Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO:18 02.MST

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// C18_02.MST

#begin page001
//L003CD: 01 "【豊富】ここは立ち入り禁止だからな。"
L003CD: 01 "【豊富】This is a restricted area."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page001 (QC'd)
#end page001

#begin page002
//L00420: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L00420: 01 "【\protag】........"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page002 (QC'd)
#end page002


#begin page003
//L004D0: 01 "【\protag】(頭の先から爪先まで気にくわない野郎だが、こんなヤツでも殴る訳にはいかないな。)"
L004D0: 01 "【\protag】(I may hate this guy from head to toe, but I can't just punch him.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page003 (QC'd)
#end page003

#begin page004
//L0055A: 01 "【\protag】(第一、亜由美さんに迷惑がかかるぜ‥‥。)"
L0055A: 01 "【\protag】(For one, it'd be a hassle for Ayumi-san to deal with.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page004 (QC'd)
#end page004


#begin page005
//L005FB: 01 "ドシッ!"
L005FB: 01 "*thud*!"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page005 (QC'd)
#end page005

#begin page006
//L00632: 01 "【\protag】と自分の胸を叩いてもしょうがないし‥‥。"
L00632: 01 "【\protag】Battering my own chest kind of defeats the purpose."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page006 (QC'd)
#end page006

#begin page007
//L00694: 01 "【豊富】さっきから、何をしているんだ、君は。"
L00694: 01 "【豊富】What the hell are you doing?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page007 (QC'd)
#end page007


#begin page008
//L0070F: 01 "【\protag】バキッ!"
L0070F: 01 "【\protag】Wham!"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page008 (QC'd)
#end page008

#begin page009
//L00751: 01 "【\protag】と口で言うのも何だしな。"
L00751: 01 "【\protag】Just saying that out loud isn't going to get me anywhere."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page009 (QC'd)
#end page009

#begin page010
//L007A3: 01 "【豊富】独り言の多い男だな‥‥。"
L007A3: 01 "【豊富】You sure like your monologues, huh?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page010 (QC'd)
#end page010


#begin page011
//L00812: 01 "【\protag】(おいおい、そんなことをしたら‥‥面白いじゃないか。)"
L00812: 01 "【\protag】(Hey now, if I did that... I could get a few laughs out of it.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page011 (QC'd)
// 'punch' command
#end page011


#begin page012
//L008A2: 01 "【豊富】しかし、工事が滞っているからな、主任の立場はきわめて微妙だ。"
L008A2: 01 "【豊富】Anyway, the work is going to stagnate, so the chief's position is at risk."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page012 (QC'd)
#end page012

#begin page013
//L00915: 01 "【\protag】‥‥微妙?"
L00915: 01 "【\protag】...At risk?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page013 (QC'd)
#end page013

#begin page014
//L00959: 01 "【豊富】我々は法に沿った手続き、規定内の装備・管理を心がけているが、事故が多いのでね。"
L00959: 01 "【豊富】Though we've precisely adhered to the rules and regulations, and have been fitted with the proper equipment and procedures, many mishaps and failures have happened recently."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page014 (QC'd)
#end page014

#begin page015
//L009DE: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L009DE: 01 "【\protag】........"
#end page015

#begin page016
//L00A22: 01 "【豊富】付近住民が、それをたてに工事中止を言ってきている。工事現場に座り込みでもされたら、タマらんな。"
L00A22: 01 "【豊富】The neighboring residents are petitioning for a suspension of operations. Things are gonna get ugly if they start holding protests on-site."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page016 (QC'd)
#end page016

#begin page017
//L00AB7: 01 "【\protag】市民運動ってことか。"
L00AB7: 01 "【\protag】A civil rights movement, huh."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page017 (QC'd)
//"Right to a safe workplace" is fitted under mandates issued by labor unions. Though the people are outside the operations, they are unionizing. Therefore, human rights, or is it civil rights movement?
//I dunno, but I like 'civil' better. The original is just "citizens' movement," literally, by the way.
#end page017

#begin page018
//L00B05: 01 "【豊富】そんなモノじゃないな。感情にもとづいた廃絶論だ。特に事故で亡くなった人の遺族が問題だ。"
L00B05: 01 "【豊富】Not quite. They're just acting on raw emotion. The families of the deceased are particularly problematic."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page018 (QC'd)
#end page018

#begin page019
//L00B92: 01 "【\protag】そりゃ、そうだろう。"
L00B92: 01 "【\protag】Well, can't blame them."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page019 (QC'd)
#end page019

#begin page020
//L00BE0: 01 "【豊富】バカを言うな。我々は法や規定に沿ったことをキチンとやっているんだ。僕に責任は全くない。"
L00BE0: 01 "【豊富】Don't be stupid! We're following the regulations to the letter. I ain't accountable for nothing."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page020 (QC'd)
#end page020

#begin page021
//L00C6D: 01 "【\protag】(誰も、下っ端のお前を責めやしないよ。)"
L00C6D: 01 "【\protag】(No one's going to blame some penniless peon like you.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page021 (QC'd)
#end page021

#begin page022
//L00CCF: 01 "【豊富】フン、こんなことを君に言ってもしょうがないな‥‥主任はさきほどまでここにいたが、今は知らん。"
L00CCF: 01 "【豊富】I don't know why I'm even telling you this in the first place. Anyway, the chief was here until just a moment ago. I have no clue where she is now."
#end page022

#begin page023
//L00D62: 01 "【\protag】‥‥じゃあ、今はどこに?"
L00D62: 01 "【\protag】...So where is she now?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page050 (QC'd)
#end page023

#begin page024
//L00DB4: 01 "【豊富】だから知らないと言っているだろう。三角山の方へは、くれぐれも近づかないようにな。"
L00DB4: 01 "【豊富】Didn't I just tell you I don't know? Just keep away from Triangle Mountain, you hear me?"
#end page024


#begin page025
//L0138A: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L0138A: 01 "【\protag】........"
#end page025

#begin page026
//L013CE: 01 "【\protag】(さっきまで、ここにいたのか‥‥亜由美さん。)"
L013CE: 01 "【\protag】(So Ayumi-san was here just a moment ago.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page053 (QC'd)
#end page026


#begin page027
//L01481: 01 "【\protag】で、AV監督の豊富さんさ。"
L01481: 01 "【\protag】Listen, Porn Director Toyotomi-san."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page056 (QC'd)
#end page027

#begin page028
//L014D5: 01 "【豊富】現場監督だ。"
L014D5: 01 "【豊富】Construction Director."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page057 (QC'd)
#end page028

#begin page029
//L01518: 01 "【\protag】俺の目的は最初に言った。母親を探していて、あんたに彼女の行方を訊いている。"
L01518: 01 "【\protag】You know what I'm here for. I'm looking for my mother, and I'm asking you where she is."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page058 (QC'd)
#end page029

#begin page030
//L0159C: 01 "【豊富】なるほど、君は可憐な主任に、金の無心をすべく、あちこちを立ち回っているというわけだな。うん、それならば納得いく。"
L0159C: 01 "【豊富】I see. So you're strategically maneuvering about so you can extort some money from the lovely chief. That seems plausible."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page059 (QC'd)
#end page030

#begin page031
//L01643: 01 "【\protag】‥‥んで、AV監督さん、彼女は?"
L01643: 01 "【\protag】...So where is she, Mr. Porn Director?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page060 (QC'd)
#end page031

#begin page032
//L0169D: 01 "【豊富】知らん。"
L0169D: 01 "【豊富】No clue."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page061 (QC'd)
#end page032

#begin page033
//L01709: 01 "ドシッ!"
L01709: 01 "*thump*!"
#end page033

#begin page034
//L0174F: 01 "【豊富】自分の胸をこづいて、何をしているのだ。"
L0174F: 01 "【豊富】Why are you jabbing at your own chest?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page063 (QC'd)
#end page034

#begin page035
//L017AC: 01 "【\protag】いやぁ、胸がつまっちゃって。"
L017AC: 01 "【\protag】I just choked for a second."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page064 (QC'd)
#end page035

#begin page036
//L01802: 01 "【\protag】(ま、亜由美さんに迷惑をかけたくないからな‥‥。)"
L01802: 01 "【\protag】(Well, I don't want to cause any trouble for Ayumi-san.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page065 (QC'd)
#end page036

#begin page037
//L0186E: 01 "【\protag】(どんな阿呆でも、生きる権利はある。)"
L0186E: 01 "【\protag】(Everybody has the right to live, no matter how retarded they may be.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page066 (QC'd)
#end page037


#begin page038
//L018EE: 01 "【豊富】いいか、彼女の心は現在、非常にかつ膨大に、すさんでいると言えるだろう。"
L018EE: 01 "【豊富】Let me make something clear to you. Her heart is in a state of grave adversity."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page067 (QC'd)
#end page038

#begin page039
//L0196B: 01 "【\protag】‥‥だから?"
L0196B: 01 "【\protag】...So?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page068 (QC'd)
#end page039

#begin page040
//L019B1: 01 "【豊富】茶封筒に入ったスズメの涙の報酬を、舐め回すように見つめるヒヒ爺の上司から、手を握られながらもらう彼女を見ると‥‥ククッ。"
L019B1: 01 "【豊富】Whenever I see her receive that brown envelope, with none but the barest bones of pay, from that scumbag of a superior as he undresses her article by article with his pervading eyes, I... grr...!"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page069 (QC'd)
#end page040

#begin page041
//L01A60: 01 "【\protag】報酬はお前よりはもらっていると思うし、いまどき茶封筒で渡す会社なんてないぞ。"
L01A60: 01 "【\protag】I bet her pay is higher than yours, and I doubt that companies still hand out their paychecks in brown envelopes."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page070 (QC'd)
#end page041

#begin page042
//L01AE6: 01 "【豊富】しかも家に帰れば、金の無心(むしん)をするためにしか戻らない、素行不良なドラ息子が待ち受けて、彼女は泣く泣く茶封筒の封を切るのであった。"
L01AE6: 01 "【豊富】And just to add frosting to the cake, when she finally returns home, her good-for-nothing libertine son awaits her at the door only to seize every cent to her name, as she breaks the seal of her hard-earned pay check in tears."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page071 (QC'd)
//As much as I love using obscure words, profligate is just way bizarre. Changed it to libertine. Also, this could still use work, since the break ups between segments are still a bit awkward. Allan, I trust you to this task
#end page042

#begin page043
//L01BA5: 01 "【\protag】おい‥‥。"
L01BA5: 01 "【\protag】Hey..."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page072 (QC'd)
#end page043

#begin page044
//L01BE9: 01 "【豊富】と、そのとき、彼女の心の隙間をうめるべく、あるナイスガイがさっそうと登場する。それが‥‥。"
L01BE9: 01 "【豊富】However. In her time of need, a certain chivalrous gentleman steps forth to gallantly mend the melancholic fissure within her heart. He is--"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page073 (QC'd)
#end page044

#begin page045
//L01C7A: 01 "【\protag】お前じゃないな。"
L01C7A: 01 "【\protag】Definitely not you."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page074 (QC'd)
#end page045

#begin page046
//L01CC4: 01 "【豊富】‥‥オホン! で、君はここへ何の用で来たんだ。"
L01CC4: 01 "【豊富】...Ahem! So, why are you here again?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page075 (QC'd)
#end page046

#begin page047
//L01D29: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01D29: 01 "【\protag】........"
#end page047

#begin page048
//L01D6D: 01 "【\protag】(大丈夫か、こいつ‥‥。)"
L01D6D: 01 "【\protag】(Is this guy even sane?)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page077 (QC'd)
#end page048


#begin page049
//L01DE1: 01 "【\protag】亜由美さ‥‥俺の母親を、知らないか?"
L01DE1: 01 "【\protag】Do you know where Ayum... I mean, my mother is?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page078 (QC'd)
#end page049

#begin page050
//L01E3F: 01 "【豊富】君の母親というと、夜なべしながら造花を作っているというイメージがあるな。有馬主任とは大違いだ。"
L01E3F: 01 "【豊富】Your mother strikes me as the kind of woman who'd stay up till the wee hours of the morning working on menial crafts. Very much unlike Chief Arima."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page079 (QC'd)
#end page050

#begin page051
//L01ED4: 01 "【\protag】ちなみに言うが、その有馬主任が俺の母親だ。"
L01ED4: 01 "【\protag】That Chief Arima you speak of _is_ my mother. Just so you know."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page080 (QC'd)
#end page051

#begin page052
//L01F38: 01 "【豊富】だが、血は繋がっていないのだろう。君と血が繋がっていたら背筋が寒くなるところだが、安泰安心・丸印というところだな。"
L01F38: 01 "【豊富】But you two bear no blood relation, correct? Just the thought of being a part of the same gene pool as yourself would surely send a chill up anyone's spine. But thankfully, it's all good."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page081 (QC'd)
#end page052

#begin page053
//L01FE1: 01 "【\protag】なに言ってるんだ、おまえ。"
L01FE1: 01 "【\protag】What the hell are you talking about?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page082 (QC'd)
#end page053

#begin page054
//L02035: 01 "【豊富】‥‥まぁいい。安心したまえ。彼女の心は僕がいやすからな。"
L02035: 01 "【豊富】...Well, never mind that. Don't you worry. I shall be the one to assuage her heart."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page083 (QC'd)
// 54 through 62 is PUN HELL.
// Yep... not messing with those 
#end page054

#begin page055
//L020A4: 01 "【\protag】いやす? 栄養を与えて太らせることだな。"
L020A4: 01 "【\protag】Like one of those meat rolls?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page084 (QC'd)
#end page055

#begin page056
//L02106: 01 "【豊富】それは肥やすだ。"
L02106: 01 "【豊富】That would be a "sausage.""
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page085 (QC'd)
#end page056

#begin page057
//L0214D: 01 "【\protag】じゃあ、赤ん坊をなだめることか。"
L0214D: 01 "【\protag】A period characterized by low temperatures?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page086 (QC'd)
#end page057

#begin page058
//L021A7: 01 "【豊富】あやす。"
L021A7: 01 "【豊富】That's an "ice age.""
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page087 (QC'd)
#end page058

#begin page059
//L021E6: 01 "【\protag】ハゲオヤジの頭髪願望。"
L021E6: 01 "【\protag】A wise old man?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page088 (QC'd)
#end page059

#begin page060
//L02236: 01 "【豊富】それは生やすだ。"
L02236: 01 "【豊富】That's "a sage"!"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page089 (QC'd)
//Without the "a" it wouldn't sound like "assuage". Also, exclamation marks go outside quotations, unless they're actually a part of it.
#end page060

#begin page061
//L0227D: 01 "【\protag】うーん、じゃあな‥‥。"
L0227D: 01 "【\protag】Hmm... then..."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page090 (QC'd)
#end page061

#begin page062
//L022CD: 01 "【豊富】癒すだ、いやす。病やキズ、悩みなどを治すことだ。"
L022CD: 01 "【豊富】Assuage! As-su-age! It means to soothe one's wounds and grief."
#end page062

#begin page063
//L02334: 01 "【\protag】誰が、誰の悩みを治すんだよ。"
L02334: 01 "【\protag】Who's going to soothe whose grief?"
#end page063

#begin page064
//L0238A: 01 "【豊富】フフーン。"
L0238A: 01 "【豊富】Heheh."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page093 (QC'd)
#end page064

#begin page065
//L023CB: 01 "【\protag】(‥‥なんだよ、こいつ。)"
L023CB: 01 "【\protag】(...What's up with this guy?)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page094 (QC'd)
#end page065

#begin page066
//L0241F: 01 "【\protag】(何だか、頭に来る奴だな‥‥。)"
L0241F: 01 "【\protag】(He ticks me off to no end.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page095 (QC'd)
#end page066


#begin page067
//L02499: 01 "【\protag】バリバリでゴワゴワらしい‥‥若い奴。"
L02499: 01 "【\protag】A blueberry suit and a lemony tie. What a rascal."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page096 (QC'd)
// lit: 'crunchy and stiff (?). What a rascal.' See line 70 (it comes first).
#end page067

#begin page068
//L024F7: 01 "【豊富】ばーばりぃ、だ!"
L024F7: 01 "【豊富】It's "Burberry"!"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page097 (QC'd)
#end page068


#begin page069
//L02558: 01 "【豊富】言っておくがな、これは「ばーばりぃ」のスーツだぞ。君の小遣い120年分くらいには相当するだろう。"
L02558: 01 "【豊富】Let me tell you, this is a Burberry suit. Its monetary value is greater than the accumulation of one hundred and twenty years of your allowance."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page098 (QC'd)
#end page069

#begin page070
//L025EF: 01 "【\protag】バリバリのスーツ? ヤリすぎか。"
L025EF: 01 "【\protag】A blueberry suit? What's that?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page099 (QC'd)
// pun alert! lit: 'a baribari (crunchy) suit? Now you're overdoing it.'
#end page070

#begin page071
//L02649: 01 "【豊富】何を言っている。"
L02649: 01 "【豊富】What are you talking about?"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page100 (QC'd)
#end page071


#begin page072
//L026B0: 01 "【\protag】現場監督にしちゃ、妙な服を着ているな‥‥。"
L026B0: 01 "【\protag】That's a bizarre choice of dress for a construction director."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page101 (QC'd)
#end page072

#begin page073
//L02714: 01 "【\protag】現場監督といったら、白いシャツに手ぬぐいを首に引っかけて、ヒゲぼーぼーのオヤジが相場だよな。"
L02714: 01 "【\protag】Typically, you'd think of some greasy old fart wearing overalls with a sweaty towel draped around his neck."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page102 (QC'd)
#end page073

#begin page074
//L027AA: 01 "【豊富】何だ、その偏見に満ち満ちた監督像は。"
L027AA: 01 "【豊富】That's quite the prejudiced conception you've got there."
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page103 (QC'd)
#end page074


#begin page075
//L02825: 01 "【\protag】(豊富とかいう男だ‥‥。)"
L02825: 01 "【\protag】(It's a guy named Toyotomi.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page104 (QC'd)
#end page075


#begin page076
//L02893: 01 "【\protag】(何か妙なヤツではあるな。)"
L02893: 01 "【\protag】(He's kind of a weirdo.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page105 (QC'd)
#end page076

#begin page077
//L028E9: 01 "【\protag】(亜由美さんのことを訊いてみないか‥‥?)"
L028E9: 01 "【\protag】(I should ask him about Ayumi-san.)"
//Copypasta from C18_02.MST page106 (QC'd)
#end page077