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Request to help out

Greetings. My apologies for intruding, but I am interested in doing a bit of image editing for the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia project, if that is possible. I'm fairly comfortable with Photoshop, but I can't quite read anything in Japanese with the exception of some Kanji. Another concern might be the fact that Susie, even with the TLG and Fate XP3 plugins, seems to be unable to recognize the Fate TLG images. Please get back to me here or on my User talk page? Thank you.

--Rhynne 16:01, 6 March 2012 (CST)

Sup guys, I got a present for you

We've been working on this for a while, but are terminally stalled and it's not likely much further will come of it. But since we're not really keen on having wasted work, here's what we got:

I'm not entirely sure that this works 100%, but you can take what you need from it. It includes a method to run the game with patches, by putting KK2 into developer mode (that's the DLL) and loading the patched files. For this to work, you need to drop the contents of the zip into your game directory and REMOVE data.xp3 (a copy of the relevant files in unpacked form is included in /data, and krdevui.dll convinces the engine to load those instead). I never got around to hacking a repacker, but for development this is fine. And quite frankly it would probably even be good enough for release. Oh, and you'll have to deal with the CD check, but that's not hard.

As for the actual patches, it includes some translated text files (without much proofreading or cleanup), but you can take from it what you want if you are interested. Also included are most image files the interface needs in edited form (the .tlgs, which you can probably use as-is - the minigames are not done yet though), and the wordwrapping patch from - which was still somehow buggy last I tried it IIRC. You can pick and choose what you need, but maybe this is a start. I won't really support this or put more work into it unless there's a very good reason, but will check this page from time to time to see if you have questions that I can answer.

- delta (and Amukunau, who is informed and okay with this)

Re: sup guys

Whoa, great news. I was about ready to give up on ever hearing from you guys!

This (krdevui.dll) is exactly the way we've been doing it for now (same gotcha with data.xp3, too). I've had some limited luck figuring out the new obfuscation algorithm (using results from Crass and peeking at the source code), but I've not had enough patience to make it usable (it's still just XOR... and Crass sources dealing with unpacking is available).

Looks like I should be able to integrate it all into the database fairly easily. TLC is another matter, of course...

Anyways, thanks a lot!

Ranmafan 14:37, 12 December 2009 (UTC)

Re: sup guys

Hello delta (and Amukunau, if you're watching). Basically saying, my first paragraph is to ditto Ranmafan.

But being the image editor here (and hopefully some others in the near future), I have some questions (and a request if it is alright)...

1. I was wondering what program you used to edit the .tlg files as they are (if you did, that is)?

2. Did you and your partner ever discuss how to get the mini-game images properly translated? Any suggestions regarding that?

3. If possible (and I stress IF), are you able to upload the files from a Vista or later machine? Just that I'm running a Windows 7 OS and the Japanese file names are coming up garbled (and causing hell in regards to what is what, especially images). I've tried Japanese locale but that just changes the garble to hiragana only... I've just tried opening the file in XP and the same garbled text (am I doing something wrong? The region settings when downloading on both W7 and XP is set to Japanese...)

Apart from that, I wish to express my gratitude for your contributions - they surely will not be wasted!

sushimonster 18:07, 14 December 2009 (UTC +12)

1. SuSie with tlg plugin to convert to bmp, then edit with whatever, then go back to tlg using the KK SDK.
2. No, but they are partially PNGs so it's easier if anything.
3. you seem to have solved that. zip archives just don't support non-ASCII character encodings properly (this is coming from an OSX machine so it should be UTF-8).

Re: sup guys

Err, no need to repackage anything. Something does look to be broken in the archive, but it's recoverable. All TLGs are now in SVN with (hopefully) correct names. Kirikiri SDK tools (any version, it seems) don't accept them (very odd), but Susie with a TLG plugin does.

Ranmafan 15:45, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

Image editing

Hopefully delta and Amukunau are wandering about these wikis, along with Ranmafan...

rampage and I have got down with the serious stuff now. We are using Crass to extract the .tlg as .bmp files and have come across a few issues. We have 3 questions.

1. Crass seems to be missing some images; it doesn't extract them at all AND / OR the files are just completely transparent. How did you get about this issue? I mean, we are bound to be missing files that require editing and translating.

2. How did you work with the raw .tlg files with their encryption? Converting them to .bmp is obviously not the best method time-wise and due to the issues mentioned in (1) above.

3. Would you be willing to share your experience in regards to extracting xp3 and your plans for repacking them?

Cheers in advance - basically, we've done the easy stuff and the mini-games are our next challenge (shudder).

@ Ranmafan. I understand that FHA and FSN use different encryption for their files, which explains why the kirikiri SDK is not able to open the FHA files. Susie too has those problems without the right plug-ins.

sushimonster 00:14, 23 December 2009 (UTC +12)

Once the files are (properly) unpacked from the .xp3, there shouldn't be any difference from FSN. If there is, something probably went wrong and the file is probably unusable...
Ranmafan 14:23, 25 December 2009 (UTC)
Just to be clear; The issue here is that crass is not unpacking everything, and every other method of trying to unpack hasn't worked for us. Whatever method delta and Amukunau have to unpack working tlg files should fix all issues, as transparent becomes a brown color when converted to tlg, and it seems to unpack every file.
They've already said earlier in the discussion that they did their work by converting to bmps and converting back to tlg with SDK tools, which works fine for me, and that they didn't get around to hacking a repacker.
Rampage202 15:19, 25 December 2009 (UTC -7)
Just a little note regarding .bmp files generated by CRASS. They are 32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel. There are several tools which can handle this type of bitmaps and convert into .png or even .tga with "correct" transparency, which is "more understandable" by Image Editing software and KiriKiri2 SDK.
I got the .tlg files using SuSie or Linar (I don't know exactly anymore, it was years ago). They both can use the same plugin to read xp3s. But I can tell you that it wasn't pretty. –d

Re: repackaged snapshot

Properly packed patch here (patch.xp3 is a bundle of all the official patches, patch2.xp3 is the english patch [clean that mess of mixed full japanese scripts inside the patch next time please]).

Err, I appreciate the help, but would be nice if you wouldn't hijack the front page for it...

Regarding the files, it's a dump of the entire database that we have - pretty much all of the files have been touched, and there's no point trying to separate them. If someone wants to see what's translated or not, the webface is much a better starting point...

Will get to the official patches eventually...

Ranmafan 06:31, 2 January 2010 (UTC)


It's probably not becous of your patch, but can anyone help me with it? I run the game and then I need to create save ticket I get this error screenshot So after this error I still can press start/extra/special and etc, but next thing that come out it screenshot And it's end. I can't start new game and I can't play.

I use Windows Vista and running the game from Japanese local.

Thanks in advance!

--Try installing it on the root of the drive. From what I am able to see in the screenshots, it seems that is a problem related to the name of the folders in Russian, since (I think, maybe I'm wrong) they can't be read and the game isn't able to see where the data is installed Edited: Uhm... nevermind, there are no Russian characters in the file path, my bad Dx, do you run the game with administrator permissions?

Yup, I tried to run it with administrator permission, but it did't work. I also tried to install it in other folders and just copy all files from dvd, but error pop up again. Well... I download 100% save and it work, so I can start the game, but plaing from scene replay isn't intresting at all and I got crash in many scenes. -_-

From the looks of those screenshots, you are using a warez version of FHA, which we here cannot and will not support or tolerate. Though to be more imformative: FHA dummy-cuts, which is how they are found on the net, have 'unnecessary' files removed to 'save space'. The chances are, some important files have been removed resulting in the errors you get there. So basically, such copies of FHA are likely to be corrupt, but regardless do NOT attempt to use our translation patch with warez FHA. Please buy the game to play FHA in english - sushimonster - 10th Jan 2010

--This error, or similar errors, occured for me as well (also a vista user) and I use an official copy of the game. I did find a solution for it however it was the last thing I tried. Despite all the crashes and error messages referring to saving or the ticket stuff I completely overlooked the first part of the message: The drive letter. All of the save/crash messages on my computer began with J: and my drive letter at the time was something else. After changing it to the drive letter it was showing me the save folder was created and the game was then playable. I don't know if this solution will work for every vista user experiencing the problem, but it certainly worked for me.

How do I volunteer for tlc?

I read in the Apr 15 post you needed one person to do TLC? How do I volunteer for that post? Also, what are the job requirements?

Posting here is a start. The job is to look over the translated lines and tell which are ones are accurate enough, and which ones need to be thrown out.
Thus the requirement is being able to read Japanese at a fairly decent level.
If you're up for it, pick a scene that needs translating (or heavy editing - can point you to a few), and if the quality is okay, you can start "validating" lines...
Ranmafan 22:43, 17 April 2010 (UTC)
Should also mention that there's more than enough work for several people, of course... Ranmafan

I'll have to pass then, thanks for replying


Can anyone give me a link to get the flowchart?
--OneMore 06:37, 28 June 2010 (UTC)
Here is the same chart in one PDF. Ranmafan

Script error?

Don't know where to put this but can you help me?

During 3/Dialogue Mobiuslink, I get an error that seems to have something to do with the script. screenshot Sorry if this has already been answered, but I need a solution so I can continue playing.


Yep, that's a known one, just a typo with the "lr" tag. See the feedback page. Ranmafan

Is there a way to fix it manually? I tried opening the 真・冒頭-03.ks file in order to fix the typo, but I'm kinda lost. I can't seem to find the typo.

Ah, nevermind. Apparently, I was in the wrong folder. It works now. Thanks!

Strange Error

On pressing start new game... (I can get to config, extra etc fine) screeny Win7x64 Enterprise, Applocale w/ Meiryo, installed to "D:/Program Files (x86)/Fate Hollow Ataraxia" Only happens with your patch installed, reverting to stock data.xp3 does not have this issue.

EDIT: Fix'd, had to extract in XP to get correct file names.

Gah, filename encoding issues again? At any rate, I'll make sure to pack it as an .xp3 for the next release. Ranmafan

Update Request

i saw that the last main post was in june and that you guys said you were getting close to the second release. so any ideas as to when that will be? Thanks for all the hard woprk and im not trying to rush you guys, but i just want to kind of have an idea as to when to expect it. Once again thanks and good luck Mctiger

You can check the RELEASE 2 PLAN page; lower down the page, those 'numbers' next to the scene name will gradually disappear / increase; the more that 'disappear' / 'increase', the closer to the release we are getting to. Though that's all dependent on ranmafan; he's working on the checks all alone at the moment so, as you can expect, will take a wee while. I understand that the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere is over... sushimonster
I think I'll stop trying to predict any release dates... Feel free to look at the history of the aforementioned page and extrapolate. Sorry, doing my best to set some time aside every day, but studies always have the priority (JLPT in December, too...) Ranmafan


Just a question: when the whole patch is finished and done, will there be an installer like mirrormoon's for FSN? Since installing the untranslated version is a pain in the ass due to me not understanding what the heck it wants from me.

Unless someone wants to work on it, no. I'm not particularly fond of the idea, either. At any rate, there's not that many things it could ask unless the source disk/image is corrupted. Post the screenshot and we might be able to help. Ranmafan

Anything I can do?

Hey guys Im a big fan of fate and really apreciate all the work that you guys have done. That being said I'd like to ask if there is anything I can do? Im currently learning japanese at my college, although admittedly i've just started, but im willing to study the language more just to help you guys out (and cause I really do want to learn the language). So I figure maybe I can start trying to help out with some sort of translating, even if its just simple one or two word lines. Well thanks and good luck with everything Mctiger

If you have any experience with GIMP or Photoshop, and can play the HANAFUDA game well, you could maybe help us out with the image editing. sushimonster
I do know how to use photoshop fairly well, although im not sure what you mean by playing the HANAFUDA game well, although Im sure I could. But just tell me what to do and I'll do it.Mctiger
There's a Hanafuda mini-game in FHA. Knowing how to actually play it would help with translating/editing (strategy notes/walkthroughs/whatever - in English - might not hurt, either). That said, image editing isn't the bottleneck at the moment... ahem. Unfortunately, you won't be able to translate anything effectively without a 2nd-3rd course knowledge - at least! That said, feel free to try it. Ranmafan
Concerning Hanafuda, I did find this online. Read it, still getting pwned though. --Soviet123 18:30, 4 January 2012 (CST)
There are lots of useful tips there, but I'd say just following the in-game tutorial is all you really need to get started. Once you have an idea of the common yaku and a vague strategy, it shouldn't be particularly challenging. (Except against Kotomine's team, maybe, especially in earlier versions.) Ranmafan
Well, since I'm playing the Chinese patch, all the instructions are half-translated. Guess I'll have to write down the months with the corresponding Scene, Animal, Peotry and Blank plates. Tohsaka Jinja! Must buy all 40! --Soviet123 19:57, 4 January 2012 (CST)

Fate hollow ataraxia in Spanish

Hello my name is GreenPumpkin and I came here for the matter that I mention in my title ,I am asking for permission to use your translation, so that we can use translate it to spanish. if you give us permission we would like to ask for the tools (links doesnt seem to work) In either case thanks for your time for reading this. User:GreenPumpkin

Go ahead, just mention that you got it here. I'd strongly suggest only using the verified/edited parts, though - stuff with green checkmarks in Entrans, or the files in trunk/text/ directory in SVN. You can find the scripts I've used in SVN, as well, though, admittedly, they aren't particularly easy to set up...Ranmafan 17:38, 28 April 2011 (CDT)

Okay, thank you very much.User:GreenPumpkin

Just a word...

Hey guys,

I saw on your home-page that some scenes in FHA were translated from Chinese to English.
That's great and all. Sumisora worked hard on FHA with all the decoding work.
Word of advise. The Sumisora 0.9 patch (Japanese to Chinese, for FHA) was hurried and, according to them, is essentially a public beta.
Here's and extract of their original release notes regarding this situation:

2.此为第一个公开测试版本,而且比较仓促,BUG和错误可能较多,包括但不限于(系统错误,语句错误等)请大家及时反馈到 (external link)

They did release a follow-up patch, the v0.91. I'm not quite sure what was changed in that patch apart from a hard error (some sort of crash on non-Simplified Chinese systems).
Now I went through FHA with this 0.9 patch, supported by the 0.91 version. "As-is" I cannot detect any significant grammar inconsistencies, but since I cannot compare the translations to the original Japanese, I can't vouch for the accuracy of this patch. There are also many typos, either from pinyin or wubi mistypes. For example, I've seen "远坂" and "远阪" for Tohsaka.
...All this to say, I would recommend the staff to check the original Japanese texts for these themes translated from Chinese. Since Sumisora themselves are unsure about the Chinese patch, well...
Of course, if such action has already been taken, then please promptly ignore the above.
--Jung N
--Soviet123 23:53, 1 January 2012 (CST)

Thanks for the heads up. No, it's not just a copy-paste job - I do check/edit everything against the original Japanese text... (Although not everything you see in the partial patches has actually been checked.) Ranmafan 22:20, 2 January 2012 (CST)
That's great, nice project you got here! --Soviet123 11:59, 3 January 2012 (CST)