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General TLWiki Translation Guidelines/Free Translation Agreement v2
Written July 18th, 2009. Approved by TLWiki Staff and #Ensue Staff.

  • Above all, feel free to do whatever you please with translations you have produced yourself. In other words, if the opportunity arises to make some money off of your work, then that's great. We certainly won't judge you for it. However, that brings me to the next point, which is...
  • It'd be great if you could translate because you enjoy translating or want to spread the game, not because you want e-penis or money.
  • Since TLWiki was created for the purposes of making translation efforts publicly visible and fostering a community built around them, please don't attempt to undermine this sense of community by hoarding scripts or refusing help from others. (Unless you have a good reason, such as licensing, for either.)
  • Scripts and resources should only be removed from the wiki if all integral staff members for the project agree upon it.
  • Furthermore, scripts and resources for any given project should be considered as "belonging" to their listed staff, and, more generally, the public. Don't be a dick and try to steal others' work by selling it on eBay and claiming that it's your own or something. (Seeing as TLWiki is an open project where anyone and everyone is encouraged to pitch in, I can't see this being an issue anyway.)
  • Following this, feel free to "take over" any project that hasn't moved in ages. We'd like to avoid dead projects just as much as you would. A good rule of thumb would be: If script files are publicly editable, then go to town.
  • None of these statements have any legal backing at all, so don't take them too seriously.
  • Going on that, feel free to ignore any and all of these guidelines, because they are just that - guidelines. If you truly require arbitration on some matter, just ask Moogy or Tinfoil about it.
  • TLWiki では、著作に関する有効なお問い合わせについてのみ調査させていただきます。本サイトはウィキでありますが、サイト上での消去要請やページ削除は本人確認が難しいため、対応しかねます。消去要請などの申し立ては [email protected] までお願いいたします。