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Moon. is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Tactics, a brand of the joint company Nexton, with elements of horror, psychology, and metaphysical content. The game was described by the development team as a "Reaching the Heart AVG." The main character, Amasawa Ikumi (one of the few female VN protagonists) joins the Fargo organization in order to learn the truth behind her mother's mysterious death. On her first day she meets Mima Haruka and Nakura Yui, two other girls who came to take back members of their family from the organization. As the three begin to undergo Fargo's outlandish and cruel training--which they pass off as "mental reinforcement"--they slowly begin to piece together the true nature of the organization and the deaths it has caused.


  • Amaterasu re-editing finished 10/3/2009
  • Amaterasu Translations begins reediting 7/29/09
  • Final Patch 5/21/09
  • Translation Completed 4/29/09
  • First patch with all images edited 4/27/09
  • First patch with over ninety percent of all text translated 4/26/09
  • First patch with over three-fourths of all text translated 4/24/09
  • First patch with over half of all text translated 4/19/09
  • First patch with most images translated and edited 4/16/09
  • First patch with over one-fourth of all text translated 4/13/09
  • First test patch with a full day's worth of map segment translations 4/7/09
  • TLWiki page created 4/06/2009
  • translation started 3/30/2009



The entire game is now fully translated.

The entire game is currently being reedited by Amaterasu Translations, so a new, better patch will be available. I think it'll be done before the end of September.


Please be aware that most of the sendspace links below have expired due to inactivity. The mediafire links all appear to be fine.

Download MOON V2 patch, a new version of the original TLwiki patch revised and polished by Amaterasu:

  • Amaterasu Translations [3]

Download current translation patch:

  • Mediafire: [4]
  • Sendspace: [5]

Yes, we're finally done. With the final proofreader's input I can safely say that virtually no typos or save crashes remain in the game. Other known problems are outlined on the talk page.

Download TinFoil's Glorious Installer (Use this if you're lazy and don't want to read the instructions in the patch itself):

  • Note that there is only a small change between 1.00 and 1.00a: shortcuts used to always point to %PROGRAMFILES%/nexton/moon.
  • Bittorrent: [6]
  • Mediafire: [7]
  • [8]
    • NSIS Source Code: [9]

Fixed video files from TinFoil's Glorious Installer (Video was converted to standard XVID, deinterlaced, and smoothed a bit to improve quality just overwrite files in the snd dir after using Installer above)

  • Rapidshare:[10]
  • That's nice and all, but the video does IVTC by itself anyway. I resigned to just leaving it as is since my inverse telecine efforts were in vain. --TinFoil 02:30, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Download CG collection:

Download OST:

Download archive extractor (if you feel like extracting the OST and CGs yourself):

Download Japanese and English scripts in txt format (if you feel like studying Japanese with my translation):


  • Game is available from:
    Amazon JP (English, See this guide how to buy from Japan exclusive sites.)