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People's paths through life are ultimately connected in the form of a ring.



  • March 22nd, 2010 - Patch v1.02 released, please update if you have not already played the game. It fixes an error with a CG not displaying in the ending as well as quite a few typos. Will release an update to the standalone at some point, but I don't see a huge need for it when you can just patch over it. Moogy (talk) 18:42, 22 March 2010 (UTC)
  • March 18th, 2010 - Fuck waiting for QC, shit is out. See below. Note: Please be sure to apply the 1.01 patch over the standalone. Moogy (talk) 21:24, 18 March 2010 (UTC)
  • March 18th, 2010 - Up to houduki_ed.ks edited. First pass QCing finished. It's up to Blick now. Also, Status pruned. --Meisnewbie 08:45, 18 March 2010 (UTC)
  • March 18th, 2010 - houduki_ed.ks edited. Editing finished. What remains to be done is: 1) Finish QC. 2) Create standalone build. 3) Check everything and bundle Sharin 1.02. Shouldn't take more than a day or two. Moogy (talk) 07:20, 18 March 2010 (UTC)
  • November 5th, 2009 - Project started.

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Translation (KB)
Houzuki: 628/628 (100%)
Eri/Omake: 95/95 (100%)
Translation (Lines)
Houzuki: 8218/8218 (100%)
Eri/Omake: 1021/1021 (100%)

Editing (KB)
Houzuki: 628/628 (100%)
Editing (Lines)
Houzuki: 8218/8218 (100%)

Sharin no Kuni General Notes[edit]

Sharin no Kuni:Notes

Error Report[edit]

Sharin no Kuni:Yukyuu Error Reports

Script Files[edit]

Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo Scriptsizes

Italics = Translated
Bold = Edited
Bold + Italics = QCed and ready to go


Sharin no Kuni:houduki_00.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_01.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_02.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_03.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_04.ks

Sharin no Kuni:houduki_05.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_06.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_07.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_08.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_09.ks

Sharin no Kuni:houduki_10.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_11.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_12.ks
Sharin no Kuni:houduki_ed.ks


Sharin no Kuni:nagumo.ks
Sharin no Kuni:summer_vacation.ks


Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_01.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_02.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_03.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_04.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_05.ks

Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_06.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_07.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_08.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_09.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_10.ks

Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_11.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fnatumi_scenario_12.ks


Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_01.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_02.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_03.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_04.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_05.ks

Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_06.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fririko_scenario_07.ks


Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_01.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_02.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_03.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_04.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_05.ks

Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_06.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_07.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_08.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_09.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_10.ks

Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_11.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_12.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_13.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_14.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_15.ks

Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_16.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_17.ks
Sharin no Kuni:fsachi_scenario_18.ks


Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_01.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_02.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_03.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_04.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_05.ks

Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_06.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_07.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_08.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_09.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_10.ks

Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_11.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_12.ks
Sharin no Kuni:ftouka_scenario_13.ks



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