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This is the Error Reporting page for the Grisaia no Kajitsu translation project.

Typos, weirdly worded lines, technical errors such as crashes/badly displayed lines should go here. Please make sure you've installed Patch 1.1 before reporting any errors, as several dozen typos were corrected.

Reports should have the entire line or a screenshot, and ideally the name of the scene in which it occurs (they can be seen by saving at the time of the problem and looking at the scene name in the save or load screens).

Note that previously reported errors will be located here, and that by the very nature of error reporting you are likely to encounter spoilers, so do not worry about reporting errors as soon as you spot them.

Typos/Spelling Errors[edit]

✓ Scene: The Girlfriend Enigma: The worlds feel outright pathetic coming out of my mouth. Something like self-pity wells up inside me. Searching for a change of topic, my eyes find a suitable distraction in Michiru's sculpture. Quintasan (talk) 20:06, 13 August 2013 (EDT)

  • Uneasy Balance 1

✓ Asymmetrical interactions where people compliment each other through contrast actually make for a much more harmonious atmosphere. --> Seems like this should be complement again.

  • Common Route - Storming the Beach 2

✓Yuuji: "You seem dubious, Amane, but can you do the same? I kind of get the feeling you wouldn't be able to keep up this level a float, what with those oversize ballast tanks." --> intentional slang? also, oversized

"level a float" is correct. "Oversized" changed
  • Common Route - Man's Work, Woman's Work

✓Yuuji: "I think I've asked this before, but... why do you so stick to me so persistently?" --> you stick

    • As I shove my tongue into her mouth, pushing her lips further apart by force, Amane grabs the shoulders of my work uniform and tries to pull me off. With no success, of course. --> Given Yuuji's grabbing her, should she be pushing him off?
  • Yumiko - Uneasy Balance 2

Sakai's been shooting frequent looks over her shoulder in my direction ever since we left.

  • Yumiko - Cross-Purposes

✓Remove that "Kazami Yuuji" of yours from this operation immediately, and notify him to stay out this.

  • Yumiko - Lost Days 1

✓This is exactly why she should have tried again the moment they knew it was a girl, even if meant shouting down those doctors.

At time, I was still comically naive. (At "the" time)

  • Yumiko - Lost Days 2

✓It probably would've taken me some time to recognize the person standing front of me, if not for the recent photograph I'd seen in a certain magazine one year before.

✓I thought that was his attempt at at finally becoming a father to me.

  • Yumiko - Turkey Shoot

✓Now they want me to keep me away from Sakaki herself.

✓But riding on hilly terrain while pushing my way through thick undergrowth cost me more even more time than I'd expected.

  • Yumiko - To the Ends of the Earth

✓Wait, this is position is too embarrassing...!

✓...Then again, maybe that's part of reason Yumiko wants to do this so badly.

✓Hm... the needles goes through the cloth suprisingly easil... Ow!

Crushing her against me in a powerful hug, I pet her hair and stroke the small of her back.

Not seeing a typo
  • Yumiko - The Road Not Followed

✓It's a road we walked as a students a few years ago, but the circumstances are a little different now.

  • Yumiko - Taking Back Tomorrow

✓As I clamber to my feet, Yumiko's angry glare gives way once more an expression of sheer confusion.

  • Sachi - Servicing the Maid

Sachi: Y-Yes... I do appreciate your saying so --> you

Idiomatic expression
  • Amane - Light Woman? Heavy Woman?

✓Aah... that said, next time you're going to be a late, a phone call in advance would be nice.

  • Amane - Unripened Fruit

✓When I manage to retreat about halfway, Amane's vagina emits a vulgar, wet sound, and decides to try to pressuring my penis out instead.

  • Amane - The Girlfriend Enigma

✓...Okay then, let me just ask you one question, Sachi... If Yuuji said he wanted to sleep with you, what would you do...? (Sacchan)

Whahoh!? W-What can I do ya for!?

Not wrong.
Yeah, I kind of suspected that it was a slip of the tongue on Makina's part, but decided to report it anyway since I wasn't 100% sure. "Sachi" should definitely be "Sacchan," though.
  • Amane - Yuuji's Past, Amane's Past

✓...Even so, there are be times when killing proves necessary, and people who assume the burden of doing so...

✓Hrrrm... well, fine, no reason turn down what's offered to me. But where do you plan to do this?

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (First Day)

✓We're going to have do this for all 12 people in there, you know?

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Second Day)

✓I must have slept for a least a few hours, but the burden of my fatigue was no lighter.

✓Even if we they didn't notice us this time, another chance would come.

But just as these thoughts were running through my head, Iheard the rustling sound of someone stepping their way through the high grass a few paces behind me.

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Third Day)

✓I asked Koide-san to bring some water to a boil, did I did not?

I'd always viewed Kazami Kazuki as something like a walking beaker of acid in a school uniform... "sweet" struck me as the single least appopriate adjective you could possibly apply to her.

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Fourth Day)

✓Five minutes in there and you don't even know which way you're going any more. (anymore)

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Seventh Day)

✓"Why do think we're giving special treatment to invalids who can't even work!?"

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Eleventh Day)

✓I mean, I know where's she's coming from, but...

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Fourteenth Day)

✓And despite all the Kazuki had done for us up until now, no one expressed worry about her condition.

  • Amane - Cockroach Nest

✓But here's thing, Yuuji.

  • Amane - In a Hill Where Small Flowers Bloom

✓I'm telling you to get off meeeeeee!」]

✓Somehow gulping in great mouthfuls of air even as he shrieks, Sakashita kicks his his leg frantically into the air, staring with googling eyes at Amane's white hand, fighting its implacable grip to no avail.

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 03

As I massage the corners of my eyes, Makina thrusts her right hand into the (The end of the sentence is missing.)

The word "air." completes the sentence and is in the script. There may be some sort of bug if it's not displaying.
Saw this issue in my play through as well.
  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 04

✓I think I'm developing a stomachache. ("stomach ache" for consistency's sake)

✓Tell me, Makina, my what's your work experience to date?

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 06

✓From this point on, don't try to aim any more. (anymore)

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 07

✓We could climb up on to the roof of the eastern school building and aim at the principal's office. (onto)

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 08

✓Who'd you get that that chutzpah from, anyway?

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 11

✓From the tone of his voice, it's clear he's taking to the police.

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 12

✓More importantly, was allowing them talk directly really a wise decision on my part?

  • Makina - Delirious Fruit

✓So there's no need to think to much.

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 15

✓I can't even bear my fangs against them. (bare)

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 17

✓And then I'll go the bed where she's sleeping, collapse next to her, and sleep until morning.

✓The more he struggles, the more his tightly his neck is constricted.

✓Did I get... shot..? (incomplete ellipsis)

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 18

Now that I look carefully, there's a fingerprint scanner next to the heavy wooden door in back, with an LCD screen displaying LOCK in red letters.

  • Makina - Die Like a Dog

✓And as my opponent falters, I burst past him into hallway.

✓And... just I'd been hoping for some time, using the money Papa returned to me as a capital, I was able to open a small bakery in the corner of a small town by the sea. (just "like" I'd been)

  • Makina (Whole Route)

✓Inconsistency: part-time/part time

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 05
    • Inconsistency: calories and kilocalories used interchangeably
These are interchangeable. The term "calorie" as used in daily conversation (dietary, etc) usually refers to kcal. Depending on who is speaking and in what context one or the other might be used.
    • Yuuji: "Assuming the price will probably end up somewhere in the middle, that's still 8000 cheaper than buying it in a store... You're surprisingly good at this sort of thing for a rich girl, Sakaki." --> inconsistency, other text in chapter puts yen after each number
Clear from context

✓Yumiko: "Just one? Hit them with the full set and you might be able knock the price down 16,000." --> able to knock

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 08

✓But the motor model doesn't match the vehicle type... Did they swap in an engine from a totally different motorcyle...?

Why is that tube tires always manage to lose air just sitting in a parking lot...? While this minor mystery nags at me somewhat, by the time eleven rolls around we've successfully readied everything we need for our trip. --> Why is it that

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 10

✓If the bathtowel's position shifts even slightly overnight, it would suggest the existence of someone looking inside. The degree and direction of the movement could even help determine the point from which they're observing us. --> bath towel's

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 13

✓There wasn't any sign of someone taking his place aftwerward. On the whole, my return to Mishima Cape went off surprisingly smoothly, but-

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 14

✓Kidnapper A: "Is this some kind of a joke? How am I suppose to turn this crap into money? If we try selling these things off, your investment advisers aren't exactly gonna keep their mouths shut, are they?" --> supposed

  • Amane - Unripened Fruit

✓My first time was pretty similar, to be honest, so I can understand the feeling. I guess it's all right to just let Amane does as she pleases, as my partner did for me, but... --> do

  • Amane - The Girlfriend Enigma

✓But "pleasant" doesn't have anything to do with it. This is Kazami's Yuuji's scent. When I think about it that way, I feel like I could lose myself in this odor.

    • Amane: "...Yuuji, time for your tongue bath... I'll lick your dick nice and clean, okay...? Heeere we go... *Lick* *Lick*... Mwa... mmm... Yuuji... your come's really tasty, you know that?" --> Amane says semen
TL Note: come means semen
    • On top of which, she's taken her slut roleplaying to the next level, periodically whispering "Free puss at any time, available upon request!" in my ear. To be frank, she's gotten a pretty good hold on my balls too.
not an error
  • Michiru - Off-balance

✓Sachi: I wonder if something's wrong. Is Michiru-sama practicing her goosesteping...? --> goosestepping or goose stepping or goose-stepping

  • Sachi - Servicing the Maid

I'm still on standby at he moment. --> the

  • Sachi - Honey-Sweet

Sachi: "*Lick* *Slurp* *Kiss* Lick*... nhaaah..." --> *Lick*

  • Common - The Sudden Approach

Amane: "I don't know, look after her until she feels better? Deliver her safely to the infirmary? Something like that. If you're a man, this should come naturally. Hey, Sachi, does Yuuji look like a girl to you?" --> Amane says Sacchan, not Sachi

  • Common - Xtreme Typos
of darbon --> od tarbon


  • Common Route - The Suspicions of Ms. Michiru
    • Amane: "Hey, I heard you lost your ramune candies? I can go pick you up some new ones, if you want."
Not wrong.
  • Common Route - Come Forth, Dere

✓At this hour, she should probably be somewhere inside the dorm. There's no signs of her leaving this morning, so her room is the most likely possibility. --> There're

  • Common Route - Storming the Beach 1
    • Yuuji: "I see... but you see, Sachi, Michiru earned the title of "Scatterbrain Queen" precisely because she's capable of leaving things behind even under such circumstances. Are you sure it's wise to have left her unsupervised?" --> Scatterbrained Queen
not an error. think "philosopher king," not "philosophical king"

✓Principal: "...That's strange. Matsushima-san and Komine-san are one thing, but Amane-san should probably be back by now... I wonder if she ran into any trouble." --> Principal says Suou-san, not Amane-san

  • Common Route - Storming the Beach 2
    • Yuuji: "Our entire "cruise" group, along with all the naval guys who weren't on duty, came out on deck in a desperate attempt to get a little cool. But this was a southern island, right near the equator, so it was hardly any improvement..." --> cooler, or cool air?
idiomatic. short for "cool air"
    • But in that brief moment on the beach, as transitory as the glow of the sparklers in our hands, I forgot all about that. I forgot to be anxious, frustrated; I forgot that I'm stumbling in fog. --> stumbling in the fog, stumbling through the fog. phrasing is awkward
not an error
  • Yumiko - The Road Not Followed

✓For some reason, JB rephrases my request in a oddly careful tone.

  • Amane - Light Woman? Heavy Woman?

✓It might be a somewhat risky request to make of some people, but in Amane's case, I'm sure she won't put out anything absurdly hot. It'll probably be reasonably spicy, as a complement to a rich overall flavor. --> put in, or bring out

  • Amane - Yuuji's Past, Amane's Past

✓Amane's presence in my life is rapidly become indispensable to me.

✓Apparently, that's at least partially the product of an built-in biological antipathy to those with similar genes, as a safeguard against genetically crippling incestuous mating.

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Seventh Day)

✓By following her instructions, we managed to finished the job rather quickly.

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Eleventh Day)

Well, maybe not utter. There was still one old reliable that came to mind. --> reliable word that

  • Amane - The Eternal Punishment

✓Maybe I should starting learning how to knit baby socks or something?

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 03

✓Yuuji: "...For some reason... just listening to her voice makes it sounds weirdly sexual in a way... Maybe I'm just a little too sensitive...?"

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 05

✓Chuckling softly, Sachi places a glass of Calpis diluted in water in front of Makina, then makes a swift exit. --> diluted with water

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 10

✓ And also, if by any chance someone really did attack, we'd be better off sleeping in different points in the room. --> at different points in

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 16

✓But what that could possibly accomplish...? (what could that)

  • Makina - Seed of the World Tree 18

✓Inside is an combination identification and electronic pass-card describing me as a member of the Special Governmental Organization "Central Intelligence Division," attached to the Second Research Section.

  • Amane - The Girlfriend Enigma

✓Yuuji: "What the hell is a "wahay?" I'm completely serious. It's time for my running." --> run

✓She informs me that the chairman of Mishima Cape's neighborhood council is an acquaintance of hers, and passes on requests like these every once in a while. --> like this: referring to the current singular request. if unclear, use like this one

    • There's even a few young primary-schoolers still carrying their knapsacks, apparently having hurried here directly after school ended. --> There're
This isn't grammatically correct, but it's common in casual usage (idiomatic)
  • Amane - Paper Tiger

✓Yuuji: "Yeah, but it kind of felt like she was throwing a hissy fit while she was it at..." --> at it

  • Amane - Angelic Howl (Second Day)
    • Kazuki: "All right, why don't just we let this drop? Those who let themselves be drawn into a fight with idiots are the most foolish of all." --> we just
    • Kazuki: "Precisely because we don't know long it will take for our rescuers to arrive, I feel it would be wisest to avoid expending energy pointlessly." --> know how long
    • Amane: "Yeah, I guess it's a bit of stretch. But in your case, I wouldn't be that surprised if you accurately predicted the next ten years of someone's life just from hearing their favorite number of something..." --> of a stretch
  • Sachi - Twin Maids

That has to be one of the more inept attempts at dodging a question I've ever seen... it seems safe to conclude our classmates were listening in our conversation on the rooftop. --> listening to our conversation or eavesdropping on our conversation

  • Sachi - Birth of a Ranger

Yuuji: "But I do know that was I drawn to her, or something she has that I don't... and I was completely serious about choosing her." --> that I was

  • Sachi - A "Date" Date

But before I can finish the thought, there's the distinctive sound of a certain engine drawing near... a sound that can only means one thing. --> can only mean

  • Sachi - Honey-Sweet

She's been seeming oddly cranky lately. Maybe it was a bad one this month? --> She's been

  • Sachi - Nightmares

No, forget "not miserable." If at all possible, I want her to be happiest person in the damn world. I think that's only natural. --> be the happiest

  • Michiru - Jellyfish Girl

Yuuji: "Come now, this is a sunburn-prevention measure. Would you really enjoy having your ears be the only part of you burnt black? They still do "Hoichi No-Ears" sometimes, but I doubt "Matsushima Only-Ears" would out work so well for you." --> would work out

Respecting Michiru's wishes for the moment, I turn my gaze upward. Somehow, the vivid blue summer sky seems to be laughing at the tragicomedy unfolding far below. --> tragic comedy

  • Michiru - The Other Girl

They must have said it hundred of times... Why didn't I figure this out earlier? Of course they beat me. It's only natural to treat garbage like garbage. --> hundreds

  • Michiru - A Box to End the World

Michiru: "Nobody gets to choose who they are. She has to learn accept herself." --> learn to accept

  • Yumiko - Lost Days 1

I lowered a small bundle of books and weekly magazines my mother had requested on the shelf beside her bed. --> onto the shelf

  • Yumiko - Lost Days 2

I pulled all the clothes out my chest of drawers, threw them onto my tatami mat, and scowled down at them. --> out of my

  • Yumiko - Bonds and Promises

Yuuji: "What, you just noticed? Did it look someone else down there?"

  • Yumiko - To the Ends of the Earth

Yumiko: "Wha? Y-You want do it like this? L-Let's just do it normally, on the futon... Not l-like a pair of anima... hyaaah?!" --> want to do it

Yumiko: "I've never really used it before, so I ended having to turn the room upside down just to find it. I'll have to clean up later." --> ended up having

  • Yumiko - Taking Back Tomorrow

It didn't take long for me reach that simplistic conclusion, but as a fugitive with only a few students for allies, there didn't seem to be a practical way of making it happen. --> me to reach

Technical Problems[edit]

  • Does the English patch really install the 1.01 update? I ask this because if you play without the English patch, Grisaia says the game version is 1.01. But if you play with the English patch, it says the game version is 1.0. So I wasn't too sure.
Yes. Herkz (talk) 21:41, 27 July 2013 (EDT)
  • Unless I'm blind, the chapter "Mystery Yumiko Theater" doesn't seem to appear in the Scene Gallery. Was this a problem also found in the Japanese version of the game?
    We didn't remove any, so probably.
  • Not sure if it's just my game, but JB doesn't have any audio when going to the "Text" options, when everyone else does.


Hello, not sure if you remember but I was the one submitting Common/Makina/Yumiko screenshots reports over a year ago who then disappeared in the fine tradition of VN volunteer submissions. I realize Grisaia has been licensed for official release which may have rendered my efforts pointless, but I continued compiling screenshots for the rest of my playthrough.

I'll just leave imgur album links for the remaining routes as before. This is just to fulfill my personal sense of completionism and autism, so feel free to ignore everything.

Apologies in advance for 1) likely repetitions with errors already reported on this page and in particular 2) inconsistencies in reporting standards/criteria from previous reports (many of the Sachi screenshots date from last year, while everything else is from the past few months).

A majority of the screenshots are for capitalization, hyphenation, modifiers, or using semicolons with fragments instead of dashes/better punctuation. I didn't consider use of "their/they" as a gender-neutral singular as an error, but if I recall, a couple screenshot entries stem from distracting or easily fixed noun-number agreement. Also, I believe there were a stray "Alright" and a stray non-comma-containing list set off by semicolons not included here for whatever reason, even though examples of both are in the current screenshot collection.

As before, I'm open if there are any questions about these.