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@bg storage=bg_05a
@bgm storage=bgm_02

In the end, I never went to Tsubaki's house yesterday.[np]

Well, I'll just have to go some other time.[np]

I had to leave Tsubaki due to an emergency.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_se_01_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1000]“Morning, Azai-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1000]“おはよう、浅井くん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, I'm terribly sorry about yesterday.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おう、昨日は悪かったな”[np]

Tsubaki, unaware of the conflicting thoughts inside me, gave her usual smile.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Do you think I could come over to your house and hang out sometime soon?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そのうち、お前の家に遊びに行ってもいいか?”[np]
;;"play" is so ridiculous for teenagers in English...

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_09_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1001]“Huh? Why do you ask?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1001]“え? どうして急に?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“So... does that mean I can't?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……ダメか?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1002]“No, it's not a problem...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1002]“いや、いいけど……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What's up? It's unusual for you to appear so flustered.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どした? お前が、人に嫌そうな顔するなんて珍しいな”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_c_se_23_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1003]“It's nothing, I'm just a bit embarrassed...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1003]“ううん、ちょっと恥ずかしかったから”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Embarrassed?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“恥ずかしい?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1004]“Uhuh. It's just... my home is a little odd...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1004]“うん、うちって、ちょっと特殊だから”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, now I really want to go. How about today?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ますます行ってみたくなったな。今日はどうだ?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_13_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1005]“Wh-what!?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1005]“え、えっ!?”[np]

I smiled and moved closer to her.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1006]“N-no! I mean, if you come to my house, then I'll have to introduce you to my dad.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1006]“い、いやあの、うちに来るっていうことは、お父さんにも紹介しなきゃいけないよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“So what? It's not like I'm asking for your hand in marriage.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“んな、おおげさな。結婚前提のおつきあいじゃあるまいし”[np]
;;Thought this needed a bit of cultural adaptation, nothing big. - pondr

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1007]“But Dad would surely misread the situation and think you were!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1007]“でも、お父さんとか勘違いして舞い上がっちゃうよ?”[np]

@chr_walk l=eiichi_a_se_09_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7000]“What are you all frantic about, Tsubaki-chan?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7000]“なに困ってるの、椿姫ちゃん?”[np]

@camera_small angle=l

Eiichi made an appearance out of nowhere.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1008]“Oh, it's just that Azai-kun wants to come to my house.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1008]“いやあの、浅井くんが、うちに来たいって”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_05_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7001]“Huh? And you're saying no?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7001]“え、ダメなの?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_12_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1009]“Not at all! It's just that I'm a little flustered, is all.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1009]“ダメじゃないけど、恥ずかしいなあって”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01b_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7002]“Well then, why don't I go too?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7002]“じゃあ、ボクも一緒にいってあげるよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What? Look, Kid, I don't need a tag-along.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え? お前はいらないよ”[np]

@camera angle=c
@chr r=haru_c_se_00_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7000]“Well then, why don't I go too?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7000]“じゃあ、自分も一緒に……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Don't butt in where you aren't welcome. Why did the two of you suddenly pop up, anyway?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“沸いて来んなよ。なんだお前らいきなり”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7001]“Oh, well, wait a second... I need to work today, so I may be a little late.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7001]“ただ、自分、アレなんすよね。今日はちょっとだけバイトなんで、少し遅くなるかもしれません”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01c_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7003]“And I need to feed my pets.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7003]“ボクもペットに餌あげてから行くね”[np]

@chr r=haru_c_se_01_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7002]“Ah, let's go together then, Etekichi-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7002]“あ、じゃあ、いっしょに行きましょう、エテ吉さん”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_04b_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7004]“Sure. How about we meet at the station?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7004]“いいよー、駅で待ち合わせしない?”[np]

Tsubaki raised her head.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1010]“I guess it would be okay if everyone came.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1010]“みんな、一緒なら、いいかな”[np]

@chr_jump pos=r

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7003]“Yay! Wee!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7003]“やったー! わー!”[np]

@chr_jump pos=l
@chr_jump pos=l

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7005]“Wee!”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7005]“わー!”[np]

...Well, whatever.[np]

;背景 廊下 昼
@black rule=rule_c_l time=500
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_04a left=-300

I made a few phone calls between classes.[np]

I needed to discuss the Miwa family.[np]

I was getting some heat for being too slow with my work.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh... hello... yes, this is Kyousuke. Please go there tonight again... yes... under no circumstances are you to get too rough, is that understood?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あー、もしもし。京介です。今日の夜にでも、一度、あの家に出向いてください。ええ、わかっていると思いますが、手荒い真似はまずいですよ?”[np]

I called the company and asked them to send some people over to Tsubaki's house tonight.[np]

I need to go check out the place too.[np]

There must be a reason they're not selling.[np]

The whole Eastern District is a rural area.[np]

Indeed, the property value there has risen tremendously due to everyone's attention on the upcoming ski resort, but it's still nowhere near the value of downtown property.[np]

They must have a lot of guts to turn down an offer several times higher than the property's worth.[np]

My job is to uncover the reason behind their persistent refusal, and then destroy that reason little by little.[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_b_se_02_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7000]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7000]“…………”[np]

I suddenly spotted Shiratori with the corner of my eye.[np]

@camera angle=l

[nm t="京介"]“Hey.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“よう”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7001]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7001]“…………”[np]

She barely even looked at me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“A couple of us are going to Tsubaki's house tonight. You want to come, too?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前も、今日、椿姫の家に遊びに来ないか?”[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_b_se_02b_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7002]“I'll pass.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7002]“遠慮しておくわ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Don't say that. It would be fun to have a little get-together. We're going to have a big nabe party as a family. C'mon, what do you say?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなこと言うなよ。家族ぐるみで鍋パーティするんだよ。楽しそうだろ?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7003]“Class will be starting soon.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7003]“授業、始まるわよ?”[np]

@dellay pos=ll

She turned around to leave.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, hold on a second. Why do you hate me so much?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おい、待て。どうしてそんなにおれを嫌うんだ?”[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_b_se_02b_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7004]“Are you implying that you're not aware of the kind of person you are?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7004]“あなた、自分がどういう人間なのか、自覚していないのね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...What kind of person I am?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“自分が、何様なのか、って?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7005]“If people knew who you really are, would they still have a nabe party with you?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7005]“あなたの裏の顔を知ったら、一緒に鍋パーティなんてしたがるかしら?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Don't be like that. You want to make everyone leave me by telling them about my true self?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“やめてくれよ。ことをばらして、おれの友達を奪おうってのか?”[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_b_se_02b_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7006]“Do you really think of them as your friends?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7006]“あなたは本当に友達を友達として見てるの?”[np]

...God, this girl just doesn't quit.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let me ask you something, Shiratori.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ひとつ聞くがな、白鳥”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7007]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7007]“…………”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Have I wronged you in some way?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おれが、お前に何かしたか?”[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_b_se_09_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7008]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7008]“え?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Perhaps I do have a dark side, one that I wish to hide. Does that affect you negatively in any way?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おれはたしかに、裏表があるのかもしれない。だが、それが、お前にどんな不利益をもたらしたんだ?”[np]

Of course it doesn't.[np]

Shiratori's just afraid of me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It's not like I'm going to eat you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“別に、お前をとって食おうってわけじゃないんだ”[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_a_se_06_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7009]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7009]“…………”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let's be friends, okay?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“仲良くしよう、な?”[np]

I reached out my hand courteously.[np]

@chr ll=mizuha_a_se_06b_s

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7010]“No.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7010]“いや”[np]

@dellay_walk pos=ll

Absolute rejection.[np]

Even her back was visibly angry.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Geez...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……まったく”[np]

What the hell did I do wrong?[np]

;背景 繁華街1
@black rule=rule_u_s time=500
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_09b rule=rule_u_s time=500
@bgm storage=bgm_06

By the time class ended, the sun had already started to set.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1011]“Are you really going to come to my house?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1011]“本当に、うちに来るんだよね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you that against it?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなに嫌なのか?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_03b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1012]“...Oh, no...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1012]“……うーん……”[np]

After we walked out the school gate, Tsubaki kept mumbling to herself.[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1013]“Today, Azai-kun will come to my home. It's going to be an eventful day. Period.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1013]“今日は、浅井くんがおうちに来ます。驚きの一日になりそうです○”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Did you call your parents?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ご両親には連絡したか?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_00_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1014]“Ah, yes. I just called them from the school's telephone.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1014]“うん、さっき学園の公衆電話で”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Did they say anything?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんか言われたか?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1015]“They seemed incredibly happy. Dad said Mom will be cooking some red rice to celebrate.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1015]“すごいうれしそうだった。お父さんがお母さんに赤飯を炊けとか言ってた”[np]
;;The little "our daughter is becoming a woman" double entendre just can't be adapted right, but we should at least adapt the meaning that "red bean rice" is a celebratory meal. - pondr
;;I added that back in as a reward for the weeaboos who will get it.(and will complain when it's not there)

...What kind of family is that?[np]

There were many things I wanted to ask about Tsubaki's father.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What does your dad do for a living?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お父さんは、どんな仕事をしてるんだ?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_se_04_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1016]“Umm, he's a farmer.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1016]“えっとね、いつも畑にいるよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh. He grows vegetables?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ふーん。野菜作ってるのか?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1017]“No, apples.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1017]“ううん、リンゴとか”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oooh, this is the first time I've heard about this. Has he always been a farmer?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へえ、初耳だわ。昔から、ずっとやってるのか?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_se_01_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1018]“Well, he said my grandfather was a farmer, and so was my great-grandfather. We've always been apple farmers.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1018]“おじいちゃんもひいおじいちゃんも、ずっとやってたんだって”[np]

The man runs an apple orchard...[np]

I was wondering why this particular piece of land was so big. It's a whole field of apple trees.[np]

I get the feeling we'll have to compensate them for each individual apple tree when they move out.[np]

We might even end up having to arrange for them to get substitute farmland.[np]

Yet even though all of this would certainly raise the compensation costs, I can't imagine it would sum up to match the value they were already offered.[np]

Thus, the reason they won't move is...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I see. So this land has been in your family for generations.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なるほど、先祖代々伝わってきた土地なんだなー”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_04_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1019]“Yeah, my parents seem really attached to it.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1019]“うん、お父さんもお母さんも愛着あるみたいなんだ”[np]

They simply don't want to move from the place they're comfortable with.[np]

A very simple, and very obvious, reason.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_03_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1020]“But lately, many people have asked us to move away.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1020]“でも、最近ね、引っ越してくださいって言われてるみたいなんだ”[np]

A very sticky situation, indeed.[np]

This isn't an issue of money.[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1021]“Even though Dad adamantly refused, it doesn't look like those people are going to give up.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1021]“お父さんは、断固拒否してるんだけどね。営業の人も、なかなかあきらめないみたいで……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Seems like you're in a bit of trouble. Perhaps I can help you with this.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんか、大変そうだな。おれも相談に乗るよ”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_09_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1022]“You, Azai-kun?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1022]“浅井くんが?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Didn't I tell you that I work for my dad? I know a few professional surveyors and asset managers.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ほら、おれって、パパの仕事手伝ってるって言っただろ? 知り合いにもアセットマネージャーとかいう用地仕入れのプロもいるしさ”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_se_15_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1023]“Really? That's amazing, Azai-kun. You sure are dependable.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1023]“ほんと? すごいなあ、浅井くんは。頼りになるなあ”[np]
;;I imagined Tsubaki as one of those heroines from an old black and white romance movie saying that. That sure is swell

Tsubaki's face blushed brightly, like an apple.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Also, let me talk a bit with your dad.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ちょっと、お父さんとも話しさせてくれよ”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_se_01_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1024]“I'd like that too. Dad doesn't really know anything about land ownership and rights and stuff. He has no idea what to do.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1024]“わたしからもお願いするよ。お父さんも、土地とか、権利とか難しい話はよくわからないらしくて、困ってるの”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It'd be great if I could help out.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“力になれるといいけどな”[np]

I smiled brightly.[np]

A highly calculated smile.[np]

;椿姫の家概観 夕方
@black rule=rule_u_s time=500
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_19b rule=rule_u_s time=500

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_00_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1025]“Here we are.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1025]“ここだよ”[np]

We rode the subway all the way to the Eastern District.[np]

Tomanbetsu City is divided into nine districts. The Eastern District is the most rural one.[np]
;;PR/QC - This is only an approximation of the city name, watch out for it. - pondrthis
;;Alright people, time to go back to earlier scripts and fix all instances of "toumanbetsu" (because I've certainly been writing it with a u) - pondrthis
;;nine districts? South, West, Central, North, East, ...? I guess Northeast, etc comprise the other 4 but they're never mentioned in the entire game I don't think. Weird.

The whole place is farms and greenhouses, as far as the eye can see.[np]

But on the road, huge freight trucks and excavators busily and mercilessly worked to clear the land.[np]

The development is progressing.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are Eiichi and Usami going to be coming?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そういえば、栄一と宇佐美は、来るのか?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1026]“I already told them my address.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1026]“おうちの住所は教えておいたよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I wonder what they're here to do.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なにしに来るんだろうな”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_01_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1027]“It'll be more fun with everyone here.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1027]“みんないっしょの方が、楽しいよ”[np]

...Forget Eiichi for a second. Usami's presence is the one that kind of bothers me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“In that case, let's go in...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“んじゃあ、お邪魔します……”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_13b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1028]“Ah, hold on a second...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1028]“あ、ちょっと待って”[np]

Tsubaki stopped me.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_12_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1029]“Shouldn't we wait for Eiichi-kun and Usami-san to get here first?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1029]“栄一くんと宇佐美さんが来るのを待ってからにしない?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh? But didn't they say they'd be late?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え? あいつら、だいぶ遅くなるって言ってたぞ?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1030]“Well, can't we find a place to sit for a while and wait for them?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1030]“それまで、どこかで時間を潰してればいいんじゃないかな?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Where?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どこで?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1031]“May-maybe the park or something.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1031]“こ、公園とか”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“And do what?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なにすんの”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1032]“We can ride the swings...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1032]“ブランコ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you serious?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“マジで?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1033]“Or... maybe the slides?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1033]“す、滑り台でもいいよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Come on now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おいおい”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1034]“Sorry, would hide-and-seek be better?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1034]“ごめん。かくれんぼのほうがよかった?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“This is ridiculous. Do you only play kids' games?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“しつけえよ。お前の遊びはなんでそんなワンパクなんだよ”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1035]“Well, I also play video games and stuff.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1035]“ゲームとかもするんだよ?”[np]
;;since this is only 'game' do you think it refers to video games instead? I think it did mention something about her buying Hiroaki a console. Mmm, I guess it's no big deal(at the least, I don't think I've ever seen game to refer to card games)

[nm t="京介"]“Alright. Sounds good to me. And to do that, we need to get inside. So let me in already.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“よし、ゲームをしよう。だから早く家に上げてくれ”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_13_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1036]“W-wait a minute!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1036]“ちょ、ちょっと待って!”[np]

No matter how you look at it, she clearly doesn't want me to visit her home.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_c_se_23_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1037]“I guarantee it'll be a headache for you.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1037]“浅井くんに迷惑かかるよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“And playing hide-and-seek outside in the winter cold won't be a headache?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“この冬空の下でかくれんぼするほうが迷惑なわけだが?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1038]“But... you'll be misunderstood.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1038]“だって、勘違いされちゃうよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Misunderstood how?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんの勘違いだ?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1039]“Well, my family can be a bit overbearing.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1039]“うちの家族の勢い、すごいから”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I don't really understand what you're getting at.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“意味がわからねんだよ、さっきから”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_c_se_03b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1040]“They'll misunderstand you.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1040]“みんなで、一斉に勘違いされちゃうよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, for God's sake.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もういい”[np]

@camera angle=l

I pushed Tsubaki aside and crossed the house's threshold.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_c_se_19c_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1041]“Okay, okay, but at least wait until I say it's safe to come in!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1041]“わかったよ、わかったから、せめて、いいよって言うまで待ってよ……!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お、おう……”[np]

What are you trying to hide?[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_se_08_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1042]“J-just wait here. I'll go change first...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1042]“じゃ、じゃあ、待っててね。着替えてくるから……”[np]

@dellay pos=c

Tsubaki hurried inside.[np]

I waited a bit.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

No, I waited a [ font italic="true" ]lot[ resetfont ].[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_08b_s

――Y-you can come in now.[np]

Tsubaki's voice finally came from inside the house.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Thanks.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“んじゃ、おじゃましまーす”[np]


;SE インターホン
;@se storage=se_11
@se storage=se_17a
@black rule=rule_g_c_lr time=1000



Upon entering, an uproar of voices immediately greeted me.[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7000]“Ah! He's here! He's here!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7000]“あ、きたきたー”[np]

[nm t="紗江" s=sae_7000]“He's here!”[np]
;;[nm t="紗江" s=sae_7000]“きたー”[np]

How... lively.[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7000]“Oh, is your boyfriend here?”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7000]“彼氏も来たか?”[np]

[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7000]“Boyfriend~, boyfriend~.”[np]
;;[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7000]“かれしー、かれしー”[np]

[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7000]“Oh, wow!”[np]
;;[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7000]“わーわー”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1044]“Azai-kun... wait a minute!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1044]“浅井くん、ちょっと待ってって!”[np]

Tsubaki yelled from behind me.[np]

However, as if drawn to the noise, I went ahead and took off my shoes.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Thanks for inviting me.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おじゃまします”[np]


@ev storage=ev_tubaki_04
@bgm storage=bgm_05

Hold on a sec...[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7001]“It's her boyfriend!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7001]“彼氏だー!”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7001]“Oh, what a handsome fella!”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7001]“おう、これは、なかなかのイケ面じゃないか!”[np]

[nm t="紗江" s=sae_7001]“Onee-chan's really got it.”[np]
;;[nm t="紗江" s=sae_7001]“お姉ちゃん、やるー”[np]

[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7001]“Your boyfriend's so cool.”[np]
;;[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7001]“かれし、かこいいー”[np]

[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7001]“Let's eat already, Onee-chan.”[np]
;;[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7001]“お姉ちゃん、ごはーん”[np]

An incredible number of gazes.[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7002]“What's your boyfriend's name?”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7002]“彼氏、名前なんてーの?”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7002]“Hey, Hiroaki, that's what Papa wanted to ask.”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7002]“おい広明、それはパパが聞きたいんだ”[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7000]“Sit down, make yourself at home. It must've been cold outside.”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7000]“さあさあ、座って座って。寒かったでしょう?”[np]

[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7002]“Mama~! Is dinner ready yet~?”[np]
;;[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7002]“ママー、ごはんまだー?”[np]

[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7002]“Yeah, is it?”[np]
;;[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7002]“まだー?”[np]
;;Wow. Takaaki is supposed to be the fairly mature looking boy with glasses(well not mature but compared to the two little kids anyway...) but that voice and his lines in this scene make him sound the same age as Hiroaki and Chiromi. Really conflicts with my image of the picture X_X 
;;yeah, we might as well do what we can to help out with that. - pondr

@eff storage=ev_tubaki_04 layer=4 ss=1 ds=1.5 path=(400,300,255)(530,300,255) time=500


@eff storage=ev_tubaki_04 layer=4 ss=1.5 ds=2 path=(530,300,255)(400,300,255) time=500


@eff storage=ev_tubaki_04 layer=4 ss=2 ds=2 path=(400,300,255)(0,300,255) time=500


@eff storage=ev_tubaki_04 layer=4 ss=2 ds=2 path=(0,300,255)(0,0,255) time=500


@eff storage=ev_tubaki_04 layer=4 ss=2 ds=1.5 path=(0,0,255)(300,400,255) time=500


@eff storage=ev_tubaki_04 layer=4 ss=1.5 ds=1 path=(300,400,255)(400,300,255) time=500
@ev storage=ev_tubaki_04

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_08b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1045]“S-sorry. Did I not tell you about them?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1045]“ご、ごめんね、言ってなかったっけ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Wait a minute. What's with this crazy number...!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ちょっと、なんだこの数は……!?”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7003]“Hey, Tsubaki. Introduce him to your father.”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7003]“おい、椿姫。お父さんに紹介しなさい”[np]

Her father lightly tapped his slightly bulging belly.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Ah... well... I'm...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あ、ええと……僕は……”[np]

Just as I was going to say my name,[np]

@se storage=se_18
@quake vmax=10 hmax=5 time=100

[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7003]“Waaaa~, I made a spill~! Waaa~!”[np]
;;[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7003]“わー、こぼしたー、わーん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Umm...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“えっと……”[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7001]“Oh goodness, Chiromi.”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7001]“こら、ちろ美”[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7003]“Eww, nasty~!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7003]“わ、きったねー!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Umm...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ええと……”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7004]“Tsubaki.”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7004]“椿姫”[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7002]“Honey, that's not very polite.”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7002]“お父さん、お行儀悪いですよ”[np]
;;In regards to the original translation, maybe she does specifically means he's using bad manners for having a guest, but given the atmosphere of Kyousuke kind of being ignored here and trying to get attention after this, referring to him directly kind of spoils the atmosphere

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

I looked to Tsubaki for help.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_06_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1046]“Everyone settle down!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1046]“みんな、ちょっと静かにしてよ”[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7004]“Onee-chan, I'm hungry~.”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7004]“お姉ちゃん、ボク、お腹空いたよー”[np]

[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7004]“Waah...”[np]
;;[nm t="ちろ美" s=tir_7004]“わーん”[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7003]“Oh, what am I going to do with these kids...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7003]“もう、この子ったら……”[np]

[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7003]“Onee-chan, dinner!”[np]
;;[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7003]“お姉ちゃん、ご飯ー”[np]

[nm t="紗江" s=sae_7002]“Dinner~.”[np]
;;[nm t="紗江" s=sae_7002]“ご飯ー”[np]

The noise just wouldn't stop.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Excuse me!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“すいません!”[np]

Since they weren't making any progress on their own, I tried raising my voice.[np]

[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7004]“Pew!”[np]
;;[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7004]“びゅーん!”[np]

Suddenly a soup spoon flew toward me.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_06_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1047]“Hey!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1047]“こら!”[np]

[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7005]“Aaahahaha!”[np]
;;[nm t="孝明" s=tka_7005]“あははは”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Um... excuse me!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ちょっと、すいません!”[np]

@quake vmax=5 hmax=5 time=100

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7005]“Pew!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7005]“びゅーん!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What the...!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……うおっ!?”[np]

This time it's a chopstick.[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7005]“Hey, what are you kids doing to Tsubaki's boyfriend?”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7005]“こら、お前たち。椿姫の彼氏になんてことを!”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_09b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1048]“H-he's not my boyfriend, Dad!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1048]“か、彼氏じゃないよお父さん!”[np]

Tsubaki sounded flustered.[np]

...I see. Now I know why Tsubaki didn't want me to come.[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7006]“Pew!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7006]“びゅーん!”[np]

@quake vmax=10 hmax=10 time=100

The second chopstick hit my face.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_b_si_02_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1049]“Geez, everyone settle down!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1049]“もう、みんな落ち着いてよー!”[np]

; ※SEインターホン
@se storage=se_11
At this moment, the doorbell rang.[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_01b_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7006]“We're here!”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7006]“おじゃましまーす”[np]

It's Eiichi.[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7004]“Welcome. Please have a seat.”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7004]“はいはい、いらっしゃい。あがってくださいなー”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_11b_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7007]“So many people.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7007]“すごい人数”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_08_b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7004]“Wait a minute. What is this, a family sitcom...!?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7004]“ちょっと、なんすかこれ、大家族スペシャル……!?”[np]

The population density of the room increased once more with the arrival of Usami and Eiichi.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_b_si_17b_b

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1050]“Oh... I was afraid this was going to happen...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1050]“うぅぅ、だから、いやだったんだよ……”[np]

...I want to go home.[np]


;背景 椿姫の家 居間
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_20c rule=rule_k_rb time=1000
@bgm storage=bgm_06

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_04_s r=haru_c_se_00_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7005]“Thank you for your hospitality.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7005]“ごちそうさました”[np]

What a brutal dinner.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_09_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7008]“Tsubaki-chan, I had no idea you had four siblings.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7008]“椿姫ちゃんって、五人兄妹なんだね”[np]
;;Could be misconstrued as four sisters and four brothers.

[nm t="京介"]“And she's the eldest, which makes it even worse.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“しかも、長女なわけか。こりゃ大変そうだ”[np]

After the kids finished eating, they all quickly went to sleep.[np]

@chr_walk c=tubaki_a_si_08b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1051]“Sorry. I know Dad said a lot of weird things.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1051]“ごめんね、お父さんがへんなことばっかり言って”[np]

@chr r=haru_a_se_06_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7006]“Look on the bright side, Azai-san. You've finally completed your metamorphosis into Tsubaki's boyfriend.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7006]“浅井さん、完全に椿姫の彼氏さんってことになってますね”[np]
;;Had to add a bit of Haruism to it. - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“...Indeed. Quite an overwhelming man, that father of yours...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……たしかに、すごい勢いのお父さんだな……”[np]

And as I smiled bitterly, a voice came from the changing room.[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7006]“Hey, Kyousuke-kun. Why don't you take a bath?”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7006]“おい、京介くん。風呂入っていけよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Ah, that's okay.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あ、けっこうです”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7007]“I'll scrub your back for you.”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7007]“背中流してやるぞ、な?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Haha...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はは……”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1052]“Dad, please stop!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1052]“お父さん、もういいってばー”[np]

As if forgetting my original purpose here, I leisurely spent the evening in the company of my classmates.[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7005]“Do you kids want some dessert?”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7005]“みんな、デザート食べる?”[np]

Tsubaki's mother put some pears on the table.[np]

@chr r=haru_c_se_01_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7007]“Looks scrumptious. Don't mind if I do.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7007]“うまそっすね。がっつりいただきます”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_si_04_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1053]“Oh, we have forks.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1053]“あ、フォークあるよ”[np]

@dellay_walk pos=c

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7008]“Don't need 'em.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7008]“いらん”[np]

@dellay pos=r

Usami grabbed a pear with her hands and nibbled it like a small animal.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_06_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7009]“Hey, Kyousuke.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7009]“おい、京介”[np]

Eiichi whispered to me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ん?”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_b_se_01_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7010]“You two really are dating, aren't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7010]“お前ら、ホントにつきあってんだろ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Of course not!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“んなわけねーだろ”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_04c_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7011]“Don't try to hide it from me. When you're a Casanova like me you can just tell this kind of stuff.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7011]“隠すなよ。わかるんだよ、オレちゃんクラスになると”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“We're not dating. Right, Tsubaki?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“違うっての、なあ椿姫?”[np]

@chr_walk r=tubaki_a_si_00_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1054]“Wha?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1054]“なあに?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Eiichi's under the impression that we're really dating.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どうも栄一が、おれたちが、ほんとにつきあってると思ってるらしい”[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_09b_s
@chr_jump pos=r

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1055]“W-what?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1055]“ええっ?”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01b_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7012]“But haven't you two been hanging out together a lot lately?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7012]“だって、ここんところ、いっしょに遊んでるじゃない?”[np]

@mface name=haru_c_se_00_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7009]“That's true. You went to buy that CD together.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7009]“そすね、CDいっしょに買いに行ったりしてましたね”[np]

Usami joined the conversation as she stuffed her cheeks with pears.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01c_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7013]“That's quite unusual for someone as busy as you, Kyousuke-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7013]“忙しい京介くんにしては、珍しいなって”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_b_se_15_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7014]“(And by busy, I mean with so many other women that you just can't choose, of course.)”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7014]“(オメーが特定の女に熱をあげるなんて珍しいっつーこと)”[np]

What nonsense...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're just overthinking things.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“たまたまだろ”[np]

It is nonsense, but perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to date her.[np]

If I could get her - and by extension, her family's - trust, then it would be much easier to talk them into moving...[np]

@mface name=haru_c_se_20_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7010]“Oh well, we'll just proceed on the notion that you guys are dating...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7010]“んじゃまあ、二人は交際してるってことで……”[np]

At that moment, Tsubaki shook her head.[np]

@chr r=tubaki_b_si_01_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1056]“Sorry, but it's all a misunderstanding.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1056]“ごめん、本当に違うよ”[np]

She smiled gently as if to remonstrate Usami and Eiichi.[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1057]“I have to make things clear, or this misunderstanding will cause trouble for Azai-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1057]“変な誤解があると浅井くんに迷惑だから、はっきり違うって言わせて”[np]

...Cause me trouble.[np]

That one stuck with me for a while.[np]

@chr_walk rr=hiroaki_a_00_s
@camera_small angle=r

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7007]“Onee-chan, I need to potty...”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7007]“お姉ちゃん、おしっこー”[np]

The youngest brother came by, rubbing his eyes.[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_07_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1058]“Alright, Hiroaki, this way.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1058]“はいはい、広明、こっちだよ”[np]

@dellay_walk pos=rrr

She took his hand and walked out into the hallway.[np]

@camera angle=c
@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7015]“Tsubaki-chan's such a nice girl.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7015]“椿姫ちゃんは、優しいねー”[np]

@chr r=haru_a_se_05_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7011]“Of course. She's a member of my party, after all.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7011]“わたしの仲間その一ですからね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01c_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7016]“What is it, Kyousuke-kun? Are you still in shock after she flat-out denied that you're her boyfriend?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7016]“どうしたの、京介くん。はっきり違うって言われてショックだったの?”[np]

Eiichi's still making fun of me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“A little.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ちょっとだけな”[np]

So I also joked around.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm sure any man would love to have a wife so devoted to family.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんにせよ、椿姫みたいな家庭的な女を嫁にできたら、旦那は幸せだろうな”[np]

Of course, a family is not the type of satisfaction I want in life.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_05_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7017]“What about you, Usami-san?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7017]“そういえば、宇佐美さんは?”[np]

@chr r=haru_c_se_00_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7012]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7012]“はい?”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7018]“Is there someone you love?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7018]“好きな人とかいないの?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7013]“Me...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7013]“自分すか……?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7014]“Yes, there is.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7014]“いますよ、はい”[np]

She said it nonchalantly.[np]

@chr r=haru_b2_se_02_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7015]“Huh... what?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7015]“って、はあ?”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_11_b

She suddenly got aggravated.[np]

@chr r=haru_a_se_02_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7016]“Pssh, of course not, definitely no.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7016]“いないすよ、んなもん”[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7019]“S-so which is it?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7019]“ど、どっちなの?”[np]

@chr r=haru_a_se_05b_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7017]“Well, you can be damn sure I'm not in love with Azai-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7017]“浅井さんでないことだけは、確実です”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Me?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おれ?”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_04b_b

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7020]“Huh? Then... me? Oh no... I'm sorry, but I like older women. Still, I'll think about it.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7020]“え? じゃあ、ボク? やだなー、ボク年上の人が好きなんだよごめんね、でも考えておくね”[np]

@chr r=haru_c_se_19_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7018]“What are you going on about?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7018]“なにごちゃごちゃぬかしてんすか”[np]

@dellay pos=r

She continued chowing down on her pear.[np]

@chr_walk r=tubaki_a_si_00_s rr=hiroaki_a_00_s
@camera_small angle=r

Tsubaki came back with her brother.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01_b

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7008]“Onee-chan, let's sleep together!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7008]“お姉ちゃん、いっしょに寝てー”[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_04_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1059]“I can't right now. My friends are still here.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1059]“いまは、お友達きてるから、だめだよ”[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7009]“Let's sleep together!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7009]“いっしょ寝てー”[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_08b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1060]“Hiroaki... what am I going to do with you?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1060]“広明っ……困った子だなあ”[np]

@chr c=haru_c_se_01_s

Usami wiped her hands and stood up.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7019]“I should probably leave now.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7019]“そろそろ帰りますかね”[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7021]“Same here.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7021]“そだね”[np]

;;Although I want to leave too...[np]
;;I looked at the clock.[np]

I looked at the clock.[np]

I'm ready to head out too...[np]

...But they should be here soon.[np]
;;Changed around line order to make more sense. - pondr

;SE インターホン
@se storage=se_11a

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_09_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1061]“Mom, someone's at the door.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1061]“お母さん、誰かきたよー”[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7006]“Okay. Honey, go take a look, will you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7006]“はいはい。お父さん、出てくださいな”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7008]“At this hour... who could it be?”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7008]“誰だ、こんな時間に”[np]

Tsubaki's father walked out of the bath and went for the door.[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7010]“Onee-chan, I'm sleepy.”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7010]“お姉ちゃん、眠いよー”[np]

Tsubaki's little brother's still clinging to her.[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_07b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1062]“Geez, I guess I don't have a choice...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1062]“もう、しょうがないなぁ……”[np]

Nevertheless, she showed no sign of disgust at her brother's nagging.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Do you always sleep together?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いつも、いっしょに寝てやってるのか?”[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_00_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1063]“Well, pretty much. Especially with Hiroaki, who's always had trouble sleeping.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1063]“うん、だいたいね。とくに広明は一番寝つきが悪いの”[np]

So... her brother's name is Hiroaki.[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7011]“Oneeeee-chaaan!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7011]“おねえちゃーん”[np]

@xbgm storage=bgm_07a

;SE 戸を思いっきりたたくような音
@se storage=se_16

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_09b_s c=haru_c_se_00_s r=tubaki_a_si_09_s

[nm t="京介"]“...!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……っ?”[np]

Noises came from the front of the house.[np]

People are shouting something.[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7022]“What's going on?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7022]“なにかな?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1064]“Dad, what happened?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1064]“お父さん、どうかしたの?”[np]

@quake vmax=10 hmax=0 time=100

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7009]“Get off of my property, you filthy bastards!”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7009]“帰れ! 馬鹿もんが!”[np]
;;Presumably, at least to an English speaker, they aren't actually in his house, they're on the porch. - pondr

His conspicuously loud voice reached the living room.[np]

;SE 戸を勢いよく閉めるような音。
@se storage=se_17

@quake vmax=0 hmax=10 time=100

@chr c=haru_c_se_02_s r=tubaki_a_si_12_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1065]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1065]“…………”[np]

Tsubaki looked unsettled.[np]

A short while later, her father came back to the living room.[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7010]“Those bastards! I can't believe them...”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7010]“まったくあいつらは……!”[np]

[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7007]“Honey, what did they do this time?”[np]
;;[nm t="ママ" s=mam_7007]“あなた、またですか?”[np]

[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7011]“They just keep getting worse and worse.”[np]
;;[nm t="パパ" s=pap_7011]“今度は、もっとたちの悪そうなのがきたよ”[np]

Men from the Azai Corporation.[np]

Gangsters sent to ‘negotiate’ with him.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_05_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7023]“What's wrong, Tsubaki-chan?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7023]“どうしたの、椿姫ちゃん?”[np]

@chr r=tubaki_a_si_13b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1066]“D-don't worry about it. Sorry.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1066]“な、なんでもないよ。ごめんね”[np]

Tsubaki held her brother's hand tightly.[np]

Since I need to hear their report, I should be leaving now.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, we should all be going now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“それじゃ、おじゃましました”[np]

I tipped my head.[np]

@chr c=haru_c_se_00_b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7020]“You're going home?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7020]“帰るんすか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ん?”[np]

Usami stood in front of me, as if trying to block my way.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7021]“Doesn't this bother you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7021]“気にならないんすか?”[np]

Usami shot a glance at Tsubaki's parents, who were talking in the kitchen.[np]

I lowered my voice.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“This is their family business. Should we really get ourselves involved?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“家庭の事情ってやつだろ。深く立ち入るのもどうかと思うぞ”[np]

@chr c=haru_c_se_19_b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7022]“I suppose you're right. In that case, let's go home for today.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7022]“そすか。今日のところは帰りますか”[np]

Usami looked at Tsubaki once more.[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7023]“Hey, Tsubaki. If something is bothering you, please don't hesitate to tell me about it.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7023]“おい椿姫。なにか困ったことがあったらちゃんとわたしに言うんだぞ”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1067]“Huh? Ah... okay. Thanks.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1067]“え? あ、うん。ありがとう”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7024]“Just leave it to me, okay?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7024]“わたしを頼れ。いいな?”[np]

She spoke with conviction.[np]

@chr l=eiichi_a_se_01_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7024]“I'll be going too, then.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7024]“じゃあ、ボクも帰る”[np]

We all stepped out after saying our goodbyes.[np]

;背景 椿姫の家 概観 夜
@black rule=rule_g_lr_c time=500
@bg storage=bg_19c rule=rule_g_lr_c time=500

@chr c=tubaki_b_si_01_s r=hiroaki_a_01b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1068]“Thanks for coming, everyone. I had a great time.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1068]“今日はありがとう。楽しかったよ”[np]

Tsubaki came out to send us off.[np]

[nm t="広明" s=hir_7012]“Bye bye~!”[np]
;;[nm t="広明" s=hir_7012]“ばいばーい”[np]

Her brother Hiroaki waved goodbye, looking half-asleep already.[np]

@mface name=haru_c_se_01_s

[nm t="ハル" s=har_7025]“I had a great meal tonight. I'm in a great mood. Period.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_7025]“おいしいご飯にありつけて、わたしはとても気分がよかったのでした○”[np]

After that decidedly Tsubaki-esque comment, Usami turned and left.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Tsubaki, can I call you later?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“椿姫。夜、電話していいか?”[np]

@chr c=tubaki_a_si_09_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1069]“Huh? Around what time?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1069]“え? 何時くらい?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I don't know, but you go to bed late, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わからんが、お前、寝るの遅いだろ?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1070]“Yeah. Why do you ask?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1070]“うん。でも、どうして?”[np]

She probably means, ‘Why use the telephone?’[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, it's nothing important. I'm just a little worried about you...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いや、なんとなく。ちょっと心配になってさ……”[np]

I scratched my hair as if embarrassed by my corny display of compassion.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_si_15b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1071]“Thank you. I'll be waiting.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1071]“ありがとう。待ってるね”[np]

Even though Tsubaki always has a smile on her face, I could tell that this smile was somehow different.[np]

@chr c=tubaki_b_si_01_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1072]“You're so kind, Azai-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1072]“優しいな。浅井くんは”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

This should do.[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_01b_s

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7025]“Bye bye!”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7025]“じゃあねー”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1073]“Bye. Be careful on your way home.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1073]“うん、気をつけて帰ってねー”[np]


;背景 主人公自室 夜,明かりあり
@black rule=rule_f_l time=500
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_01c0110 rule=rule_f_l time=500
@bgm storage=bgm_10

I immediately took out my phone when I got back home.[np]

I heard the report from the people who went to Tsubaki's house.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...I thought I told you not to get too rough.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……手荒い真似はしないでもらいたかったのですが”[np]

I was quite agitated.[np]

They had kicked the Miwa residence's door.[np]
;;note, original is just they kicked the door, not necessarily that they kicked it down. I don't mind a little exaggeration for impact but I think this is a bit unnatural logically speaking(if they kicked it down you'd think they would have made a note of it while they were at the house, also, it's really hard to kick down a door when it's already open.)

[nm t="京介"]“What would you do if they decided to call the police?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“警察に訴えられたらどうするつもりだったんですか?”[np]

Come on, you guys aren't just some random hooligans, you can't go pulling this crap.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Private matter? That's the kind of stuff people from a normal company can say. We're a front for the freakin' mafia. This isn't the old days when you guys could do anything you want!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“民事? そりゃ、まっとうな会社の人が言うセリフでしょう? うちは暴力団のフロント企業ですよ? あなたがたの大好きだったバブルの時代じゃないんです”[np]

It's my fault for using the wrong people.[np]

I need to be more prudent next time.[np]

If the police interfere, then we have to stop.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Damn.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……ち”[np]

I hung up the phone.[np]

@ev ev_mouw_04a

I gathered my thoughts as I typed on the computer.[np]

Sitting alone at my desk has always made me feel more at ease.[np]

;SE キーボード

;"Miwa Household" "Family of Seven" ‘Maou’ "Usami"[np]
@readykeyboard y=150
@addkeyboard sw="" en="“tubakinoie”" jp="‘Miwa household’"
@addkeyboard en="“sitininnkazoku”" jp=" ‘Family of seven’"
@addkeyboard en="“maou”" jp=" ‘Maou’"
@addkeyboard en="“usami”" jp=" ‘Usami’" wait=false

;;I can't say for sure since I don't have the english patch or anything, but from the looks of it though, the parts in the en= section are what you would type in English to get the Chinese characters that would have been used in the Chinese translation. This should probably be changed to just match the English letters in the jp= section if it works the way I think it does.
;;After checking, it does the normal IME thing of changing to Hiragana as it types, so it would look like 椿ほうせほld if you changed it to "tsubaki household". I changed it back to the original Japanese. In any case, it's a very quick animation and all you see at the end is the jp= portion. - pondr
;;I added spaces because they look stupid like ‘Miwa household''Family of seven'‘Maou’'Usami' without anything between them. izm


I pulled up my email and began to type in fragmented information.[np]


;Relocate, Tsubaki's feelings: ‘Kindness'→Use to my advantage?[np]
@readykeyboard y=150
@addkeyboard en="tatinoki、" jp="Relocate, "
@addkeyboard en="tubakinokimoti" jp="Tsubaki's feelings: "
@addkeyboard en="“yasasisa”" jp="‘Kindness’"
@addkeyboard en="migi" jp=" → "
@addkeyboard en="riyou?" jp="Use to my advantage?" wait=false

@se storage=keyenter
@se storage=keyenter

;Maou → Lovely child → Child[np]
@readykeyboard y=150
@addkeyboard en="Maou" jp="Maou"
@addkeyboard en="migi" jp=" → "
@addkeyboard en="kawaiibouya" jp="Lovely child"
@addkeyboard en="migi" jp=" → "
@addkeyboard en="bouya" jp="Child" wait=false

@se storage=keyenter
@se storage=keyenter

;Relocate, Private Settlement, Money, Maou, Thou dear infant, For many a game I will play there with thee.[np]
@readykeyboard y=150
@addkeyboard en="tatinoki、" jp="Relocate, "
@addkeyboard en="zidannkinn、" jp="Private settlement, "
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Incoherent words glowed from the screen.[np]

Words I don't even know came up from the depths of my mind.[np]

I typed and thought at the same time. After I had brainstormed a few ideas, I sent this email to my own address.[np]

I opened my inbox and tried once more to organize the words.[np]

I learned this brainstorming method from a businessman I had met once before. It works quite well.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It's not about money...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“金の問題じゃないか……”[np]

I came to a conclusion.[np]

A conclusion regarding the reason the Miwa family will not sell their land.[np]

The appraised value of the land itself, combined with the costs associated with purchasing suitable substitute property, moving, and other assorted fees, is a surprisingly huge sum of money.[np]

If they would just move, even a family that huge would be very well-to-do.[np]

Thus, if they won't move despite this, it's obviously not a financial issue.[np]

I don't like it.[np]

Every problem in this world can be solved with money. There's no way you could convince me otherwise.[np]

...In the meantime, I'll call Tsubaki.[np]

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I called her home.[np]

Someone picked up immediately.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_01_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1074]“Ah, Azai-kun?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1074]“あ、浅井くん?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh? That was fast.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おおっ? なんだ、早いな”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_04b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1075]“Yeah, I've been waiting in front of the phone.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1075]“うん、電話の前で待ってたから”[np]


[nm t="京介"]“Sorry to visit you on such short notice. The dinner was delicious.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“今日は、おしかけてごめんな。メシおいしかったよ”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_b_si_04_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1076]“Really?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1076]“本当?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. It felt very... at home.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、なんつーか、家庭的だった”[np]

I haven't had a meal like that in a long time.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_b_si_01_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1077]“Mom made dinner tonight, but it's my turn tomorrow. I may not look like much, but I'm actually not a bad cook.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1077]“今日は、お母さんが作ったけど、今度はわたしが作るね。わたし、こう見えても、料理苦手じゃないんだよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Wow, it's rare to hear you brag about yourself.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へえ、椿姫がいきがるなんて珍しいな”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_09_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1078]“Huh? Brag?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1078]“え? いきがる?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. Wasn't that your way of saying that you're a good cook?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はは、料理が得意とか言ったじゃないか?”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_04b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1079]“Ah, yeah. I guess I did brag. I'm sorry if I don't meet the hype tomorrow.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1079]“あ、そうだね。いきがったね。これでヘタっぴだったら、ごめんね”[np]

I guess I could take that as a sign that she was starting to open up to me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“By the way, is your dad okay?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そういえば、お父さんだいじょうぶか?”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_03_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1080]“Oh, I'm so sorry that you had to see that.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1080]“うん、ごめんね。へんなところ見せて”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“They were land sharks, weren't they?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“地上げ屋が来たんだな?”[np]

The joy in her voice dropped out conspicuously.[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1081]“My dad said they seemed kinda like yakuza.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1081]“なんかね、ヤクザさんみたいな人だって”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Really? That's horrible.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうか、ひどいな”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_03b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1082]“I'm... thinking we should call the police.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1082]“わたし、警察に連絡しようかと思ってるんだ”[np]

What a brave girl.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“The police, huh...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“警察か……”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_03_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1083]“Yeah. What do you think?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1083]“うん、どう思う?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Honestly... I don't think that's such a good idea.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうだな……よしといたほうがいいんじゃないかな?”[np]
;;This is an example of a line that I almost don't change because it still works. In the end I just thought the other version has Kyousuke being a bit overt, I think this is more subtle and suiting.

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_09_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1084]“Why do you say that?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1084]“どうして?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Because the police are really busy. I mean, they might not take the case. I'll bet the police won't mobilize unless they actually start to get violent.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“警察の人は忙しいからね。相手にされないと思うんだ。直接、暴力を振るわれたりしたのなら動いてくれると思うけど”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Actually, there are some police officers who are even in league with the land sharks.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“じっさい、そういう事件もあったんだよ。ひどいのになると地元の警察官が地上げ屋と組んでたりするんだ”[np]

In fact, since the Sannou Corporation is the one backing this project, I wouldn't be surprised if they really have made some arrangements in that area.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_06_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1085]“Oh... so it won't work?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1085]“うーん、無理かな?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'd imagine it wouldn't. Like they say, ‘no private intervention.’ The police simply won't bother with private disputes over land rights.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“難しいと思うな。民事不介入っていって、基本的に警察は、土地の権利争いみたいな民間のもめごとには関わってくれないんだよ”[np]

Of course, what I described is more like the past, back when yakuza didn't have to fear the law.[np]

Now, the police will show up if they so much as yell too loud.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_00_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1086]“I see. Thank you, Azai-kun. You certainly know a lot.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1086]“そっか、ありがとう。浅井くんは物知りだなあ”[np]

She really is a sincere girl.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Is it okay if I keep coming to your house? I might be able to help somehow.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“これからも、ちょくちょく家に顔を出していいか? なにか力になれるかもしれないし”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_b_si_01_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1087]“That would be a dream come true blue.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1087]“それは、願ったりかなったりうれしかったりだよ”[np]
;;So she's spouting nonsense, then? (true blue? huh?) - pondr
;;No. She's just adding an extra line(うれしかったり, happy) to a conventional phrase (願ったりかなったり, wish coming true). I just thought the flow of ったり and the fact that it's a phrase you don't normally add on to the end of it was more important to the translation than the literal meaning of happiness(of course, implementing the literal meaning and still keeping a nice flow is the best option but I ain't greedy)

...What a strange way of putting it.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Also, be sure to tell your dad.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お父さんとも、話をさせてくれよ”[np]

Tsubaki sighed as she replied,[np]

@mface name=tubaki_b_si_03_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1088]“Sorry that they kept calling you the ‘boyfriend’.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1088]“ごめんね、彼氏彼氏って、うるさくて”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Eh, I don't really mind.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いや、別にいいよ”[np]

I have my plans.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It didn't really feel all that uncomfortable, you know what I mean?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“悪い気はしないから”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_09_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1089]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1089]“え?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, c'mon. Is there a single man on this planet who wouldn't be thrilled to be called your boyfriend?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“椿姫みたいな女の子の彼氏って言われて、悪い気がするヤツなんているかな?”[np]
;;Didn't really seem complimenty enough to warrant a blush before

@mface name=tubaki_c_si_23_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1090]“...!”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1090]“……っ”[np]

Silence followed.[np]

I'm sure she's turning red on the other end of the line.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_c_si_23d_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1091]“T-thank you. I'll write that in my diary.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1091]“あ、ありがとう。日記に書いておく”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Haha... why the diary...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はは……なんで日記……?”[np]

Still, there's no doubt that she trusts me now.[np]

Based on tonight's dinner, I could see that Tsubaki's whole family loves her.[np]

Her father is stubbornly refusing to sell the land.[np]

Yet, might he listen to what his beloved daughter has to say?[np]

I can make good use of this...[np]

At that moment, Tsubaki spoke.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_06_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1092]“W-well, Azai-kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1092]“あ、あのね、浅井くん……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yes?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ん?”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1093]“I... need to apologize to you.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1093]“わたし、浅井くんに、謝らなきゃいけないんだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, what for?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へ? どした?”[np]

She seemed quite serious.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_06b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1094]“There was a time when I thought that you were a cold person.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1094]“わたしね、浅井くんって、ちょっと冷たい人なのかなって、思ってた時期あるんだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...I see.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……お、おう”[np]

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1095]“We've been in the same class since our first year, right? But we never really talked. I felt like I'd just be shot down whenever I tried to speak to you.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1095]“一年生のときから、ずっとクラスいっしょだったでしょう? でも、あんまり話したことないし、話しかけてもぶすっとしているような印象だったから”[np]

...Indeed. Until recently, I never had any interest in Tsubaki.[np]
;;Lying to himself~~~ idiot's been thinking about her all through ch. 1, eating lunch with her...
;;最近まで means until recently, and chapter 1 could count as recent. In fact, hey, good catch.

[nm t="京介"]“What about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“それで?”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_06_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1096]“Well, so... I'm sorry.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1096]“いや、だから、ごめんね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え?”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_03b_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1097]“I'm truly sorry.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1097]“ごめんなさい”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...You don't need to apologize for that.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……それぐらいで”[np]

Again, this pain in my heart.[np]

That's not something to apologize for.[np]

Why do you have to bow your head over no more than an impression of someone?[np]


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[nm t="京介"]“Well, I understand. See you tomorrow at school.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、わかった。じゃあ、明日。学園でな”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_si_00_s

[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1098]“Thanks for calling.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_1098]“うん、電話ありがとう”[np]

I still hear Tsubaki's breath over the phone.[np]

That breath lingered patiently until I finally hung up.[np]

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A fiend.[np]

I am a fiend.[np]

I don't even feel guilty about using a girl who trusts me so completely.[np]

I should get to sleep.[np]

I crawl into bed and close my eyes.[np]

The image of a smiling girl appeared in my mind, an image I hurriedly erased.[np]

This emotion raising its ugly head in my heart must be what they call a conscience.[np]

;;However, much like how a serious person who learns the pleasure of leisure for the very first time may never go back to the way things were, so too can a person who has already begun his descent down the path of darkness find things to be going out of control once they rediscover their conscience.[np]
;;It's a mouthful, I couldn't think of a good way to put it.

It's said that a studious person can never go back to hard work once they learn the pleasure of leisure.[np]

Similarly, rediscovering one's conscience halfway down the path of darkness wildly shakes one's illusion of control.[np]
;;My solution to everything - split up the lines. - pondr

That night, I had a hard time sleeping.[np]


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