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Hello, I'm Kilicool64, the second QC for the Never7 translation.

I'm the perfectionist among the team.

My speciality is finding and correcting or reporting even the slightest mistakes even though the majority of players would probably never notice them.

Making sure there's not a single redundant space or searching for missing pixels may seem like a waste of time to most of you guys, but hey, see it from the bright side:

If someone is crazy enough to do stuff like that, at least the translation will be of slightly higher quality.

I am also a member of Lemnisca Translations.

Here's a short resumé of my contributions to the English VN community:

Past projects:

-QC and proofreader for Never7

-Helped making a patch for the DL version of ONE ~To the Radiant Season~

Current projects:

-QC for I/O

Status: With exception of some of the TIPS, nothing has been edited yet, so it's not worth QCing right now.

-QC for 12Riven

Status: Our current patch has a game-breaking bug, causing the game to crash after the first script. Obviously, I can't work on it in this state.

-Editing Kanon's English scripts to work with the PSP voices

Status: Currently playing Kanon since I don't want to get spoiled while editing the scripts. I have the PSP voices in OGG format. Please tell me if you know whether or not they're available in higher quality. Released a teaser patch for the first script.

Potential future projects:

-QC for Root Double

Hmm... What else can I write about?

I know! I'll tell you the epic story of how I joined the Never7 translation project. Ahem...

How the Legendary Proofreader Kilicool64 came to embark on a quest to cleanse Never7 of the dreaded Typos

Once upon a time on the continent of Infinity there was a wanderer called Kilicool64.

After his recent journeys to Ever17 and Remember11 he planned to pay a visit to the mysterious land of Never7.

However, access to Never7 was blocked by a powerful seal known as the "Language Barrier".

Luckily, a group of mighty sorcerers lead by a hero called GundamAce managed to break the Language Barrier and allowed Kilicool64 to continue his journey only to discover that as a result of breaking the seal, Never7 was now on the verge of destruction.

Evil forces knon as the Typos had invadd.

They defid the laws of ortography and typografy, wrecking havok upon the intire land.

No body knew their orgin.

Many thoght of them as divine punishment.

Others consireded them a demonic cration from hel.

More esoteric people believed they were a manifestation of human erors

Only one thing was certain:They had to be destroyed at al kost.

The sorcerers did their best too fight them ,but soon reached their limits as mani of the Typos could not be seen by the averege human and tere where far to many of them.

That was when one of them, a man known as Roger Pepitone met Kilicool64.

He quickly realized that he had remarkable talent as a proofreader and taught him the art of removing Typos.

So Kilicool64 joined the sorcerers in their fight against the Typos to save Never7.

Will he succeed or succumb to chaos?

Only time will tell...