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I am the proprietor of TLWiki, for whatever that's worth. I may be reached at [email protected] via email, the nick Moogy on rizon, or @moogy0 on Twitter.



  • Asakura P - Complete script translation and image editing
  • Dra+KoI - Script translation (everything except eroscenes)

In Progress

  • Murasaki-iro no Qualia manga (scanlation w/ Tenko, translator for chapters 8+) stalled indefinitely due to burnout
  • Unannounced project (RPG Maker game with relatively little text, do not get your hopes up for anything someone might actually care about)


  • Asakura 3 no one would play it anyway

Interested in working on

  • Short stuff (doubt I can commit to anything longer than a single volume of an LN, and even that's a rather dubious prospect)
  • Doujin platformers or RPGs (much less of a pain to translate than prose)

Credited in

Anything not listed on this page I no longer want to associate myself with. Especially not Sharin.