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October 6th, 2010: Chapters 1-4 and all side routes are now in the QC phase. Our QCs' words are weapons. But they're only weapons when violence is hiding somewhere nearby, ready to back them up. - pondrthis

August 25th, 2010: Mizuha's route has finally been edited. I will be going over TLC comments from chapters 2 & 3 while TLC finishes up through Mizuha's route. Outside of rough translation, there will be no focus on the final chapter until after we are completely satisfied with chapters 1-4 and all the side routes. - pondrthis

July 31st, 2010: Chapter 4's main story has been fully edited. After Mizuha's route is edited (might be a good while, I need to write a scientific article next week) and the first three chapters are polished to a shine, expect an "open-beta" release. Downloading during this period will imply willingness to report any and all errors encountered in the game. - pondrthis

July 20th, 2010: I'd like to apologize to the entire community for a grave misunderstanding on my part which has set back the translation by up to a month. I dilly-dallied with my re-edits because I failed to realize our TLC had indeed prepared much of Chapter 4's script for me in mid-June. As the pro-tempore project lead, this is an inexcusable act of neglect on my part. However, in the words of "Maou", "My long period of translucence is at an end." Chapter 4 editing is underway, the review of our Chinese->English work is approaching its last leg, the re-edits are all but done, we have found a new image editor (AidanAK47), and I just this morning eliminated the last bit of moonspeak from the configuration menu.- pondrthis

July 14th, 2010: The project is in (not-so-desperate) need of active image editors. If you're interested, send a resume/CV (read: list of image editing and/or graphic design qualifications) to pondrthis ATMARK gmail. Preference will be given to those who have worked on kirikiri2/KAG3 games before, due to an understanding with regards to how the images will be displayed. In other news, re-edits are finishing up rather slowly, but the rate-limiting step of second-pass TLC is moving at a good pace now that TNA's computer problems are resolved. - pondrthis

June 28th, 2010: TNA's PC died, which going to delay the TLC progress a bit unfortunately. Back on track.

June 10th, 2010: I'm going to complete the reedits (i.e. Kanon's route and Tsubaki's h-scenes as well) while our esteemed TLC TNA checks over my rubbish to ensure it's not flat out wrong. New material is put on hold for just a bit longer. However, at the rate we're going, expect the project to finish within 2-3 months after Chapter 4 work commences. - pondrthis

June 3rd, 2010: (Lies by pondrthis)

April 15th, 2010: TLC pace has begun to pick up, and editing by moi is lagging by just a tad. TNA is, as usual, the man, and we might be able to get onto new scripts by mid-to-late June. In other news, the new TL is vastly (at least 60%, to give it the old engineering-estimate) improved over the old one, both in accuracy and editing capabilities. - pondrthis

February 26th, 2010: The project is still ongoing, just at a snail's pace. Please be patient with us during this time. TLC has proven to be a very slow process indeed, and we're not even done with chapter one yet (though we're getting close). Rest assured, though, that G-Senjou no Maou is nowhere near being dropped. - pondrthis

November 13th, 2009: Slightly late, the editing for chapter 3 is concluded. TLC and Editing on Chapter 4 will begin after chapters 1 and 2 have been TLCed.

November 1st, 2009: Translation/Translation check of chapter 3 completed. There will be no official release until Chapters 1 & 2 have been reTLCed.

October 29th, 2009: Tsubaki patch has been taken off the site, since Chapters 1 and 2 are going to be reTLCed and QCed one more time before the Chapter 3 release.

October 17th, 2009: Project officially relocated at TL Wiki. This marks the conclusion of the original C->E translation we started out with, in place of a straightforward J->E translation. Currently, things are being reassembled. Good stuff.