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#begin page001
//L003CD: 01 "【\protag】(絵里子先生がめずらしく保健室にいるぞ‥‥。)"
L003CD: 01 "【\protag】(Surprisingly enough, Eriko-sensei is actually in the infirmary for once.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page001 (QC'd)
#end page001


#begin page002
//L004A1: 01 "【絵里子】なるほど、君の言いたいことはわかった。"
L004A1: 01 "【絵里子】Anyway, I understand what you're trying to tell me."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page002 (QC'd)
#end page002

#begin page003
//L00500: 01 "【\protag】とりあえず、担任なんだから、給料分働いてくれよ。"
L00500: 01 "【\protag】Please do what you're getting paid for. You're her homeroom teacher, after all."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page003 (QC'd)
#end page003

#begin page004
//L0056A: 01 "【絵里子】そのつもりだ。確かに波多乃君は、クラスに馴染んでいるとは言い難いところがあるな。"
L0056A: 01 "【絵里子】Such is my intention. Hatano-kun hasn't really blended in with the rest of the class, has she?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page004 (QC'd)
#end page004

#begin page005
//L005F3: 01 "【\protag】そうそう、何か一歩下がったところで、他人を見ているような気がする。"
L005F3: 01 "【\protag】Not really. She always seems to be standing back, as if to observe the rest."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page005 (QC'd)
#end page005

#begin page006
//L0066F: 01 "【絵里子】それは君も同じだろう。"
L0066F: 01 "【絵里子】The same could be said for you."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page006 (QC'd)
#end page006

#begin page007
//L006BE: 01 "【\protag】そんなことはない。絵里子先生には、いくらでも近づくぞ。"
L006BE: 01 "【\protag】That's not true. I'll stand as close to you as you want me to."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page007 (QC'd)
#end page007

#begin page008
//L0072E: 01 "【絵里子】こら、そう言いながら、胸の谷間に顔をうずめるな。"
L0072E: 01 "【絵里子】Hey, don't bury your face in my cleavage while saying that."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page008 (QC'd)
#end page008

#begin page009
//L00797: 01 "【\protag】‥‥と言いながらも、嫌がらない絵里子先生が好きなんだ。"
L00797: 01 "【\protag】...I like you for not resisting despite your complaints."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page009 (QC'd)
#end page009

#begin page010
//L00807: 01 "【絵里子】ま、とにかくだ。"
L00807: 01 "【絵里子】Well, anyway."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page010 (QC'd)
#end page010

#begin page011
//L00850: 01 "【\protag】はぐらかされたか。"
L00850: 01 "【\protag】Dodging the subject now, huh."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page011 (QC'd)
#end page011

#begin page012
//L0089C: 01 "【絵里子】彼女には、それとなく訊いてみることにしよう。私も仕事が忙しい。この意味わかるな?"
L0089C: 01 "【絵里子】I'll try to indirectly ask her about it. I am busy with work as well. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page012 (QC'd)
#end page012

#begin page013
//L00925: 01 "【\protag】何だよ、その手のヒラヒラは。"
L00925: 01 "【\protag】Why are you fluttering you hand?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page013 (QC'd)
#end page013

#begin page014
//L0097B: 01 "【絵里子】バイバイ、アデュー、再見。"
L0097B: 01 "【絵里子】Bye bye, adieu, auf wiedersehen."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page014 (QC'd)
#end page014

#begin page015
//L009CE: 01 "【\protag】なんだよ、担任の至らぬ部分を俺が補助してやったってのにさ。"
L009CE: 01 "【\protag】What, you know I just compensated for your incompetency as a homeroom teacher, right?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page015 (QC'd)
#end page015

#begin page016
//L00A42: 01 "【絵里子】今度、ラーメンでもおごってやろう。"
L00A42: 01 "【絵里子】I'll treat you to some ramen next time."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page016 (QC'd)
#end page016

#begin page017
//L00A9D: 01 "【\protag】ま、そのへんで手をうつか‥‥‥そういえば、絵里子先生も何か話があったんじゃなかった?"
L00A9D: 01 "【\protag】I guess I'll settle for that... by the way, didn't you have something you wanted to ask me as well?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page017 (QC'd)
#end page017

#begin page018
//L00B2B: 01 "【絵里子】うん、まぁ私も噂話の類でね。ほら、少し前まで噂されていた、タタリ騒動、あったろう?"
L00B2B: 01 "【絵里子】Yes, well, my question is also rumor-related. You know that there was some turmoil about a curse a while back, right?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page018 (QC'd)
#end page018

#begin page019
//L00BB6: 01 "【\protag】‥‥聞いたことはある。"
L00BB6: 01 "【\protag】...I've heard about it."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page019 (QC'd)
#end page019

#begin page020
//L00C06: 01 "【絵里子】それに関して、学生たちから話を聞いてるんだ。ま、それはまた今度、機会があったらにしよう。"
L00C06: 01 "【絵里子】I'm currently asking students about that. But let's save it for next time."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page020 (QC'd)
#end page020

#begin page021
//L00C97: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L00C97: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page018 (QC'd)
#end page021

#begin page022
//L00CDB: 01 "【絵里子】ほら。"
L00CDB: 01 "【絵里子】Shoo."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page022 (QC'd)
#end page022

#begin page023
//L00D1A: 01 "【\protag】わかったよ‥‥そんなに手をヒラヒラさせないでくれ。"
L00D1A: 01 "【\protag】Fine... you don't have to flutter your hand like that."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page023 (QC'd)
#end page023

#begin page024
//L00D86: 01 "【絵里子】何かあれば、また来たまえ。"
L00D86: 01 "【絵里子】Feel free to come again if something is bothering you."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page024 (QC'd)
#end page024

#begin page025
//L00EEA: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L00EEA: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page025

#begin page026
//L00F2E: 01 "【\protag】(絵里子先生は、奥へ引っ込んじまったか‥‥。)"
L00F2E: 01 "【\protag】(Eriko-sensei retreated to the back of the infirmary.)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page026 (QC'd)
#end page026

#begin page027
//L00F96: 01 "【\protag】(俺も、部屋を出るか‥‥。)"
L00F96: 01 "【\protag】(I guess I should leave as well...)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page027 (QC'd)
#end page027


#begin page028
//L01017: 01 "【絵里子】ところで波多乃君、交遊関係が激しいのは理解したが、どれくらいの人数と付き合っているんだろうな。"
L01017: 01 "【絵里子】So, I understand now that Hatano-kun has multiple male companions, but how many people are we talking about?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page028 (QC'd)
#end page028

#begin page029
//L010AE: 01 "【\protag】知らないよ。ただ、真っ当でないお付き合いも、含まれているらしいって、もっぱらの噂だ。"
L010AE: 01 "【\protag】I'm not sure. I just know that the rumors say that some of those relations are of an illicit nature."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page029 (QC'd)
#end page029

#begin page030
//L0113C: 01 "【絵里子】真っ当でない、お付き合い?"
L0113C: 01 "【絵里子】Illicit relations?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page030 (QC'd)
#end page030

#begin page031
//L0118F: 01 "【\protag】彼女が、父親くらいのスケベ親父と、ホテルから出てきたのを目撃されたんだって。"
L0118F: 01 "【\protag】She was apparently seen leaving a hotel with a dirty old man that could have been her father."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page031 (QC'd)
#end page031

#begin page032
//L01215: 01 "【絵里子】ほう、なるほど。それでか‥‥。"
L01215: 01 "【絵里子】I see. So that's why..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page032 (QC'd)
#end page032

#begin page033
//L0126C: 01 "【\protag】‥‥なんだい、その妙な相づちは。"
L0126C: 01 "【\protag】...What's with the nod like you just put two and two together?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page033 (QC'd)
#end page033

#begin page034
//L012C6: 01 "【絵里子】いや、その話は以前、職員会議で聞いたことがある。風紀を乱す女学生がいるらしいという議題でね。"
L012C6: 01 "【絵里子】Actually, I've heard about that at a staff meeting before. The topic of discussion was a female student that was suspected of corrupting public morals."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page034 (QC'd)
#end page034

#begin page035
//L0135B: 01 "【\protag】えっ、そうなんだ。"
L0135B: 01 "【\protag】Huh, is that so?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page035 (QC'd)
#end page035

#begin page036
//L013A7: 01 "【絵里子】いや、そのときは波多乃という人名は出されていなかった。噂話が、教師の小耳に入ったというところだろう。"
L013A7: 01 "【絵里子】But the name Hatano was never brought up. Some teacher had probably happened to overhear that rumor."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page036 (QC'd)
#end page036

#begin page037
//L01444: 01 "【\protag】いちおう、裏付けは取れたわけか‥‥。"
L01444: 01 "【\protag】So now we've at least found some substantiation, huh..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page037 (QC'd)
#end page037

#begin page038
//L014A2: 01 "【絵里子】しかし意外だな。波多乃君だったとは‥‥。"
L014A2: 01 "【絵里子】But I'm surprised that it was Hatano-kun..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page038 (QC'd)
#end page038

#begin page039
//L01503: 01 "【\protag】結城に言わせれば、意外なほどゴシップとしての価値が高いんだそうだ。"
L01503: 01 "【\protag】Yuuki said that it's worth gossiping about exactly because you wouldn't expect it."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page039 (QC'd)
#end page039

#begin page040
//L0157F: 01 "【絵里子】それは的を射ている。冬に雪が降ると書いてもしょうがない。夏に降る雪の方が、みんな喜ぶ。"
L0157F: 01 "【絵里子】That's very true. There is little meaning in writing that it snows in winter. Write that it snows in summer, and people will rejoice."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page040 (QC'd)
#end page040

#begin page041
//L0160E: 01 "【\protag】だよな‥‥。"
L0160E: 01 "【\protag】You got that right."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page041 (QC'd)
#end page041


#begin page042
//L01674: 01 "【絵里子】で、波多乃君がどうかしたのか?"
L01674: 01 "【絵里子】So what about Hatano-kun?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page042 (QC'd)
#end page042

#begin page043
//L016CB: 01 "【\protag】急に真面目に戻らないでくれよ‥‥。"
L016CB: 01 "【\protag】Don't suddenly go into serious mode again."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page043 (QC'd)
#end page043

#begin page044
//L01727: 01 "【絵里子】早く言いたまえ。"
L01727: 01 "【絵里子】Spit it out."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page044 (QC'd)
#end page044

#begin page045
//L01770: 01 "【\protag】彼女に関する噂話、絵里子先生は聞いたことが‥‥。"
L01770: 01 "【\protag】Have you heard of any rumors going around about her?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page045 (QC'd)
#end page045

#begin page046
//L017DA: 01 "【絵里子】ないな。"
L017DA: 01 "【絵里子】I haven't."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page046 (QC'd)
#end page046

#begin page047
//L0181B: 01 "【\protag】そっか。"
L0181B: 01 "【\protag】I see."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page047 (QC'd)
#end page047

#begin page048
//L0185D: 01 "【絵里子】噂も何も、彼女はまだ転校してきたばかりで‥‥。"
L0185D: 01 "【絵里子】She just transferred here, after all. There couldn't even be time for them to have spread."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page048 (QC'd)
#end page048

#begin page049
//L018C4: 01 "【\protag】担任がこれだもんな。ま、俺も知らなかった訳だから、アイコってやつか。"
L018C4: 01 "【\protag】I guess one can't expect much from a homeroom teacher. But well, I didn't know about it either, so I suppose we're even."
#end page049

#begin page050
//L01942: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥何か、あるのか。"
L01942: 01 "【絵里子】...Is there something going on?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page050 (QC'd)
#end page050

#begin page051
//L0198F: 01 "【\protag】まあね。意外に深刻かもしれない。俺も情報を仕入れたてなんで、確認はとっていないが。"
L0198F: 01 "【\protag】Yeah. And it might be pretty serious. I only just heard about this myself, so I haven't really been able to confirm anything, though."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page051 (QC'd)
#end page051

#begin page052
//L01A1B: 01 "【絵里子】ふむ、聞こうか。"
L01A1B: 01 "【絵里子】Let's hear it."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page052 (QC'd)
#end page052

#begin page053
//L01A64: 01 "【\protag】ただ、条件が1つある。"
L01A64: 01 "【\protag】Under one condition."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page053 (QC'd)
#end page053

#begin page054
//L01AB4: 01 "【絵里子】言っておくが、脱ぎたてのパンティなどはダメだぞ。"
L01AB4: 01 "【絵里子】I won't give you any of my freshly removed panties, just so you know."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page054 (QC'd)
#end page054

#begin page055
//L01B1D: 01 "【\protag】アホか。神奈チャンだけでなく、他の連中にも出来る限り言わないでくれってことだよ。"
L01B1D: 01 "【\protag】Are you stupid? It's just that I don't want you to tell this to anyone, if at all possible. That includes Kanna-chan, as well as other parties."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page055 (QC'd)
#end page055

#begin page056
//L01BA7: 01 "【絵里子】いいだろう。"
L01BA7: 01 "【絵里子】Fine."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page056 (QC'd)
#end page056

#begin page057
//L01BEC: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01BEC: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page057

#begin page058
//L01C30: 01 "【\protag】(いつも、大人ってのは、カヤの外なんだよな‥‥。)"
L01C30: 01 "【\protag】(Adults are always out of the loop on these things...)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page058 (QC'd)
#end page058

#begin page059
//L01C9C: 01 "【\protag】(だが、俺がここで絵里子先生に知らせておくのは、おせっかいってヤツなんだろうか‥‥?)"
L01C9C: 01 "【\protag】(But am I meddling by letting Eriko-sensei know about this...?)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page059 (QC'd)
#end page059

#begin page060
//L01D2C: 01 "【\protag】(余計なお世話‥‥?)"
L01D2C: 01 "【\protag】(Maybe it's none of my business...?)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page060 (QC'd)
#end page060

#begin page061
//L01D7C: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L01D7C: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page061

#begin page062
//L01DC0: 01 "【\protag】(いや、絵里子先生なら、大丈夫だろう。)"
L01DC0: 01 "【\protag】(Nah, it'd be fine to tell Eriko-sensei.)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page062 (QC'd)
#end page062

#begin page063
//L01E22: 01 "【\protag】(イジメ問題なんかも、起きてみて、初めて認識されるもんだからな‥‥。)"
L01E22: 01 "【\protag】(Bullying is never recognized until it gets out of hand, either.)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page063 (QC'd)
#end page063

#begin page064
//L01EA2: 01 "【\protag】(転校してきたばかりの、神奈チャンがもしも苦にしているなら、早めに手を打った方が‥‥。)"
L01EA2: 01 "【\protag】(If Kanna-chan, who only just transferred here, is suffering because of this, then it would be best to take measures ahead of time...)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page064 (QC'd)
#end page064

#begin page065
//L01F5F: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥なるほど、話は理解した。"
L01F5F: 01 "【絵里子】...I see. I understand."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page065 (QC'd)
#end page065

#begin page066
//L01FB4: 01 "【\protag】女の子の人権がかかってると言っても、過言じゃないだろう。"
L01FB4: 01 "【\protag】It wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that a girl's human rights are at stake here."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page066 (QC'd)
#end page066

#begin page067
//L02026: 01 "【絵里子】フフ、可愛らしい女の子のことになると、熱心だな。"
L02026: 01 "【絵里子】*chuckle* You're always so zealous when it comes to a pretty girl."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page067 (QC'd)
#end page067

#begin page068
//L0208F: 01 "【\protag】心外だな。女性全てに対して、俺は熱心だぞ。"
L0208F: 01 "【\protag】That's not a nice thing to say. I am zealous about every female in the world."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page068 (QC'd)
#end page068

#begin page069
//L020F3: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
L020F3: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page059 (QC'd)
#end page069

#begin page070
//L02136: 01 "【\protag】感動した?"
L02136: 01 "【\protag】Are you moved?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page070 (QC'd)
#end page070

#begin page071
//L0217A: 01 "【絵里子】呆れているんだ。"
L0217A: 01 "【絵里子】I'm appalled."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page071 (QC'd)
#end page071

#begin page072
//L021C3: 01 "【\protag】むぅ。"
L021C3: 01 "【\protag】*grumble*"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page014 (QC'd)
#end page072

#begin page073
//L02203: 01 "【絵里子】とにかく総じて言えば、彼女はずいぶんと男との交遊関係が激しいらしいと。"
L02203: 01 "【絵里子】Anyway, to sum things up, the girl seems to have a lot of male companions."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page073 (QC'd)
#end page073

#begin page074
//L02282: 01 "【\protag】そういうことかな。"
L02282: 01 "【\protag】That's about it."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page074 (QC'd)
#end page074

#begin page075
//L022CE: 01 "【絵里子】やるな、波多乃君。"
L022CE: 01 "【絵里子】Good going, Hatano-kun."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page075 (QC'd)
#end page075

#begin page076
//L02319: 01 "【\protag】あのな。"
L02319: 01 "【\protag】Hey!"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page076 (QC'd)
#end page076

#begin page077
//L0235B: 01 "【絵里子】だが今までの彼女を見る分には、素行も問題はないし、成績も悪くはない。"
L0235B: 01 "【絵里子】However, there don't seem to be any differences in her behavior from what I can tell, and her grades are fine, as well."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page077 (QC'd)
#end page077

#begin page078
//L023D8: 01 "【\protag】優等生ってわけか。"
L023D8: 01 "【\protag】So she's an honor student, huh."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page078 (QC'd)
#end page078

#begin page079
//L02424: 01 "【絵里子】ま、やや協調性に欠ける部分もあるが、教師たちの間では、おおむね評価が高い。"
L02424: 01 "【絵里子】Well, she is a wee bit uncooperative at times, but she is generally well-liked among the staff."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page079 (QC'd)
#end page079

#begin page080
//L024A7: 01 "【\protag】無難な学生ってのが、有り難がられるんだよな、学校って所は。"
L024A7: 01 "【\protag】A school can only be thankful to get such a complacent student."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page080 (QC'd)
#end page080

#begin page081
//L0251B: 01 "【絵里子】フッ、まぁ教師も人間だからな。"
L0251B: 01 "【絵里子】*chuckle* Well, teachers are only human as well."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page081 (QC'd)
#end page081

#begin page082
//L02572: 01 "【\protag】しなやかな個性を伸ばすとか言ってみたところで、結局は画一的な人間にした方が管理が楽だからな。"
L02572: 01 "【\protag】They might say that they want their students to develop diverse personalities, but in the end, a uniformed human being is much simpler to manage."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page082 (QC'd)
#end page082

#begin page083
//L02608: 01 "【絵里子】それは正しい見方だ。個性というものは、得てして社会性に欠け、集団生活においては弊害となるのが一般的だ。"
L02608: 01 "【絵里子】That's a very correct viewpoint. An "individual" is often lacking in social abilities, and typically ends up forming a destructive element to communal life."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page083 (QC'd)
#end page083

#begin page084
//L026A7: 01 "【\protag】そいつを、一個一個、モグラたたきのように上から叩いて、平たくならすのが学校教育の役目ってわけか。"
L026A7: 01 "【\protag】It is the duty of the education system to level the field by stomping back down these individuals like a game of whack-a-mole."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page084 (QC'd)
#end page084

#begin page085
//L02741: 01 "【絵里子】学校機関とは、本来そういうものだ。社会生活に適応しない、しなやかな個性を持ち過ぎる子供たちを、矯正する場所なんだ。"
L02741: 01 "【絵里子】Such is the nature of an educational institution. It is a place to remedy children that have too much individuality and do not conform to society."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page085 (QC'd)
#end page085

#begin page086
//L027EC: 01 "【\protag】絵里子先生、ちゃんとわかってるじゃないか。"
L027EC: 01 "【\protag】You understand it perfectly, Eriko-sensei."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page086 (QC'd)
#end page086

#begin page087
//L02850: 01 "【絵里子】他の先生たちだって、わかっているよ。ただ、それを口に出すのは自己否定になるからな。"
L02850: 01 "【絵里子】The other teachers know, too. However, they would be denying themselves by putting it into words."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page087 (QC'd)
#end page087

#begin page088
//L028DB: 01 "【\protag】絵里子先生は、否定されないんだ。"
L028DB: 01 "【\protag】But you aren't denying yourself?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page088 (QC'd)
#end page088

#begin page089
//L02935: 01 "【絵里子】まだ、教職というものに、慣れていないんだろう。"
L02935: 01 "【絵里子】I imagine that I simply haven't gotten quite used to the teaching profession yet."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page089 (QC'd)
#end page089

#begin page090
//L0299C: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L0299C: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page090

#begin page091
//L029E0: 01 "【\protag】(ずっと、慣れないで欲しいよな‥‥。)"
L029E0: 01 "【\protag】(I hope that she never does...)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page091 (QC'd)
#end page091


#begin page092
//L02A60: 01 "【\protag・絵里子】そういえば、話が‥‥‥。"
L02A60: 01 "【\protag・絵里子】By the way, there's something I want to..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page092 (QC'd)
#end page092

#begin page093
//L02ABA: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
L02ABA: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page093

#begin page094
//L02AFD: 01 "【\protag】間がいいな。"
L02AFD: 01 "【\protag】Nice timing."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page094 (QC'd)
#end page094

#begin page095
//L02B43: 01 "【絵里子】そちらからどうぞ。"
L02B43: 01 "【絵里子】You go first."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page095 (QC'd)
#end page095

#begin page096
//L02B8E: 01 "【\protag】え、えっと‥‥絵里子先生は俺のクラスの担任だろう?"
L02B8E: 01 "【\protag】U-Umm... you're the homeroom teacher for my class, right?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page096 (QC'd)
#end page096

#begin page097
//L02BFA: 01 "【絵里子】不本意にもな。"
L02BFA: 01 "【絵里子】Unfortunately."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page097 (QC'd)
#end page097

#begin page098
//L02C41: 01 "【\protag】そこでちょっと聞きたいことがあるんだ。"
L02C41: 01 "【\protag】There's one thing I'd like to ask of you."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page098 (QC'd)
#end page098

#begin page099
//L02CA1: 01 "【絵里子】スリーサイズか?"
L02CA1: 01 "【絵里子】My three sizes?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page099 (QC'd)
#end page099

#begin page100
//L02CEA: 01 "【\protag】誰が! 少しは聞きたいけど‥‥。"
L02CEA: 01 "【\protag】Who'd want to know that!? Well, I am a little bit interested..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page100 (QC'd)
#end page100

#begin page101
//L02D44: 01 "【絵里子】相変わらず正直なヤツだな。でも内緒だ。"
L02D44: 01 "【絵里子】You're as frank as ever. But it shall remain a secret."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page101 (QC'd)
#end page101

#begin page102
//L02DA3: 01 "【\protag】そんなことじゃなくて‥‥波多乃神奈って女の子のことさ。"
L02DA3: 01 "【\protag】That's not what I intended to ask... I wanted to ask you about Kanna Hatano."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page102 (QC'd)
#end page102

#begin page103
//L02E13: 01 "【絵里子】波多乃‥‥。"
L02E13: 01 "【絵里子】Hatano..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page103 (QC'd)
#end page103

#begin page104
//L02E58: 01 "【\protag】知ってる?"
L02E58: 01 "【\protag】You know her?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page104 (QC'd)
#end page104

#begin page105
//L02E9C: 01 "【絵里子】担任だぞ、こう見えても。無論、知っている。"
L02E9C: 01 "【絵里子】I'm still your homeroom teacher, you know? Of course I know her."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page105 (QC'd)
#end page105

#begin page106
//L02EFF: 01 "【\protag】ホントかな‥‥。"
L02EFF: 01 "【\protag】I wonder if you really do..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page106 (QC'd)
#end page106

#begin page107
//L02F49: 01 "【絵里子】よく、保健室へ休みにやってくるからな。"
L02F49: 01 "【絵里子】She comes here often to rest."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page107 (QC'd)
#end page107

#begin page108
//L02FA8: 01 "【\protag】えっ、そうなんだ。"
L02FA8: 01 "【\protag】Huh, is that so?"
#end page108

#begin page109
//L02FF4: 01 "【絵里子】病弱‥‥という感じではないが、ときどき熱を出すらしい。"
L02FF4: 01 "【絵里子】She doesn't appear to have a weak constitution, but she seems to come down with a fever every now and then."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page109 (QC'd)
#end page109

#begin page110
//L03063: 01 "【\protag】ふぅん‥‥。"
L03063: 01 "【\protag】Oh really..."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page054 (QC'd)
#end page110

#begin page111
//L030A9: 01 "【絵里子】確かそう、先月のちょうど今くらいに転入手続きをした女の子だったな。"
L030A9: 01 "【絵里子】She's the girl that enrolled here exactly one month ago, right?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page111 (QC'd)
#end page111

#begin page112
//L03124: 01 "【\protag】うん。"
L03124: 01 "【\protag】Yeah."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page112 (QC'd)
#end page112

#begin page113
//L03164: 01 "【絵里子】ホームルームで、君がいきなり歓迎セレモニーと称し、全裸になりかけたことはよく覚えている。"
L03164: 01 "【絵里子】I still remember in great detail how you stripped almost fully naked for her, calling it her "welcoming ceremony.""
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page113 (QC'd)
#end page113

#begin page114
//L031F5: 01 "【\protag】つまんないのを覚えてなくていいよ。"
L031F5: 01 "【\protag】You don't have to remember the stupid stuff."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page114 (QC'd)
#end page114

#begin page115
//L03251: 01 "【絵里子】確か今は、学力是正のための補習授業を受けているはずだ。"
L03251: 01 "【絵里子】I believe she is currently attending supplementary classes, in order to adjust her study program."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page115 (QC'd)
#end page115

#begin page116
//L032C0: 01 "【\protag】補習‥‥?"
L032C0: 01 "【\protag】Supplementary classes...?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page116 (QC'd)
#end page116

#begin page117
//L03304: 01 "【絵里子】ま、彼女の場合、成績は悪くないから問題ないだろう。今日1日で補習が終わると思ったが。"
L03304: 01 "【絵里子】Well, her grades aren't bad or anything, so she probably isn't facing any issues. I figure she'll be able to finish in one day."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page117 (QC'd)
#end page117

#begin page118
//L03391: 01 "【\protag】ふぅん。でさ、絵里子先生は彼女を、どう思う?"
L03391: 01 "【\protag】I see. So what do you think of her, Eriko-sensei?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page118 (QC'd)
#end page118

#begin page119
//L033F7: 01 "【絵里子】フゥゥーーー‥‥。"
L033F7: 01 "【絵里子】*puff*..."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page119 (QC'd)
#end page119

#begin page120
//L03442: 01 "【\protag】ゲホゲホッ。な、なにすんだよ。"
L03442: 01 "【\protag】*cough* *cough* W-What did you do that for?"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page120 (QC'd)
#end page120

#begin page121
//L0349A: 01 "【絵里子】君の毒牙に、彼女をかけさせる訳にはいかない。"
L0349A: 01 "【絵里子】I cannot allow her to fall victim to you."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page121 (QC'd)
#end page121

#begin page122
//L034FF: 01 "【\protag】あのなっ、言っておくが俺は彼女のことが、結構気になるだけなんだ。"
L034FF: 01 "【\protag】Oh come on. For your information, I'm just really interested in her."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page122 (QC'd)
#end page122

#begin page123
//L03579: 01 "【絵里子】やっぱりそうじゃないか。"
L03579: 01 "【絵里子】See? I knew it."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page123 (QC'd)
#end page123

#begin page124
//L035CA: 01 "【\protag】違うったら。彼女の男の交遊関係の噂というのが‥‥。"
L035CA: 01 "【\protag】That's not what I mean. I was wondering about the rumors about her having intimate relationships with men--"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page124 (QC'd)
#end page124

#begin page125
//L03636: 01 "【絵里子】フーーー‥‥。"
L03636: 01 "【絵里子】*puff*..."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page003 (QC'd)
#end page125

#begin page126
//L0367D: 01 "【\protag】ゲホゲホッ。"
L0367D: 01 "【\protag】*cough* *hack*"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page120 (QC'd)
#end page126

#begin page127
//L036C3: 01 "【絵里子】で?"
L036C3: 01 "【絵里子】So?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page116 (QC'd)
#end page127

#begin page128
//L03700: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L03700: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page128

#begin page129
//L03744: 01 "【\protag】(何か、一生懸命説明をしているのがアホらしくなってきたな‥‥。)"
L03744: 01 "【\protag】(I'm starting to feel stupid for trying so hard to explain myself.)"
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page129 (QC'd)
#end page129


#begin page130
//L037DE: 01 "【絵里子】しかし、どうしてここにいるんだ。"
L037DE: 01 "【絵里子】But what are you doing here exactly?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page100 (QC'd)
#end page130

#begin page131
//L03837: 01 "【\protag】うん、足で立ってるってのはどう?"
L03837: 01 "【\protag】Oh, how about "standing on my legs"?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page101 (QC'd)
#end page131

#begin page132
//L03891: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
L03891: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page132

#begin page133
//L038D4: 01 "【\protag】結城ばりの、ギャグだと思ったんだけどなぁ。"
L038D4: 01 "【\protag】I thought that'd be a good, Yuuki-style joke."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page103 (QC'd)
#end page133

#begin page134
//L03938: 01 "【絵里子】安心しろ、腰はくだけた。"
L03938: 01 "【絵里子】Easy now, I'm laughing so hard that it hurts."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page104 (QC'd)
#end page134

#begin page135
//L03989: 01 "【\protag】そっか、一安心だな。"
L03989: 01 "【\protag】I see. Good."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page105 (QC'd)
#end page135

#begin page136
//L039D7: 01 "【絵里子】で、本当の理由は。"
L039D7: 01 "【絵里子】So, give it to me straight."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page106 (QC'd)
#end page136

#begin page137
//L03A22: 01 "【\protag】ええと、うーんと‥‥そうそう、頭痛がしてさ。"
L03A22: 01 "【\protag】Well, umm... oh right, I had a headache."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page107 (QC'd)
#end page137

#begin page138
//L03A88: 01 "【絵里子】却下。"
L03A88: 01 "【絵里子】Denied."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page108 (QC'd)
#end page138

#begin page139
//L03AC7: 01 "【\protag】なんでだよ。"
L03AC7: 01 "【\protag】Why?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page109 (QC'd)
#end page139

#begin page140
//L03B0D: 01 "【絵里子】忘れるような頭痛なら、大丈夫だろう。"
L03B0D: 01 "【絵里子】If you were capable of simply forgetting about it, then it obviously wasn't a big deal."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page110 (QC'd)
#end page140

#begin page141
//L03B6A: 01 "【\protag】むぅ。"
L03B6A: 01 "【\protag】*grumble*"
#end page141

#begin page142
//L03BAA: 01 "【絵里子】それにいま、保健室には頭痛薬が無い。"
L03BAA: 01 "【絵里子】Besides, there's no aspirin in the infirmary right now."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page112 (QC'd)
#end page142

#begin page143
//L03C07: 01 "【\protag】なんで?"
L03C07: 01 "【\protag】Why not?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page113 (QC'd)
#end page143

#begin page144
//L03C49: 01 "【絵里子】ストック切れ。事務の方に、早急に取り寄せてもらっている。"
L03C49: 01 "【絵里子】We're out of stock. I've sent an urgent order to the office."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page114 (QC'd)
#end page144

#begin page145
//L03CBA: 01 "【\protag】頭痛薬のない保健室なんて、牛丼の牛抜きみたいなもんだな。"
L03CBA: 01 "【\protag】An infirmary without aspirin is like a beef bowl without beef."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page115 (QC'd)
#end page145

#begin page146
//L03D2C: 01 "【絵里子】で?"
L03D2C: 01 "【絵里子】So?"
#end page146

#begin page147
//L03D69: 01 "【\protag】で?"
L03D69: 01 "【\protag】So?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page117 (QC'd)
#end page147

#begin page148
//L03DA7: 01 "【絵里子】何をしにきたのかな。"
L03DA7: 01 "【絵里子】Why did you come here?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page118 (QC'd)
#end page148

#begin page149
//L03DF4: 01 "【\protag】じゃあ、絵里子先生に、会いに来たってのはどう?"
L03DF4: 01 "【\protag】How about "I came to see you"?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page119 (QC'd)
#end page149

#begin page150
//L03E5C: 01 "【絵里子】冗談は顔だけにしておくんだな。"
L03E5C: 01 "【絵里子】Don't take me for a fool."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page120 (QC'd)
#end page150

#begin page151
//L03EB3: 01 "【\protag】少し傷ついたぞ。"
L03EB3: 01 "【\protag】You hurt my feelings."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page121 (QC'd)
#end page151

#begin page152
//L03EFD: 01 "【絵里子】私が問題にしているのは、補習を課せられているはずの君が、なぜここにいるのかということだ。"
L03EFD: 01 "【絵里子】Now here's the real problem. Why exactly is it that you, who should be attending his supplementary classes, have instead chosen to lounge around here?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page122 (QC'd)
#end page152

#begin page153
//L03F8E: 01 "【\protag】うん、それは確かに問題だ。"
L03F8E: 01 "【\protag】Yes, that certainly is a problem."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page123 (QC'd)
#end page153

#begin page154
//L03FE2: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
L03FE2: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page154

#begin page155
//L04025: 01 "【\protag】で?"
L04025: 01 "【\protag】So?"
#end page155

#begin page156
//L04063: 01 "【絵里子】で、とは?"
L04063: 01 "【絵里子】What do you mean, "So"?"
#end page156

#begin page157
//L040A6: 01 "【\protag】だから、問題だ、ということを確認したぜ。"
L040A6: 01 "【\protag】Yes, well, we have now established the fact that it is a problem."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page127 (QC'd)
#end page157

#begin page158
//L04108: 01 "【絵里子】認識したら、それを何とかしようという気持ちは、君の心には生まれないのかな。"
L04108: 01 "【絵里子】Now that it's agreed, don't you have even the slightest urge to find a solution?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page128 (QC'd)
#end page158

#begin page159
//L0418B: 01 "【\protag】あぁ、単位のこと?"
L0418B: 01 "【\protag】Oh, is this about my credits?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page129 (QC'd)
#end page159

#begin page160
//L041D7: 01 "【絵里子】そうだ。"
L041D7: 01 "【絵里子】Indeed."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page136 (QC'd)
#end page160

#begin page161
//L04218: 01 "【\protag】それならもう何とかしているから、大丈夫さ。"
L04218: 01 "【\protag】I've already got that covered. No worries."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page131 (QC'd)
#end page161

#begin page162
//L0427C: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥もう、してる?"
L0427C: 01 "【絵里子】...You do?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page132 (QC'd)
#end page162

#begin page163
//L042C7: 01 "【\protag】あんなの、出席すればもらえるんだから、大丈夫だよ。"
L042C7: 01 "【\protag】You receive them just by being present, so it's a non-issue."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page133 (QC'd)
#end page163

#begin page164
//L04333: 01 "【絵里子】ここにいる君が言っても、説得力がないが‥‥そうか、代返か。"
L04333: 01 "【絵里子】That doesn't sound too convincing when you're loitering around here as we speak, but... I see, you asked someone else to take your roll call."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page164 (QC'd)
#end page164

#begin page165
//L043A6: 01 "【\protag】ご名答。でも言っておくが、俺が頼まれているんだ。"
L043A6: 01 "【\protag】Correct. But in my defense, it was requested of me."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page165 (QC'd)
#end page165

#begin page166
//L04410: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥?"
L04410: 01 "【絵里子】...?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page142 (QC'd)
#end page166

#begin page167
//L0444F: 01 "【\protag】だから、俺の補習授業にどうしても出たいって結城が言うものだからさ、しょうがなくね。"
L0444F: 01 "【\protag】Yuuki desperately wanted to attend my supplementary classes, so I had no choice in the matter."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page143 (QC'd)
#end page167

#begin page168
//L044DB: 01 "【絵里子】ふむ‥‥そうか、島津さんだな。"
L044DB: 01 "【絵里子】Hm. I see, this must be about Shimazu-san."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page144 (QC'd)
#end page168

#begin page169
//L04532: 01 "【\protag】なんだ、知ってるんだ。"
L04532: 01 "【\protag】Oh, you knew?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page145 (QC'd)
#end page169

#begin page170
//L04582: 01 "【絵里子】担任だからな‥‥ま、補習云々に関しては小言を言うまい。私の責務は君を卒業させることだからな。"
L04582: 01 "【絵里子】I am her homeroom teacher, after all. Well, I won't berate you for not attending your classes. My sole duty is only to see that you graduate."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page146 (QC'd)
#end page170

#begin page171
//L04617: 01 "【\protag】お、さすがに話が早い。"
L04617: 01 "【\protag】I'm glad you understand."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page147 (QC'd)
#end page171

#begin page172
//L04667: 01 "【絵里子】この学校で教える勉学は、ある意味では記号暗記学だからな。意味が無くはないが、率先して覚える必要もない。"
L04667: 01 "【絵里子】In a sense, the only purpose this school serves is to teach you how to memorize simple information. It's not completely insignificant, but it isn't particularly imperative either."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page148 (QC'd)
#end page172

#begin page173
//L04706: 01 "【\protag】ははは‥‥すごい言いようだな。"
L04706: 01 "【\protag】Hahaha... that's a risky thing to say for a teacher."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page149 (QC'd)
#end page173

#begin page174
//L0475E: 01 "【絵里子】で、私にどんな用事があるのかな‥‥。"
L0475E: 01 "【絵里子】So what kind of business do you have with me."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page174 (QC'd)
#end page174

#begin page175
//L047BB: 01 "【\protag】用事か‥‥用事ね。"
L047BB: 01 "【\protag】Business, huh... business, eh."
//Copypasta from E09_02.MST page175 (QC'd)
#end page175


#begin page176
//L04827: 01 "【\protag】(ジロジロ見られるの、苦手みたいだぜ‥‥。)"
L04827: 01 "【\protag】(It seems that she doesn't like it when people stare at her.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page177 (QC'd)
#end page176


#begin page177
//L048A7: 01 "【絵里子】まただ‥‥。"
L048A7: 01 "【絵里子】Again..."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page178 (QC'd)
#end page177

#begin page178
//L048EC: 01 "【\protag】え?"
L048EC: 01 "【\protag】Huh?"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page179 (QC'd)
#end page178

#begin page179
//L0492A: 01 "【絵里子】君はときどき、人を観察するようなことをする‥‥。"
L0492A: 01 "【絵里子】You seem to have this habit of closely observing people on occasion."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page180 (QC'd)
#end page179

#begin page180
//L04993: 01 "【\protag】そ、そうかな。"
L04993: 01 "【\protag】Y-You think?"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page181 (QC'd)
#end page180

#begin page181
//L049DB: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
L049DB: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥‥‥。"
#end page181

#begin page182
//L04A1E: 01 "【\protag】(絵里子先生は、まじまじと見られるのが、あまり好きじゃないのかな‥‥。)"
L04A1E: 01 "【\protag】(I wonder if Eriko-sensei doesn't like it when people stare at her.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page183 (QC'd)
#end page182


#begin page183
//L04ABA: 01 "【\protag】(相変わらず、表情は髪の毛で隠れていて、よくわからない‥‥。)"
L04ABA: 01 "【\protag】(As always, her face is completely concealed by her hair. I can't read her expression at all.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page184 (QC'd)
#end page183


#begin page184
//L04B52: 01 "【\protag】(ああ、俺はシワになりたい‥‥。)"
L04B52: 01 "【\protag】(Oh God, I want to be that wrinkle.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page185 (QC'd)
#end page184


#begin page185
//L04BC8: 01 "【絵里子】こら、何を見つめているんだ。"
L04BC8: 01 "【絵里子】Hey, what are you looking at."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page186 (QC'd)
#end page185

#begin page186
//L04C1D: 01 "【\protag】学校の先生もよく言うじゃないか。好奇心を持つことはいいことだ。"
L04C1D: 01 "【\protag】Enthusiasm is something to be valued. Isn't that something that teachers often say?"
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page161 (QC'd)
#end page186

#begin page187
//L04C95: 01 "【絵里子】そう言いながら、つまもうとするその手つきをしないでくれ。"
L04C95: 01 "【絵里子】Please don't make pinching motions with your fingers while saying that."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page188 (QC'd)
#end page187

#begin page188
//L04D06: 01 "【\protag】ははは‥‥だめ?"
L04D06: 01 "【\protag】Hahaha... I can't?"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page189 (QC'd)
#end page188

#begin page189
//L04D50: 01 "【絵里子】絶対ダメ。"
L04D50: 01 "【絵里子】Not over my dead body."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page190 (QC'd)
#end page189

#begin page190
//L04D93: 01 "【\protag】クスン‥‥。"
L04D93: 01 "【\protag】*sniffle*..."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page191 (QC'd)
#end page190


#begin page191
//L04DF9: 01 "【\protag】(しかし、あの丘の上にできている微妙な服のシワは、一体何だ‥‥?)"
L04DF9: 01 "【\protag】(I wonder what on earth that subtle wrinkle on top of that hill in her dress could be...?)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page192 (QC'd)
#end page191

#begin page192
//L04E75: 01 "【\protag】(気になる‥‥気になるぞ。)"
L04E75: 01 "【\protag】(The curiosity is killing me.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page193 (QC'd)
#end page192


#begin page193
//L04EEB: 01 "【\protag】胸元といい、太ももといい、なんだか、ドキドキしてくるな‥‥。"
L04EEB: 01 "【\protag】The breasts and thighs on this woman... man, they totally kick start my heart."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page194 (QC'd)
#end page193


#begin page194
//L04F7B: 01 "【\protag】(しかもこの胸元の危険なVカット‥‥。)"
L04F7B: 01 "【\protag】(Not to mention that risque v-cut dress she wears...)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page195 (QC'd)
#end page194

#begin page195
//L04FDD: 01 "【\protag】(うーん、これはかなり問題のような気が‥‥。)"
L04FDD: 01 "【\protag】(Hmm, I think this might become a problem...)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page196 (QC'd)
#end page195

#begin page196
//L05045: 01 "【絵里子】‥‥君の鼻面が、私の胸の谷間に付いているんだが。"
L05045: 01 "【絵里子】...Your snout is touching my cleavage."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page197 (QC'd)
#end page196

#begin page197
//L050AE: 01 "【\protag】おう、第2種接近遭遇。"
L050AE: 01 "【\protag】A close encounter of the second kind."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page198 (QC'd)
#end page197


#begin page198
//L05118: 01 "【\protag】(この服のタケは、非常に短い‥‥。)"
L05118: 01 "【\protag】(These clothes sport some extremely high cuts.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page199 (QC'd)
#end page198

#begin page199
//L05176: 01 "【\protag】(うーん、これはかなり問題のような気が‥‥。)"
L05176: 01 "【\protag】(Hmm, I think this might become a problem...)"
#end page199

#begin page200
//L051DE: 01 "【絵里子】身をかがめて、何をやっているのかね、君は。"
L051DE: 01 "【絵里子】What are you doing, stooping over like that?"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page201 (QC'd)
#end page200


#begin page201
//L05261: 01 "【絵里子】いちおう、校医だからな。"
L05261: 01 "【絵里子】I'm still the school doctor, after all."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page202 (QC'd)
#end page201

#begin page202
//L052B2: 01 "【絵里子】白衣の着用が、義務づけられているんだ。"
L052B2: 01 "【絵里子】I'm obligated to wear a white coat."
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page203 (QC'd)
#end page202


#begin page203
//L0532B: 01 "【\protag】白衣を着て、かろうじて校医らしく見えるというところか‥‥。"
L0532B: 01 "【\protag】With her white coat, she just barely manages to pull off the school doctor look."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page178 (QC'd)
#end page203

#begin page204
//L0539F: 01 "【\protag】でなかったら、ボディコン・オヤジギャルになってしまうぞ。"
L0539F: 01 "【\protag】If not for that, she'd just be some exhibitionist who acts like a man."
//Copypasta from 09_02.MST page179 (QC'd)
#end page204


#begin page205
//L05431: 01 "【\protag】(後ろで結っているようだな‥‥かなりの長髪だぜ。)"
L05431: 01 "【\protag】(It's tied up behind her head... her hair is remarkably long.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page206 (QC'd)
#end page205


#begin page206
//L054B7: 01 "【\protag】(長い髪の毛だな‥‥。)"
L054B7: 01 "【\protag】(She has such long hair.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page207 (QC'd)
#end page206

#begin page207
//L05509: 01 "【\protag】(前髪は長髪でほとんど見えない。後ろは結って流しているみたいだ。)"
L05509: 01 "【\protag】(I can barely even see her face through her bangs. It's tied up behind her head.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page208 (QC'd)
#end page207


#begin page208
//L055A5: 01 "【絵里子】ん、手がどうかしたか?"
L055A5: 01 "【絵里子】Hm, is there something about my hands?"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page209 (QC'd)
#end page208


#begin page209
//L0560E: 01 "【\protag】(相変わらず、ポケットに手を入れているな‥‥。)"
L0560E: 01 "【\protag】(Her hands are in her pockets, as always.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page210 (QC'd)
#end page209


#begin page210
//L05698: 01 "【\protag】(校医の絵里子先生だぜ‥‥。)"
L05698: 01 "【\protag】(It's Eriko-sensei, the school doctor.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page211 (QC'd)
#end page210


#begin page211
//L0570A: 01 "【\protag】(校医の絵里子先生だ‥‥あんまり教師っぽくないところが、俺は気に入っている。)"
L0570A: 01 "【\protag】(It's the school doctor, Eriko-sensei. I like how she doesn't really come across as a teacher.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page212 (QC'd)
#end page211

#begin page212
//L05792: 01 "【\protag】(何か、世間ずれしていないっていうか、妙な先生なんだよな‥‥。)"
L05792: 01 "【\protag】(She doesn't seem to have much knowledge of the world. She's quite a peculiar woman.)"
//Copypasta from C09_02.MST page213 (QC'd)
#end page212