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Princess Maker 5 is one of Japanese life simulation bishōjo games by the computer game and anime production company Gainax. The player in this game is a retired hero of a human realm parallel to the modern world. The daughter is a girl from a royal heritage, and one of many candidates to assume the role of princess. However, following the assassinations of the other candidates, she became the target as well. Her entire family is killed during the attempt on her life. As her protector, Cube saved the player's daughter and requested the player to take care of the daughter until she reaches the age of 18. So the journey of parenthood unfolds with Cube's help. Everything you do will influence how the child grows up, everything from jobs to schooling all depend on how you raise her. You get to choose her name, birth date, and blood type. Most people realize this is just one of those Tamagotchi games gone wrong, but the folks at Gainax actually made this one amusing.

Previously we linked to the Himeyashop page, unfortunately, Himeyashop has been shut down for some time. If you wish to buy the game, you will likely need to use a forwarding service. We apologize, but we are unable to help with this matter.

Translation progress[edit]

The progress-bot is currently broken. Actual progress is roughly 90%. Furthermore, all translation will be temporarily halted on July 1st. See below for details.


This is the amount of Japanese characters in scripts translated. There is text in other places than scripts, but there is so little of it that it can be ignored.

Updated Script Spreadsheet: Here. I will attempt to update this once per week.

Current Status[edit]

Update (11/17): We've received several e-mails regarding current status, so I'll elaborate here a bit more about what is going on. In July of this year, the plan was to begin going over scripts that had already been translated in order to tidy up some translations, make things flow better, etc. In other words, to polish what was already done. Our timetable had us finishing this and releasing a beta-patch at the beginning of October. Things were progressing on time until we hit a bit of a snag. To put things simply and without stirring up drama, some of the work done by various translators wasn't up to par with what we wanted out of the project. Rather than attempting to comb through the effected files and trying to salvage what I could, I decided to scrap them and do a complete re-translation of those files. Unfortunately, the total scrapped amounts to about 15% of the total project (putting our actual progress at ~75% after scrapping, rather than our previous-thought 90%). I decided to work on re-translating these scripts before resuming work on putting out a beta patch. However, progress has been slow - such a large setback really hurt my motivation, so I've not been pushing myself to do any serious amounts of work. If you follow the spreadsheet listed under "Translation Progress" above, when the "x for retranslation" total beside the color guide is at 0, you can estimate somewhere between 1.5 and 2 months for a beta patch to be released.

Update (8/14): I'm going to have to re-translate more than I had originally thought, so completion will be pushed back a bit. I don't have a specific date to give.

Beginning July 1st, all translation progress will be temporarily halted while a serious rework of the script takes place. The estimated date for completion of this task is October 1st, although that date may be pushed back depending on how much needs to be re-translated. When this is done, we will be releasing a 90% beta patch. Due to the non-linear nature of the game, it's impossible for us to test every bit of the text ourselves. We'll be counting on you, the players, to help us track down obvious issues such as overflowing text, improperly spliced lines, crashes, and so on. Here is a list of what will likely not be present in the 90% patch.

Ryunosuke's, Kousei's, and Mouri's friend events, and Kousei/Mouri/Shinya endings.
The vast majority of lesson and part-time job scripts.
The Queen of Astral Spirits "invitation" scenes.
Various text that requires the return of our hacker to get translated (such as spell names in combat)

If everything goes well with the rework, a full release is still on target for the end of the year.


There is currently no official patch available.

To apply the translations, this archive - bintools-1.8 (Mirror) - will contain everything needed for patching. Simply extract it to your PM5 folder. For those who are curious and/or can't wait for an official patch, translated scripts should be placed in "PM5/translations/text/" directory (with the file's directory structure intact - e.g. /ode/43.txt), and translated pictures should be placed in "PM5/translations/pictures/", with the "-en" stripped from the file names.

There are some scripts included with the bintools archive, but they are vastly out of date and should not be considered representative of the finished product. You are very likely to run into crashes or other issues. Should you use the archives as is, a list of known bugs can be found here. Please look at those before contacting us about any bugs that may occur.

If you encounter any bugs, please ensure that you are A) Running the game as administrator, and B) Have turned off lip-sync in settings.txt. If the bug still persists, when you contact us, please include a save game with instructions on how to replicate the issue, and 20-30 lines from "log.txt" around the spot that the bug occurred in game. Thank you.

Please note that when an official patch is released you will need to update your version of PM5 with the official 1.04 patch. The files currently contained in the bintools archive, however, are for 1.00, and may cause crashes in certain locations if you have already updated to 1.04.

For those who may wish to rip scripts/images from the games themselves, the necessary tools can be found here.


Translated script list here: Scripts.

Download raw scripts here (Version 1.9)


Pictures. Fully translated here.

Lip-sync feature.


Special thanks to Ogami666 for his translation of the German lyrics in the opening movie.
Everyone's contributions are welcome. Write on discussion page if you have any questions.