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Little Busters! Walkthrough[edit]

Game structure

  • The original version of Little Busters! consists of a common route, six character routes and a final route Refrain.
  • The choices you'll make during common route will decide which character's route the game will lead to.
  • Completing a character's route will lock that route until Refrain is completed (except Komari & Rin1).
  • Rin's route is split into two parts, Rin1 and Rin2.
    • Rin2 will become available after the five other character routes and Rin1 are completed.
    • Refrain will become available after Rin2 is completed.

Recommended play order

Komari -> Rin1 -> Kurugaya -> Haruka -> Muscle & Kud -> Mio -> Rin2

While you don't have to follow this order exactly, watch out for these permanently missable scenes:

  • One of Komari's route's scenes with Kurugaya only occurs if Rin1 or Kurugaya's route isn't finished.
  • One of Haruka's bad end extra scenes requires Kurugaya's route to be locked and Kud's route to not be locked.
  • The childhood friends have some extra scenes during the baseball match, but only if Rin1 isn't completed.


How this walkthrough works

  • This guide lists the choices that give the most scenes for the character in question.
  • You can consider everything that isn't listed or bolded as choices that are up to you.
  • You can get along with everyone or ignore everything except the required choices. Feel free to experiment!
  • Explanations on marks:
Choice *** Required choice to complete the character's route.
Choice *** Required choice that only appears if you met the criteria for another route. No worries if it doesn't.
Choice *** Required choice that will get locked after you've completed the character's route. Available again after Refrain.
Choice Required choice for the route's h-scene(s). Currently only listed in the EX/ME routes section.
Choice Leads to a long bad end scene you might want to check, but make sure to save your game before!



Komari Kamikita

CV: Natsumi Yanase Scenario: Yūto Tonokawa Art: Itaru Hinoue
During 5/20, Komari will ask Riki which kind of donut he'd like to have. Each answer to this choice leads to a new CG being shown on 5/24. To be able to see the scene, you have to take "Go to the rooftop" on 5/17.
What repercussions could there be to answering a girl asking which kinds of sweets you'd like to have?
Some scenes with Kurugaya can be seen in Komari's route, but only if you haven't completed Kurugaya's route yet or have completed Refrain.
A new optional scene with Komari is unlocked and can be viewed on 5/21 after Refrain is completed.
Though listed as one option, Komari can't be Kud's roommate, and the choice doesn't affect her route.
Date Choice
5/17 Go to the rooftop ***
5/18 Go buy juice
Take on the task
5/21 Komari
5/22 Go back to the classroom (CG)
5/23 Quit ***
Go to the rooftop ***
Get something to drink
Talk to them
5/24 Go and get something to drink
Help her out
5/27 You should probably go on a sunny day ***
5/28 Go to the rooftop ***
----- Leave her alone
----- Face reality head on
----- Pretend not to notice anything

Rin Natsume

CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu Scenario: Jun Maeda Art: Na-Ga
Rin battles against various enemies in common route. To increase her stats, you can play batting practices and trade her useful accessories. Also, each time you complete a character's route, Rin will start off with higher initial stats on the following playthroughs.
On the first playthroughs, even the starting battles may be too hard for Rin to handle. There'll be plenty of time for revenge later!
Rin's route is divided into two halves, Rin1 and Rin2. Rin1 can be done whenever, but isn't counted as an actual route and doesn't have credits.
Rin2 can only be entered after Rin1 and the five other character routes are done. Clearing Rin2 will unlock Refrain, the final route.
Though listed as a possible choice, Rin can't become Kud's roommate. The other possible roommates don't have any effect on Rin's route.
Date Choice
5/14 Watch for a while (CG)
5/15 Go look for her ***
Watch for a while (CG)
5/16 Follow after Rin ***
Watch for a while
5/17 Run after Rin ***
Watch for a while
5/19 Look for Rin ***
Watch for a while
5/21 Rin
5/22 Go to the cafeteria
Go (CG available after Rin1)
5/23 Watch for a while
Keep helping her out ***
5/24 Look for the cat
5/25 Consult Rin
----- Cheer her on ***
----- Go *** (Rin2)
----- Become stronger *** (Rin2)

Haruka Saigusa

CV: Keiko Suzuki Scenario: Chika Shirokiri Art: Itaru Hinoue
Haruka's route has numerous extra scenes if Futaki is chosen as Kud's roommate on 5/18. You can choose Futaki by suggesting Rin, Komari or Kurugaya, or by choosing "Keep searching" when Kud asks you again.
There are also two different extra scenes in the bad end you can see by choosing "Give up". If you aren't locked out of Kurugaya's route, you'll see a scene with her and Futaki. If you are, you can see a Kud and Futaki talking if you aren't locked out of Kud's route.
After Refrain is completed, the scene with Kurugaya and Futaki will always be the one that'll be selected, making the scene with Kud and Futaki inaccessible.
One of the scenes that can only be seen when Futaki is Kud's roommate. Could these two get along well?
There's a scene on 5/19 where Riki can help Haruka with replacing some furniture. If you've been helping Rin with her tasks, she and Riki will go assist Haruka by default. If you haven't, take these two choices:
5/19Go out
5/19Give her a hand
The bad end scene which can be viewed by choosing "Heard it from Futaki-san" has a sprite of Haruka that isn't seen anywhere else in the game.
Selecting "Don't go to the rooftop" on 5/17 results in a scene on 5/24 that reveals Haruka's creative side!
Haruka can be Kud's roommate too, but it's a good idea to pick Futaki while doing Haruka's route so you can see all the extra scenes.
Date Choice
5/15 Lend it to her
5/16 Take it
Get involved (CG)
5/17 Look for it
Don't go to the rooftop
5/18 Go buy juice
Take on the task
5/21 Haruka
5/22 Go to the cafeteria ***
Haruka-san ***
5/23 Quit ***
Go to the cafeteria
Help her
5/24 Look for the cat
5/27 You should probably go on a sunny day ***
5/28 Courtyard Vending Machine ***
Ask what happened ***
----- Head to the meeting room
----- Ask for the truth ***
----- Check it out ***
----- Continue searching for Haruka-san ***
----- Saw it in the class register ***
----- Heard it from Futaki-san
----- Yes ***
----- I understand ***
----- That's a good idea ***
----- Accept her condition ***
----- Don't give up ***
----- Give up (CG)

Kudryavka Noumi

CV: Miyako Suzuta Scenario: Chika Shirokiri Art: Na-Ga
On 5/18, Kud needs help with choosing a roommate. Haruka and Mio are possible picks, and Futaki can be chosen by suggesting Rin, Komari or Kurugaya, or by choosing "Keep searching" later. Each roommate has a few scenes during common route and Kud's route.
Suggest all the characters in the playthroughs to see few fun scenes with their reactions of being asked!
After you've completed Rin1, you can see a hidden mini-route with a Kud-related CG and some insight on Rin's fierce rival! Play to 5/28, making these choices:
5/15Don't lend it out
Let her be
5/16Don't get involved too much
5/17Don't go to the rooftop
5/18Go to the cafeteria
5/21Play with Masato
5/22Go to the backyard
5/23Get something to drink
It's possible to get in the Muscle Sensation mini-route while doing Kud's route. Save the game when you see the choices "Muscle" and "Physics", and load the game after you've witnessed the Muscle Sensation.

Date Choice
5/16 Help her look for a roommate ***
5/18 Me
(Choose a roommate!)
What did you ask?
5/19 Help her ***
5/22 Nodded ***
5/23 Talk to Kud
Quit ***
Talk to them (Only if Mio's roommate)
5/24 Kud
5/27 Do you mind if I tag along? ***
----- She should go ***
----- I want her to stay

Yuiko Kurugaya

CV: Ryōko Tanaka Scenario: Yūto Tonokawa Art: Itaru Hinoue
Shortly after the start of Kurugaya's route, the brave guys of Little Busters gather up in an effort to let Riki see how the hearts of girls are conquered.
Rin can't find the girls whose routes you have already completed, except for Komari. Everyone's going to be available again once you've completed Refrain.
Could any of the girls ever resist Kyousuke's charms? And are Kengo and Haruka a match made in heaven? It's time to find out!
After Refrain is completed, Kurugaya's route's true end and a new CG can be seen by playing her route again. After clearing the true end once, you can choose between the normal and true ending.
If you've already seen all "Go see what they're talking about" scenes, you can try checking how Kurugaya helps Mio on 5/21 if you don't stay with Mio on 5/18.
Kurugaya won't risk Kud's chastity, and the other possible roommates don't have any effect on her route.
Date Choice
5/17 Watch the battle (CG)
5/18 Stay in the courtyard
5/21 Go buy juice ***
Look for her
Good intentions
Go see what they're talking about
5/22 Go find her ***
Go to the backyard ***
Listen carefully ***
Go see what they're talking about
5/23 Quit ***
Get something to drink
Go see what they're talking about
5/24 Go see what they're talking about
5/27 You should probably go on a sunny day ***
5/28 Go to the cafeteria ***
Don't talk to her ***
----- Feign ignorance ***
----- Forwards ***
----- I can't give up... ***

Mio Nishizono

CV: Shiho Kawaragi Scenario: Leo Kashida Art: Na-Ga
Mio's route offers the Little Busters members a great chance to put their creativity in poetry to test, with Riki choosing the members. Each member has several lines and the order they're chosen in matters too, so check what kind of crazy poems you can get!
Masterpieces covering all exciting kinds of subjects, like fierce red bloomers, await those who dare try.
The ever-calm Mio faces quite a challenge in trying to conquer the battle rankings, and her devoted parasol has woefully low offensive capabilities.
Fortunately for her, completing her route unlocks some surreal friends and their weaponry for her disposal for the following playthroughs.
Mio can be Kud's roommate and the steps are listed in the walkthrough. The other possible roommates don't have any effect on her route.
Date Choice
5/16 Help her look for a roommate
5/18 Nishizono-san
Stay in the courtyard ***
5/19 In the courtyard
5/21 Look for her ***
Good intentions ***
5/22 Go to the courtyard
5/23 Talk to Kud
Quit ***
Go to the courtyard ***
Talk to them
5/24 Go to the courtyard
5/27 You should probably go on a sunny day ***
5/28 Go to the courtyard ***
----- Midori ***
----- Good intentions ***
----- Bad intentions



Muscle Sensation

A secret Masato route?
The Earth's about to be swept over by Muscle Sensation!?

Masato's true potential is finally unleashed in a hidden mini-route! Start a new game and make the choices listed on the right to see just how far the muscle craze can go.

> In order to view the Muscle Sensation, you can't be locked out of Kud's route.
> Kurugaya may try to stop the Sensation - choose Muscle again to persevere!

Date Choice
5/15 Go look for her
5/16 Play with Masato
Help her look for a roommate
5/17 Stop them
5/18 Nishizono-san
Stay in the courtyard
Play with Masato
5/19 Play with Masato
Play with Masato
Date Choice
5/19 Play with Masato
Help her
5/21 Play with Masato
5/22 Play with Masato
5/23 Play with Masato
5/24 Play with Masato
5/27 Do you mind if I tag along?
----- Masato and me
----- Muscle

Mask the Saito

Harya hore umau—
A fearsome challenger invades the battle rankings!

Starting from your second playthrough, Riki's strength can be put to test as Mask the Saito will be available in the battle rankings. To earn a chance to fight against this wicked foe, you'll have to prove your worth in numerous battles.

Should you manage to defeat Mask the Saito, you will gain tremendous power which will make the future battles a breeze, and there's also a new scene on 5/27 to be seen. Saito can be a difficult opponent even if Riki's stats are high so good luck!

Conditions & Progress
  • You must have completed at least one character's route (Rin1 excluded).
  • Riki has to be Rank 1 when Kurugaya joins the team on 5/18.
  • Riki must advance to Rank 1 once more during or after 5/21.
  • Saito will join the battle rankings as soon as Riki's reached Rank 1 again.
  • Saito will advance in the rankings each time you wander and keep Riki Rank 1.
  • When Saito's Rank 2 or 3, he will challenge Riki when you choose to wander.
Prepare yourself
  • Riki's stats increase as you complete characters' routes.
  • Playing with Masato is a great way to get useful items for use or trade.
  • The stat-ups from participating in batting practice can help big time.
Accessory: "School Revolution" Watch
The "School Revolution" Watch is probably the single most powerful accessory against Mask the Saito, reducing all Saito's stats by 50.
The "School Revolution" Watch will be available after Mask the Saito's first battle is finished and Saito advances higher in the battle rankings. The character who lost to Saito will have the "School Revolution" Watch. After that, when you choose to wander, you can trade for the item should you meet the character in question.
The Status window is handy for keeping track of the other team members' accessories.

Unknown Lifeform

Students in danger!
Mysterious lifeforms roaming the school hallways!

Kyousuke's influence reaches all-new heights as biomutated lifeforms begin to follow in his wake, much to the detriment of the school staff. Who better to face these savage creatures than the only girl of the childhood friends? It's showtime for Rin!

The mission starts on 5/18's evening when you choose "Watch calmly". Rin will fight the lifeform several times: once on 5/18, once on 5/19 and twice on 5/20, the lifeform getting stronger each time. There's no real reward for defeating the lifeforms.

Quick facts & Progress
  • There are three different lifeforms to be defeated throughout the game.
  • When Rin wins the last battle on 5/20, the next lifeform will be unlocked.
  • The next lifeform can be found on the next playthrough, at the same event.
  • The first and second lifeforms can be defeated with even moderate stats.
  • The third lifeform is one of the strongest enemies in the game. Prepare!
  • The event will be over if Rin loses. Kengo or Masato will fight the lifeform.
Help Rin out
  • Rin's stats increase as you complete characters' routes.
  • The stat-ups from participating in batting practice are a must.
  • Each time you see Rin have an item you can replace, wander & trade with her.
Useful accessories
You can trade Rin at least two accessories, three with luck or persistence. Here are some good ones you should keep an eye out for:
ic1.png White Jacket Masato
ic1.png Wrist Weight Masato
ic1.png Someone's Panties Kurugaya
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 4-10 Kyousuke
Example setup: 2x White Jacket and 1x "Masterpiece Theater" Series DVD-BOX.

Accessory list

Notice: This section isn't finished yet, I'll get to it when I'm not slacking.

KAMIKITA KOMARI Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic5.png Pocky 40
ic5.png Donut 50
ic5.png Waffle 50
ic7.png Lollipop 60
ic7.png Apple Strudel 100
ic5.png Stale Donut 80
ic6.png Mouldy Donut -80
SAIGUSA HARUKA Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png Cheerful Tambourine 30
ic1.png Black Tambourine 60
ic1.png Assault Trumpet 60
ic1.png Favorite Hair Ornaments 60
ic2.png Regulation Printout -30
ic2.png Old picked up Empty Can -20
ic2.png Old picked up Trash -30 -20
ic4.png Old picked up Mystery Bag ~20 ~20 ~20 ~20 ~20 ~20 ~20
KURUGAYA YUIKO Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic5.png Kimchi 40
ic5.png Seaweed 40
ic1.png Tea Set 50
ic1.png Someone's Bra 60
ic1.png Someone's Panties 50 50
ic2.png Weird Picture -40
ic2.png A Really Weird Picture -40 -40
ic1.png Famous Weird Picture 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
ic1.png Iron Plate 80
INOHARA MASATO Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png Wrist Weight 30 30
ic1.png Riki's Notes 30
ic1.png White Jacket 30 30 30
ic1.png Protein 30
ic7.png Fried Bird 40
ic7.png Rice Ball 60
ic7.png Omelette 80
ic7.png Cutlet Curry 100
ic12.png Hand Grip 1 1
ic12.png Iron Dumbbell 2 2
ic12.png Dumbbell 3 3
ic12.png Expander 4 4
ic12.png AB Series Exercise Tapes Set 5 5
NATSUME KYOUSUKE Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 1 25
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 2 30
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 3 35
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 4 40
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 5 45
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 6 50
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 7 55
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 8 60
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 9 65
ic1.png "School Revolution" Volume 10 70
ic1.png Cast Puzzle: Difficulty 1 10 10
ic1.png Cast Puzzle: Difficulty 2 15 15
ic1.png Cast Puzzle: Difficulty 3 20 20
ic1.png Cast Puzzle: Difficulty 4 25 25
ic1.png Cast Puzzle: Difficulty 5 30 30
ic1.png Mini 4WD 40
ic1.png Controllers 30 30 30
ic1.png "Masterpiece Theater" Series DVD-BOX 50
ic1.png Japanese Legends Box Set 70
MASK THE SAITO Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png Something Slimy 30
ic1.png Haniwa 50
ic1.png Clay Figure 80
ic1.png Spear 80
ic1.png Sitar 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
NATSUME RIN Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic5.png Cup Jelly 30 30 30
ic9.png Bristlegrass
ic9.png Friskies
ic9.png Can of Tuna
ic9.png Mon Petit
ic9.png Catnip
ic9.png Forbidden Catnip
NOUMI KUDRYAVKA Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic7.png Egg Rice 60
ic1.png Scroll Painting 50
ic1.png Old Coin 60
ic10.png Anise
ic10.png Golden Anise
ic1.png English Dictionary 50
ic1.png Proud English with Gotou 80
ic1.png Good Job Boy 40
NISHIZONO MIO Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png Elegant Glasses 40
ic2.png Glasses -30 -30
ic1.png Inelegant Specs 40 40
ic5.png Onigiri 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
ic5.png Sandwich 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
ic1.png Eye Drops 80
MIYAZAWA KENGO Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png Kendo Gauntlet 30
ic1.png Kendo Mask 30
ic1.png Set of Kendo Protectors 50
ic1.png "Clear your mind" Embroidered Cap 30 30
ic1.png "Veteran" Embroidered Strap 30
ic1.png "Fair and Square" Embroidered Flag 50
ic1.png "Courageous" Embroidered Pennant 40 30
ic1.png "Resuscitation" Embroidered Charm 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
ic1.png "Furinkazan" Embroidered Pouch 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
ic7.png Seaweed Bento 50
ic7.png Bento 70
ic7.png Makunouchi Bento 90
ic4.png Love Letter -50 -50
RIN WINS SASAMI REWARDS Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic1.png Sasami's Lip Balm 40
ic1.png Sasami's Perfume 60
ic1.png Sasami's Socks 40
ic1.png Sasami's Shoes 60
ic1.png Sasami's Glove 50
ic1.png Sasami's Gym Clothes 80
ic1.png Sasami's Unfinished Exam Sheet 60
ic1.png Sasami's Unfinished Love Letter 80
ic7.png Sasami's Pinch of Persimmon Seeds 30
ic7.png Sasami's Leftover Milk 40
ic7.png Sasami's Pinch of Nuts 50
ic7.png Sasami's Leftover Cocoa 60
ic7.png Sasami's Half-eaten Croissant 70
ic7.png Sasami's Half-eaten Cheesecake 80
MISCELLANEOUS Arm Body Agi Ref Conc Judg Luck HP+
ic7.png Yakult 30
ic7.png Canned Salmon 40
ic7.png Barium 40
ic7.png Batch of Plain Bread 60
ic7.png Ise Shrimp 60
ic7.png Matsusaka Beef 80
ic1.png Good Harvest Charm 80

Baseball match positions

I'll eventually create a full section for the baseball minigame, but for now, here's the recommended positions and batting order for the baseball match. The decisions are based on the data from and


Always Steal when Kyousuke or Kurugaya are the runners concerned.

EX/ME routes

Even though the EX/ME routes are currently untranslated, you can still access them with our translation patch, but some extra effort is required.

I can't find the choices for the new routes. What's wrong?

Back when finishing original LB's full release, we ran into a problem where the new routes wouldn't unlock when the player finishes Refrain. The only way we would have got the function working would have been to use EX/ME's own files for either the entirety of Refrain or just its last script. Unfortunately, some triggers didn't carry over properly between the original version's and EX/ME's scripts, so we decided to just use original's.

How do I access the routes?

Currently the only way to unlock the new routes is through the question players are asked when starting EX/ME without there being any save data. Head over to your Little Busters! EX/ME installation directory and either rename, relocate or remove your SAVEDATA folder. The next time you start Little Busters EX/ME, you'll see a screen like the one below. Choose yes.


What about my saves? I don't want to lose my progress!

Your saves and your game progress are gone unless you restore the SAVEDATA folder later. You can skip past story parts you're familiar with by holding down Left Ctrl. Eventually, when we'll have our first EX/ME route release, players will probably be able to unlock the new routes by replaying/skipping Refrain with the then-correct version of the Refrain script, but for now this is the only way.


Sasami Sasasegawa

CV: Tomoe Tamiyasu Scenario: Yūto Tonokawa Art: Na-Ga
Sasami's common route requirements change when Refrain's completed. Since the current EX release's Refrain completed detection is wonky, it's better to play it safe and take all the choices marked in yellow.

Date Choice
5/15 Don't lend it out ***
Let her be ***
Use another notebook ***
5/16 Don't get involved too much ***
5/17 Don't go to the rooftop ***
5/18 Go to the cafeteria ***
敵意を感じた ***
5/21 Play with Masato ***
5/22 Go to the backyard ***
5/23 Get something to drink ***
----- モンペチ
----- 無言でモンペチを差し出す
----- 婿に行く
----- そばにいる
----- 僕だって… or その答えは他にある ***

Kanata Futaki

CV: Keiko Suzuki Scenario: Chika Shirokiri Art: Itaru Hinoue

Date Choice
5/15 Use another notebook ***
5/18 好意を感じた ***
5/21 外の空気を吸いに行く
5/23 Quit ***
Get something to drink
5/28 手伝う ***
----- 寮会の手伝いをする ***
----- 出て行かない ***
----- 出て行かない ***
----- 好きだから

Saya Tokido

CV: Harumi Sakurai Scenario: Jun Maeda Art: Na-Ga

Date Choice
5/15 Go fetch the notebook ***
Get back inside ***
5/16 よくない ***
5/17 捨てない ***
5/19 B4F's ★: 部屋の外を調べてみる (CG)
5/20 朱鷺戸さんと過ごしたい (CG)
5/22 言う
Replay Replay part of the route begins. Wrong choices and trap rooms become lethal.
----- 床を調べる
----- 後ろの黒板を調べる
B1F ★: Any -> 左 (Die & Replay)
B1F ★: Any -> 真ん中 (Die & Replay)
B1F ★: Any -> 右 (Die & Replay)
B1F ★: 理樹くんの意見を聞く
B2F ★: 自力でいく (Die & Replay)
B2F ★: 宙を飛ぶ
B3F ★: 飛び退く (Die & Replay)
B3F ★: 石像にのぼる
B4F ★: Any (Die & Replay)
B4F Go to Trap and then ★
B5F ★: 別の方法を探す
B5F Trap: 確かめる (Die & Replay)
B5F Trap: 服を脱ぐ
B5F Trap: パンツまで脱ぐ
B5F Go to ★
B6F Check all the rooms and then the center
B6F Go to the central corridor's south part
B6F Go to ★1 then ★2
B6F ★2: 移動
B6F ★1: この部屋の棺を開ける
B7F Walk the path of 8 again (Die & Replay)
B7F Walk the path of 5 (same as 8) (Die & Replay)
Title When the route ends, start a new game.
5/15 Go fetch the notebook ***
Get back inside ***
5/16 よくない ***
5/17 取る ***
そのままでいる ***

Extra: You can get an item from Kengo the night he pesters Riki to go to Kyousuke's room. You only have to decline his idea 100 times, after that, you can decline one more time and Riki will just give up.