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Kanon started coming to school again after New Year's.[np]

@ev storage=ev_maou_02 time=500
@bgm storage=bgm_103

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, the time has come for another one of God's after-school consultation sessions!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“はい、というわけで、今月もやってまいりました。神の放課後相談でございます”[np]
;;I wanted to make this both paladin "smite" language and bob barker game show "come on down"-ish. - pondr

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_01b_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7924]“Ooh!”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7924]“おー!”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7865]“Ooh!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7865]“おー!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Today's guest is the popular figure skater, Azai Kanon-san!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“今日のゲストはいま人気絶頂のフィギュアスケート選手、浅井花音さんです”[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7925]“Applause!”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7925]“拍手っ!”[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7866]“Waah!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7866]“わー!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“So, what's on your mind, Kanon-san!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“さて、花音さんのお悩みはどんなかなー!?”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_06_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7926]“What's on your mind!?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7926]“どんなかなー!?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7867]“Uhhm, I have a brother, and he's always acting all suspicious.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7867]“ええと、兄がいるんですけどー、なんかとっても怪しいんです”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_05_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7927]“What's he doing?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7927]“どう怪しいの?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_05_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7868]“He's always at his computer, talking to people on the phone... oh, and sometimes he just up and disappears late at night.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7868]“いっつも、パソコンしながら電話して、たまーにふらっと夜いなくなるんです”[np]
;;I think this was a mistl... this would make much more sense if he was calling SOMEONE ELSE from his computer rather than calling Kanon.

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_06_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7928]“Did he get a girlfriend or something?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7928]“女でもできたんじゃないのー?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_b_se_03c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7869]“I don't think so...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7869]“それはないと思うなー”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_04b_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7929]“Why not?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7929]“なんでー?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_c_se_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7870]“Because Non-chan is Nii-san's girlfriend!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7870]“だって兄さんは、のんちゃんのこと好きだもん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Buhh!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ぶーっ!!!”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_06_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7930]“Hoh?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7930]“ほー”[np]

@mface name=kanon_b_se_02_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7871]“Anyway, he's always all hushed up and talking to weird people. It sounds like he's talking about money. In a really scary voice.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7871]“なんか怪しげな密談みたいのしてるの。お金の話してるみたい。すっごい怖い声で”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_09_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7931]“Why don't you just ask him about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7931]“一度聞いてみればいいんじゃない?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_b_se_03_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7872]“I did. He just said he was playing computer games, or that he went dancing.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7872]“聞いた。そしたら、ゲームしてるとか言う。夜はダンスしにいってるとか言う”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_02_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7932]“Dancing?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7932]“ダンス?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_b2_se_03c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7873]“He said something about hip hop.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7873]“ヒップホップとか言ってた”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_06_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7933]“And what do you think about that, God?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7933]“どう思われますか、神?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“C'mon, he's obviously telling the truth.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いや、ホントじゃね?”[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7934]“What do you know about hip hop, Lord?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7934]“神はどれくらいヒップホップに詳しいんですか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, uh... you know, they say ‘yo’ after every sentence, and stuff like that.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え、いや、あれだろ、"で"がDEになる感じだろ?”[np]
;;original line is kind of untranslatable, basically he's commenting on how hip hop-type talk

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_02_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7935]“Kanon-chan, it looks like you've been deceived.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7935]“花音ちゃん、だいぶ騙されてるよ”[np]

@mface name=kanon_b_se_03c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7874]“I know, right~?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7874]“だよねー”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_06_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7936]“But on the bright side, you've been more friendly with me these past couple days.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7936]“でもあれだよね、なんか最近やたらツッコンでくるよね?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7875]“Eheheheh, you think?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7875]“えへへへ、そう思う?”[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7937]“You even started asking about my pets.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7937]“ボクのペットについても聞いてくるし”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へー”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7876]“Non-chan has decided to broaden her horizons.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7876]“のんちゃんは、幅広い視野を持つことにしたのです”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_09_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7938]“Do you know which snakes are venomous and which are non-venomous?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7938]“毒のあるヘビとそうでないヘビの違いわかった?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_05_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7877]“Cobras, and other ones.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7877]“コブラとそれ以外”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_04b_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7939]“Yup, yup.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7939]“そうそう”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you really going to accept that answer?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなんでいいんか”[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7940]“Do you know which movies are interesting and which are non-interesting?”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7940]“面白い映画とそうでない映画の違いわかった?”[np]

@mface name=kanon_b_se_04c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7878]“It's interesting if it's number one in the States.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7878]“全米ナンバー1ヒットかどうか”[np]

@mface name=eiichi_a_se_04c_b
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7941]“Yup, yup.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7941]“そうそう”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“This sounds more like narrowing your horizons...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“むしろ視野せまくなってね?”[np]

[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7942]“Alright, from now on, I'll teach you everything I know.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7942]“まあ、これからもボクがいろいろ教えてあげるよ”[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_se_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7879]“Yes, Coach!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7879]“はい、コーチ!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Coach, again?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あ、コーチとかまだ続いてたんだ”[np]


@black time=1000



;背景 学園廊下 夕方
@bg storage=bg_04b rule=rule_c_r time=500

@bgm storage=bgm_16c

@chr l=kanon_a_se_07_s r=eiichi_a_se_01_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7880]“Haha, that was fun!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7880]“ふー、おもしろかったー”[np]

@chr r=eiichi_a_se_08b_s
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7943]“You really threw me for a loop when you asked to join the club.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7943]“まったく、いきなり参加したいとかいうからびっくりしたよ”[np]

@chr l=kanon_a_se_09_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7881]“I was just wondering what you guys do in there.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7881]“なにしてるのかなーって思ってね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, we don't really do much.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ま、とくになにもしてないわけだが”[np]

@chr r=eiichi_a_se_01b_s
[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7944]“I'm out, Bro.”[np]
;;[nm t="栄一" s=eii_7944]“じゃあ、帰るね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“See ya.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おう”[np]
@dellay pos=r

Eiichi left.[np]

@camera angle=l
@chr l=kanon_c_se_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7882]“Well, Nii-san, what should we do now?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7882]“さあて、兄さん、なにしよっか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, that's right. You don't have practice today.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“今日は練習ないんだったな”[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_01b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7883]“Hmm, let's talk.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7883]“んー、お話しよう”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Sure, but... talk?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ……お話?”[np]

@chr l=kanon_a_se_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7884]“I always wanted to space out in the classroom after class.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7884]“授業終わって、夜までぽけーっと教室に残ってみたかったの”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Heh. Looking for a bit of youthful ‘carpe diem’?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、そういう青春的なヤツね”[np]
;;ああ、そういう青春的なヤツね here, you do it TNA
;;How about ‘How very adolescent of you?' or something, i dunno
;;I got no fucking idea - pondr

@chr l=kanon_a_se_07_b
She smiles and nods.[np]

@chr l=kanon_a_se_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7885]“Nii-san, are you busy this afternoon?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7885]“兄さんは時間平気?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Er...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“えっと……”[np]

Well, I do have plans, but...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Nah, not really. It's a holiday, after all.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いいよ、別に。たまの休みだろ?”[np]

...But I think I'd rather spend time with Kanon.[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7886]“Sorry... thanks!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7886]“ごめんねっ、ありがとっ!”[np]

I want to continue to support Kanon.[np]

She's made quite a few breakthroughs since the Japan Championships.[np]

She's finally become able to feel gratitude and compassion for others like a normal person.[np]

;背景 教室 夕方
@bg storage=bg_05b rule=rule_c_r time=1500

We lounged in the empty classroom.[np]

@camera angle=l
@chr ll=kanon_b_se_01_s
Kanon suddenly opens the window, and a smooth January breeze rolls in.[np]

@chr ll=kanon_b_se_04_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7887]“Hey, I just got a text from Seta-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7887]“あ、瀬田さんからメール来た”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へー”[np]

@chr ll=kanon_b_se_01_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7888]“She wants to go out to get a bite to eat. You wouldn't believe the sweets that girl can down, Nii-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7888]“明日ごはん行こうって。甘いもの好きだからなー、あの子は”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You two are really friendly these days.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“すっかり仲良しだな”[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7889]“That's because she said she's ceding her seat at Worlds to Non-chan.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7889]“のんちゃんに譲るとか言ってたからね、世界”[np]
;;note to editor: give as in transfer, give up/give over to someone else, etc.
;;wrong tl based on conversation. fixed.

[nm t="京介"]“Even though she obviously can't do that.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなことが許されるはずもないのにな”[np]

@chr ll=kanon_b_se_04c_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7890]“Yeah, so I told her to just go win the gold medal. That way Japan will get to send three people to the Olympics.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7890]“だから、金メダルとって来いって言っといた。そしたら次のオリンピックは三枠になるから”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“With her ability, she could easily pull that off.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“瀬田の実力なら十分優勝狙えるだろ”[np]

At the moment, there are two popular female figure skaters in Japan.[np]

One is Seta Makiko, who took first in this year's Grand Prix of Figure Skating and the Japan Championships.[np]

The other is this carefree girl before my eyes.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you preparing for the Olympics now?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いまは、オリンピックに向けて調整中か?”[np]

@chr ll=kanon_b_se_04_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7891]“Yeah. If I get the chance to compete.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7891]“うむ。出れればね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Surely you will. If three skaters get to participate, then you've got to be one of them.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“出れるよ。枠が三つになったとして、お前が出なかったら誰が出るんだ?”[np]

@chr ll=kanon_b2_se_02_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7892]“I know, right? But supposedly there's some dispute about it...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7892]“そかなー、いまいろいろ議論されてるみたいだけどねー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You'll make it. Definitely.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“必ず出させてやる”[np]

@chr ll=kanon_a_se_05_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7893]“...Ah... yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7893]“……あ、うん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...That's what Papa said, anyway.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“と、パパが申しておりました”[np]

Alright, that's a lie. He didn't.[np]

Yes, I made up my mind.[np]

After that day, I did everything in my power to determine the truth behind the scandal.[np]

I eventually learned that the sponsors backing Seta had something to do with it.[np]

However, that's not something to bother the skaters over.[np]
;;for measure: original was "not something the skaters need to know"

That kind of battle is best left to scum like me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“When do you go to America? Is it the day after tomorrow?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あさってだっけ? アメリカ行くのは”[np]

I suddenly bring up a topic we'd been avoiding in a lonely voice.[np]

@chr ll=kanon_a_se_09b_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7894]“Yeah... it'll be pretty lonely, I think.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7894]“うん、さみしくなるねー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I really wish I could go with you, but...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“本当ならついていきたいが”[np]

@chr ll=kanon_a_se_01_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7895]“It's alright, Mom is coming with me.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7895]“だいじょうぶだよ、お母さんがいるから”[np]

After the incident at the Japan Championships, Ikuko-san was apparently bedridden for a week.[np]

The cause seemed to be something mental.[np]

She was probably just worn out, and I can't say I blame her. After all, she had to purge herself of all the dirt that had accumulated within her all these years.[np]
;;heavily edited, but this gets across the emotion Kyousuke is expressing toward the woman better than the original.

@chr ll=kanon_a_se_04_s
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7896]“Mom said that she'd be going with me just as my mother.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7896]“お母さんは、ただのお母さんとしてついてくるって”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I see...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうか……”[np]

@dellay pos=ll
@chr l=kanon_c_se_03_b
@quake sx=3 sy=6 xcnt=1 ycnt=3 time=300 fade=true
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7897]“But, I'll still be lonely!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7897]“でも、さみしいよー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Whoa!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おわっ!”[np]

She gives me a hug, and the sweet smell of her hair wisps up to meet me.[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_02_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7898]“Nii-san, aren't you going to say something?”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7898]“兄さん、何も言わないの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“は?”[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7899]“Well, you always used to tell me to get off you.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7899]“だって、いままでは離れろとか言ってたじゃない?”[np]
;;I totally misread that as get you off.

[nm t="京介"]“...I figured I'd let it slide, seeing as no one else is here.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……まあ、人もいないしな”[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_23b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7900]“Right...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7900]“だね……”[np]

Kanon silently stares at me.[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_23c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7901]“Non-chan is so lucky.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7901]“のんちゃんは、幸せ者だ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“She is? Erm... you are?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“うん?”[np]
;;hyuk hyuk let's make fun of japanese, guys - pondr

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7902]“I get to keep you all to myself.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7902]“兄さんを独り占めにしてる”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“That's not fair. I have to share you with millions of fans.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おいおい、お前はいろんなファンの方に愛されてるじゃねえか”[np]

@chr l=kanon_a_se_09b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7903]“Oh come on, if you talk like that, you'll ruin the mood!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7903]“それを言っちゃあ、おしまいなわけだよ”[np]

She puffs out her cheeks a little.[np]
;;I don't get this last convo... - pondr 1
;;I think my new edit figured it out... - pondr 2

And I softly kiss her lips.[np]

@chr l=kanon_a_se_14c_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7904]“Mm...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7904]“ん……っ……”[np]

@chr l=kanon_a_se_14b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7905]“S-stupid...”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7905]“ば、バカっ……”[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_23b_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7906]“Nii-san, you're good at kissing for some reason, and that kind of makes me mad.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7906]“兄さんは、なんか上手だからムカツク”[np]
;;This sounds like something a girl I know would say, complete with stream of consciousness rambling tone... and we ironically pretend to be siblings. (Of course we don't kiss or anything...) - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Well, I am yakuza. Bed yakuza, that is.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、ヤクザだからな。ベッドヤクザ”[np]
;;Never actually heard the term bed yakuza before, but there was that game called osananajimi wa bed yakuza. Unfortunately I can't seem to look it up because thanks to that damn game's release, all the results are about that damn game. Well I can imagine it means something like good in bed or assertive in bed or whatever and probably needs to be changed into something that works in English anyway. But I'm a lazy fucker mwahaha
;;I vote for either leave it (it's obvious what it means) or change it to dirty thief/steal hearts all day long, something like that.

I thought it was pretty witty, if I do say so myself. I guess she just wasn't paying attention, or something.[np]

@chr l=kanon_c_se_23_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7907]“Then... hold me tighter.”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7907]“じゃあ、もっとぎゅってしてぇ”[np]


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And now the time has come for her departure.[np]

We're saying a temporary farewell.[np]

After her training, she'll be right back at my side.[np]

Kanon politely greeted the reporters who came to see her off, and then raised her arm in a grandiose wave.[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_si_01_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7908]“Well, I'm off!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7908]“んじゃ、いってきまーす!”[np]

What a cheerful smile.[np]

The ‘devil’ in Kanon's heart is no longer.[np]

This girl has finally overcome her weakness, and will surely continue to leap forward long into the future.[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_si_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7909]“See ya, Nii-san!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7909]“兄さん、じゃーねー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yup.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ”[np]

[nm t="花音" s=kan_7910]“Remember to call me!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7910]“ちゃんと電話するねー”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You got it.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おう”[np]

A calm smile hung from the corners of my mouth.[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_si_04_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7911]“Thank you, Nii-san. And sorry in advance for all the headaches I'll be giving you from now on!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7911]“ありがとう、兄さん。これからも、いっぱい、ごめんなさいだよ”[np]
;;"trouble I'll cause you" would be better in this instance, but all the other times "headache" fit better, so I figured I'd put it in here too. - pondr

Leaving me with these words, she bowed her head quietly.[np]

I just shook mine ambiguously.[np]

Kanon's battle is still far from over.[np]

This departure is a beginning rather than an end.[np]

@mface name=kanon_a_si_07_b
[nm t="花音" s=kan_7912]“Bye bye!”[np]
;;[nm t="花音" s=kan_7912]“ばいばーいっ!”[np]
;;voice match - pondr

My sister waved energetically once more... and left.[np]

Kanon, who had been my sister only in name up until now, had become someone I couldn't live without.[np]

I returned her wave in the same fashion, bidding her farewell.[np]

Fight on, Kanon――――![np]
;;are we really leaving "fight on"? It sounds so awkward but it's not "incorrect" so I didn't change it from the Chinese translation - chikan
;;While "fight on" is a little cheesy, remember Kanon is the energetic heroine, and she's going to go practice for extreme physical competition. "do your best" or whatever ganbare tl you want to use probably wouldn't be brutal enough for this girl's day-to-day life. I personally think it fits well. - pondr
;;Fight! Mega Man! For everlasting peace!
;;okay seriously guys what's the issue with fight on??? you want us to use DQ terminology, the word "tsundere", and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" quotes, but something that's just a little cheesy for a cheesy as shit heroine is an issue??? I mean, IT RHYMES! (kinda, not really) - pondr

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※The presentation of figure skating within this game is somewhat inaccurate. Miki Ando (JPN) successfully landed a quadruple salchow in a 2002 ladies' competition, and the revealing outfit Kanon wears could lead to score penalties. The sport as presented here is merely the projection of figure skating into the world of ‘G-Senjou no Maou’.
;;※The presentation of figure skating within this game bears similarities to real life, but is somewhat different. In reality, the sport has already seen ladies perform and land quadruple jumps in competition (the first and only as of the game's release and translation is Miki Ando, JPN, who performed a quadruple salchow at the 2002 Junior Grand Prix Final), and the revealing outfit that Kanon wears could potentially lead to score penalties. Please understand that the sport as presented here is merely the projection of figure skating into the world of "G Senjou no Maou".
;;Added trivia to this note because it's totally relevant... - pondr

;;shortened note because it didn't all fit... maybe this one will. qc dat shit plz - pondr
;;it's cool now. izmos
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