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Miscellaneous stuff[edit]

  • - somewhat generic TLWiki progress/script puller based on the YU-NO tool (Python 3.x). Not yet comfortable putting this on the main tools page.
  • File:Doukoku - Tools to dump scripts from Doukoku Soshite... into xml and somewhat nicer-looking html (good for rikaichan-ing) showing images from the game when they are loaded at each point of the script (spoilers yes, but pretty much necessary to navigate the damn thing). (Python 3.x + imagemagick).
  • File:Machi - Tools to dump scripts from Machi (Sega Saturn) into xml, txt, html formats (Python 3.x). The vast majority of the work here was creating the text encoding tables - the game uses a custom text encoding and multiple fonts comprising a total of 6381 character bitmaps which had to be identified.
  • Himawari (Blank Note) voice patch - applies the PSP voices to the original doujin release (barely tested), refer to readme inside for instructions
    • [1] - Voice patched scripts on the version 1.23 (2010.04.20) official update patch
    • [2] - Voice files
    • File:Himawari - Tools for building the voice patch (Python 3.x). These are not necessary for simply using the above two patch files.