The Devil on G-String:Images

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cfg_face_all.bmp Devil On cfg face all.bmp
cfg_face_cut.bmp Devil On cfg face cut.bmp
cp_kanon.png Devil On cp kanon.png
cp_mizuha.png Devil On cp mizuha.png
cp_title02.png Devil On cp title02.png
cp_title03.png Devil On cp title03.png
cp_title04.png Devil On cp title04.png
cp_title05.png Devil On cp title05.png Devil On cp title05 edited.png
cp_title06.png Devil On cp title06.png Devil On cp title06 edited.png
cp_tubaki.png Devil On cp tubaki.png
ev_fin.png Devil On ev fin.png Devil On ev fin edited.png
game_prologue.bmp Devil On game prologue.png Devil On game prologue edited.png
sl_lbg.bmp Devil On sl lbg.PNG
sl_sbg.bmp Devil On sl sbg.PNG
title_loading.png I don't think we'll need to edit this one. -3Pies Devil On title loading.png
title_notice.bmp Devil On title notice.PNG