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Love Plus is a romance-based visual novel.



The first part of the game is standard fare: players court three girls, trying to get them to fall in love with the player. That's where most dating sims end; Love Plus is just getting started.

The second half is open ended. You've already got the girl, now what do you want to do? Want to touch her on her forehead, cheeks, arms, etc. via the touch screen? You can email her, call her via the DS mic, and study together.

Players can set how they want their girlfriend to address them, and over time she changes to match the players' likes and dislikes. The way she speaks will even change slowly over the course of the game.

(From Kotaku)


Love Plus takes place in "Towano City," a developing city surrounded by beautiful mountains and seas. You, the player, transfer to Towano private high school. In this city, there are three girls with whom you may have a predestined encounter. Through school or part time jobs, memories and feelings accumulate between you and the girls. During this time, the girls only regard you as an important "friend." However, the girls soon begin to notice a faint feeling...

The girls earnestly feel, "I want him to love me," and adjust to your tastes while giving their best. Later comes the fated "confession" day. With strong determination and courage, she conveys her feelings with all that she has.

But it's not the end when you are told her feelings. The "confession" is just the prologue. Starting now, your never ending story together begins.


Translation of start screen: Translation of second start screen: Translation of stats screen:
Screen01.png Screen02.png Screen03.png

Favoured attributes[edit]

  • Nene: Charm
  • Manaka: Athletics
  • Rinko: Sense

Be aware that madly pumping a heroine's favoured attribute will mean you miss out on some events and is generally not considered optimal.

Schedule Options[edit]

  • Class Time (授業)
Japanese name English Name Increases Decreases
体育 Physical education Athletics Charm
文系 Humanities Intelligence, Sense Athletics
理系 Science Intelligence Athletics
美術 Art Charm, Sense Intelligence
音楽 Music Sense, Charm Intelligence

  • After School (放課後)
Japanese name English Name Increases Decreases
部活 Club Athletics, Intelligence Sense
委員会 Committee Meeting Intelligence, Sense Athletics
バイト Part-Time Job Charm, Sense Intelligence
外出 Going Out Depends on location Depends on location

  • Evening (夜) / Sunday Evening (夜(日曜日))
Japanese name English Name Increases Decreases
外出 Going Out Depends on location Depends on location
おしゃれ Looking smart Charm Intelligence
趣味 Hobby Sense Charm
ワークアウト Work out Athletics Intelligence
予習 Prepare for lessons Intelligence Athletics

Menu Translations[edit]

  • ゲームスタート - Start Game
  • 通信 - Connection Modes
  • 会話モード - Talk Mode
  • データ送受信 - Data Transfer
  • ギヤラリー - Gallery
  • 夢ギャラリー - Dream Gallery
  • 思い出ギャラリ - Memory Gallery
  • スペシャル - Special Gallery
  • ギャラリーオプション - Gallery Options
  • オプション - Options
  • 表示設定 - Window Options
  • サウンド設定 - Sound Options
  • データ削除 - Data Delete
  • データを選択してください - Please Choose a File
  • もどる - Back

E-mail Options[edit]

  • おはよう - 'Morning
  • おやすみ - 'Night
  • 何してる? - What's up?
  • 愛の言葉 - Love message
  • デートの感想 - Impressions of the date
  • 適当に返信 - Reply halfheartedly
  • 普通に返信 - Reply normally
  • 気持ちを込めて返信 - Reply with feeling


  • 目覚まし- Alarm Clock
    • 毎日 - Every day
    • 平日のみ - Just weekdays
    • 土, 日, 祝のみ - Just saturdays, sundays, and celebrations
  • タイマー - Timer
  • じゃんけん - Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • グー - Rock
    • パー - Paper
    • チョキ - Scissors
  • お話終了 - End conversation


  • はい - Yes
  • いいえ - No
  • 彼女の名前を呼ぶ - (Call out her name)
  • 俺のこと好き? - Do you like me?
  • 秘密 - Secret
  • 好きな映画 - Favourite movie genre
    • アクション, ファンタジー、ラブコメ, etc - Action, fantasy, love comedy, etc
  • 食べ物 - Food types
    • カレー, ラーメン, パン, etc - Curry, ramen, bread, etc
  • 色 - Colours
    • 赤, 黒, 白 - Red, black, white
  • 服装[adjective]のタイプを答える - Clothing types
    • 可愛い, 綺麗, etc - Cute, pretty, etc

Heroine Personalities[edit]

  • Nene:
    • Orange: Calm and mature (default) (warm/quiet)
    • Green: Active and teasing (cool/active)
    • Pink: Assertive and passionate (warm/active)
  • Manaka:
    • Blue: Dutiful and a little stubborn (default) (cool/quiet)
    • Orange: Meek and passive (warm/quiet)
    • Pink: Cheerful, confident and passionate (warm/active)
  • Rinko:
    • Blue: Nihilistic and trying to be grown up, overstretching (default) (cool/quiet)
    • Green: Obedient and tight-lipped (choose the second option when calling out) (cool/active)
    • Pink: Cheerful and soft-hearted (select the slash/chop option (カックン/チョップ) a lot) (warm/active)

Changing Personalities[edit]

  • There are two parameters for each personality, their initiative(active/quiet) and their demeanor(warm/cool)
  • Friend Mode
    • After the second date, she will ask you what type of girl you like.
    • How you address them will affect how warm they feel about you
  • Lover Mode
    • Calling her out to dates with an eating activity will make her bring the question out.
    • Active/quiet depends on who calls out on dates. The more active you are, the more active she will be.
    • However, warm/cool works in reverse. The more warmth you reply to her emails, the more cocky she'll get.

Skinship Guide[edit]

Skinship can be split into 4 phases: "1: Before skinship", "2: Skinship", "3: Before kiss", and "4: Kiss".

  1. Before skinship
    • There is a meeting version and a walking side by side (like coming home from school) version. On the left screen a gauge showing people's gaze will appear. Aim for a touch when the gauge is low. Don't slide; touch. Gauge has the 5 stages of 0, 1, 2, 3, and flickering(max).
    • When the gauge is at 0, you can usually touch anywhere and still clear, so aim for it if you can. Just waiting for 0 is inefficient because it can time-out, so compromise with 1~2. 3 or more and it will automatically fail. If you've compromised, you will fail when touching bold(?) areas such as the hair or body; so only touch moderate areas such as the hands or shoulder. These rules may be affected by intimacy. Clear this section and you'll progress into stage 2.
  2. Skinship
    • This part too, is not slide, but touch. Basically, around the hair and shoulder is safe. If you can touch the area around her mouth then aim for the hand too. This section ends after approximately 4 hearts appear. There is no need to change the location of the touch every time, so if you touch once and a pink heart appears, there's no problem doing the same action the next 4 times. Depending on how good you are, she might go right into stage 3.
    • Change the touching location if a blue heart appears (if the girl is Manaka then she will usually get mad if you touch the body). If 2 blue hearts appear then it might end. Incidentally, in the walking side by side version, when you touch the hand or the shoulder they end up holding hands and it ends (though intimacy probably rises too). Also, if she is talking about holding hands, it will be a holding hand event regardless where you touch, but it will automatically take you to stage 3. If you're on that version and want to proceed on to the next phase, don't touch the hand or shoulder.
  3. Before kiss
    • Clear 2 stages and and you'll get another stage similar to the first. The tricks are still the same so aim for a time when the gaze meter is low. Clear this and her heavy breathing gets a little risque. On to stage 3: Before kiss! This phase is not touching, but sliding. Hair, forehead, cheeks, or shoulder can be rubbed and look for a pink trace/track.
    • Keep rubbing and the colour will change from Pink -> Red -> Yellow which increases the sensitivity. Eventually it will change into blue, so look for another place where pink hearts appear. Avoid green spots as they don't charge the hearts as quickly as the pink. As you rub, the type of hearts circling will change from green to pink to giant pink. When you finish a spot, you will get some bonus pink hearts. Just repeat this and you will easily get Heart MAX (5 times). The game is pretty lenient on detecting touching locations, and her face moves around, so halfhearted sliding is okay(even over her eyes). This is the easiest part of skinship, so lets rub and grin!
    • Incidentally, a green heart will appear on the top left of the screen. Touch that and you get a selection of either "I love you" (愛してる) or "I like you" (好き). (Also Shiawase/Ureshii and Kawaii/Kirei are two other choices, depending on which hearts are circling). It disappears when you're about to touch it sometimes (or whenever she talks) so it might be a bit hard to touch it. For each pink heart you gain you get another green heart. If you pick the right choice, you will get another round of whatever heart was circling i.e. useful with big pink hearts. If you choose wrong, you will lag and start over from green hearts.
    • For Rinko, concentrate on her chest and head. She goes green and blue a lot in her facial area.
  4. Kiss
    • End stage 3 and you're on to stage 4: kiss. The accumulated hearts is the number of times you can kiss her. This part is basically touching. Only long touch when you kiss her lips. The 5 places you can kiss are the hair, forehead, cheeks (touch the outlines of her face), near her lips, and her lips.
    • The places you should aim for change depending on how the girl acts. Below are Manaka's:(all the girls is similar, except for face forward eyes open)
    • Face forward, closed eyes -> Lips (Hold until 4-6 hearts)
    • Face forward, opened eyes, glimmering -> Lips (Hold until 6-9 hearts)
    • Face forward, opened eyes, eyebrows straight -> Around Lips (left or right)
    • Face forward, opened eyes, eyebrows curved -> Peck on the lips
    • Facing a little downwards, eyes closed -> Forehead
    • Facing even more downwards, eyes opened -> Cheek
    • Facing slightly to the side -> Cheek
    • It is generally something like this, but it doesn't always seem to bring up a good evaluation.
    • Chirps are okay, it won't ruin your session, but chimes will blow her mind away. Getting one flute(blue heart) will not ruin the session.
    • If you get a majority of chimes (and up to one flute), you can regain kisses by 4, 3, and then 2.
    • If you get all five chimes, you get endless kiss mode, which is five hearts until you get two flutes in one set.
    • If you get a flute and mainly chirps, you will she will do a Refrain Kiss.
    • If you manage to continue to get good reactions repeatedly, she will request another kiss (Aka "Refrain Kiss". If this happens you will receive something [TL note: or she will do something? The wording isn’t very clear]) After the kiss, she will react with "Hmm...", "I like you", or "I love you", depending on how well you did. (after your first refrain kiss, you unlock her ability to wear cosplay. Every 10-20 successful sessions will unlock a new outfit for that girl, up to 100 sessions.)

General tips

  • Don't neglect one area for too long, so you should go in a set pattern. Hair -> shoulder -> cheek -> forehead -> hair.
  • Move in big slow circles, and stop as soon as it becomes blue. Usually it will become blue when she's talking, a heart fills up or after a yellow streak.
  • If circles give you random blue hearts, go for a stroking motion.
  • After this you should move to the next place, but you wait one second before doing so.


  • Q: After entering lover mode, can hairstyle or personality change?
    • A: They change. Personality is changed by selecting the random conversation choices that appear during the dates. Incidentally if the boyfriend (that is you) has less than 2 hearts on the attributes then her personality will not change even if you select a choice, so beware.
    Going to coffee shop/cafe after the date -> Sense and Intelligence
    Request opinion on her clothes -> Charm and Sense
    Skinships after date (in front of her house) -> Charm and Athletics
    Continue to another location after date -> Intelligence and Athletics
    Skinships during walk to date location -> Sense and Athletics
    Request opinion on her hairstyle -> Intelligence and Charm
  • Q: During the friend part, does the boyfriend check depend on good impression?
    • A: The boyfriend check is only the good impression. Good impression is not related to your abilities/attributes.
    Good impression can be raised simply by acting with the girl. In short, uselessly going to all of club activities, part time job, library committee will make the boyfriend check unreliable.
  • Q: Do the reflections change depending on the season? [TL note: Reflections are some of the scenes in the gallery]
    • A: It depends on the girl's personality, your treatment towards her, and any failed or successful confessions; these will all change the reflections. Frankly, collecting all of the reflections requires a man of great patience, or else it's impossible. What about event CG only? Well, do your best.
  • Q: "Let's play rock paper scissors." -> "Okay." (いいよ) -> She gets mad (´・ω・`)
    • A: "Yes" (はい) to say yes. It says on the instructions as well as the option's help. Go read the instructions again.
  • Q: How do I buy my girl a present?
    • A: In real time mode, go to the mall using the "go outside" schedule option. You may only buy presents when it is close to your girlfriend's birthday or some festivals, e.g. Christmas. Note that this will not work in skip mode.
  • Q: I want to change my girl's hairstyle. How?
    • A: Raise Charm and Intelligence to two hearts, then go out on a date. She'll either outright ask you, or send you an email later.

Known Bugs[edit]

  • Girlfriend part tutorial ends, you save, open the same data file, pick Real Time mode, and if the time is in 21:00 - 8:00, then you get stuck in that time.
    Workaround: Disconnect the power, and wait until morning. Be careful if this is your first playthrough!
  • There were voices, but suddenly they stop working.
    Workaround: Save, turn off power. Replace/charge batteries and the voices will return. This often happens when you use sleep mode. If you leave it like that there is a chance of the game freezing.

Japanese Wiki[edit]

Tune Up Projects[edit]


Full English translation patch v 1.0 Released [1]

Progress status[edit]

  • ROM hacking: 100%
    • Done
      • NDS file can be successfully unpacked
      • Game script has both an encoder and decoder
      • Txrc/Arc/Bin dumper
      • Working out format of game text files
        • The missing text mystery has been worked out.
      • Reinsertion into new NDS file [2]
      • SBIN Inserter/Fixer
  • Translation: 100%
    • Dialogue translation: 100%
    • Done
      • Assorted menus
      • Assorted dialog
  • Graphics: 100%
      • Uses standard NDS formats and compressions.


  • Tools
    • DSLazy NDS rom modification tool (for packing/unpacking)
    • Text encoder/decoder. Improved version and much more readable version here:
    • Txrc/Arc/Bin Dumper. Extracts the contents of any .txrc, .arc and .bin files.
  • Downloads/Tools/Links:
  • Instructions
    • DSLazy
      • Select the Love Plus .nds file, click "Unpack". Simple, really. Repacking does not seem to work right now, not sure why.
    • LPTextTool
      1. Navigate with command prompt to the directory with both the .txrc files and lptexttool program.
      2. Type lptexttool <source file>.txrc <destination file>.bin
      3. Open the resulting .bin file in something that can handle unicode formatting. Notepad++ is recommended (go Format > Encode in UTF-8 after opening the .bin).
      4. Encoding works in exactly the same way, just in reverse.
      5. lptexttool <source file>.bin <destination file>.txrc
    • Txrc/Arc/Bin Dumper
      • Same process as LPTextTool.
    • NDS Editor
  • Love Plus File Formats



  • Main dialogue dump
  • 0000012e.txt Contains the text shown when starting a new game.
  • 00000280.txt Can be ignored.

Editing Guidelines - Please read before translating or editing!

Note: Most texts in all gd_textres files have limited number of characters allowed. (Some are as short as 8 or 12 characters per line.)



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