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;背景 空 昼
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Spring, the next year.[np]

Mizuha doesn't talk about her sister all the time like she used to.[np]

But she surely hasn't forgotten her.[np]

Tokita Yuki's name caused quite a sensation last winter.[np]

However, Mizuha refused to falter.[np]

Despite being constantly slandered with talk of her rotten father and sister, she visited Tokita in prison.[np]

She came to a firm decision after one such encounter.[np]

She decided to be happy for her sister's sake as well.[np]

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[nm t="京介"]“That suits you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“似合ってるぞ、その衣装”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20737]“You think?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20737]“そう?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. It's been a while since I've seen you wear something so frilly.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、久しぶりにひらひらしたもん着てるお前を見た”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20738]“I could get used to this.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20738]“たまにはいいじゃない”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, um... normally, you're only supposed to wear that once in your lifetime.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“たまにはって……それは普通、一生に一度しか着ないもんだぞ?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20739]“Then let's work together to make sure I don't have to wear it again.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20739]“二度と着ることにならないよう、お互い努力しましょう?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah... together.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうだな、お互いにな”[np]

Mizuha isn't alone anymore.[np]

She's not the little girl sitting in the corner of the classroom anymore.[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20740]“It's almost showtime.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20740]“そろそろ、開幕ね”[np]

Her hand in mine stiffened a little.[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20741]“Hey, Kyousuke-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20741]“ねえ、京介くん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんだ?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20742]“Do you like snowmen?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20742]“雪だるまは好き?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Not really.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“別に”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20743]“Just say you like them.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20743]“好きって言ってよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Okay, I like them.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“じゃあ、好き”[np]
;;doesn't he make fun of eiichi for saying something very similar ("then, I like dogs the best") - pondr

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20744]“Hehe... then next time we make snowmen, you can join us.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20744]“フフ……なら、今度作るときは、あなたも混ぜてあげる”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, great. You're planning to make me do all the work, aren't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そりゃ、うれしいね。おれに全部やらせようって腹だろう?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20745]“Oh, how did you figure me out?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20745]“あら、どうしてばれたの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Looks like I still haven't disciplined you enough yet.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まったく……まだまだしつけが必要だな”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20746]“Try it if you can.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20746]“やれるものならやってみてよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, close your eyes.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“じゃあ、目ぇ閉じろ”[np]

@ev storage=ev_mizuha_12b

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20747]“Eh, w-wait, the curtain's about to rise!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20747]“え、ちょ、ちょっと、もう幕が開くわよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You really are weak against these things.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“やっぱり、そういうのには弱いよな”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20748]“S-stop, everyone will see!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20748]“や、やめてったら、大勢の人に見られるわよ!?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, the yakuza bunch will be howling.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、極道の兄さん方の失笑を買うだろうな”[np]

I forcefully near Mizuha's lips.[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20749]“I-I get it. Do you love me?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20749]“わ、わかったわ、私のこと好き?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20750]“Then will you marry me?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20750]“なら、結婚してくれる?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“That's a good one.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“面白いギャグだな”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20751]“J-just let me say one thing...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20751]“さ、最後に、これだけは言わせて……”[np]

I couldn't wait any longer.[np]

Clapping and cheers welled up from the other side of the curtain.[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20752]“You know...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20752]“あのね……”[np]
@ev storage=ev_mizuha_12c

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20753]“M...!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20753]“んっ……!”[np]

I shut up her loud mouth.[np]

It may sound rude, but I don't need to hear those words to know what she was trying to say.[np]

A melting sensation floods my heart through my lips as I imagine our future together.[np]

Naturally, Tokita is there too.[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20754]“Mm, ah... hey, quit i-...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20754]“ん、あっ……もうっ、やめっ……”[np]

Her shoulders tremble slightly.[np]

...Ever the adorable young girl.[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20755]“H-hey, let me say it...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_20755]“だ、だから、これだけは、言わせてって……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかってるっての”[np]

Mizuha only wanted to say one thing...[np]

‘...Thank you...’――――[np]

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