at least Yamane's commentary - I might add more as I find them), hence the increase in line count and the slight decrease in percentage. Trust me, I'm not really going backward.
  • 2014/07/05 - I decided to just add the voice-only lines to the line count, and also fix some other apparent mistakes in the line count. I've been working on a way to "subtitle" the voice-only lines in the true credits, which seems to be working fine now but will require extra work for long lines. If I can find a good way to subtitle them, I might go back and add the voice-only lines from the races as well. (I found it funny that one of the EGS comments for Cannonball was someone wishing the race part had text...)
  • 2014/06/21 - Close, so close... But there's still more to do:
    • I'm going to freeze the translation at 99.99% once I reach that point, to translate some voice-only lines (from Tail Play and the true ending) that aren't counted in the line count. When I finish those, translation will hit 100%.
    • I'm going to do a full editing pass, more thorough than what I did for Period (because this is all at once instead of partial patches). I don't know how long it will take, but I'm sure it will be much faster than translation.
    • After that, I'll want a couple of people to look it over for QC. If you're volunteering, send me an email at oshanyan replacemewithanatsign hotmail replacemewithaperiod com, and I'll get back to a few people. (If you have my old Hotmail address, don't use that one because I no longer have access - thanks, Microsquash.) You must have your own copy of the game, and be willing to play through (and possibly read scripts) in a timely manner.
  • 2014/05/05 - The lack of progress updates lately is because I took a break from translating Annoying Bitch to work on the installer, which is now finished. The original installer took about 25 minutes on my 3.3 GHz i7 (and, according to one source, five hours on a typical Japanese toaster of the era the game was released), while the new one takes about four minutes. The wonders of modern software...
  • 2013/07/27 - Despite the percentage, I'm over 50% now (I don't count scripts done until all lines are done, and there are some scripts at the end with lines that differ depending on the route), and I've also finished one route and started the next.
  • 2013/04/27 - In honor of hitting 30%, a screenshot. Actually, I just thought I should show some sign of life other than percentages, and I like the image and the line.
  • 2012/12/22 - I've hit 10%! It doesn't seem like much compared to Period, where I didn't even announce the project until I was at 33%, but it's good to see myself steadily making progress. Slow progress, though - real life intervenes, and I was stricken by a bizarre desire to switch my everyday computing environment to Linux, which is now done. Cannonball runs pretty well in Wine, with a little tweaking, and it gets rid of one of my major complaints about the Cannonball version of RScript - no music when you alt-tab. It's the little things...
  • 2012/10/06 - Added a project page to TLWiki.
  • 2012/09/29 - The prologue is translated; some images (like character names) are translated. Because the game's scripts aren't clearly organized, I can't give script sizes for various parts of the game; and in fact I've just lumped the game into a few giant buckets rather than try to come up with some more sane system. As I progress and organize the scripts, I might refine it further.

Error Reports[edit]

Main Article: Cannonball:Error Reports

Found anything wrong? Let us know! (Warning: contains spoilers.)

Studio Oshaberi Nyanko Staff[edit]


Game Section Size (lines) Translation progress Editing progress
Prologue 1145/1145 100% 100%
Qualifier 1771/1771 100% 100%
Finals 28050/28050 100% 100%
Race Banter 4063/4063 100% 100%
Bonus 2181/2181 100% 100%
Voice Only 446/446 100% 100%
Total 37656/37656 100% 100%



Patch Download[edit]



By downloading and/or installing this translation patch, you agree to the following (don't worry, this is all common sense stuff):

  • Cannonball is the copyright of Liar-soft; I make no claim to any part of that. I'm merely providing a service for people not fluent in Japanese to play what I consider to be a great game. This translation patch, and any other files that come with it, are not to be associated, released, packaged, bundled, or hot-glued to any downloaded, shared, or otherwise illegal/immoral copy of the original game. The patch, of a necessity, contains certain portions of the games files, but does not contain enough to play without a full, original copy of the game.
  • The translated text itself may not be used in any other English translation of the game, whether free (as in freedom or beer) or paid, without express written consent of Studio Oshaberi Nyanko. The use of the translated text as a springboard for non-English translations is expressly permitted; notification and credit are nice, but not mandatory.
  • The translation patch may not be uploaded to any online file share service (including, but not limited to, Filesonic, Easy Share, Hotfile, Fileserve, Bitshare, Duckload, or any similar service) without express written consent of Studio Oshaberi Nyanko.
  • The game Cannonball, as well as the translation patch, contain adult content and are restricted to those 18 years of age or older. By installing the translation patch, you assert that you are 18 years of age or older, or the legal age to view adult content in your country of residence.