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Sorry ! May I ask you to do English translation for game Love Plus+ for Nintendo DS ?

Because you did English translation for game Love Plus so if you do English translation for Love Plus+ , it isn't difficult, right ?

sorry ! Can I join in project little busters! with you , I want to help

Hello! I was a member of EN-RU translation-group of Little Busters, that is from yours' patch. Thanks a lot for it! (I joined the project later, so I don't know if you gave permission for it, but hopefully you didn't mind :) Anyway, may I ask to grab your translation of 0515 and 0516 of ME, please? Since it was in Japanese, one person from our team translated them accurately from Japanese, but badly in Russian, so I don't completely understand it. I'll obviously take in mind that your work on it is not complete and will not spread it anywhere outside our group. If you don't mind, here is my mail: dolamroth71 [at sign] gmail [dot] com // I have poor experience using Wikies, so I don't know how to send/take files here(