Kono Mama ja, Ane to SEX Shite Shimau!?

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MC and his sisters


When MC moves into a new home with the forgotten "sisters" from his childhood, his life takes an unexpected turn. (At the moment this is just about all I've got in the way of description)

State of affairs[edit]

I'm still very much a beginner at Japanese so do not expect this to be a quick translation. I'm striving to make this as accurate and enjoyable a translation as possible but I have no doubt that errors will occur.
Thanks to a tool I found on this very site extracting and repacking the scripts has been simple but as of yet I've found no way to extract or repack image files. If anyone has any information on how to do this I would be hugely grateful and I will make translating the menus and interface of the game a priority.

I'll post status updates more regularly on my blog: finbadtranslations.tumblr.com

TL Status[edit]

Approx 14.4%

Patching Instructions[edit]

Im afraid due to my lack of knowledge the only way to apply my translation is a rather crude one.

Step 1: Download this file and extract the contents somewhere convenient.
Step 2: Find the directory you have the game installed in (if you didnt fiddle with any of the settings it ought to be C:\OLE\ANESEX\)
Step 3: In this directory there is a folder called Scripts
Step 4: Delete the two files in this folder and replace them with the files you downloaded.
Step 5: Play the game and HOPEFULLY it will work (please contact me if it doesn't or even if it does, confirmation is always nice)

(If you're new to the whole VN thing then remember to change your system local to Japanese even before trying to install the game)

Current Release[edit]

0.144: This update takes you up to the end of Day 11. 7 out 13 of Ayame's scenes are completed.


Just me, Findus.
HUGE thanks to whoever made the script extractor tool that I've been using, seriously I'd be stuck at square one without you.

External Links[edit]

OLE-M Official Website (Japanese)
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