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Never 7: The end of infinity



Complete Never7 English Patch, version 1.05

The 1.05 patch fixes typos, fixes a few minor translation errors, corrects an error with the TIPS, and fixes a part of the game that crashes in the earlier versions. If you have the 1.00 version and wish to correct the TIPS error, please look below. If you've already installed the 1.02 or below patches and have therefore already installed Never7, look below.

If you find any error in current patch, please report it here

Known issues:

  • Text can be a bit sheared in places; this also occurs in the original Japanese.
  • Video files may not play properly. Try playing them in Windows Media Player. If they do not work there, you may need to uninstall K-Lite or install this.
  • Due to the Never 7 specific software requirements it is highly recommended to install this xvid codec in order to prevent game crashes during the video playing.
  • Append Story files were placed in manual-en instead of append-en. To fix this manually:
    • Create a folder "append-en" in your Never7 directory and "yuka_cure" in "append-en".
    • Move all the "c_yuka#.snr" files from "manual-en" to "yuka_cure".
    • Move all the other ".snr" files from "manual-en" to "append-en".

Game and Patch Installation Tips[edit]

If you do not already own Never7, it is available in a download edition. If you have trouble installing it, see this guide. For an English guide on how to buy the download edition, see this guide.

If you want the videos to be subtitled, create a folder called "movie-en" in your Never7 folder and place the following files into it.

Opening movie, Ending Movie 1, Ending Movie 2

The original game came with a soundtrack CD, and had to be played with that disc in the drive for music to play. If you have the CD, then run Never7_English_CD.exe.

The download version does not include the CD. To play music, extract one or both of the following files into your Never7 directory. Original Soundtrack Oggs PSP Soundtrack Oggs While playing the game, right-click to select a playlist.

Note: As the PSP OST is slightly louder than the PC OST, it may drown out the voice acting at times. Therefore, we have provided the following folder which contains the PSP OST at lower volume levels. Once you get the folder, place the sound level of your choice directly into the Never7 folder, and you can access the playlist. We highly recommend it at the 9500 level.

PSP OST volume varieties

Patch updates and changelog[edit]

Update: If you are getting errors about libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll, grab this and put it in the Never7 directory.

Update: If your game doesn't recognize all letters that are used in the script, these additional fonts might be helpful.

Update: If you are getting errors about msvcr100.dll, grab this and put it in the Never7 directory.

Update: 1.05 version of the patch, typo and translation fixes only [1] and [2]

WARNING: One of the TIPS was accidentally set to be unlocked by Kurumi's Route password. This was meant to be the Cure Route password. If you have the 1.00 patch, here's how to fix it.

1. Download this file.

2. Go into your CYBERFRONT or KID game folder in Program File (x86) (or wherever your original folder is located), and place the file in your manual-en folder. Allow it to overwrite the old file.

Update: We're considering a change to Yuka's "drunk speech" for future patches. To vote on whether you'd like it changed or not, go here


You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange things start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand. Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date - April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful that you have thought.

[From VNDB]



Never7 Status Archive

  • August 16, 2012: Yuka Cure QC complete. Patch will be released tomorrow.
  • August 12, 2012: Cure Route QC complete.
  • August 10, 2012: Release date has been changed to August 17th to give a little extra time for QC
  • August 5, 2012: Never7 Final Editing completed. A brief Quality Check on the Cure Route and Yuka Cure will still need to be conducted. Estimated date of full patch release: August 10th-August 16th.
  • July 13, 2012: TIPS Final Editing completed
  • July 6, 2012: Yuka Cure 5 Final Translation finished. Yuka Cure 6 Final Translation finished. Yuka Cure 7 Final Translation finished. Append Story Final Translation completed. Never7 Final Translation completed. Fully moving into final editing phase.
  • July 4, 2012: Yuka Cure 4 Final Translation finished.
  • July 3, 2012: Yuka Cure 3 Final Translation finished.
  • June 26, 2012: Yuka Cure 2 Final Translation finished.
  • June 20, 2012: Yuka Cure 1 Final Translation finished.

Differences between original and patch[edit]

Patch Differences

PC/PSP Music Differences[edit]

Differences between PC and PSP soundtrack


Route Initial Translation Initial Translation + Editing Final Translation Final Translation + Editing
Common 16/16 (100%) 16/16 (100%) 16/16 (100%) 16/16 (100%)
Yuka 15/15 (100%) 15/15 (100%) 15/15 (100%) 15/15 (100%)
Haruka 14/14 (100%) 14/14 (100%) 14/14 (100%) 14/14 (100%)
Saki 14/14 (100%) 14/14 (100%) 14/14 (100%) 14/14 (100%)
Kurumi 13/13 (100%) 13/13 (100%) 13/13 (100%) 13/13 (100%)
Izumi 10/10 (100%) 10/10 (100%) 10/10 (100%) 10/10 (100%)
Cure 10/10 (100%) 10/10 (100%) 10/10 (100%) 10/10 (100%)
Append Story 16/16 (100%) 16/16 (100%) 16/16 (100%) 16/16 (100%)
Other: 5/5 (100%) 5/5 (100%) 5/5 (100%) 5/5 (100%)
Total 113/113 (100%) 113/113 (100%) 113/113 (100%) 113/113 (100%)
TIPS: 111/111 (100%) 111/111 (100%) 111/111 (100%) 111/111 (100%)
Total + TIPS 224/224 (100%) 224/224 (100%) 224/224 (100%) 224/224 (100%)


General rules on scripts (technical)
General rules on scripts (translation related)
Duplicated and NVL lines

Underlined = Initial Translation
Italicized = Initial Translation + Editing
"Quotation Marks" = Retranslated, but not TLC'd
Bold = Final Translation
Bold and Underlined = Final Translation + Editing
Common Route Haruka's Route Izumi's Route Kurumi's Route

Common Route Day 1 1/4, Part 1
Common Route Day 1 2/4, Part 1
Common Route Day 1 3/4, Part 1
Common Route Day 1 4/4, Part 1
Common Route Day 2 1/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 2 2/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 2 3/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 3, Part 1: Dinner
Common Route Day 3, Part 1: Hot Springs
Common Route Day 3 1/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 3 2/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 3 3/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 4 1/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 4 2/3, Part 1
Common Route Day 4 3/3, Part 1

Haruka Day 1, Part 1: Ocean
Haruka Day 1, Part 1: Bike Ride
Haruka Day 2, Part 1: Pool
Haruka Day 3, Part 1: Test of Courage
Haruka Day 4, Part 1: Fishing and Saki
Haruka Day 5, Part 1
Haruka Day 6, Part 1
Haruka Day 1, Part 2
Haruka Day 2, Part 2
Haruka Day 3, Part 2
Haruka Day 4, Part 2
Haruka Day 5, Part 2
Haruka Day 6, Part 2
Haruka Day 7, Part 2

Izumi Day 2, Part 1: Pool
Izumi Day 3, Part 1: Test of Courage
Izumi Day 4, Part 1: Crabs
Izumi Day 5, Part 1
Izumi Day 6, Part 1
Izumi Day 1 1/2, Part 2
Izumi Day 1 2/2, Part 2
Izumi Day 2, Part 2
Izumi Day 3, Part 2
Izumi Day 4, Part 2

Kurumi Day 2, Part 1: Park
Kurumi Day 3, Part 1: Test of Courage
Kurumi Day 3, Part 1: Shrine
Kurumi Day 4, Part 1: Lunabeach
Kurumi Day 5, Part 1
Kurumi Day 6, Part 1
Kurumi Day 1, Part 2
Kurumi Day 2, Part 2
Kurumi Day 3, Part 2
Kurumi Day 4, Part 2
Kurumi Day 5, Part 2
Kurumi Day 6, Part 2
Kurumi Day 7, Part 2

Yuka's Route Saki's Route Cure Route

Yuka Day 1, Part 1: Tennis Match
Yuka Day 1, Part 1: Bike Ride
Yuka Day 2, Part 1: Pool
Yuka Day 3, Part 1: Test of Courage
Yuka Day 4, Part 1: Sakura Trees
Yuka Day 5, Part 1
Yuka Day 6, Part 1
Yuka Day 1 1/2, Part 2
Yuka Day 1 2/2, Part 2
Yuka Day 2, Part 2
Yuka Day 3, Part 2
Yuka Day 4, Part 2
Yuka Day 5, Part 2
Yuka Day 6, Part 2
Yuka Day 7, Part 2

Saki Day 1, Part 1: Bike Ride
Saki Day 2, Part 1: Pool
Saki Day 3, Part 1: Refusal and Basket
Saki Day 4, Part 1: Cottage and Haruka
Saki Day 5 1/2, Part 1
Saki Day 5 2/2, Part 1
Saki Day 6, Part 1
Saki Day 1, Part 2
Saki Day 2, Part 2
Saki Day 3, Part 2
Saki Day 4, Part 2
Saki Day 5, Part 2
Saki Day 6, Part 2
Saki Day 7, Part 2

Cure Day 5, Part 1
Cure Day 6, Part 1
Cure Day 1 1/2, Part 2
Cure Day 1 2/2, Part 2
Cure Day 2, Part 2
Cure Day 3, Part 2
Cure Day 4, Part 2
Cure Day 5, Part 2
Cure Day 6, Part 2
Cure Day 7, Part 2

Other scripts:
PS1 Epilogue
Cure B Ending
EXE strings
EXE Resources

Treasure Dream Lyrics
OP Subtitles
ED1 Subtitles
ED2 Subtitles
Infinity Series Chronology
Infinity Series Chronology (Javascript version)
Never7 Official Website Q&A

Textless scripts:
Izumi Day 2, Part 2
Izumi Day 5, Part 2
Izumi Day 6, Part 2
Staff Roll


Makoto Ishihara
Yuka Kawashima
Haruka Higuchi
Saki Asakura
Kurumi Morino
Izumi Morino
Okuhiko Iida
Shigezo Morino
Artificial Human Okkuman
The Boy
Sumo Crab
Michael Cabin
Tom Faiblin
Geiger Counter
Princess Beach

Moon Beach
Tsukiya Hotel
Viewpoint Park
Hot Spring
Shiki no Mori Shrine
Shopping District
Cherry Blossom Trees
Iida Financial Group
A Healthy YOUtopia
Professor Yuka's Love Formula
Professor Asakura's Love Formula

Lightning Rumble Alexander Thunder Serve
KuruKuru Kurumi Magic♪
Fat Cat Mascot Character
Japanese Test of Courage Awareness Club
Oedo Gatten
This Kind Of Situation
Curé Syndrome
Kurumi Unit 17
Mental Guts!
Super Memory
Vain Island
Nin Nin Neko Pyon
Popping Deflating Babirinko
Mysterious Object
Cuckoo Clock

Déjà Vu
Sixth Sense
Premonition Power (Precognition)
April Fool's Day
UFO Summoning Ritual
Spirited Away
Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
Sea Roach
Theory of Relativity
Infinite Loop
Time Travel
Butterfly Effect

Möbius Strip
Good Wine Makes Good Blood
Time Paradox
El Nino
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
Salt Removal Detergent
Monthly Toolbox
Rope Bell
Eternal Flow of Time
Shared Psychotic Disorder
Mythomania (Pseudologia Fantastica)
Schrödinger's Cat

Star Sand
Bulldog Rock-Paper-Scissors
The Ten Foot Square Hut
Water Slide
Bush Warbler
Proxy Exam
Counter Experiment

Append Story[edit]

Append Story & Related:
Examples N7:testmode.xsnr

Yuka Cure 0 N7:c_yuka0.xsnr
Yuka Cure 1 N7:c_yuka1.xsnr
Yuka Cure 2 N7:c_yuka2.xsnr
Yuka Cure 3 N7:c_yuka3.xsnr
Yuka Cure 4 N7:c_yuka4.xsnr
Yuka Cure 5 N7:c_yuka5.xsnr
Yuka Cure 6 N7:c_yuka6.xsnr
Yuka Cure 7 N7:c_yuka7.xsnr
Yuka Cure Comments
Append Story Commands
Append Story Etc.
Append Story Izumi Q&A
About Append Story
Game Manual
Misc. Append Story


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