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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia cover

Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a member of the Mages' Association, wakes on the fourth day of the 5th Heaven's Feel with a new servant, Avenger, and no memory of what happened to her beforehand. Together, they set off to fight and win the war.

(VNDB & Wikipedia)

2014 - Update[edit]

From Dozenagent[edit]

Head Here for the latest 100% beta patch. A link to the entrans server, which has not been updated for quite a while (text only).

Everyone is welcome to help out with QA during this process.

Active Project Thread (Beast's Lair)

Former Discussion Thread (Beast's Lair) - Now Closed

From sushimonster[edit]

So yeah. As updated by dozenagent above, this project has undergone quite a few changes (or the lackthereof) in the past two or so years. I have made quite a few repeated attempts during said period (and still am attempting) to contact Ranmafan. But life being life, priorities do need to be adhered to. Alas, with Ranmafan apparently unable to assist, the project has been picked up by a few die-hard fans over on the Active Project Thread (F/ha Beast's Lair forums), in a final push to get the translation completed. I will continue to assist whenever I myself am free with enough time, but as it stands, this project is no longer stalled. Though granted, not the ideal way of things to turn out. Ranmafan, do make contact on the mailing list when you can!

I'm pretty sure it can now be classed as active (albeit a rather slow-progress-active, but active nonetheless)



See also Fate/Hollow_Ataraxia:News_Archive

September 13, 2014[edit]

Progress: 100%. The Editing and QA Phase has started. This is an open QA process, so everyone that wants to help with QA is welcome to the beta patch (which will be updated as needed on the Active Project Thread).

August 19, 2014[edit]

A new/spin-off team has taken up the project (as of June 15, 2014). Progress is currently at 94.9%. After hitting 100%, there will be several weeks of editing and QA.

Partial patches are updated weekly, the active project thread can be found here.

June 30, 2012[edit]

"Not translated" mark

Release3.1 is out. Get it here.

The focus of this release is bugfixes - only four new scenes this time. All crashes and word-wrapping issues reported on the feedback page have been fixed.

You can now see untranslated scenes on the map - a "not translated" image will be shown on mouseover (see the screenshot).

Please use the new page for feedback.

May 19, 2012[edit]


Release3 is out. Get it here - unpack into the game folder and go. As always, any feedback is very much appreciated.

Unlike before, only finalized/edited scenes are included in this patch (about 52% of the entire game). If you feel there are gaps in the storyline that ought to have been translated, make sure to complain.


  • Hanafuda minigame and scenes are fully translated (with the Hanafuda EX patch included). READ THE TUTORIAL before playing.
  • All official Type-Moon patches (a number of minor bugfixes) after v1.2 are now included.
  • Wordwrapping patch updated.

Much thanks to Rester for the high-quality Hanafuda image edits.

Error reports[edit]

Check for known issues and report new ones on the feedback page.

How to help[edit]

See also Fate/Hollow_Ataraxia:FAQ

If you're interested in translating, see TL interface and the TL Guide. For a list of other current tasks, see the todo list.

Current Staff/credits[edit]

  • Translation: mewarmo990, EDreamer, Dozenagent
  • Editing: Dozenagent
  • Image Editing: sushimonster, Maple-tan, Waku Waku (Guest Editor)
  • Technical: Jacktheinfinite101, Quibi
  • Quality Assurance: aldeayeah, zero-nii, 5argan, a wild goose's crevice, Trubo

Special thanks to:

  • Paitouch - Slayer of the Wild Goose's Crevice
  • Mcjon - "I can honestly say I never helped at all."
  • And all the anonymous helpers

Previous Staff/credits[edit]

(These people did the vast majority of the work)

Special thanks to:

  • arai (Beast's Lair) - significant amount of translated material
  • amukunau and delta - significant amount of translated text and images (Korean to English)
  • cabd - translation of selected scenes
  • gndynames - translation of selected scenes (Chinese to English)
  • lennar - translation of (many) selected scenes
  • nagato - kirikiri wordwrapping code
  • phiber - help with extracting the flowchart
  • anime-rg - movie subtitles

...and many others from Beast's Lair and elsewhere that have helped with the project.


  • Direct general questions to Dozenagent on the active project thread. All other team members can be reached the same way.
  • You may contact the previous lead, Ranmafan by leaving a message as well.

Where to buy[edit]

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