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// 05_03.MST 08_02.MST C08_02.MST C27_04.MST

#begin page001
//L003FB: 01 "【\protag】(結城が目の前にいるぞ‥‥。)"
L003FB: 01 "【\protag】(Yuuki's standing right in front of me.)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page001 (QC'd)
#end page001


#begin page002
//L004BF: 01 "【結城】ダメですよう、大切な帽子なんです。"
L004BF: 01 "【結城】No! This cap is precious to me!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page002 (QC'd)
#end page002


#begin page003
//L00532: 01 "【結城】ダメですよ、これは。僕の大切な帽子なんです。"
L00532: 01 "【結城】No. This cap is very dear to me."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page003 (QC'd)
#end page003

#begin page004
//L00595: 01 "【\protag】誰がくれといった。"
L00595: 01 "【\protag】Who said I wanted it?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page004 (QC'd)
#end page004

#begin page005
//L005E1: 01 "【結城】なあんだ、良かった。くれって言われたらどうしようかと。"
L005E1: 01 "【結城】Oh, thank goodness. I was wondering what I'd do if you did ask."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page005 (QC'd)
#end page005

#begin page006
//L0064E: 01 "【\protag】くれ。"
L0064E: 01 "【\protag】I want it."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page006 (QC'd)
#end page006

#begin page007
//L0068E: 01 "【結城】‥‥ダメです。"
L0068E: 01 "【結城】...You can't have it."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page007 (QC'd)
#end page007


#begin page008
//L006F3: 01 "【結城】でも、タタリとか伝説とか、怪物説とか、そういうのって本当に人間の想像の産物なんでしょうか。"
L006F3: 01 "【結城】But, I certainly do wonder if curses, legends, ghost stories and the like, really are nothing more than the product of man's imagination."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page008 (QC'd)
#end page008

#begin page009
//L00784: 01 "【\protag】なんだよ、やけに小難しいことを言うな。"
L00784: 01 "【\protag】What are you trying to say? I'm not following you."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page009 (QC'd)
#end page009

#begin page010
//L007E4: 01 "【結城】いえね、例えば何か妙な妖怪伝説とかあるじゃないですか。そういうのって、本当に想像の産物なんでしょうか。"
L007E4: 01 "【結城】Well, think about it. There's all these legends about demons and such, right? Are those really nothing more than the collateral of one's imagination?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page010 (QC'd)
#end page010

#begin page011
//L00881: 01 "【\protag】じゃあ、実際にいるってのか?"
L00881: 01 "【\protag】Are you saying that they could be real?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page011 (QC'd)
#end page011

#begin page012
//L008D7: 01 "【結城】そう考えると、何だか夢が出てきますよね。"
L008D7: 01 "【結城】If you assume so, you can begin to conjure up all sorts of stuff."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page012 (QC'd)
#end page012

#begin page013
//L00936: 01 "【\protag】妖怪がいるとか?"
L00936: 01 "【\protag】That demons exist?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page013 (QC'd)
#end page013

#begin page014
//L00980: 01 "【結城】そういう妖怪とか何とかって、やっぱり定期的に出てきたりするんじゃないかって、思ってるんです。"
L00980: 01 "【結城】I'm thinking that demons, in that regard, may appear regularly at fixed intervals."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page014 (QC'd)
#end page014

#begin page015
//L00A13: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L00A13: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page049 (QC'd)
#end page015

#begin page016
//L00A57: 01 "【結城】つまり、どこかに妖怪世界への入り口があって、それが定期的に、まあ何百年って周期で開いたり閉じたりしていたら‥‥。"
L00A57: 01 "【結城】Basically, what if there was a gateway between the world of mortals and demons, which periodically opens and closes, say, once every few hundred years."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page016 (QC'd)
#end page016

#begin page017
//L00AFE: 01 "【\protag】ストップ。どの本の受け売りだ?"
L00AFE: 01 "【\protag】Stop. What book did you get this from?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page017 (QC'd)
#end page017

#begin page018
//L00B56: 01 "【結城】でへっ、わかります? 確か何とか広大さんって博士の本らしいです。これがまためっぽう面白くて‥‥。"
L00B56: 01 "【結城】Heheh, you could tell? I picked it up from a book by one doctor Koudai something something. It was just so absurd..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page018 (QC'd)
#end page018

#begin page019
//L00BED: 01 "【\protag】‥‥もういい。"
L00BED: 01 "【\protag】...Enough."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page019 (QC'd)
#end page019

#begin page020
//L00C35: 01 "【結城】なんです、不機嫌そうな顔をして。"
L00C35: 01 "【結城】What's with the sour face?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page020 (QC'd)
#end page020

#begin page021
//L00C8C: 01 "【\protag】(ちぇっ‥‥。)"
L00C8C: 01 "【\protag】(Tch...)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page021 (QC'd)
#end page021

#begin page022
//L00CD6: 01 "【結城】まぁ、他にもあのお屋敷には古井戸からお皿を数える声が聴こえてくるとか、ありましたからね。"
L00CD6: 01 "【結城】Other than that, there were stories about a girl crawling from the well belonging to that mansion."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page022 (QC'd)
#end page022

#begin page023
//L00D65: 01 "【\protag】どっかの皿屋敷かよ‥‥しかし龍蔵寺の家か。"
L00D65: 01 "【\protag】Is this "The Ring" now? But... Ryuuzouji's residence, huh."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page023 (QC'd)
#end page023

#begin page024
//L00DC9: 01 "【結城】何か?"
L00DC9: 01 "【結城】What about it?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page024 (QC'd)
#end page024

#begin page025
//L00E06: 01 "【\protag】いやその‥‥いつくらいに引っ越してきたのかな、龍蔵寺学長は。"
L00E06: 01 "【\protag】Err, well... roughly how long ago did headmaster Ryuuzouji move into this place?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page025 (QC'd)
#end page025

#begin page026
//L00E7C: 01 "【結城】2か月くらい前じゃないんですか? ちょうどタタリの噂のころには、もう住んでらしたみたいっすね。"
L00E7C: 01 "【結城】Around two months ago? It would appear that he already resided here before all these rumors about curses arose."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page026 (QC'd)
#end page026

#begin page027
//L00F11: 01 "【\protag】ふぅん‥‥。"
L00F11: 01 "【\protag】Really now..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page027 (QC'd)
#end page027

#begin page028
//L00F57: 01 "【結城】でも、最近は本当に妙ですよね‥‥工事現場の落雷事故といい、妙な事件が重なっていて。"
L00F57: 01 "【結城】But as of late, these uncanny things have been coming forth at an alarming rate... like all the thunderbolt accidents at the construction site."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page028 (QC'd)
#end page028

#begin page029
//L00FE0: 01 "【\protag】妙な事件のおかげで、メリットもあるんじゃないのか?"
L00FE0: 01 "【\protag】But, hey, didn't that work out in your favor?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page029 (QC'd)
#end page029

#begin page030
//L0104C: 01 "【結城】でへへ~、そうなんですよ。もう島津さん、そういう話が大の大の大好きでして。"
L0104C: 01 "【結城】Heheheh, you got that right! Shimazu-san really absolutely totally adores these kinds of stories."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page030 (QC'd)
#end page030

#begin page031
//L010CD: 01 "【\protag】ふぅん‥‥。"
L010CD: 01 "【\protag】I see..."
#end page031

#begin page032
//L01113: 01 "【結城】僕は今、その手の話題をたくさん集めていましてね。島津さん喜ぶんですよ。"
L01113: 01 "【結城】I'm gathering various materials on the subject as we speak. Shimazu-san will be so happy!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page032 (QC'd)
#end page032

#begin page033
//L011CE: 01 "キーンコーン‥‥。"
L011CE: 01 "*ding* *dong*..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page033 (QC'd)
#end page033

#begin page034
//L0120F: 01 "【結城】あっ、大変だ! 授業が始まっちゃいます。"
L0120F: 01 "【結城】Uh oh! Class is about to begin."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page034 (QC'd)
#end page034

#begin page035
//L0126E: 01 "【\protag】お前も補習か?"
L0126E: 01 "【\protag】You've got supplementary classes too?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page035 (QC'd)
#end page035

#begin page036
//L012B6: 01 "【結城】違いますよ‥‥\protagさんの代返があるじゃないですか。"
L012B6: 01 "【結城】No way... I'm supposed to be filling in for you, remember?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page036 (QC'd)
#end page036

#begin page037
//L01322: 01 "【\protag】何で次もお前が代返するんだよ。"
L01322: 01 "【\protag】Why so eager to attend the next one as well?"
#end page037

#begin page038
//L0137A: 01 "【結城】や、やっぱり先輩想いの後輩ということで‥‥‥。"
L0137A: 01 "【結城】I-I'm just a junior that holds his senior in very high regard, okay?"
#end page038

#begin page039
//L013DF: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L013DF: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page039

#begin page040
//L01423: 01 "【結城】‥‥\protagさん、ダメですか?"
L01423: 01 "【結城】...\protag-san, I can't?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page038 (QC'd)
#end page040

#begin page041
//L01477: 01 "【\protag】そんなショボくれた顔をしながら訊くなよ‥‥澪と一緒に授業に出たいんだろう?"
L01477: 01 "【\protag】Don't ask me that with such a crestfallen expression... you want to attend class together with Mio, don't you?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page039 (QC'd)
#end page041

#begin page042
//L014FB: 01 "【結城】そうなんです、わかってるう!"
L014FB: 01 "【結城】I do, so you understand!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page040 (QC'd)
#end page042

#begin page043
//L0154E: 01 "【\protag】よし、では特別に俺の代わりを許可しよう。"
L0154E: 01 "【\protag】Okay, then I shall bestow you with permission to act as my substitute."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page041 (QC'd)
#end page043

#begin page044
//L015B0: 01 "【結城】でへへ、ありがとうございます!"
L015B0: 01 "【結城】Heheh, thank you very much!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page042 (QC'd)
#end page044

#begin page045
//L018E1: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L018E1: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page045

#begin page046
//L01925: 01 "【\protag】面白いヤツだよな、相変わらず。"
L01925: 01 "【\protag】Well, he's as eccentric as ever."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page044 (QC'd)
#end page046

#begin page047
//L0197D: 01 "【\protag】しかし、話の内容も面白かったな‥‥。"
L0197D: 01 "【\protag】He brought up a peculiar subject, too."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page045 (QC'd)
#end page047

#begin page048
//L019DB: 01 "【\protag】ま、もっとも俺には関係のない話さ‥‥タタリなんてね。"
L019DB: 01 "【\protag】But then, I suppose the curse stuff doesn't really concern me."
#end page048

#begin page049
//L01A49: 01 "【\protag】俺にはやらなきゃならないことが、他にたくさんあるんだ‥‥。"
L01A49: 01 "【\protag】There's plenty of other things I'm currently occupied with."
#end page049


#begin page050
//L01B03: 01 "【\protag】あそこが、龍蔵寺の家‥‥。"
L01B03: 01 "【\protag】So that's Ryuuzouji's bungalow..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page048 (QC'd)
#end page050

#begin page051
//L01B57: 01 "【結城】イエーイ。"
L01B57: 01 "【結城】Cowabungalow!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page049 (QC'd)
#end page051

#begin page052
//L01B98: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01B98: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page052

#begin page053
//L01BDC: 01 "【結城】眉間にシワを、よせないで下さいよう。ちなみに今のシャレは、家とイエーイを引っかけた‥‥。"
L01BDC: 01 "【結城】Please don't grimace at me. In case you missed it, the joke was that I added a bit before "bungalow" to get--"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page051 (QC'd)
#end page053

#begin page054
//L01C6B: 01 "【\protag】説明しなくていい。"
L01C6B: 01 "【\protag】There's no need to explain."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page052 (QC'd)
#end page054

#begin page055
//L01CB7: 01 "【結城】ちぇっ。"
L01CB7: 01 "【結城】Tch."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page053 (QC'd)
#end page055

#begin page056
//L01CF6: 01 "【\protag】(疲れるヤツだ‥‥。)"
L01CF6: 01 "【\protag】(This guy just kills me.)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page054 (QC'd)
#end page056

#begin page057
//L01D46: 01 "【結城】あそこのお屋敷って、うっそうとした林があるじゃないですか。だからタタリってイメージにピッタシなんですよ。"
L01D46: 01 "【結城】There's a really thick copse over on that estate, right? Well that fits right in with all this curse stuff."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page055 (QC'd)
#end page057

#begin page058
//L01DE5: 01 "【\protag】雰囲気で妙な噂を立てられちゃ、たまんないだろうな。"
L01DE5: 01 "【\protag】I guess it's no wonder how all these rumors came to be, what with an atmosphere like this."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page056 (QC'd)
#end page058

#begin page059
//L01E51: 01 "【結城】ゾンビ説から、はたまた異星人説まで、何でもござれでしたからね。"
L01E51: 01 "【結城】Well, you know, there's been all sorts of theories, ranging from aliens to zombies."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page057 (QC'd)
#end page059

#begin page060
//L01EC6: 01 "【\protag】いつ頃だったかな‥‥その噂が立ち始めたのは。"
L01EC6: 01 "【\protag】I wonder when these rumors started..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page058 (QC'd)
#end page060

#begin page061
//L01F2C: 01 "【結城】えっと、だいたい1か月前くらいですかね。"
L01F2C: 01 "【結城】Hmm... probably about a month ago, I'd guess."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page059 (QC'd)
#end page061

#begin page062
//L01F8B: 01 "【\protag】‥‥結局、猫科の動物か何かのせいなんだろう?"
L01F8B: 01 "【\protag】...Didn't it turn out to be some rabid feline in the end?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page060 (QC'd)
#end page062

#begin page063
//L01FF1: 01 "【結城】結論を言ったらおしまいですよ。「夜な夜な学校近辺を徘徊する怪物」って言わなくちゃ。"
L01FF1: 01 "【結城】Hey now, if you spoil the outcome, the story'll be over prematurely. You must properly refer to it as a "monster who crept about the vicinity of the school night after night.""
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page061 (QC'd)
#end page063

#begin page064
//L0207A: 01 "【\protag】何だその、ワイドショーみたいな題名は。"
L0207A: 01 "【\protag】What's up with that sensational title?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page062 (QC'd)
#end page064

#begin page065
//L020DA: 01 "【結城】最近は聞かなくなって、めっきり寂しくなりましたけどね‥‥。"
L020DA: 01 "【結城】Well, you no longer hear stuff like that these days. I kind of miss it."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page063 (QC'd)
#end page065

#begin page066
//L0214B: 01 "【\protag】確かにそれは言えるな‥‥熱しやすく冷めやすい、日本人の国民性ってやつだろう。"
L0214B: 01 "【\protag】You can say that again. I guess us Japanese folk are culturally inclined to raise arms at a moment's notice, but also equally quick to lower them right after."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page064 (QC'd)
#end page066

#begin page067
//L021D1: 01 "【結城】学者さんに言わせると、移動性のある豹じゃないかってことですね。"
L021D1: 01 "【結城】According to scholars, it was probably a panther caught in the midst of migration."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page065 (QC'd)
#end page067

#begin page068
//L02246: 01 "【\protag】トラじゃなかったっけ?"
L02246: 01 "【\protag】I thought it was a tiger?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page066 (QC'd)
#end page068

#begin page069
//L02296: 01 "【結城】ま、そのへんは諸説ありということで‥‥結論として、もうどっかへ行ってしまったって、言いたいんでしょう。"
L02296: 01 "【結城】Well, there are various conjectures about that... but the bottom line is, whatever it was, it's long gone now."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page067 (QC'd)
#end page069

#begin page070
//L02333: 01 "【\protag】そうだな‥‥。"
L02333: 01 "【\protag】Yeah..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page068 (QC'd)
#end page070

#begin page071
//L0237B: 01 "【結城】目撃談も聞かなくなりましたし。一頃はテレビまでやってきていたのに‥‥ふぅ。"
L0237B: 01 "【結城】You never hear eye-witness accounts nowadays. And they used to be on TV, even... *sigh*"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page069 (QC'd)
#end page071

#begin page072
//L023FC: 01 "【\protag】残念そうだな、お前。"
L023FC: 01 "【\protag】You seem awfully disappointed."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page070 (QC'd)
#end page072

#begin page073
//L0244A: 01 "【結城】そりゃもう、被害者の方には申し訳ないですけど。"
L0244A: 01 "【結城】Well yeah. Although, I do feel bad for the victim."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page071 (QC'd)
#end page073

#begin page074
//L024AF: 01 "【\protag】そうだった‥‥1人死んだんだったな。"
L024AF: 01 "【\protag】Right... one person died, huh."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page072 (QC'd)
#end page074

#begin page075
//L0250D: 01 "【結城】いまだ、頭と手足は見つかっていないってヤツですね‥‥うぅ、気持ち悪い。"
L0250D: 01 "【結城】They still haven't found the victim's dismembered head and limbs. Stuff's gross, man."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page073 (QC'd)
#end page075

#begin page076
//L0258A: 01 "【\protag】そうだ、俺もテレビで見たことがあるぞ。どっかの動物学者が言っていたが、豹くらいのアゴだったら、人間の頭蓋骨など軽くかみ砕くらしいぜ。"
L0258A: 01 "【\protag】I remember something I saw on TV. Some zoologist said that a panther would have no trouble biting through a human cranium."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page074 (QC'd)
#end page076

#begin page077
//L02648: 01 "【結城】うぷっ‥‥やめてください、気持ち悪くなってきましたよ‥‥。"
L02648: 01 "【結城】*barf*... Stop it, I'm starting to feel sick..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page075 (QC'd)
#end page077

#begin page078
//L026B9: 01 "【\protag】(そっか‥‥例のタタリの元凶ってのが、あの武家屋敷‥‥。)"
L026B9: 01 "【\protag】(I see... so the source of this curse lies at the mansion...)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page076 (QC'd)
#end page078

#begin page079
//L0272D: 01 "【\protag】(龍蔵寺の家だったってわけか。)"
L0272D: 01 "【\protag】(It was Ryuuzouji's house.)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page077 (QC'd)
#end page079


#begin page080
//L027A7: 01 "【結城】そういえば、いま話していたの、ここの学長さんですよね。"
L027A7: 01 "【結城】By the way, you were talking to the headmaster just now, weren't you?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page078 (QC'd)
#end page080

#begin page081
//L02814: 01 "【\protag】龍蔵寺大先生さ。どうやら記憶欠乏症らしい。"
L02814: 01 "【\protag】Yes, the great Ryuuzouji-sensei. He seems to be suffering from amnesia."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page079 (QC'd)
#end page081

#begin page082
//L02878: 01 "【結城】‥‥?"
L02878: 01 "【結城】...?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page080 (QC'd)
#end page082

#begin page083
//L028B5: 01 "【\protag】家が近いんだとさ。いったいどこに住んでるのかは知らないが。"
L028B5: 01 "【\protag】I heard his house was pretty close by. Got no idea where though."
//Just a note, adding commas before some words, like "though" "altough" etc, when read or spoken, imples that there's another clause coming right after it. Was going to say this before, but I don't remember if I deleted that comment or not.-Spin
// No, not necessarily in the case of "though" or "however" when they're at the end of a sentence. Placing a comma before "though" is perfectly fine here. Either way works though, it's mostly up to personal preference. (<- here a comma before though would not be fine.)
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page081 (QC'd)
#end page083

#begin page084
//L02929: 01 "【結城】えっ、あんな有名なのに?"
L02929: 01 "【結城】Huh? Despite how famous it is?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page082 (QC'd)
#end page084

#begin page085
//L02978: 01 "【\protag】なんだよ、学長様がそんなに有名か? 脱税でもしたのか。"
L02978: 01 "【\protag】What? Is the headmaster that famous? Was he caught for tax evasion or something?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page083 (QC'd)
#end page085

#begin page086
//L029E8: 01 "【結城】違いますよう、ほら、昨日申し上げた例のタタリで‥‥。"
L029E8: 01 "【結城】No, no. You know, remember that curse we talked about yesterday."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page084 (QC'd)
#end page086

#begin page087
//L02A53: 01 "【\protag】タタリがどうした?"
L02A53: 01 "【\protag】What about it?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page085 (QC'd)
#end page087

#begin page088
//L02A9F: 01 "【結城】その元凶が、僕の後ろに見えるお屋敷で。"
L02A9F: 01 "【結城】It emerged from the very mansion you see behind me."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page086 (QC'd)
#end page088

#begin page089
//L02AFC: 01 "【\protag】お前が立ってるから見えないだろう、ちょっとどいてみろ。"
L02AFC: 01 "【\protag】I can't see shit, Captain. Step aside for a bit."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page087 (QC'd)
#end page089

#begin page090
//L02B6C: 01 "【結城】わわわ‥‥。"
L02B6C: 01 "【結城】Sorry, sorry..."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page088 (QC'd)
#end page090

#begin page091
//L02C80: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L02C80: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page091

#begin page092
//L02CC4: 01 "【\protag】(あの武家屋敷が、タタリの元凶‥‥。)"
L02CC4: 01 "【\protag】(So that antique bungalow is the root of the curse...)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page090 (QC'd)
#end page092

#begin page093
//L02D8D: 01 "【結城】てな感じでして。"
L02D8D: 01 "【結城】So that's how it is."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page091 (QC'd)
#end page093

#begin page094
//L02DD4: 01 "【\protag】あそこの、林の武家屋敷が‥‥それがどうかしたのか。"
L02DD4: 01 "【\protag】So, what's the big deal about that bungalow?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page092 (QC'd)
#end page094

#begin page095
//L02E40: 01 "【結城】だからぁ、龍蔵寺先生の家が、あそこなんですよ。"
L02E40: 01 "【結城】That's Ryuuzouji-sensei's estate."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page093 (QC'd)
#end page095

#begin page096
//L02EA5: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L02EA5: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page096

#begin page097
//L02EE9: 01 "【\protag】(そうだったのか‥‥。)"
L02EE9: 01 "【\protag】(I see...)"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page095 (QC'd)
#end page097


#begin page098
//L02F79: 01 "【結城】3年の授業はさっぱりでしたけどね、島津さんと隣になれて、とっても嬉しかったです。"
L02F79: 01 "【結城】I didn't understand a single word spoken in that third year lesson, but I was quite happy that I got the chance to sit next to Shimazu-san."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page096 (QC'd)
#end page098

#begin page099
//L03000: 01 "【\protag】お嬢様の?"
L03000: 01 "【\protag】Next to milady?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page097 (QC'd)
#end page099

#begin page100
//L03044: 01 "【結城】ええ。ビックリしましたよ、\protagさんの机の隣が、島津さんの席だったもんで‥‥。"
L03044: 01 "【結城】Yeah, it was rather surprising. Shimazu-san's desk was right next to yours."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page098 (QC'd)
#end page100

#begin page101
//L030CA: 01 "【\protag】おかしいな、補習は自由席なのに。"
L030CA: 01 "【\protag】That's odd. I thought you were free to pick where you sit during supplementary classes."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page099 (QC'd)
#end page101

#begin page102
//L03124: 01 "【結城】ええ、島津さんも言っていましたよ。偶然とはいえ、おぞましい組み合わせにヘキエキ‥‥あわわ、そんな恐い顔をしないで下さい。"
L03124: 01 "【結城】Yes, Shimazu-san said that too. Even if it was nothing but a coincidence, such a heinous pair-up would... whoa, whoa, please don't glare at me like that."
//Yea... "whoa" is that one thing dog sledders say to tell them to stop.-Spin
//uhm. woah is an incorrect spelling of whoa. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=woah http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/woah . Besides Yuuki is far from a position to tell Takuya to stop like his dog or something, it's more like he's using the exclamation to "hey, hey, hold on a sec bro". izm
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page100 (QC'd)
#end page102

#begin page103
//L031D3: 01 "【\protag】別に‥‥で?"
L031D3: 01 "【\protag】I'm not upset. So?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page101 (QC'd)
#end page103

#begin page104
//L03219: 01 "【結城】いやですから、\protagさんがあのまま出席していたら、もう血の嵐が吹き荒れていたかもしれないッス。"
L03219: 01 "【結城】Yes, well, if you had attended, a tempest of blood might have spawned in that classroom."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page102 (QC'd)
#end page104

#begin page105
//L032AF: 01 "【\protag】嬉しそうだな、お前。"
L032AF: 01 "【\protag】You seem awfully smug though."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page103 (QC'd)
#end page105

#begin page106
//L032FD: 01 "【結城】そらそうですよ、60分間、彼女とずっと隣同士でしたからねー。"
L032FD: 01 "【結城】Well yeah. I got to sit next to her for a full sixty minutes!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page104 (QC'd)
#end page106

#begin page107
//L03370: 01 "【\protag】んで、お前は澪と一緒に勉強してきたってわけか。"
L03370: 01 "【\protag】So you were studying together with Mio?"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page105 (QC'd)
#end page107

#begin page108
//L033D8: 01 "【結城】まぁ、授業内容は全くわからなかったですけど。"
L033D8: 01 "【結城】Yes, well, everything went completely over my head though."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page106 (QC'd)
#end page108

#begin page109
//L0343B: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L0343B: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page109


#begin page110
//L0349F: 01 "【\protag】‥‥やっぱり、変なヤツだ。"
L0349F: 01 "【\protag】...It's a weirdo, yep."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page108 (QC'd)
#end page110


#begin page111
//L0350D: 01 "【\protag】俺の部下を自称している変なヤツだ‥‥。"
L0350D: 01 "【\protag】This is some weirdo who proclaims to be my underling."
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page109 (QC'd)
#end page111

#begin page112
//L0356D: 01 "【結城】手下Aと言って下さい。ひゅいー!"
L0356D: 01 "【結城】Call me "Servant A"! Hyui!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page110 (QC'd)
#end page112

#begin page113
//L035C4: 01 "【\protag】‥‥なんだ、それは。"
L035C4: 01 "【\protag】...What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page045 (QC'd)
#end page113

#begin page114
//L03612: 01 "【結城】やだなぁ、ショッカーですよ、ショッカー。"
L03612: 01 "【結城】Oh come on, I'm a Shocker!"
//Copypasta from 05_03.MST page112 (QC'd)
#end page114

#begin page115
//L03671: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L03671: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page115


#begin page116
//L036D5: 01 "【\protag】ポケットに手を入れているな。"
L036D5: 01 "【\protag】He has his hand in his pocket."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page085 (QC'd)
#end page116

#begin page117
//L0372B: 01 "【\protag】だから、どうということはないぞ。"
L0372B: 01 "【\protag】Nothing unusual about that."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page086 (QC'd)
#end page117


#begin page118
//L0379F: 01 "【\protag】パーカーのポケットに手を突っ込んでいるな。"
L0379F: 01 "【\protag】He has his hands thrust into the pockets of his hoodie."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page087 (QC'd)
#end page118

#begin page119
//L03803: 01 "【\protag】あれをやると服が伸びてしょうがないんだ。"
L03803: 01 "【\protag】That'll stretch it out."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page088 (QC'd)
#end page119

#begin page120
//L03865: 01 "【結城】結構伸縮自在のパーカーなんですよ、心配ご無用です。"
L03865: 01 "【結城】It's remarkably elastic. Don't worry."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page089 (QC'd)
#end page120


#begin page121
//L038EE: 01 "【\protag】あの手先がどうなっているのかは、誰も知らない。"
L038EE: 01 "【\protag】No one knows what kind of hands he has."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page090 (QC'd)
#end page121

#begin page122
//L03956: 01 "【結城】普通の手先ですよう。"
L03956: 01 "【結城】They're just like anyone else's."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page091 (QC'd)
#end page122


#begin page123
//L039C1: 01 "【結城】パーカーですよ、バーカじゃないですよ。"
L039C1: 01 "【結城】It's a hoodie, not a woodie."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page092 (QC'd)
#end page123

#begin page124
//L03A1E: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L03A1E: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page124


#begin page125
//L03A7C: 01 "【\protag】結城のトレードマークだな‥‥いつも同じパーカーを着ている。"
L03A7C: 01 "【\protag】It's Yuuki's trademark. He's always wearing that same old hoodie."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page094 (QC'd)
#end page125

#begin page126
//L03AF0: 01 "【結城】違いますよう、同じのを何着も持っているんです。"
L03AF0: 01 "【結城】That's not true! I just have several sets of the same clothes."
//Copypasta from C08_02.MST page095 (QC'd)
#end page126