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This is the Error Reporting page for Symphonic Rain.

Typos, suspected mistranslations, weirdly worded lines, technical errors such as crashes/badly displayed lines should go here.

Reports should have the entire line; and/or ideally the script file in which it occurs in (kgo0013-Func btm01 etc.) Script files can be located by entering the line in question on the search box to the left.

Note that previously reported errors are in the archives, and that by the very nature of error reporting, you are likely to encounter spoilers. Redundant reports do not present a problem, so do not worry about them.

Please be nice.

Typos/Spelling errors[edit]

  • kgo0144-FuncFal df04.utf "... That question is flattering on it's own."
  • kgo0021-Func_btm05.utf & kgo0120-Func_t12.utf "It's just that... if you came running to me just because Ari told you to practice with me, you could've just decided on me a little sooner."} <= there's an } for some reason, which shows up in both the textbox and both in the backlog.
  • kgo0015-Func btm03.utf and/or kgo0119-Func t11.utf "Careful not to believe too much and get hurt afterward."} <= a } again. Not sure this shows up during Torta's route, but it did in Al Fine.
  • kgo0001-Func a01.utf "They were almost a physical reminder of the time that had past by." < passed --Phlebas 18:34, 3 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0002-Func a02.utf ""And I don't need to be educated by someone who thinks he's a subject-matter expert." < "And I don't need to be educated by someone who thinks he's an expert on the subject." (double quote, replacement line from kgo0113-Func t05.utf) --Phlebas 18:34, 3 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0028-Func bt07.utf "It's nice attend at this hour, since it's not too crowded." <to attend -- 19:06, 8 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0093-Func dt03.utf ... What a mean thing to say. I will write that in my letter to her, you know?" < missing opening quote -- 20:20, 8 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0090-Func dx07.utf It would be for the best if I weren't here, right?" < missing opening quote -- 20:37, 9 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0048-Func bl01.utf A hint of fear flash across her face. -> A hint of fear flashed across her face. --Meisnewbie 21:28, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0070-Func ba07.utf If I was unable graduate, I should just return home. < to graduate --Phlebas 21:58, 17 March 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0005-Func al01.utf "Oh, I didn't mean to to interrupt you... It's just that the door was open. Sorry."
  • kgo0048-Func bl01.utf I thought about reading a book, but soon gave up on that as well――Conclusively, I decided sit down behind my Fortell.
  • kgo0048-Func bl01.utf The door to the Lise's music room was open.
  • kgo0048-Func bl01.utf Lise was sitting a short distance away from the piano. Before, she was standing there < missing period
  • kgo0051-Func bl03.utf "... No clue. We're up last, thankfully. Allows us to to prepare ourselves."
  • kgo0052-Func bl04.utf "... I can't say that out loud, I'm sorry.(:AVGPAUSE/3600:)(:AVGCHARONE/46/1/1:)But as I said before, they are all things that blacken her reputation." < missing a space after "I'm sorry."
  • kgo0175-Func bl05.utf Until the day she was able to confide in me, I wanted to continue to go the old school building.
  • kgo0054-Func bl07.utf "There have been reports stating that this building is deteriorating, so they looked into yesterday. This is the result."
  • kgo0054-Func bl07.utf "Err... Shall we part for now? Or or would you rather come to my apartment right away?"
  • kgo0176-Func bl08.utf I took a while for me to realize that he had just given me a compliment.
  • kgo0055-Func bl11.utf We walked onto the Main Street and quickly bought an umbrella, but it didn't seem we would getting a chance to use it just yet.
  • kgo0006-Func ax02.utf Besides, it might be different this time now Asino was with me, as he didn't have any problems socializing.
  • kgo0031-FuncFal bf01.utf "Ah, Good day Chris."
  • kgo0032-FuncFal bf02.utf "Well, it wouldn't too much of a problem, really. (:AVGPAUSE/1500:)(:AVGCHARONE/45/2/1:)Come on, it's seriously going to get cold."
  • kgo0039-FuncFal bf06.utf I decided to read the letter first, and sat down behind my desk. I unfolded the sheet of paper.. < extra period
  • kgo0146-FuncFal df06.utf "Hey... Isn't isn't it forbidden to bring food in there?"
  • kgo0147-FuncFal df07.utf To put the the feeling of her emotions into words, the outcome would be 'parting.'
  • kgo0003-Func at01.utf "If it's just that there a lot of males among your close friends, then that's fine."
  • kgo0028-Func bt07.utf Normally, Ninna would go to church as well, but with her legs in such poor condition, she was unable accompany us.
  • kgo0093-Func dt03.utf So many things had happened in such a short period time――like with Torta and everything――so truth be told, my thoughts were still in disarray.
  • kgo0028-Func bt07.utf & kgo0125-Func t17.utf "We really loved the calzones, so I'm sure we'll come again some time." < should be sometime
  • kgo0113-Func t05.utf I couldn't deny I never thought about making it extra clear him, in the hopes he would start reciprocating my feelings.
  • kgo0115-Func t07.utf As I thought about catching up to him for a chat,I stopped when I noticed a figure following close behind him.
  • kgo0127-Func t19.utf I produced a smile. I thought that was something Ari would in this case――this kind of thought process was what determined all of my actions.
  • kgo0131-Func t24.utf Lately, I would often still be tired after I got up, so I thought it would the same today, but...
  • kgo0132-Func t25.utf "So I take it you're up for tomorrow??"
  • kgo0135-Func t28.utf The three of gathered round the dinner table――it was a harmonious scene on the surface.
  • kgo0139-Func t31.utf After leaving the Old Town and progressing all the way through the Main Street, you eventually arrived at the station. < should probably be "we" instead
  • kgo0061-Func ba01.utf I would tell her some time after she finished it.
  • kgo0064-Func bam04.utf "I'm happy to hear that... I really am. But you know, you should should be practicing for graduation, right?"
  • kgo0072-Func ba09.utf It was fairy heavy. Clearly, he wasn't lying when he said they were stuffed chock-full.
  • kgo0171-Func da04.utf "I can't go outside, but I suppose can talk, at least."
  • kgo0172-Func da05.utf "Is you flu gone? Well, since were able to come here, I suppose you're fine..."

Grammar rules[edit]

  • kgo0120-Func t12.utf "while it was unfortunate he probably wasn't doing it for me, I could at least count on it he would be taking practice seriously from now on." <broken pronoun reference: count on that/count on it, that --Phlebas 19:48, 16 March 2010 (UTC)

Technical related errors[edit]

  • Whenever the '+' sign appears during the minigame, the game doesn't seem to recognize me pressing it no matter what (in fact, it looks like it only recognizes key presses on actual letters). I tried various '+' signs on my keyboard, with various flag settings.
  • kgo0163-Func dl07.utf "What's more, completely disregarding of the miraculous abilities she has been blessed with, she has taken up singing. I was so concerned about her future that I could barely help myself." <= "myself" didn't show up in the textbox, only in the backlog.
  • kgo0015-Func_btm03.utf "No, that's not what I said... (:AVGPAUSE/2900:)(:AVGCHARONE/6/1/1:)But you know, she was *really* looking forward to hearing you play again after all this time...!" <= "*really*" part has poor wordwrapping currently. You see an asterisk in the first line and the second line starts with "really*"
  • The mediafire download link appears to be corrupt. I downloaded it multiple times and got the same md5 sum each time. It fails a CRC check when extracting with 7zip. Megaupload version appears to be fine.
  • kgo0044-FuncFal_bf09.utf After the line "How so?", game instantly crashes.
  • kgo0052-Func bl04.utf "I've always been worried about her, but since I'm also graduating I couldn't dedicate much time to it. But if you're that concerned about her, I suppose there's no need for me to act." < this line is broken except in backlog, looks like this onscreen: [1] --Phlebas 21:11, 15 March 2010 (UTC)
  • I cant see any words in the Novel. I know this problem was already discussed, for me it didnt work. (I have all language installed also AppLocale didnt help) I would appreciate a solution. Thanks
You should run regedit and check out whether it's correctly added to the registry. If not you'd have to add it manually.
I needed to change from ProgramFiles to Programme in the regedit. Because I live in Germany...........well whatever. Thank you very much for your quick help and for the Translation work you have done.
I tried the regedit fix, running it on a Japanese locale and any other fixes I could think of, but the text still doesn't display. Is there anything else I can try?
  • kgo0166-Func dl10.utf "Now that Lise was no longer living in this house, it would be difficult to determine at what times Grave would be out. " game crash at end of line. may be personal issue.
  • Constant crash during Lise's route, talking with Fal in cafe after Lise leaves. "I suppose I can trust you to take care of Lise for me now" -> What do you mean? -> crash

Constant crash in Lises route line "What do you mean by 'disicpline' said by Chris, when he discovers what Lise's father is doing to her.

  • Game crashes (Always) in both Fals (scr0044.kgo), Lises (scr0166.kgo) and Phornis (scr0065.kgo and scr0072.kgo) routes. Managed to get by the bugs by forcing NULL termination in the scripts, compiled the hacked scripts into a proof of consept patch-update if anyone is interested (It made the game fully playable for me) -- . Thanks for a great game!
  • Does this patch support the Treasure Edition? The menu seems translated fine, but the text boxes are completely empty, when they appear at all.
    • I have the same problem with you, but after i read the MAINPAGE ANNOUNCEMENTS, the problem is now long gone.. please follow the instructions as they say, and if you install the game other than the default path, make sure that the registry key in the REGEDIT>HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Borland>Locales (the one with MOO value) contains the patched game path, not the default one.


  • kgo0138-Func Ttaend.utf "Did she make this this quickly?" <= Might be better altering it somehow to avoid repeating "this".
  • kgo0182-Func PassWord.utf "Password         ' 包丁 ' (kitchen knife)" <= I've got mojibake for the 包丁 . My system is on japanese locale by default if that's any help.
  • kgo0023-Func_bt02.utf "Something like aglio, olio and pepperoncini would be most conventional. " - Recommend changing the name of the dish to "Aglio e Olio" or "Spaghetti all'aglio, olio e peperoncino" to avoid confusion.(
  • I just came across this page today... read a few of the scripts... and the dialogue seems like something written by Jules Verne... translating it for the sole purpose of the meaning and ignoring all emotion that they're supposed to contain... Why do Arietta's letters seem so tense, instead of the warmth that it should be carrying? Its almost like having all the voices done by a robot.. I'm not sure I'll like it if this problem ruins the storyline for others... But as of now I really can't picture anyone crying to these colorless words. Please reconsider the release because I find it a serious problem.

e.g. :Even if I had to spend the rest of my days in this confined hospital room, I truly felt that I wouldn't mind. to  :"Were I to spend all the rest of my life in this small room, It was alright.. really."

Unfortunately, the patch has already been released and (most probably) thousands of people have already played it. Please excuse us if we do not rewrite the game due to a single request from an unrelated party months after all work was finished. (Personally, I think you're lucky enough to get a fan translation written in proper English nowadays. Asking the staff to actually know how to write is asking a bit too much.) Moogy (talk) 22:52, 25 April 2010 (UTC)
Is this patch a properly released one as opposed to a beta then?
Yes. Moogy (talk) 00:23, 26 April 2010 (UTC)
  • kgo0043-FuncFal bf08.utf "Thanks for making it." < Fal is the one saying いただきます so this line doesn't make sense --Orophin 11:48, 13 December 2011 (CST)