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Being a big fan of The [email protected], and wanting to help spread it around, I decided to join ship and help out. Unfortunately, my Japanese isn't that good. I've only been self-studying for about 3 years, and I still only have a basic knowledge of vocabulary, and a very less than basic knowledge of kanji. m(_ _;;)m Most likely, my scripts need editing and translation checking. Most of the time I use Google Translate as a resource, but this page helps me quite a bit too.

My contributions (Though most aren't big)

Idolmaster SP:PS:3295
Idolmaster SP:PS:3554
Idolmaster SP:PS:5532
Idolmaster SP:PS:6728
Idolmaster SP:PS:2728
Idolmaster SP:PS:5711
Idolmaster SP:PS:5560
Idolmaster SP:PS:5532

Idolmaster SP:PS:44744
Idolmaster SP:PS:43199 (I did this over the course of a few days, but there's still some lines that I don't get :/)

Idolmaster SP:PS:14145
Idolmaster SP:PS:15172
Idolmaster SP:PS:15714
Idolmaster SP:PS:15272

Idolmaster SP:PS:6305
Idolmaster SP:PS:7618
Idolmaster SP:PS:11962
Idolmaster SP:PS:17853

Idolmaster SP:M57914