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Since I can't list an impressive resume like user:Raide.. I'll just tell you the short and fabulous tale of how I came to be an editor for the Never 7 Translation Project.

Warning: Below story may be horribly twisted and exaggerated. (It is)

Once upon a time, that is earlier this week, I was innocently browsing the Ever 17 forums on Gamefaqs. Having finished the game a few weeks before I feared no spoilers so I merrily clicked all the text that had a slight dark blue hue. Shortly thereafter I would regret my carefree clicking, as I had found my way into a thread by GundamAce where he was doing a running "review" of Never 7... Too late I realized what it was that had happened, but the damage had already been done. I had been spoiled. (To be fair there were Spoiler tags all over the thread, but I can be kinda thick at times.) I cried myself to sleep that night, but the following day as I slaved away at my job, my fury rose until I could take it no more, so when I came home from the long work day, I sat down with my trusty partner, Sony Vaio, and challenged GundamAce: "You have spoiled me for the first and last time you scoundrel! I demand a position in QC/Proofreading as recompense or you shall face the wrath of the God-Empress-Cat Kira!" In reply he cackled wickedly and said to me: "Those who would join this group must edit me these scripts three!" (Yea, terribly done Monty Python reference, and there were only two scripts...) So it was that I set to work on the test, after much toil and mishaps with Session data, I finished it the next day, and let him know that the masterpiece was finished and that he may now judge it. As for the result, well I'm here aren't I? ;) Of course, the sly little devil made me an editor instead of a proofreader...

In all seriousness, I had seen him posting quite a bit on the Ever 17 forums, sent him a PM one day asking if the project needed any help as I consider myself to be fairly good at the English language, and they did! So after passing the test I got accepted into the team.

Now then, a bit about me! I'm 23 and live in Sweden, have a boring day job, and aspire to become a full-time writer at some point in the future. (I also have two cats, one is evil and the other is really evil) Obviously I do have experience in writing, not so much in editing. (Actually this will probably be my first time ever that I'm not messing with my own stuff) Think it's going to be a fun experience as I can't really take as big liberties with the text as I could with my own work. Not really conversed much with my brosefs on the team yet, but from what I can tell so far they are decent enough fellows. Anyhow I'll do my best to bring all the lowly peons out there a shiny shiny Never 7!