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Popotan translation project A slow project, but still not dead though
( ´,_ゝ`) Please don't hide the contents ( ´,_ゝ`)


Chris (protagonist) desperately considers stealing food from a stand near a shrine entrance but his theft is unsuccessful,then he wanders around town looking for work. He finds a convenience store, where he gets directions
leading him to a mansion where the story really starts.

He enters w/o asking permission and asks to stay because the rent is cheap
and the girls are pretty; they consent, but force him to take a part-time job.
Then the convenience store owner hires him, and as the story progresses,
Chris opens up socially and begins caring about others as he interacts
with the girls in the mansion. [things starts to get hot (´・ω・`)]

Project Info[edit]

Popotan TLwiki page now is directed to Anonymous translators and TL checkers.
I will always leave a piece of script that i won't translate here.
Have fun.


Game Section Translation Editing Progress
1st Day(Incomplete Script)


Project moved to http://aytranslations.blogspot.hu