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THE [email protected] SP is an idol-raising simulation game released for the PlayStation Portable by Namco Bandai Games. The player becomes an idol producer who is tasked with helping his idol succeed in the industry by giving her lessons to increase her stats, challenging auditions to gain more fans, and communicating with her to create memories. Working diligently as a producer will allow her to take one step towards the goal of all idols: obtaining the title of "top idol."

Unlike other [email protected] games, SP is split into three different versions. Each version of the game features three idols for the player to produce and one rival who challenges the player and his idol during the games' story mode. The three idols who are producible in each game, as well as the rivals, are prominent only in their respective games.

In THE [email protected] SP: Perfect Sun, the player can produce

  • Amami Haruka
  • Kikuchi Makoto
  • Takatsuki Yayoi

The player will encounter Ganaha Hibiki as the rival during the story mode.

In THE [email protected] SP: Wandering Star, the player can produce

  • Minase Iori
  • Hagiwara Yukiho
  • Futami Ami and Futami Mami

The player will encounter Shijou Takane as the rival during the story mode.

In THE [email protected] SP: Missing Moon, the player can produce

  • Kisaragi Chihaya
  • Miura Azusa
  • Akitsuki Ritsuko

The player will encounter Hoshii Miki as the rival during the story mode.


  • Translation
  • Images
    • Translation of images / image editing in progress
  • Built-in text
    • Translation of built-in text complete, being edited for size restrictions (in bytes).
  • Hacking
    • See the Google Code project page. All files inside the YUM file can be extracted. Graphics can be decoded into PNGs and encoded. Scripts can be fully decompressed and decompiled and encoded/recompressed as well. Emails can be extracted (they're just plain SJIS text), but cannot be reencoded yet. Font is hacked to work with roman characters. A patcher program is now available.
  • Milestones
    • December 14, 2012 - Yukiho's route translated
    • August 20, 2012 - Chihaya's route translated
    • August 19, 2012 - Iori's route translated
    • November 11, 2011 - Yayoi's route translated
    • November 11, 2011 - Makoto's route translated
    • August 11, 2011 - Haruka's route translated
    • July 8, 2009 - Patcher program gets released
    • March 26, 2009 - TLWiki hosts project
    • March 25, 2009 - Google Code page for project imas-psp created
    • March 15, 2009 - How the project got started: /jp/ thread


General information:

  • A hash character (#) and the text after it will not show up in the game. You can use a # to make comments.
  • Text before a colon is ignored. For example, "Choice: ABC" will simply show up in the game as "ABC".
  • If a line starts with an exclamation mark, it will be omitted.
  • Empty lines are ignored. Please replace empty lines with a "!".

When translating/editing:

  • Remove quotes and brackets when characters are speaking. Occasionally, the protagonist's thoughts will be located in (rounded brackets), which are needed. Please replace those Shift_JIS brackets with Unicode ones.
  • Maintain honorifics such as -san, -chan, -kun, etc. and the names in Japanese order (family name first, given name last).
  • Stuttering should be expressed with a hyphen instead of a comma, and the first letter should be capitalized twice, before and after the hyphen. For example, it should be "R-Really?", instead of "R, really?" or "R-really?"
  • Don't translate song names, just romanize them. And it's 'Me ga Au Toki', not 'Me ga Au Shunkan'.
  • Just because the original Japanese script contains commas, questions marks, and other types of punctuation, that does not mean that they should always be included in the translation verbatim.
  • While translating lines, ask yourself some key questions. Does the line sound awkward? Is it something an actual person would say? Does it fit the personality of the character who says it?
  • Be sure to proofread your work. Otherwise, silly mistakes can be left in the script. Going back to read a script after time has passed will do wonders.
  • If possible, read the script out loud while proofreading. Doing so will allow you to catch awkward sounding lines easily.

How to translate [email protected] related terms:

  • Shachou (社長) - Takagi (Formerly President, line reading errors prevented his silhouette from appearing.)
  • Jimusho (事務所) - Agency
  • Ishou (衣装) - Costume
  • Eigyou (営業) - Promotions
  • 765 Pro (765プロ) - 765 Productions (May be shortened to 765 Pro)
  • 961 Pro (961プロ) - 961 Productions (May be shortened to 961 Pro)
  • IU yosen (IU予選) - IU Preliminaries (May be shortened to IU Prelims or Prelims)
  • IU honsen (IU本選) - IU Finals (May be shortened to Finals)


Feel free to add yourself to the staff if you contributed something.



Here are the 29 scripts common to all three games.

Built-in text:



This search page is set up for locating Japanese text in this wiki. This is useful when you want to add existing translations from Sugio's website to the scripts pages.

Text Preview[edit]

  • Update
The Text Preview webpages are now down as the server hosting them have since removed them. If anyone has the javascript code from the pages, it'd be very helpful if you could provide them so it's possible to get them running again or make an offline version of the text preview pages.

These web pages allow you to preview how the translated text will look in the actual game. Some of currently translated scripts may not look right, so they need to be edited to fit in the game's boxes.

The pages are located here and here. To view it properly, you need to have Javascript enabled.

Batch Script Snatcher[edit]

Here's a program that will batch snatch the script pages and save them as txt files ready to be injected. Download


Script compilation for use with either of the above methods available here.


This section is for screenshots and videos of the game.