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First BL game by Mada Koubou, released on 2011-09-16.

Also known as 'Naked Butler'.


Maeda Tomoaki is a normal university student who lives in a cosy (small) apartment. He spends his time going to school and working his part-time job and lives a mundane life.

One day, he gets into an argument with an unreasonable customer at the restaurant he is working at when trying to help a waitress working there. He got fired and is now looking for another job. However, almost every job he applied for turns him down. With the last brochure in his hand that reads: “Earn 30,000 Yen per day! A job that anybody can do. Duration: 1 month. You just have to sit there. No gender, age or ability restrictions. Interested parties please come personally at the address below.” It was a simple passage with an address but without a contact name or phone number.

Tomoaki finds it extremely suspicious but is tempted by the 30,000 Yen per day offer. He also hopes to add spice to his ordinary life and finally arrives at the address. It is a very huge mansion and he can’t believe what he hears when he is greeted by a man dressed in a black suit and has a bow-tie.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Master/Goshujin-sama”

The actual master of the house is away for a one-month vacation. The butlers have a great need to do their jobs, that’s why they send out the brochures to look for a master they can serve.

Thus, life at the mansion begins. Tomoaki’s job as a master is to give orders to the butlers. Preparing meals, washing laundry, tidying up, anything that he can think of to let the butlers fulfill their purpose. Tomoaki is also free to go to university and his own apartment.

As the terms are too good to be true, Tomoaki is wary that it might be a scheme or conspiracy. He wants to test it by seeing how far the butlers would go to obey his orders. “Bark three times like a dog” , “Help me do my report (homework)”, “Wear a panty thong”, “Lick my boot”, etc.

The butlers would obey him, no matter how absurd or unreasonable the orders are.

Soon, Tomoaki’s sleeping sadistic side awakens…



07/01/2016 - Hadaka Shitsuji licensed for official English release by MangaGamer! Check out the official site for more info: http://mangagamer.org/hadaka

01/04/2013 - Patch released.

30/3/2013 - Game is 100% done, release within the next week.

23/2/2013 - Entire game has been edited. Playing the game from start to end to catch any last minute issues before release.

25/1/2013 - The main portion of the game is all inserted/edited/ready for final release. All that remains is the bonus story.

25/1/2013 - The Truth route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

24/12/2012 - Ichinose route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

15/12/2012 - Komine route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

28/10/2012 - Toudou route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

26/10/2012 - Translation of the game has reached 100%, internal test patch covers Sakuma/Arisato/Mizoguchi/Yoshio/Aoki with Toudou in progress.

23/10/2012 - Translation of the game proper is complete apart from Mizoguchi's bonus story.

15/10/2012 - Arisato route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

12/10/2012 - Aoki route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

11/10/2012 - Yoshio route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

10/10/2012 - Sakuma route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

7/10/2012 - Mizoguchi route inserted/edited/ready for final release.

12/12/2011 - Translation started

16/9/2011 - Game released (JPN)

Places to buy[edit]

Currently 2 known online stores stock the game and ship outside Japan




Translation: Ponytale, nikwebsterrulz, Kirandra, Good Haro

Editing: Swiftnissity, nikwebsterrulz

Hacking: W8M

Special thanks to Yaoi.desu for providing the tools and assistance for the project.


Website (jp)


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OP Dance Mix + Togo Mito Version

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