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A week passed.[np]

There was but one more week before the fateful Japan Championships.[np]

Kanon silently continued to practice.[np]

On the other hand, I attended school as usual, keeping myself busy with Azai Corporation matters.[np]

The night Kanon and I slept together almost seems like a dream.[np]

We're acting so casual about the whole thing that I can't help but wonder if it was just my imagination.[np]
;;verbal diarreah
;;Coming back to this -Neko
;;Beat you to it

Still, Kanon doesn't seem to have any regrets about it.[np]

She's back to her old smile, and as selfish as ever.[np]

I promised myself that I would come to understand her, even if I was the only one.[np]

;背景 屋上 昼
@bg storage=bg_22a rule=rule_j_l time=1000

@bgm storage=bgm_02
@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="京介"]“I see... ‘Maou's’ kept quiet, huh...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうか……"魔王"に動きはないか……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9833]“Yeah, he's completely halted all activity.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9833]“ええ、ばったりと、活動を停止しましたね”[np]

I spoke to Usami between classes.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You think Ikuko's television antics have made him extra cautious? I mean, she addressed comments about being marked for death.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ひょっとして、前に郁子さんがテレビで命を狙われているとか言ったのが原因かな?”[np]
;;What's the word for people who are targets of assassination. - Neko (back when she actually edited... don't tell her I said that - pondr)

@chr c=haru_a_se_09_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9834]“It's possible... but if that were the case, one would think he'd just adapt his plans.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9834]“それはあるかもしれませんが……それにしても、別の手段を講じてきてもおかしくはないと思うんですが……”[np]
;;Should or would? Is it something Maou would do, or that was expected of him. Or is it that he should have changed his plans in the face of X.
;;literally, "it wouldn't be strange for him to change his plans", so something expected of him. I guess "would" would be better, but I kind of guessed either way was fine - chikan

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. Well, from the very beginning, we never knew what his true motives were...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もともと、"魔王"の動機は不明瞭だったわけだしな……”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9835]“I thought he might have been trying to attack a friend of mine again, but...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9835]“また、わたしの仲間を陥れようとしていたのかと考えていましたが……”[np]

There's been absolutely no word from him...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, if something were to happen, it would happen during the Japan Championships.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、次の全国大会かな、なにかあるとしたら”[np]

@chr c=haru_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9836]“You think...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9836]“それも、どうでしょうね……”[np]

I can understand why she'd have her doubts.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Look, the letter was aimed at bringing down Kanon. Last week, she was completely bested.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“最初の脅迫状どおり、花音はもう、負けたわけだからな”[np]
;;If she's completely bested and his objective is complete, there'd be no more reason to act would there? But then later she's like I DON'T THINK ANYTHING ELSE WILL HAPPEN and Kyousuke's like OMG WHY, like somehow that train of thought is running opposite to what they just said. But uh, if the job's already finished, isn't that the natural conclusion to come to? I guess Haru was referring to Maou not doing anything else period(and not just in Kanon's case)? That's really kind of confusing. This section confuses me. Why do 2 other people go through this and not think anything of it and only I'm confused. Do you know something I don't?
;;The way I read it, Kyousuke thinks "duh, he won already" and expects ever-suspicious Usami to disagree, hence 23. Then in 25 she surprises him, so he asks why she suddenly decided to think that maybe maou's done for now. Then he says, "well good, sit back and enjoy life some, you crazy paranoid woman" - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9837]“Yeah... based on the contents of that threat letter, ‘Maou's’ objective may have already been accomplished...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9837]“ええ……脅迫状の内容から判断すれば、"魔王"の目的は達成されているのかもしれませんが……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...But it doesn't add up for you, does it?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“やけに悩んでいるようだな?”[np]

With a desolate face, she responds,[np]

@chr c=haru_b_se_03_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9838]“It's just my intuition, but I get this feeling that nothing else is going to happen.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9838]“勘ですが、もう、なにも起こらないような気がします”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Why?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……なぜだ?”[np]

@chr c=haru_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9839]“Like I said, it's just my intuition. If I were ‘Maou’, and I wanted to ruin Kanon, I wouldn't have let this week go to waste.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9839]“ですから、勘です。しいていえば、もしわたしが"魔王"で、本当に花音を破滅させたいのであれば、この一週間を無駄にはしなかったでしょう”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Fantastic. Shouldn't you be happy?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だったら、万々歳じゃねえか”[np]
;;Can I get a TLC on this? I'm not sure I follow it's relation to the past line.
;;Banbanzai, just a stronger version of banzai(I'm sure most people know this) Something worth celebrating. Haru says that Maou won't do anything else, Kyousuke asks why, Haru explains the reasoning behind it, and then after hearing the reasoning and understanding, Kyousuke says that the maou not doing anything should be a good thing, basically. It's more of a delayed response to line 25(waiting until after the explanation to respond to it) rather than a direct response to line 28.

@chr c=haru_b_se_03_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9840]“I guess... but it means I have to say goodbye to you, Azai-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9840]“ですね……浅井さんとも、もうお別れですね”[np]
;;I'm assuming that figuring out the above will make this make sense too. LIkewise, unedited.

[nm t="京介"]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はあっ?”[np]

She's started her crazy talk again...[np]

@chr c=haru_b2_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9841]“Once the Demon Lord has been vanquished, the hero walks off into the sunset.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9841]“"魔王"が消えれば、勇者も旅立つものです”[np]
;;Preserve the ‘the' in front of Maou here, unless you can work in the fact that she's describing him as a monster for the hero to defeat (like an RPG). Also, can I get the intent in the second part of this line?
;;the intent is that her mission is over, and she'll be moving on, I guess. That's a pretty literal translation, so nothing was lost or anything. - chikan
;;slight adaptation for english-speaking audiences to make the humor a little less forced. Also might as well say Devil here since she's not directly talking about the character Maou, and hopefully we've done a good enough job in ch. 1 to where all our readers know that TL. - pondr 2nd shift
;;btw, the most common Dragon Quest translation for Maou is Demon Lord.(just saying) At least it was before DQ8, I have no idea what they changed it to now.
;;that's great, but the GODDAMN GAME LOGO AND BOX ART translate it as Devil, so we're keeping that k thx - pondr
;;Well then how are the readers supposed to associate it with Dragon Quest, which is the entire point of the line, huh bitch? Huh?!
;;I would rather add, "In Dragon Quest, once..." than change Devil. Sorry brah. - pondr
;;Actually, you know what. I am going to use Demon Lord in every occasion in which it is an overt RPG reference since that is a theme ingrained strongly into the game(Haru calling herself Hero and that entire relationship with Maou is based completely around the RPG definition of Maou and if we do not not try to establish it early on, that will be lost on people) and if you want to eliminate a theme to the game you can suck my dick. We clear?

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はいはい”[np]

@chr c=haru_b2_se_01_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9842]“And you have Kanon now.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9842]“浅井さんには花音がいますしね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……なに?”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_06_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9843]“...Just my intuition.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9843]“これも、勘です”[np]

She smiles peacefully.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9844]“I may not be Yuki, but I consider myself pretty sharp when it comes to you, Azai-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9844]“ユキほどではありませんが、わたしもこと浅井さんに関しては鋭いつもりです”[np]
;;Japanese wording here. What does she mean by "sharp" here.

[nm t="京介"]“Eugh, cut it out, you're giving me the heebie-jeebies.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だから気持ち悪いんだよ、いいかげん……”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9845]“Well, I'm out. Class just started.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9845]“さあて、午後の授業が始まりますよ”[np]

@dellay_walk pos=c
Usami leaves me and disappears.[np]

What's up with her...?[np]

;背景 教室 昼
@black rule=rule_f_r time=500
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_05a rule=rule_f_r time=500

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_15_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7847]“Kyousukeeee, what's up with Kanon these days?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7847]“京介ぇ、最近花音はどうよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh? C'mon man, you know as well as I do that she's been practicing.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どうもこうも、毎日練習してるが?”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_03_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7848]“Yeah, whatever, but uh... you hear about that car company cutting their contracts with her?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7848]“ほらあの、車のメーカー、花音と契約うち切るって?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah... I guess they were acting in their own self-interest.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だな……なんとも現金なもんだ”[np]

After Kanon got such a bad rep from the media, I guess it'd be a natural response for a business.[np]
;;What got a bad rep? Kanon or the car company
;;Kanon did. Literally "After [Kanon] did something which would make the media react badly...", I thought it was kind of unnecesarrily bloated in English though considering they actually did react badly. Probably a bad judgement though if it can arise confusion.
;;It caused confusion because I was doing things out of order before I became the game's only editor. Tsukihime's TL's liner notes ain't shitting when they say less is more. - pondr

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_02_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7849]“Fuckers. The whole fucking country's nothing but fuckers. Fair-weather fans can suck my balls.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7849]“まったく、どいつもこいつもクズばっかりだよなー。みんなして手のひら返しやがって”[np]
;;Has this been fully translated?
;;this is one of those lines which I probably translated half-asleep, I now realize how easy it is to make bad mistakes when translating thousands of lines. Usually I just hope TNA catches anything like this but I guess I'll start checking over my translations more thoroughly. Fixed. - chikan
;;oh, my beautiful, beautiful disregard of all things accurate... - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“They aren't necessarily fair-weather fans. When you're popular, you're bound to make a few enemies...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あれだけ人気があったわけだからな。敵も多かったんだろう”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_04_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7850]“Bullshit, Bro. Kanon's been a little brat all along. Christ, she pisses me off. I guess I should be glad the world sees her for what she really is now, but still...”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7850]“花音はよー、たしかに根は極悪な女だよ。何度もオレを怒らせたよ。そういう本性を見せちまったわけだからなー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...What about Seta?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“逆に、瀬田はどうよ?”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_01_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7851]“You watch the news, don't you? Her popularity shot through the roof. Oh man, and the special they ran yesterday almost killed me. It was one of those goddamn sob stories about how the person who worked hardest finally won and all that crap.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7851]“いや、わかるだろ? 人気急上昇だよ。昨日の特番見たか? やっぱり最後は努力した人間が勝つみたいな泣ける話だったぜ?”[np]
;;verbal diarreah, but yeah.

[nm t="京介"]“Well, she probably did work hard.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、本当に苦労したんだろうな”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_15_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7852]“Yeah, no shit, right? Seta was awesome in the Finals. She ran the same program she did at the NHK Trophy, but replaced a double axel with a triple. Moheko was shooting for the gold.”[np]
;;I don't think this even makes sense
;;Chris. Go for it with the skating terminology.
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7852]“ぶっちゃけファイナルの瀬田はすごかったぜ。NKH杯でダブルだったジャンプをトリプルに変えてきた。マジで優勝狙ってたんだな、あの萌へ子”[np]
;;fixed now - pondr 2nd shift

[nm t="京介"]“Moheko? What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんだ萌へ子って”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_01_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7853]“That's what people are calling her on the net. I mean, c'mon dude, she's ridiculously moe. Her personality, her voice, everything. Little miss princess Kanon just can't keep up.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7853]“ネット上じゃ、みんなそう呼んでるの。萌えるじゃん。あのキャラと声と。花音は女王様みたいな扱いだったけど、いまじゃひどいもんだ”[np]

The situation has completely reversed...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I heard Kanon was dropped from a Christmas variety show. Supposedly Seta took her place.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“花音、クリスマスのバラエティ番組も降板だってよ。かわりに瀬田が出るらしい”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_03_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7854]“I'm not surprised. Anyway, I'm still rooting for Kanon, so the fact that Seta's the ‘new thing’ pisses me off.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7854]“とにかく、世界行きはもう瀬田、みたいな動きになってるのがウザいね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, I read an article a while back that bothered me too...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、なんかの記事で読んだな……”[np]

Some sleazy magazine went so far as to call Kanon the ‘Shame of Japan’.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“All she can do is try to win the Japan Championships, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんにしても、次の全国大会で結果だせばいいんだろ?”[np]

@chr c=eiichi_b_se_02_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7855]“Screw ‘trying to win’. The only way she'll shut up all those shit-talkers is to make Worlds and absolutely crush second place.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7855]“つーか、それしかねえ。二位に大差つけて勝てば誰も文句は言えねえから”[np]
;;The point of the line seemed to get a little turned around in editing. Crushing second place is the only way to stop this shitstorm/all this shittalk/whatever. The focus isn't necessarily on making worlds, it's just that crushing second and making worlds will shut everyone up.

We both let out a sigh.[np]


@black rule=rule_k_rb time=500
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_05a rule=rule_k_rb time=500
@bgm storage=bgm_10
Class resumed that afternoon.[np]

However, I was reading an autobiographical essay rather than the required textbook.[np]

One written by Ikuko.[np]

There was an ad for ‘Ikuko-san's surefire way of improving your bust’ sprawled conspicuously over the front cover.[np]
;;Something like "Improve your bust size!" or along those lines would probably be a better choice here.
;;Chris/Allan. Good luck.
;;I think I already tackled this one... - pondr

It was called ‘A Proposal to Figure Skating’. The book's supposedly about the inner mechanics of the industry.[np]
;;『フィギュアスケートへ の提言』と銘打たれた、ある種の業界内幕本だった。[np]

It touches briefly on the treatment of coaches and judges, the state of the current Skating Union, and her personal experience as a skater. Pretty cheap, overall.[np]

First off, she bragged far too much about overseeing Kanon's growth as a skater.[np]
;;Bragged here was originally, "Spoke/Wrote triumphantly." I see it as more of flaunting her ego than anything, but I'm noting how I adapted it. - old neko note

It made the book seem more like an outlet for her loneliness and lingering attachment than anything else.[np]
;;{REVIEW WHEN ONLINE} - old neko note

The whole spiel came across as whining rather than actual criticism.[np]

For example, let's take this excerpt, the book's closing statement:[np]

I realized my lips were quivering as I read it.[np]

‘Even so, Kanon-chan says she'd like to glide by my side. As both a mother and a coach, there is no greater honor than hearing these words.’[np]

Publishing this book crushed what little positive reputation she still had, as it should have.[np]
;;Was she ble to write this book because her reputation was bad, or did a book like this damage her reputation?
;;It's a little ambiguous (both me and TNA had a little trouble with it before deciding that it be best left ambiguous) then a Japanese friend of Moogy said it's probably the latter.  - chikan
;;Well, Ikuko seemed to be, well, not very well thought of for a a lot of things. I'd say it's meant to point out that it's a contributing factor to her unpopularity of course, but the way this line is phrased makes it sound like it's the sole cause, which is going too far

The only problem is that people have begun to expect the same from Kanon as from her mother.[np]

I can't help but wonder why Ikuko won't hold back, for Kanon's sake if not her own.[np]

My mother had it rough, yet she protected me despite that.[np]

Ikuko-san enjoyed a good measure of popularity during her bout at the Olympics, so...[np]

...So why did things turn out like this?[np]

Suspicion over Ikuko's change suddenly filled my thoughts, and without an ounce of coincidence, a certain man came to mind...[np]

@black rule=rule_h_b time=1000



;背景 権三宅 居間 夜
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_08c rule=rule_h_t time=1000

@chr c=gonzou_a_00_b
[nm t="京介"]“I believe that concludes this week's report.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“先週の報告は以上になります”[np]

The dispute with Shin'ei had been settled by the cession of most of their allotted business turf to the Sonoyama Group.[np]

I was tasked once more with handling the formalities, acting as the voice of the Azai Corporation and a conduit through which to convey Gonzou's authority.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三"]“…………”[np]

Gonzou nodded, looking somehow discontent.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_05_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7300]“What about Kanon?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7300]“花音は、どうだ?”[np]

He suddenly sprung this question.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“As you know, her agent has informed us of a great number of cut contracts.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ご存知のとおり、エージェントのほうから、立て続けに仕事のキャンセルが届いています”[np]
;;I think this is supposed to be about receiving cancellations on numerous jobs and work she had planned beforehand passed through from her agent. Makes more sense that way.
;;Adapted as contracts have been cut. Leaving the original note in case you can come up with something better.
;;don't remember who made which of the above notes v.v - pondr 2nd shift

Gonzou tilted his chin upward, as if he already knew all there was to say.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_06b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7301]“Is she finished?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7301]“あれは、もう終わりか?”[np]
;;"Is it finished" was the original. Since it was vague, I made it a bit more specific. Putting this here for good measure.
;;I think Gonzou's asking is Kanon done, not the scandal... - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Surely not.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まさか”[np]

I immediately denied it.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Success is many parts timing and luck. I believe abandoning our investment in Kanon after a single loss would be unwise.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“勝敗は時の運ともいいます。一度負けたくらいであきらめるにはもったいないと思いますが?”[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_00_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7302]“That was more than just a loss.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7302]“ただ負けたわけではあるまい?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“それは……”[np]

I faltered.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_01c_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7303]“Kanon has grown into quite the shameless woman.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7303]“花音も、ずいぶんとふてぶてしい女に育ったな”[np]

I hang my head, holding back my feelings.[np]

Feelings of sympathy for Kanon, contempt for Ikuko, and anger toward Gonzou, who molded Ikuko into the person she is now.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_01b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7304]“Anyway, Kyousuke...”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7304]“それで、京介……”[np]

Gonzou's mouth curved into a devious smile.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7305]“You ‘tame’ Kanon yet...?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7305]“花音をてなずけたか……?”[np]

I remember Gonzou's words.[np]

How am I supposed to respond to a scoundrel who demanded I sleep with his daughter?[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yes.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はい”[np]

All I could say was that single, unpleasant word.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“May I ask you a question, Father...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お養父さんにぜひおうかがいしたいのですが……”[np]

I prefaced my next words with a little submission.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What... what kind of person was Ikuko-san?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“郁子さんとは……その……どういう方でしたか?”[np]

I miserably sputter that question before Gonzou's glare.[np]

His gaze clearly sees through my anxiety... well, naturally. He crafted me to feel that way.[np]

He responds with indifference.[np]
;;I'm inclined to just say intent here. But I didn't make the call.
;;it's referring to his fear and stuff, because he raised him with fear. Intent... probably not so good.
;;I don't remember who wrote that note... I doubt me, seeing as I almost always claim my notes... - pondr

@chr c=gonzou_a_01_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7306]“Ikuko was diligent, gallant, and an incredibly hard worker.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7306]“郁子は、真面目で、健気で、なにより努力家だった”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7307]“So, boy, do you have any idea how a beautiful athlete, inside and out, could fall for a brute like me?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7307]“容姿人格ともに素晴らしいアスリートが、なぜ俺のような極道に惹かれたかわかるか?”[np]

I silently shake my head.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_04b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7308]“Women like to wrap their legs around evil for curiosity's sake.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7308]“女は好奇心から、たやすく悪を受け入れるからだ”[np]

With those words alone, I no longer wanted to envision how Gonzou had dropped her into the pits of Hell.[np]
;;"Dropped her to hell" is the original, for good measure.
;;dropped is more Gonzou. taking by hand sounds personal, more Maou. - pondr

@chr c=gonzou_a_06b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7309]“Understand, Kyousuke? I found myself a good-looking whore. I fucked her. The kid that popped out seemed like she'd make some money.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7309]“わかったか、京介? 容姿のいい雌がいた。種をつけた。生まれた子供は金になりそうだった”[np]

It seemed as though he were challenging me to reprimand him.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It appears that Ikuko-san resents you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“郁子さんは、あなたを恨んでいる様子でしたが?”[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_01_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7310]“I bet.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7310]“だろうな”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“She seems to believe that she was once a popular athlete, bathing in the limelight...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“昔は人気選手として脚光を浴びていたようで……”[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_01c_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7311]“And after getting involved with me, her life was ruined.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7311]“俺につままれたせいで、人生が狂ってしまったな”[np]

Gonzou hangs his head, as though he were trying to endure something.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_b_15_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7312]“Haha, hahaha, hahahahahaha―――!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7312]“くく、はははっ、ふははははっ―――!!!”[np]

My eyes shot open in surprise at his dark laughter.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_04_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7313]“That's right, Kyousuke. It's all my fault.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7313]“そうだな、京介。すべて俺が悪いな”[np]

He was proud of it.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7314]“So? How are you going to take me down?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7314]“それで、どうやって俺を叩き伏せる?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Ngh.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……っ”[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_04b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7315]“What's wrong? The very root of all evil stands bare before you.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7315]“どうした? 目の前にわかりやすい諸悪の根源がいるのだぞ?”[np]

He demonstrates his defenselessness by sticking out his chest and lowering his outstretched arms.[np]
;;see, THIS is what sticking out your chest means in english! - pondr

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7316]“Go on, hit me. You're justified in this. You have every right to resort to violence here. After all, it's my fault your little sister is starved for affection.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7316]“さあ、殴れ。お前は正しい。暴力を許す自己の正当性は十分だ。俺のせいでお前の妹が愛情に飢えているのだからな”[np]

I didn't even clench my fists.[np]

It was a testimony to my complete lack of fear.[np]
;;Original: "That was how much I didn't feel fear.[np]"

I felt nothing except the futility of competing with this man's moral code.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_04_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7317]“God, what a joke.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7317]“まったく笑える話だ”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7318]“If she was born so pathetic that being discarded by a man made her into such a fuck-up, then she was worthless from the start.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7318]“男に捨てられた程度で歪んでしまうような己など、最初からなかったも同然ではないか”[np]

What a tenacious monster.[np]

Gonzou is basically saying that injustices are valid against the weak.[np]
;;Gonzou is just going on about how if it's okay for people to be that weak.[np] (Can I get a TLC on this. The above is my best guess)
;;I don't think there's a problem with that interpretation. To put it in another way, he's basically preaching about if it's really ok for people that weak to exist. So to turn it around, I guess you can say that he's saying that people should be stronger than that if they're going to live in this world and the main idea is just going on about how weak of a person she is. So while he doesn't go as far as to outright state what you wrote there, you can at least imply that he agrees with it, anyway.

@chr c=gonzou_a_04b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7319]“Listen up, Kyousuke. If you're going to be my son, then you'd best be prepared to embrace evil. Even if you have to deal in evil you're not familiar with, you can't just shy away from what needs to be done.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7319]“いいか、京介。お前も俺の息子であるならば、つねに悪を受け入れる覚悟をしろ。たとえそれが身に覚えのない悪であろうと、決してわめいてはならん”[np]
;;I interpreted the line as to say "use any method available, and don't hesitate, no matter what evil things you have to do" - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Yes, Sir...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかりました……”[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_04_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7320]“The same goes for Kanon. If she knows what being my daughter means, then she still has a chance of winning.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7320]“花音も俺の娘だ。それに気づけば、まだまだ勝ちは望めよう”[np]

No one can change his way of thought.[np]

I leave Gonzou's house at the conclusion of his lecture.[np]


;背景 主人公の部屋 夜
@black rule=rule_f_r time=500
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_01c0000 rule=rule_f_r time=500
@bgm storage=bgm_18

I've been broadening my knowledge on figure skating in my spare time lately.[np]

I'm still not on par with Eiichi, but I've begun to understand the characteristics of a variety of jumps.[np]

I've got a ways to go until I can tell them apart in real-time, though.[np]

@chr_walk c=kanon_a_sic_01_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7540]“Guess who's back, back again!?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7540]“ただいま、ただいまー”[np]
;;Kanon's back, tell a friend. - pondr

Kanon bursts through the front door, bouncing about.[np]

@chr c=kanon_a_sic_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7541]“Hey, you're reading another skating book! Good boy!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7541]“おおっ、またスケートの本読んでるなあ。偉い偉い”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why are you so happy?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんでうれしそうなんだよ?”[np]

@chr c=kanon_a_sic_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7542]“It means you're interested in Non-chan, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7542]“だって、のんちゃんに興味持ってくれてるってことでしょ?”[np]

...I suppose that's true.[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7543]“Phew, I think I'll take a bath.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7543]“ふぃー、いきなりお風呂入りますかねー”[np]
@chr_pos_change before=c after=rr time=1000
@dellay pos=rr

Kanon's been taking a bath as soon as she gets home these past few days.[np]

Thus, I've gotten into the habit of pouring one for her around the time she's supposed to get back.[np]

Needless to say, she hasn't come out of the dressing room naked since then.[np]

I confirmed that she was in the changing room, and turned on the TV.[np]

The Japan Championships are coming up, so the sports news stations are focusing on figure skating.[np]

I've seen Kanon's fall on television countless times.[np]

What they draw attention to is not the fall itself, but the suspension of her performance thereafter, as well as her sulky attitude toward the press.[np]

‘Yeah, I'll grant it happened at a critical time, but you can't deny that there must be some underlying instability there that got the best of her...’[np]

A retired figure skater that Kanon had been on good terms with commented on her performance regretfully.[np]

Seta, on the other hand, was practically being hailed as the second coming on just about every channel.[np]

It's apparent that the TV producers are trying to create a new idol.[np]

Whenever I see her on the screen, I get this strange inclination to cheer for her.[np]

She was known for her consistency, but when such a skater hides a simple, powerful technique like hers, the effect comes out to be even more awesome.[np]

Her step sequences are particularly good.[np]

Her serpentine――basically just a continuous ‘s’-shape――tends to wow the judges and rack up the points.[np]

Even on the opening day of the Finals, when Kanon took first place, Seta's step sequence score was higher.[np]

‘It just goes to show that flashy jumps aren't all there is to skating.’[np]

The commenter finishes off with that.[np]

I hear a noise stir from the bathroom and turn off the television.[np]

@camera angle=r
@chr_walk r=kanon_a_si_09_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7544]“Nii-san, I just realized I have no pajamas.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7544]“兄さん、パジャマがないことに気づきました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You just realized this?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いまさらだろ”[np]

@chr r=kanon_a_si_06_b
@chr_jump pos=r
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7545]“Buy me some!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7545]“買っといてー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Sure, I'll pick some up tomorrow if I remember.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おう、覚えてたらな”[np]

@chr r=kanon_b_si_04b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7546]“You're going to forget!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7546]“忘れそー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“That's rude.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“失敬な”[np]

@chr r=kanon_b_si_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7547]“But I bet you forgot the things I told you about skating last year, didn't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7547]“だって、兄さんには去年もちょっとスケートのこと教えてあげたんだよー?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“No way, I remember... You said something about having to lose weight and such, and, uh... you told me about that thing they got rid of because it didn't do too well on TV...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、ちょっとは覚えてるよ。減量しなきゃいけないこととか、あの……ほら、テレビウケしないっていう理由で廃止になったアレとか……”[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7548]“Compulsories?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7548]“コンパルソリー?”[np]
;;just so no one has any excuse for anything late: this is short jargon for compulsory figures - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, that one. I knew that.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうだ……その辺は知ってたぞ”[np]

It's not really something to brag about.[np]

@chr r=kanon_a_si_06_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7549]“I recommend that you see a doctor.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7549]“一度ビョーインに行くことをお勧めします”[np]

I already am.[np]

Dr. Akimoto...[np]

Come to think of it, our last session ended a bit abruptly.[np]

Did I say something to put him off...?[np]

Our next appointment is tomorrow. Maybe I should talk to him about Kanon...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, let's hit the hay...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“じゃあ、寝るか……”[np]

@chr r=kanon_a_si_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7550]“Oh, Nii-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7550]“あ、兄さん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hmm?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ん?”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7551]“Ummm... Christmas is just around the corner...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7551]“あのね、もうちょっとでクリスマスだよね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. The tournament starts on Christmas Day, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おう。大会の前日だな?”[np]

@chr r=kanon_a_si_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7552]“Awesome! You actually remembered something.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7552]“おおー、さすがにそれぐらい覚えてたかー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What about Christmas?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“クリスマスがどうかしたのか?”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_01b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7553]“I don't have practice on Christmas Eve.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7553]“夜は練習お休みなの”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Really? That's nice.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へー、そりゃ良かったな”[np]

She'd have a tough time holding out if she didn't get a day of rest every now and then.[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7554]“Hilton told me to spend the day with my family.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7554]“ヒルトン先生がね、クリスマスは家族と過ごしなさいって”[np]

She spoke distantly as she smiled.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Alright. I'll make some time.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかった。おれも空けておく”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7555]“Yay! My first Christmas Eve with Nii-san!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7555]“やったー! 初めて兄さんといっしょだね!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It will be, won't it...? I guess we haven't spent many holidays together...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうか……言われてみればそうかもな……”[np]

I've always hated Christmas.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Is there somewhere you'd like to go?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どっか行きたいのか?”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7556]“I'll leave that to you, of course!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7556]“もちろん任せる!”[np]
;;that had to be a mistl. hopefully this is right. - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“It's a bit too late to make hotel reservations...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ホテルはもう、予約取れないだろうな”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_23c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7557]“H-hotel reservations...!?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7557]“ほ、ホテル……!?”[np]

I slipped up.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, uh, I meant restaurant reservations.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いや、レストランな……”[np]

I suddenly became aware of Kanon's femininity.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Anyway, let me sleep on it. Maybe I'll come up with something good tomorrow.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、考えておくわ……”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_23b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7558]“Okay...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7558]“うん……”[np]

She looks up at me with upturned eyes.[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7559]“Nii-san, um... did you not like it?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7559]“兄さん……嫌だった?”[np]

She's talking about the night I slept with her.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It was wonderful.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“嫌じゃないよ”[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7560]“You really saved me that night, you know?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7560]“あのときは、助けてくれたんだよね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“And I'll save you from here on out.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“これからも助けてやる”[np]

@chr r=kanon_c_si_23_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7561]“Does that mean you love me?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7561]“それは、好きってこと?”[np]

She boldly drove to the point.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ”[np]

I plainly answered.[np]

I plainly lied.[np]

I have never fallen in love with a woman.[np]
;;but we've determined that he had a thing for tsubaki. - pondr

Thus, I'm not sure what this interest stemmed from sympathy really is.[np]

However, I was aware what responsibilities I'd have to face when I took her last week.[np]

I was prepared to tell any number of lies. Was that due to Gonzou's influence?[np]

If it makes Kanon happy, if it puts her mind at ease, if it saves her... I will not shy away from this evil.[np]
;;grammar kinda made the line confusing, so put in a confirmation at the end as to what the "if" is about. sounds overdramatic for an add-on, but it ties in the themes of "can devils save people too" and "kyousuke's attempt to live an honest life using nothing but his yakuza upbringing". - pondr

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7562]“Nii-san...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7562]“兄さん……”[np]

Her eyes dimmed.[np]

Without another word, I embraced her.[np]

Kanon's body trembled slightly, and she entrusted herself to me.[np]

Christmas Eve, huh...?[np]

With Kanon at my side, with my hands on her skin... I begin to look forward to a day which I only have bad memories of.[np]
;;This is a pretty terrible sentence, but it's at least accurate. The "event" is Christmas, which he has bad memories of but when he embraces Kanon, ("If it's with Kanon...") he begins to look forward to it.
;;hopefully fixed a bit ^.^ - pondr


@black rule=rule_u_s time=1500
@wait time=500
@ev storage=ev_kanon_icatch
@wait time=4000
@wait time=500

@jump storage="gk05.ks"