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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia cover

Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a member of the Mages' Association, wakes on the fourth day of the 5th Heaven's Feel with a new servant, Avenger, and no memory of what happened to her beforehand. Together, they set off to fight and win the war.

(VNDB & Wikipedia)

Project status

It's the 21st of November 2014.

Translation and quality-checking have all been finished. The Fate/hollow ataraxia translation project is now complete.

A huge thanks to everyone from all across the planet and from all walks of life who have been seeing us through over the past five or so years. Your patience has lead up to this one point. Get the completed patch from the link below, and start playing your hearts out in full English glory.

Fate/hollow ataraxia English Patch v1.02

We most sincerely hope you enjoy the game!

How to use the patch

1). Get the game (buy it from a legit source; as a start, try the links below)

2). Install* the game

3). Download the patch linked above

4). Click-and-drag the patch into the install directory.

5). Enjoy.

This patch was designed to work for ALL locales, provided the game installation directory does NOT contain '/' (forward-slash). When installing the game simply remove the '/' to achieve this. Example installation directories:

  • Fate/hollow ataraxia (This is a BAD installation directory)
  • Fate hollow ataraxia (This is a GOOD installation directory)

Since the patch was coded with unicode, it will work without the need of the Applocale software. So meaning, follow the above steps in a literal way and there shouldn't be any issues.

Saying the above, if any issues do arise please refer to the project page for a comprehensive FAQ and an in-depth troubleshooting process.

Error reports

Any typos, crashes, hangs, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to visit the active project thread over at Beast's Lair. Let us know if anything is off, and we'll get onto it.


An archive of the progression of this project is here

Refer to Beast's Lair here for up-to-date news and info regarding the patch and project.

Overall staff/credits

Image Editing:

Quality Assurance:

  • aldeayeah
  • zero-nii
  • 5argan
  • Trubo
  • a wild goose's crevice
  • FrustratedRocka
  • SurferDude

Special thanks to:

  • arai (Beast's Lair) - Significant amount of translated material
  • cabd - Translation of selected scenes
  • lennar - Translation of (many) selected scenes
  • gndynames - Translation of selected scenes (Chinese to English)
  • Paitouch - Slayer of the Wild Goose's Crevice
  • Mcjon - "I can honestly say I never helped at all."
  • Jacktheinfinite101 - Technical assistance
  • anime-rg - movie subtitles
  • phiber - help with extracting the flowchart
  • amukunau and delta - significant amount of translated text and images (Korean to English)
  • nagato - kirikiri wordwrapping code
  • ...and many others (anonymous or otherwise) from Beast's Lair, or from elsewhere, who have helped with the project.. Seriously people, a big big thanks getting us to where we are now, five years after this all started.

And if there's anyone specific that's been forgotten above, don't hesistate and message me on the BL thread and I'll get you on here; apologies in advance if it comes to this!


Where to buy

Amazon US (int'l shipping available)

Amazon Japan