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Script Chart[edit]

Italics: Translated and ready to be edited
Bold: (Well-)edited and ready to be proofread/inserted

Note: The Al Fine scenario opens up after having completed the Tortinita, Falsita and Liselsia routes of the main (Da Capo) scenario, and contains major spoilers to the plot. The Phorni route becomes available after having finished Al Fine, and starting a new game in the Da Capo scenario again (also spoilerish).

Symphonic Rain Script Chart
Da Capo Al Fine
Common Tortinita Falsita Liselsia Phorni / Other Main
kgo0182-Func PW kgo0109-Func t01
kgo0183-Func GE kgo0110-Func t02
kgo9000-LCTEST kgo0111-Func t03
kgo9999-Func SE kgo0112-Func t04
Nov 27 (Sun) kgo0001-Func a01
Nov 28 (Mon) kgo0002-Func a02 kgo0003-Func at01 kgo0113-Func t05
Nov 29 (Tue) kgo0008-Func a03 kgo0006-Func ax02 kgo0114-Func t06
Nov 30 (Wed) kgo0009-Func a04 kgo0004-FuncFal af01 kgo0115-Func t07
Dec 1 (Thu) kgo0010-Func a05 kgo0005-Func al01 kgo0116-Func t08
Dec 2 (Fri) kgo0011-Func a06 kgo0007-Func ax01 kgo0117-Func t09
Dec 4 (Sun) kgo0012-Func a07
Dec 5 (Mon) kgo0073-Func b01 kgo0013-Func btm01 kgo0045-Func blm01 kgo0056-Func bam01 kgo0118-Func t10
Dec 6 (Tue) kgo0074-Func b02 kgo0029-FuncFal bfm01 kgo0046-Func blm02 kgo0057-Func bam02
Dec 7 (Wed) kgo0075-Func b03 kgo0014-Func btm02 kgo0047-Func blm03 kgo0060-Func bxm02
Dec 8 (Thu) kgo0076-Func b04 kgo0030-FuncFal bfm02 kgo0058-Func bam03
Dec 9 (Fri) kgo0017-Func b05 kgo0015-Func btm03 kgo0031-FuncFal bf01 kgo0059-Func bxm01 kgo0119-Func t11
Dec 10 (Sat) kgo0180-Func b05_2 kgo0032-FuncFal bf02 kgo0048-Func bl01 kgo0061-Func ba01
Dec 11 (Sun) kgo0018-Func b06 kgo0016-Func bt01
Dec 12 (Mon) kgo0019-Func b07 kgo0020-Func btm04 kgo0049-Func blm04 kgo0062-Func bxm03
Dec 13 (Tue) kgo0077-Func b08 kgo0033-FuncFal bfm03 kgo0050-Func bl02 kgo0063-Func bxm04
Dec 14 (Wed) kgo0078-Func b09 kgo0021-Func btm05 kgo0034-FuncFal bf03 kgo0064-Func bam04 kgo0120-Func t12
Dec 15 (Thu) kgo0036-FuncFal b10 kgo0035-FuncFal bfm04
kgo0037-FuncFal bf04
kgo0051-Func bl03 kgo0065-Func ba02
Dec 16 (Fri) kgo0079-Func b11 kgo0022-Func btm06 kgo0066-Func ba03
Dec 17 (Sat) kgo0038-FuncFal bf05 kgo0052-Func bl04
Dec 18 (Sun) kgo0080-Func b12 kgo0023-Func bt02 kgo0039-FuncFal bf06 kgo0175-Func bl05 kgo0067-Func ba04 kgo0121-Func t13
Dec 19 (Mon) kgo0081-Func b13 kgo0024-Func bt03 kgo0053-Func bl06 kgo0068-Func ba05 kgo0122-Func t14
Dec 20 (Tue) kgo0082-Func b14 kgo0040-FuncFal bfm05
kgo0181-Func bxm05
kgo0069-Func ba06 kgo0123-Func t15
Dec 21 (Wed) kgo0025-Func bt04 kgo0054-Func bl07
Dec 22 (Thu) (bad end route start) kgo0176-Func bl08
Dec 23 (Fri) kgo0083-Func b16 kgo0026-Func bt05 kgo0041-FuncFal b15
kgo0042-FuncFal bf07
kgo0177-Func bl09 kgo0070-Func ba07
Dec 24 (Sat) kgo0027-Func bt06 kgo0043-FuncFal bf08 kgo0178-Func bl10 kgo0071-Func ba08 kgo0124-Func t16
Dec 25 (Sun) kgo0084-Func dx01 kgo0028-Func bt07 kgo0044-FuncFal bf09 kgo0055-Func bl11 kgo0072-Func ba09 kgo0125-Func t17
Dec 26 (Mon) kgo0085-Func dx02 kgo0091-Func dt01 kgo0141-FuncFal df01 kgo0158-Func dl01
Dec 29 (Thu) kgo0168-Func da01
Dec 31 (Sat) kgo0092-Func dt02 kgo0169-Func da02 kgo0126-Func t18
Jan 1 (Sun) kgo0086-Func dx03 kgo0093-Func dt03 kgo0142-FuncFal df02 kgo0159-Func dl02 kgo0170-Func da03 kgo0127-Func t19
Jan 2 (Mon) kgo0087-Func dx04 kgo0094-Func dt04 kgo0143-FuncFal df03 kgo0171-Func da04 kgo0128-Func t20
Jan 3 (Tue) kgo0095-Func dt05 kgo0144-FuncFal df04
Jan 4 (Wed) kgo0088-Func dx05 kgo0096-Func dt06 kgo0145-FuncFal df05 kgo0160-Func dl03 kgo0129-Func t21
Jan 5 (Thu) kgo0172-Func da05 kgo0130-Func t22
Jan 6 (Fri) kgo0097-Func dt07 kgo0146-FuncFal df06
Jan 7 (Sat) kgo0098-Func dt08 kgo0131-Func t24
Jan 8 (Sun) kgo0099-Func dt09
kgo0089-Func dx06
kgo0147-FuncFal df07 kgo0161-Func dl04
Jan 9 (Mon) kgo0100-Func dt10 kgo0148-FuncFal df08 kgo0162-Func dl05 kgo0132-Func t25
Jan 10 (Tue) kgo0101-Func dt11 kgo0149-FuncFal df09 kgo0179-Func dl06
Jan 11 (Wed) kgo0150-FuncFal df10
Jan 12 (Thu) kgo0102-Func dt12 kgo0163-Func dl07 kgo0133-Func t26
Jan 13 (Fri) kgo0164-Func dl08 kgo0134-Func t27
Jan 15 (Sun) kgo0103-Func dt13 kgo0151-FuncFal df11 kgo0135-Func t28
Jan 16 (Mon) kgo0104-Func dt14 kgo0152-FuncFal df12
Jan 17 (Tue) kgo0153-FuncFal df13
Jan 18 (Wed) kgo0154-FuncFal df14 kgo0165-Func dl09
Jan 19 (Thu) kgo0105-Func dt15 kgo0155-FuncFal df15 kgo0166-Func dl10 kgo0136-Func t29
Jan 20 (Fri) kgo0090-Func dx07 kgo0106-Func dt16
kgo0107-Func dt17
kgo0156-FuncFal df16 kgo0167-Func dl11 kgo0173-Func da06 kgo0137-Func t30
kgo0139-Func t31
kgo0138-Func Ttaend
Jan 21 (Sat) kgo0138-Func Ttaend_2
Feb 2 (Thu) kgo0108-Func Tbend kgo0157-FuncFal FAend kgo0174-Func da07 kgo0140-Func Ttbend
Feb 3 (Fri) kgo0174-Func da07b
↑ Generated script flow. (source data) Warning: hueg


"【クリス】": "[Chris]",
"【トルタ】": "[Torta]",
"【アル】": "[Ari]",
"【ファル】": "[Fal]",
"【リセ】": "[Lise]",
"【リセ】【クリス】": "[Lise & Chris]",
"【フォーニ】": "[Phorni]",
"【フォー二】": "[Phorni]",
"【アーシノ】": "[Asino]",
"【コーデル】": "[Cordell]",
"【グラーヴェ】": "[Grave]",
"【ニンナ】": "[Ninna]",
"【マイヤー】": "[Maya]",
"【マルコ】": "[Marco]",
"【生徒】": "[Student]",
"【男子生徒】": "[Male Student]",
"【女子生徒】": "[Female Student]",
"【女生徒】": "[Female Student]",
"【看護士】": "[Nurse]",
"【おばさん】": "[Lady]",
"【男性】": "[Man]",
"【紳士】": "[Gentleman]",
"【店員】": "[Attendant]",
"【宅配員】": "[Delivery Man]",
"【???】": "[???]",


Translation/Editing Guidelines[edit]

Note: These guidelines aren't final, let alone exhaustive. Feel free to add any points or challenge current ones in the designated section on the Talk page.


  • Use past tense for narration (past perfect for narration of past events).
  • When in doubt, fall back on past tense.
  • Use American English.
  • Leave out honorifics. Use equivalent forms where appropriate (e.g. Ms., Mr.)
  • Prioritize smooth sentence flow over accuracy at all times (but do make sure the original intent is preserved).
  • Avoid omitting words unless absolutely necessary.
  • Use English equivalents in place of Japanese idioms where appropriate.
  • If you're not 100% confident in a line you've edited, leave a note.
  • Do not translate Italian terms.
  • In second stage (in game), it's usually wise to edit conservatively, as all files have been modified at least twice, in order to avoid potentially damaging accuracy.

Style specific:

  • -ward, not -wards (toward, afterward, forward, etc)

Syntax specific:

  • Use double quotation marks for dialogue
  • Use single quotation marks for quotes in narration
  • Use 3 dots for ellipses (even if the Japanese line has 6)
  • Put a space after every ellipsis, not before
  • Start the line after an ellipsis lowercase in case it is a continuation of the previous line, capitalize otherwise
  • Do not bring tildes (~) over to the English text. If it is absolutely necessary, extend the last syllable of the word ("help me~" -> "help meee")
  • Use asterisks to put *emphasis* on a word

Proper Nouns Handling[edit]

The method to replace character names in scripts is described in the #Format paragraph below.

Note: A lexicon of Italian terms is also available.

Retained proper nouns:

Japanese name Full name Other form(s)
クリス・ヴェルティン Chris Vertin Vertin + Tortinita = Verita (it: truth)? (source: 2ch)

Who ever came up with 'Velding' anyway?

who knows? I picked it up from wp -- RT 23:00, 10 August 2009 (UTC)
トルティニタ・フィーネ Tortinita Fine トルタ=Torta (Chris, Arietta)
アリエッタ・フィーネ Arietta Fine アル=Ari (Chris, Tortinita)
ファルシータ・フォーセット Falsita Fawcett ファル=Fal (Chris, Asino)
リセルシア・チェザリーニ Liselsia Cesarini リセ=Lise (Chris)
フォーニ Phorni 音の妖精='sprite of music' a01 bf05 b15 bl03 ba01 dt14 dl01 da06
アーシノ・アルティエーレ Asino Artiere
コーデル・ベルドナーシェ Cordell Berdonashe (?) Ms. Cordell (Chris, Asino, Torta)
ニンナ・フィーネ Ninna Fine
グラーヴェ・チェザリーニ Grave Cesarini
フォルテール Fortell
ピオーヴァ Piova (it: « It's raining »)
雨の街='the city of rain' a02 bt07 bfm01 ba09 t01 t03 t04 t17 t19 FAend dl11
ピオーヴァ音楽学院 Piova Music Institute a02 al01 bt07 bf09 bl11 dt14 t04 df07 df09 da07 da07b
旧市街 Old Town Eastern district of Piova ax01 af01
新市街 New Town Western district of Piova ax01
トラットリア Trattoria ax02 bt02 bfm02 bf01 bf02 bf05 bl04 dx04 df03 df06 df10 df14 bl05
チェナーコロ cenacolo (it: « Cenacle », a place for social meetings) a02 af01 ax02 bl02 bl04 bam01 t09 bl05

See also cenacolo (musica)

コペルト Copert (it: « overcast (weather) ») Actually 'Coperto.' It says Copert on a sign in-game. Probable case of Itarian, but let's leave it at this to avoid confusion.
ナターレ Natale (it: « Christmas »)

Translation Memory[edit]

Will help editors:

Japanese phrase Translation(s) Comments
パートナー Partner
練習 Practice/rehearse
発声 / 発声練習 Vocal exercises
講師 Instructor
学院 Institute/school
第一校舎 Primary school building/primary building
第二校舎 Secondary school building/secondary building
旧校舎 Old school building
一年生 Freshman
二年生 Junior
三年生 Senior
演奏会 / 発表会 Concert
卒業演奏 Graduation recital/graduation performance
Table/desk It's used in both senses throughout the script, which can be pretty confusing at times.
フォルテール科 Fortell department
声楽科 Vocal department
詩作科 Poetry department
ポスト Mailbox
郵便局員 Mailman
"さて、どうしようか" "Well then, what to do." Printed before a map branching. a02 a04 a05 bl08
チョコラータ・カルダ Cioccolata calda cioccolata calda: hot chocolate


Scripts in this project use the Script Table templates. Below is an outline of additional syntax.

Version adapted from previous work courtesy of Wind Owl.

# ? Char Text
-9999 4** Localization file for kgo0042-FuncFal_bf07.kgos
-2000 4** Actor:【ファル】
-1999 4** Actor:【クリス】
-1998 4** Actor:【フォーニ】
-1 3// (auto) Start Function info
-1 3// RT The above lines are informative. You need not modify them.
-1 3// ~~~ becomes
This is a comment line, inserted by a staff member. Put your signature (~~~) in the 'character' field. You may also use the Comment templates to document your comments.
0000 1EN
0000 3// RT ↑ This is a blank narrative line generated by the script dumper. There is a blank English line for each Japanese line. Those are the lines you need to fill with translated text.
0000 1JA これは日本語です。
0000 3// RT ↑ This is a narrative line with Japanese text dumped from the game. Notice that the number #0000 corresponds to the EN line just above. You should keep this line here for reference and checking. Please do not modify or remove it.
0000 3// MrUnsureTLer Example use of {{TL|acc}} in comments:
This translation needs to be checked for accuracy.
0003 1EN EN:【ファル】
0003 3// RT ↑ When a line has a character assigned to it, the script dumper outputs "EN:character name" in the Char field so it can easily be Find/Replaced with its English equivalent.
0003 3// MrProofreader Should you want to suggest an alternate translation, you can do it below the EN line. If possible, provide a link to a talk section pertaining to this line.
0003 1JA 【ファル】 「あ……クリスさん」
0003 3// RT ↑ This is a character dialogue line with Japanese text dumped from the game.
0017 1EN EN:【ファル】
0017 1JA 【ファル】 「トルティニタさんから。(:AVGPAUSE/1500:)(:AVGCHARONE/35/1/1:)……えっと、でも、私の方か ら無理に聞き出しちゃったの。(:AVGPAUSE/1800:)(:AVGCHARONE/34/1/1:)ごめんなさい」
0017 3// RT ↑ Occasionally, dialogue lines may be enriched with extra events, such as displaying a bitmap, etc. You should keep them in the final, translated text, as they often correspond to pausing in the middle of a voice sound.
0062 4** → (conditional) [0063]
0063 4** ↓ from [0062]
0063 1EN
0063 1JA フォルテールの最後の余韻が部屋の壁に吸収され、空気が停滞したような音の空白が生まれる。
0063 3// RT ↑ You will also be informed of script branching (jumps). Sometimes, it may seem they do nothing, like shown here, but there may be events in-between that do not appear in this localization file. In this particular case, the player can practice the Fortell mini-game part as long as he/she wants.
0168 1EN
0168 1JA なら今は、乗せられておこう。
0168 4** ⇒ scene:"bf08" (Name of another script file)
0168 3// RT ↑ This indicates loading another scene. It only has informative value, since modifying this has no impact in-game.

To see the code used in the above examples, click the 'Edit' link at the top of this page.


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