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Music Changes

-The PSP soundtrack in general has upgraded synthesizers, using more modern synthesizers. The PC soundtrack uses the Dreamcast's 2000 synthesizer.

Some of the following changes are minor, while some are major.

-YUKA: Guitar and piano are clearer in the PSP soundtrack.

-HARUKA: The synthesized piano in the original has been completely replaced by a live piano. Synthesizer later in the song is clearer.

-SAKI: Clearer and louder instruments.

-KURUMI: Synthesized piano has been replaced by live piano.

-IZUMI: Newer synthesizer and clearer instruments.

-Phantasmagoria: PSP version has remixed ambience and slightly more instruments.

-De-ja view: PC version is 48 seconds longer than the PSP version (though all it is is one additional loop), while the PSP version has upgraded piano.

-In the sunny spot: Guitar is clearer in the PSP version and the piano is upgraded.

-Like real in mist: The background sound is slightly different in each version. The PC version sounds like a "clack", while the PSP version sounds more like dripping water. Also, the PC version deviates more from the original tune earlier on, which doesn't happen until a little later in the PSP version.

-Irritation: In addition to the clearer instruments and synthesizers, the PSP version has a different background synthesizer sound that plays less often than in the original.

-Darkside: The PSP version has more instruments and an additional background theme that sounds like parts of "Traum in der Dunkelheit" from Ever17.

-Magic of True: This song is completely different between versions. The PC version song is about a minute and a half long, and uses mostly synthesized flute-esque music and a synthesized piano. The PSP version is two and a half minutes long, replaces the synthesized flute with a slow piano, replaces the synthesized piano with an live piano, has a slower opening, and at the point where the original track ended in the PC version, it continues for an extra thirty seconds with a xylophone piece not found in the PC version. Overall, the PSP version sounds slower and more emotional.

-Confusion mind: In addition to the clearer instruments and synthesizer, the PSP version adds an additional synthesizer piece in the background not in the original. In addition, the ending of the song is different in each version.

-Uneasiness: PSP version has clearer synthesizers. Original PC version is a minute and a half long, while the PSP version is forty seconds longer (which is basically one more loop).

-Despair: PSP version has clearer synthesizers, but the PC version has a synthesized violin playing in the background, which was made a lot quieter in the PSP version until near the end, where it becomes more pronounced.

-Warmth: Apart from the clearer synthesizers in the PSP version and the PC version being 12 seconds longer, the song is mostly the same in both versions.

-Achievement: The background instruments are more pronounced in the PSP version.

-Languour: Guitar is more pronounced in the PSP version.

-Ouch!: PSP version has clearer synthesizers, and is 18 seconds longer than the PC version.

-The end of dimension: Doesn't change, as it only plays in the credits, so the music was already attached to the credits to begin with.

-Once more: The PSP version replaces the synthesized version with a live piano, has more instruments in the background, and is at a slightly slower speed than the PC version. Also, in the climax of the song, the PC version's background instruments get loud, while they're a bit more subtle in the PSP version.

-Once more-Piano: The PC version is played in the same key as Once more, while the PSP version is lower and softer. The PC version also has what appears to be a harp playing in the background at some point, this was removed from the PSP version and replaced by more piano.

-Beginning of infinity, Beginning of infinity-Cure, and Treasure Dream: Same between both versions.