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I'm having difficulty with my computer, so I don't have access to the East Asian Language Pack right now. You'll have to gauge which term is which in the Japanese until we can add the Japanese properly... v.v


Gonzou's(園山組) -> Sonoyama-gumi (NOT ENSAN, where did that come from. Also, is gumi over group really the preferred usage?) (Go for group. And this romanization is confirmed by voice file har_9110: g43. Thanks TNA! - pondr)

Underground organization -> Souwa Alliance (Souwa informally)

Souwa competition -> Shin'ei Group (Shin'ei informally)

Sannou Corporation (Sannou informally)

Azai Corporation

Shiratori Construction (I believe it's construction, this may be inaccurate)

坊や -> The Boys


The school -> Jyuuga Saki

-Faculty office

The city -> Tomanbetsu City(not ou, just o)

中央区 -> Central District

セントラル街 -> Central Boulevard

-Plaza Hotel

-Coffee house -> Lapis Lazuli (not tough)

-Central Business District (i.e., pondr said screw it, let everything be "central <blah>" and just use downtown where it starts to get annoying. Already went through all the completed files barring h-scenes, kanon's route files, and g36 to make these corrections.)

東区 -> Eastern District

西区 -> Western District

-Port or harbour, either one works... but the docks or boardwalk are the actual "waterline", the port, docks, or harbor is the area itself. This is not centralized.

南区 -> Southern District

-Residential area of the Southern District


理事長 -> Director

Someya-shitsuchou -> Mr. Someya

-Position: Director of Senior Management

Dr. Akimoto

Horibe calls Kyousuke "young master" in reference, but direct addresses are "Son".

Mikaeru Yugumunto -> Michael Jugmund

Skating Terms[edit]

International Skating Union (except where referring to the Japanese Skating Union, the proper name of which is shrouded in some mystery, but present in g24-6 thereabouts)

-6.0 System (old judging system)

-Code of Points, ISU Scoring System, many other terms (new judging system)

Grand Prix of Figure Skating (This is the English term used by the ISU.)

-NHK Trophy


National competition -> Japan Championships (Japan Figure Skating Championships)

World Figure Skating Championships (Worlds informally, pretty much always what Eiichi should say)

Olympics (...for completion's sake.)

Most common jumps mentioned, not necessarily exhaustive:


-Axel (This is not a misspelling, it's someone's name.)

Short program

Free skate (Note, not free skating)

Music Terms[edit]

"Air on the G String"


-"Oh, come, lovely child! Oh come thou with me!/For many a game I will play there with thee;"

-We are now translating kawaii bouya as lovely child now that I am aware that the TL of Erlkoenig used is not the official Japanese TL "Maou". Yay!

--Adapt the final punctuation as you see fit, and you'll typically want to remove the slash indicating verse. Note that we have capitalized the second "Oh" for sake of aesthetics, despite the actual English translation leaving this lowercase.

Assorted Terms[edit]

Kyousuke is afflicted by a chronic "headache", not migraine. This may change in the future, but this is the current convention.

Kyousuke "doesn't like standing out".

Other Notes[edit]

Gonzou's quote "You just might be something, someday." or the like is in (running list so that we can choose the adaptation that fits the most epic scene best):

-g04 line 94

-g30 line 387

"So you're going to be a hero, huh? Then I'll..."



Please only use ~ tilde from now on (shift+` for me). I went back and modified every single tilde to this because there were like 3 different in use. It looks like the tilde in the very first line in this image. --Yu-no project bot 15:50, 11 October 2010 (CDT)

Please keep using “Maou” and not "Maou" with ordinary tildes, unless it should be used differently than the usual (ie. use “Maou” in 99% of the cases). --Yu-no project bot 15:50, 11 October 2010 (CDT)