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Teaser Patch[edit]

The Common Route patch will feature the entire Common Route, Yuka's Route, and well as all of the heroines' events through Days 1-4.

(NOTE: Some of the translated lines in the Preview Patch will be different in the final version due to revisions.)


a. The original version requires a CD in the drive in order to play the BGM. Said CD is provided with the retail version of the game, but was not included in the download version. The patch has removed that need by allowing you to have a soundtrack via .ogg. The patch will provide the option of two soundtracks- the original PC version soundtrack, and the PSP version soundtrack. While they're the same songs, there's still some differences. Click the link below to read about them. Furthermore, if you desire, you can theoretically rip your own .ogg s and replace the soundtrack with your own music.

Differences between PC and PSP version soundtracks.

b. In the original, if you didn't have a CD in your drive, an error message would pop up every time the game changed BGM. This has been fixed in the patch.

c. We have added a system that will allow you to swap between the PC OST and the PSP OST at any time during gameplay.

Character set[edit]

a. The original game used the Shift-JIS character set internally. It has been converted to use UTF-8.

b. The non-SJIS characters aren't that important for English, but if anybody wants to try translating into another language, it's probably crucial.

Locale independent[edit]

Once installed, it plays the same in English locale as in Japanese locale.

Fixed clock display time[edit]

Noon is 12:00, not 0:00


The original Japanese version of the game was written in past tense. The translation has changed this to present tense.


The PSP version featured a TIPS system, a list of terms written by the director regarding the game. Said TIPS contain some information not found in the game, and hints at other topics. These TIPS were obtained at the end of each new route, with more TIPS being added each time. We have decided to create a system that will allow for the TIPS.

The TIPS will be on an HTML page, but will all be locked at the start, which will use a "password" system. At the end of every route, you'll obtain a password. All you have to do is input that password into the system, and you will get more TIPS.

Infinity Series Chronology[edit]

In the PSP version of Remember11, if you had clear game save data for the PSP versions of Never7, Ever17, and Remember11, you could read the Infinity Series Chronology, a timeline of the entire series that includes some events not alluded to in the games themselves. We have decided to restore the Chronology to the Never7 English patch.

Much like the TIPS, it'll be on an HTML page, which will appear blank at first. There will be three checkboxes on the side of the screen: Never7, Ever17, and Remember11. By clicking on one of the boxes, all of the events related to that game will appear on the screen. By clicking all three of them, you'll get the entire timeline. However, due to the nature of the series, it is highly recommended that you only check off the games you've completed, considering how they contain massive spoilers.

(This part is still in progress and will not be included in the preview patch.)