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What happened with the Sumaga project, really? I remember you saying it was probably going to be done by October, October 2009. The thing is that it was going really fast at that time when you said that, so it wasn't exactly an unlikely statement.

But what happened? I know the partnership happened, did the drive disappear because it wasn't going to be released anyway, as in "no hurry", or was it something else?

Hello. This is gckc. Wow, ready for October 2009. Time sure flies. Well, let's just say some pesky IRL shit happened and is still largely happening. Plus, it went fast in the beginning at the cost of quality. It happens when you're a total amateur with a rapidly changing vision (such as using proper tenses and cementing mostly Oki, Mira, Arided and God's speech patterns). The early stuff needs some extensive retranslation and style matching(from overly literal to something inspired by Ted Woolsey of FF6 and Chrono Trigger) anyway, which is partly what I've been doing at the moment.

[Empty] If this is licensed (And not release yet) why is this still on here?

Just because. --TinFoil (talk) 00:08, 14 January 2013 (EST)