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I translate stuff whenever I'm procrastinating from working on my thesis.
In other words, I translate a lot.

Contact Info[edit]

AIM: k4ruu
IRC: Kotopuffs (on Rizon)
Email: kotopuffs at gmail dot com

Current Projects[edit]

Real Imouto ga Iru (translator)
Sorairo (translator)
OreImo PSP (translation checker)

Previous Projects[edit]

Yosuga no Sora - Sora's arc (translator)
Subarashiki Hibi - first 100 lines (translator)
Many others I've either forgotten or prefer not to mention

Potential Future Projects[edit]

Nekonade Distortion
Natsu no Ame
Tasogare no Sinsemilla
Haruka na Sora
Anything containing imouto and a good story
Secret Project(s)