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Note: These guidelines aren't final yet. Feel free to add points or change/discuss current ones (on this page is fine).

Style specific[edit]

  • Use present tense for everything (past tense for past events, obviously), since everything outside of eroscenes is monologue/dialogue. Eroscene narration in past tense?
  • Use American English.
  • Leave in honorifics.
  • Prioritize smooth sentence flow over accuracy at all times, but do make sure the original intent is preserved.
  • Try to convert wordplays and sayings into their English equivalents, or some other appropriate joke a Western audience would understand. Translation notes are a last resort and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Don't overuse ellipses. They are the bane of the English language. Only use them for blatant pauses in thought or conversation. For dialogue, refer to the VO to make educated decisions.
  • Use Western name order (Eriko Takeda, not Takeda Eriko)

Language specific[edit]

  • -ward, not -wards (toward, afterward, forward, etc.)

Syntax specific[edit]

  • Keep the 『』 and 《》 and [] symbols wherever they appear in the script. Replace 「」 with " " marks.
  • Use " " for quotation
  • If the line only consist of 8 japanese ellipses ( "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。" ), then leave that line unedited, because similarly to the speaker tags, the rebuilder tool is going to handle those automatically. (Alternatively you could change it to 8 western ellipses like "【\protag】........", but it's not worth to bother.) Use 3 dots everywhere else.
  • Put a space after a trailing ellipsis (unless it's at the end of the sentence, obviously)
  • Don't put a space after a leading ellipsis
  • Capitalize after a leading ellipsis
  • Don't capitalize after mid-line ellipses ('This is... a pen.')
  • Use underscores to put _emphasis_ on a word (ideally, these would be in italics, but I figure the game won't support that)
  • Use asterisks for sound effects. Use two sets for double sounds ('*munch*, *crunch*', not '*munch, crunch*')
  • Don't capitalize sound effects
  • Stutters on capitals remain capital ('Y-Yeah.')
  • Punctuation needs to be placed inside quotations, with some rare exceptions


  • Please handle Sayless' lines in the same manner as the ellipses only lines. The repacker tool will automatically change two of her lines: "【セーレス】コクン。" (will be replaced as "【Sayless】 *nod*") and "【セーレス】ニコッ。" (will be replaced into "【Sayless】 *smile*"). You can just leave them be as they are, and let the repacker convert it to these standards. Please don't modify them into anything else.