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This is the translated walkthrough for G-Senjou no Maou, based on's walkthrough originally.
If there's an error somewhere, then by all means please do us a favor and correct it.


Chapter 1
Something about Kanon...
Don't be so dramatic.
Chapter 2
Make up a reasonable excuse.
I don't like this woman.
【Save 1】
She's telling me to let it drop.
Let it be.
Bad Ending

Load Save 1

Chapter 2
She's asking me for help
Get involved with Tsubaki and her family.
Expose Eiichi's lies.
【Save 2】
Invest in Tsubaki.
Devote myself to Tsubaki.
Tsubaki ending


Load Save 2

Chapter 2
Ditch her while I can.
Chapter 3
I can't say no to her...
I'll go ahead and lie down.
No doubt about it.
【Save 3】
I should listen to her.
It's what I need to do.
Embrace her, and show my affection.
【Save 4】
Maybe she'll feel better...
Bad Ending

Load Save 4

It'll be like running away.
Kanon Ending


Load Save 3

Chapter 3
I'll avoid the subject.
Chapter 4
It's certainly possible.
I should probably walk her home.
【Save 5】
Call the police.
I should leave this to the police.
【Save 6】
To fuck Shiratori.
Bad Ending

Load Save 6

Chapter 4
That this isn't my path.
Mizuha Ending


Load Save 5

Chapter 4
Wait for Tokita.
Haru Ending