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Anyhow, my friend is interested in working on a translation patch, lol.
However, it will be a double translation, Japanese -> Korean -> English.

The original patch is made by Basilisk.

Since it looks like they patched it up to run off of unencrypted, uncompressed script files, to make life easy hopefully we'll just piggyback on the Korean patch.

Or, we'll bother ViruX, or, we'll use rem's tools, if he releases them.


  • Translation: ?
  • Translation check: ?
  • Hacking: Basilisk / ViruX / rem
  • Editing: ?
  • QC: ?


59 Lines (0.0506%)[edit]

Oh dear, looks like a lot less got done.

There are actually 116,575 lines (including duplicates, which makes things a bit less.)

The first 59 lines of Manaka's route got translated.

This is actually about 0.0506%.

Translation is being done at translator's leisure.

Script Chart List[edit]