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// 01_03.MST C01_02.MST

#begin page001
//L0035F: 01 "【\protag】俺の部屋だぜ‥‥親父の手紙を読もう。"
L0035F: 01 "【\protag】It's my room. Time to read my father's letter."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page001 (QC'd)
#end page001


#begin page002
//L0042D: 01 "【\protag】つまり、可能性としては亜由美さんは俺の知っている亜由美さんではないってことか。"
L0042D: 01 "【\protag】In other words, there's a theoretical chance that the Ayumi-san of this world is not the Ayumi-san I know."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page049 (QC'd)
#end page002

#begin page003
//L004B5: 01 "【\protag】でも、亜由美さんは亜由美さんだ‥‥いつも通り、どこも違わないぜ‥‥。"
L004B5: 01 "【\protag】Still, she's Ayumi-san all the same... she didn't seem any different to me."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page049 (QC'd)
#end page003

#begin page004
//L00533: 01 "【\protag】微妙に異なる世界が無限に連なる‥‥確か今川教授の論文によると、並列世界ってのはこうだったよな。"
L00533: 01 "【\protag】An infinite sum of subtly different worlds simultaneously existing parallel to each other... or such was how Professor Imagawa defined the concept of "parallel worlds" in that paper."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page051 (QC'd)
#end page004

#begin page005
//L005CB: 01 "【\protag】無限に連なる、か‥‥。"
L005CB: 01 "【\protag】An infinite sum, huh..."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page051 (QC'd)
#end page005

#begin page006
//L0061B: 01 "【\protag】じゃあ、あのときの龍蔵寺や亜由美さんは、どこへ行ったんだ。"
L0061B: 01 "【\protag】Then, where did the Ryuuzouji and Ayumi-san that I encountered last night go?"
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page053 (QC'd)
#end page006

#begin page007
//L0068F: 01 "【\protag】‥‥いや、彼らがどこかへ行ったというよりも、俺の方か、問題は。"
L0068F: 01 "【\protag】...Or rather, I guess the real problem at hand here is where _I_ went."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page054 (QC'd)
#end page007

#begin page008
//L00707: 01 "【\protag】俺がどこへ行ったのか‥‥こっちの方が問題だぜ。"
L00707: 01 "【\protag】Just where did I end up...? That's the big question."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page054 (QC'd)
#end page008

#begin page009
//L0076F: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L0076F: 01 "【\protag】........"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page021 (QC'd)
#end page009

#begin page010
//L00969: 01 "【\protag】《オヤジは、どこかにいると言ったな。》"
L00969: 01 "【\protag】《You said that my father is out there, somewhere.》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page056 (QC'd)
#end page010

#begin page011
//L009C9: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《そう言った。》"
L009C9: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《Yes I did.》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page057 (QC'd)
#end page011

#begin page012
//L00A12: 01 "【\protag】《それは、この装置があれば見つかる場所ということか?》"
L00A12: 01 "【\protag】《Then, would that mean that this device could serve as a means to locate him?》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page058 (QC'd)
#end page012

#begin page013
//L00A82: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《そうだ。》"
L00A82: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《That's right.》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page059 (QC'd)
#end page013

#begin page014
//L00AC7: 01 "【\protag】《この装置は、いったい何なんだ?》"
L00AC7: 01 "【\protag】《Just what is this device exactly?》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page060 (QC'd)
#end page014

#begin page015
//L00B23: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《だから言ったろう、無限に存在する時空間の可能性をみることができる装置だ。》"
L00B23: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《Haven't I already explained this to you? It's a utility that enables one to observe the limitless possibilities in the space-time continuum.》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page061 (QC'd)
#end page015

#begin page016
//L00BA8: 01 "【\protag】《どこか、違う世界に‥‥オヤジがいるってことか?》"
L00BA8: 01 "【\protag】《And my father is in some different world?》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page062 (QC'd)
#end page016

#begin page017
//L00C14: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《それは正確ではないな。我々と同じ場所にいるよ、彼は。》"
L00C14: 01 "【龍蔵寺】《That's not exactly correct. Fundamentally, he's in the same place we are right now.》"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page063 (QC'd)
#end page017

#begin page018
//L00DCE: 01 "【\protag】同じ場所にいる‥‥か。"
L00DCE: 01 "【\protag】He's in the same place... huh."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page064 (QC'd)
#end page018

#begin page019
//L00E1E: 01 "【\protag】オヤジ‥‥‥‥。"
L00E1E: 01 "【\protag】Pops..."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page065 (QC'd)
#end page019

#begin page020
//L00E68: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L00E68: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page020

#begin page021
//L00EAC: 01 "【\protag】あれこれ、うじうじ考えても、もう後戻りできないところまで来てしまったらしい‥‥。"
L00EAC: 01 "【\protag】No matter how much I may wrack my mind over this, it would seem that I'm far past the point of no return."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page068 (QC'd)
#end page021

#begin page022
//L00F36: 01 "【\protag】どうすべきだったか、ではなくて、これからどうすべきかを考えるんだ。"
L00F36: 01 "【\protag】I'd better stop ruing over what I should have done, and instead consider what I should do from now on."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page068 (QC'd)
#end page022

#begin page023
//L00FB2: 01 "【\protag】とりあえず、あの野郎を探してみようぜ、こいつで。"
L00FB2: 01 "【\protag】For now, I'll use this thing to try and seek out that old bastard."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page069 (QC'd)
#end page023

#begin page024
//L0101C: 01 "【\protag】あいつは、手紙と今川教授の論文通りに解釈すれば、この世界のどこかにはいるかもしれないって訳だ。"
L0101C: 01 "【\protag】Based on the contents of his letter and Professor Imagawa's paper, there's a chance he may be lurking about somewhere in this world."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page070 (QC'd)
#end page024

#begin page025
//L010B4: 01 "【\protag】信じられない話だが、信じられない物体そのものが、いま俺の手の中にあるんだ‥‥。"
L010B4: 01 "【\protag】I find it all a bit hard to swallow, but then again, I'm holding something inconceivable in my very hands."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page071 (QC'd)
#end page025

#begin page026
//L0113C: 01 "【\protag】現実から目をそらす訳にはいかないだろう‥‥?"
L0113C: 01 "【\protag】I can't just turn my back on the reality before me, right...?"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page072 (QC'd)
#end page026

#begin page027
//L011A2: 01 "【\protag】逆に、俺にいま出来ることは、恐らくこれくらいしかないんだ‥‥。"
L011A2: 01 "【\protag】This is probably about the only thing I can do right now."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page074 (QC'd)
#end page027

#begin page028
//L0121A: 01 "【\protag】あの野郎を見つけて一回殴って、そして言い訳を聞いてやる。それからどうするか、考えればいい。"
L0121A: 01 "【\protag】I'll find my old man, land a right hook into his face, and then listen to his excuse. After that, I'll consider what to do next."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page074 (QC'd)
#end page028

#begin page029
//L012AE: 01 "【\protag】見つからなかったら‥‥?"
L012AE: 01 "【\protag】But what if I can't find him...?"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page075 (QC'd)
#end page029

#begin page030
//L01300: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01300: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page030

#begin page031
//L01344: 01 "【\protag】そんときは、そんときで何か考えればいいさ‥‥。"
L01344: 01 "【\protag】I'll cross that bridge when I get there."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page077 (QC'd)
#end page031

#begin page032
//L013AC: 01 "【\protag】オヤジ‥‥‥‥。"
L013AC: 01 "【\protag】Pops..."
#end page032


#begin page033
//L014D6: 01 "『では歴史を繰り返すことが、可能ということなのか‥‥?』"
L014D6: 01 "『But wouldn't that imply that it's possible to recreate history...?』"
#end page033

#begin page034
//L0153D: 01 "『そうではない。歴史は不可逆な概念なのだ。その差は微細にして多大であることを知れ。』"
L0153D: 01 "『That's not quite right either. History is an irreversible concept. Know the thin line.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page026 (QC'd)
#end page034

#begin page035
//L015C0: 01 "『その違いに気付いたワシは、ある場所へおもむく決心をした‥‥。』"
L015C0: 01 "『After having come to understand that difference, I have decided on departing for a certain place.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page027 (QC'd)
#end page035

#begin page036
//L0162F: 01 "『歴史は繰り返さぬ‥‥だが時の流れは可逆であるのだからな。』"
L0162F: 01 "『One cannot repeat history... yet the passage of time itself is reversible.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page028 (QC'd)
#end page036

#begin page037
//L0169A: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L0169A: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page037

#begin page038
//L016DE: 01 "【\protag】ここがよくわからないな‥‥。"
L016DE: 01 "【\protag】I don't really understand this part..."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page030 (QC'd)
#end page038

#begin page039
//L01734: 01 "【\protag】時の流れをさかのぼれば、歴史を変えることができるんじゃないのか?"
L01734: 01 "【\protag】If you're capable of going back in time, wouldn't that mean, in turn, that you could alter the history to come?"
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page032 (QC'd)
#end page039

#begin page040
//L017AE: 01 "【\protag】時の流れと、歴史の流れは、別々のモノ‥‥と親父は解釈しているんだろうか。"
L017AE: 01 "【\protag】The flow of time and the flow of history are entirely separate concepts... or so my old man says."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page033 (QC'd)
#end page040

#begin page041
//L01830: 01 "【\protag】じゃあ、歴史の流れって、いったいなんだよ‥‥。"
L01830: 01 "【\protag】Then what exactly does the "flow of history" entail...?"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page033 (QC'd)
#end page041

#begin page042
//L01898: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01898: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page042

#begin page043
//L018DC: 01 "【\protag】‥‥とにかく、続きを読もう。"
L018DC: 01 "【\protag】...Anyway, let's continue."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page036 (QC'd)
#end page043

#begin page044
//L01932: 01 "『この手紙を読んでいるころは、ワシは貴様の前から姿をくらましているだろう。だがそれは、ワシ自身の死を意味するモノではない‥‥。』"
L01932: 01 "『By the time you read this letter, it is likely that I have already concealed myself from you. But this serves not as an indication of my death.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page036 (QC'd)
#end page044

#begin page045
//L019E1: 01 "『2つの品物が、今お前の目の前にあるだろう‥‥1つは鏡、もう1つはあることに使う装置だ。』"
L019E1: 01 "『There should be two objects before you. The first is a mirror, and the second is a device to be used to a certain end.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page037 (QC'd)
#end page045

#begin page046
//L01A6A: 01 "『鏡は、\protagの母‥‥恵子の遺品だ。故に、実の母親との強い結び付きが、同時にお前をその場へと強く結びつける要因となる。』"
L01A6A: 01 "『The mirror is a memento of your mother. Consequently, this strong connection to your real mother will become the trigger to tightly bind you to that place.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page038 (QC'd)
#end page046

#begin page047
//L01B12: 01 "『そしてもう1つの装置‥‥それの使い方は、ワシの書斎の上から2段目の引き出し、そこに書類として入っておる。』"
L01B12: 01 "『And then there's the device... the instructions are contained within the documents in the second drawer down from the top.』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page039 (QC'd)
#end page047

#begin page048
//L01BAD: 01 "【\protag】そうだ‥‥今川教授の論文だったな、確か。"
L01BAD: 01 "【\protag】Right... that was Professor Imagawa's paper."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page040 (QC'd)
#end page048

#begin page049
//L01C0F: 01 "【\protag】そこには、このリフレクター・デバイスとやらの操作方法が記されていた‥‥。"
L01C0F: 01 "【\protag】It contained a user manual for this Reflector Device thingy."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page041 (QC'd)
#end page049

#begin page050
//L01C91: 01 "【\protag】並列世界‥‥とでも言うのか。今川教授の論文に書いてあった、あの仮説のように。"
L01C91: 01 "【\protag】Am I in a parallel world...? Like the ones Professor Imagawa theorized about in the thesis?"
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page043 (QC'd)
#end page050

#begin page051
//L01D17: 01 "【\protag】‥‥ということは、亜由美さんは俺の知っている亜由美さんじゃないってことなのか?"
L01D17: 01 "【\protag】...Supposing that's the case, then the Ayumi-san of this world is no longer the Ayumi-san I've come to know?"
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page044 (QC'd)
#end page051

#begin page052
//L01D9F: 01 "【\protag】そうだ、今川教授の論文にも確か書いてあった。"
L01D9F: 01 "【\protag】Come to think of it, Professor Imagawa touched on that as well."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page044 (QC'd)
#end page052

#begin page053
//L01E05: 01 "『自分本来のいるべき世界を一度見失えば、そこへ帰れる保証はまずないであろう。無限の意味を我々は今一度考える必要がある‥‥。』"
L01E05: 01 "『Once you lose sight of the world from whence you've originated, the chances of return are minimal. We need to reconsider the meaning of infinity...』"
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page045 (QC'd)
#end page053

#begin page054
//L01EB0: 01 "【\protag】自分本来の世界へ帰れる保証はない、か‥‥。"
L01EB0: 01 "【\protag】So there's no guarantee I'll be able to return to the world I came from..."
//Copypasta from 01_03.MST page047 (QC'd)
#end page054

#begin page055
//L01F14: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01F14: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page055


#begin page056
//L01F72: 01 "【\protag】親父の手紙を使えば、読むことができるぜ。"
L01F72: 01 "【\protag】You can read my father's letter by using it."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page002 (QC'd)
#end page056


#begin page057
//L01FEE: 01 "【\protag】だから、親父の手紙を使うんだってば。"
L01FEE: 01 "【\protag】Just use the letter."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page004 (QC'd)
#end page057


#begin page058
//L02066: 01 "【\protag】親父の手紙を使えば、読むことができるぜ。"
L02066: 01 "【\protag】You can read my father's letter by using it."
#end page058


#begin page059
//L020E8: 01 "【\protag】そんなところを見てもしょうがないぜ‥‥。"
L020E8: 01 "【\protag】I shouldn't be checking that out right now."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page006 (QC'd)
#end page059

#begin page060
//L0214A: 01 "【\protag】早く親父の手紙を見よう。"
L0214A: 01 "【\protag】Let us hurry and read my father's letter."
//Copypasta from C01_02.MST page007 (QC'd)
#end page060