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Next Patch[edit]

Seriously though, KoiImo is totally a future possibility (unless someone wants to crack Burunyanman or fix the Musumaker log, in which case I'll be all over those like a gentleman on the June COMIC LO). --dummyacct7 19:15, 12 August, 2014 (UTC)


The world is the same as ours.
However, there is one thing that is different.
Some dogs and cats have obtained human bodies, while retaining their ears and tail.
These people are called "Mimikko".

In this world, a young man named Jun Yuuki set out and went to a vocational training school to become a Trimmer,
a person who treats Mimikko, dogs, and cats.
The dog Mimikko, Sachi and Hinata, and, his best friend, Takuya Midou.
Every day is spent living happily with his friends.

Before long, Jun falls in love with the Mimikko Sachi.
The two continue enjoying their days, and the Trimmer's exam for Jun draws near before long.
For that, the two practice over and over to improve Jun's ability.
However, one day, a week before the examination.
Jun is told an important fact from Sachi.
What is that fact......?

What are Mimikko?[edit]

Mimikko are the cat girls or dog girls you usually see in Japanese manga or anime. It comes from the words Mimi and Ko, meaning Ears and Child respectively. Cat girls and dog girls usually have a large set of ears on their head which makes them easily recognizable by the community. Mimikko ears can either be on the side of the head (where human ears would usually be) or on the top . Usually, if the ears are on the top of the head, the human ears are absent.

What kind of people would like this game?[edit]

People who like lolies, innuendo, lolies who say things with innuendo, dog girls, cat girls, a moe imouto, anti-gravity sweaters, HNNNNNNNGGGGGGGH, Dakko!, being called Master, petting things, lots of story, low amount of H-scenes (7.22% of the game is H-scene content), and going on long walks.

Also, people who like Mimikko in general.

What kind of people would dislike this game?[edit]

People who dislike lolies, innuendo, lolies who say things with innuendo, dog girls, cat girls, a moe imouto, anti-gravity sweaters, HNNNNNNNGGGGGGGH, Dakko!, being called Master, petting things, lots of story, low amount of H-scenes (7.22% of the game is H-scene content), and going on long walks.

Also, people who don't like dumbass main characters, though many games have a stupid idiot as a main character.

*Story synopsis courtesy of FuryoftheSkies (2009-2011). May he rest in peace.


Team Name: FOTS Translations


March 19, 2017[edit]

Hi. I'm not dead. Pretty busy with life, so don't get too excited. Relax; watch Demi-chan or something, enjoy life.
--dummyacct7 09:37, 19 March, 2017 (UTC)



Total Progress[edit]

Translated: 80.56%

Edited: 80.56%

Ready for Testing: 80.56%

Chapter 1[edit]

Percent Re-Translated: 3.52%
- # of lines translated: 235/6673 lines

Other Translation[edit]

Chapter 2
Percent Translated: 100%
- # of lines translated: 9103/9103 lines

Chapter 3
Percent Translated: 100%
- # of lines translated: 5402/5402 lines

Tobari End
Percent Translated: 100%
- # of lines translated: 4404/4404 lines

Bad End
Percent Translated: 100%
- # of lines translated: 508/508 lines
~~~In Testing~~~

Miwa End
Percent Translated: 100%
- # of lines translated: 785/785 lines
~~~In Testing~~~

Hinata End
Percent Translated: 100%
- # of lines translated: 6235/6235 lines
~~~In Testing~~~

Patch Details - Patches to be Released[edit]

Final Patch Details[edit]

Unlike what was previously planned, the next release for the project will likely be a complete patch.

  • This will include a re-edited version of the Interview and Sachi patches, plus the translation of the rest of the game.
    • The Voice Patch V2 integrates with this as well. It will continue to voice Midou, plus the other various random characters that you encounter while playing the game.
    • Additional sound effects will also be integrated into the patch where appropriate.

Patch Details - Released Patches[edit]

Sachi Patch Details[edit]

Sachi Patch is a redone version of Chapter 1, with proper English. It translates 6674 lines, or 20.16% of the game.

  • The Sachi Patch should not contain any spelling or grammatical errors whatsoever. A thread will be made for corrections once it is released. If you happen to encounter a misspelling or a grammatical error, you may report errors there.
  • The Sachi Patch can be used with the Voice Patch V2 to voice Midou and some random characters in the storyline.
  • It basically includes all the extras that were in the Young Hinata Patch, including the extra sound files and the CGs from the PS2 version, though the special CGs have been redone to look even nicer than before.

Young Hinata Patch Details[edit]

Young Hinata Patch translates the introduction (found in the extras menu) and all of Chapter 1. Total of ~6600 Lines. This was thought to be 20.09% of the entire game, but it is not the case.

  • The Young Hinata Patch was an initial release patch. This patch contained some small grammatical and spelling errors, however, it was considered readable and made available to the public as soon as translation was finished and slight corrections were made. Since this release was expected to contain errors, there is no thread on the board for corrections.
  • The Young Hinata Patch size is 11.4 MB.
  • The patch requires 254.4 MB of hard drive space. This shouldn't be a problem considering how big hard drives are nowadays.
  • Also included are some special PS2 exclusive CGs. These are CGs that were included in the PS2 version of Pure Pure. You won't be able to view them in the gallery, so they only appear when you're playing the game.
  • The patch also contains 2 new songs, SA-CHI and Days of Agony. These are not accessible through the gallery. They are PS2 exclusive songs that were used in place of different songs during scenes in the PS2 version. The scene was recreated on the PC for your enjoyment.

Voice Patch V2[edit]

This patch adds various PS2 voice samples into the voice file, including Midou's voice samples, and some other random characters you will encounter in the game. You will need the Voice Patch V2 in order to be able to install the special scripts in each patch that allow you to listen to them in the game.

  • Patch size is 139 MB.
  • This is an optional patch. You don't need it to play Pure Pure, but it does add to the overall experience of the game.
  • This version re-samples all the voice clips obtained from the PS2 and adds them into the voice package. This include Midou's voice samples and the voice samples of various random characters.

Contacting us[edit]

Dudebro dummyacct7 is pretty much the go-to person for the project, and the easiest way to make first contact with the faggot is through our forums or IRC channel.

Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/FOTS_Translations/index/ - I check these whenever the mood strikes me. Also has answers to a lot of common problems.

IRC: FOTS Translations - Open this pretty much every day. Am likely afk, but all messages get to me, unless the Rizon BNC is acting up. You can also chat with the other residents of the channel about weird, possibly kemonomimi related things. It shouldn't require mentioning, but please bring your brain with you if you wish to engage anyone in conversation.

dummyacct7's Email: [email protected] - I do receive these, though I may not answer. Generally if I don't it's because of one or more of the following conditions: A) You asked something super common that has been addressed on the forums. B) I'm feeling lazy that day and the message kind of gets buried under amiami orders and crap from amazon.co.jp and I end up forgetting about it. C) You asked me something so amazingly stupid/ridiculous that I can't respond. You'd actually be amazed by some of the shit people have asked. Also, I'm much more likely to respond if presented with gifts of delicious loli and/or traps.

Latest Patch Releases[edit]

  • All of our latest patches can be obtained from the links below.
  • If any of the links for these are expired, please take a rest; stuff's so old now that I don't even.

Sachi Patch[edit]

  • Basically the Young Hinata Patch and Interview Patch combined, this is a culmination of all the editing to make Chapter 1 look nicer and sound better. Translates everything in Chapter 1, and if you have the Voice Patch V2, you can even hear a voiced Midou and a random voiced teacher as well.




  • Fixes various errors in the scripts until the next patch release. Simply extract to the root Pure Pure directory (C:\Program Files\klein\ぴゅあぴゅあ or what have you) and overwrite.

Voiced Midou Version (Repacked and uploaded to Mediafire due to a false copyright claim allegedly from Antamedia. Yes, a claim against the <16KB hotfix. By a company that obviously has nothing to do with anything. Copyright laws are such a crock of fail.)

Unvoiced Midou Version

Voice Patch V2[edit]

  • This adds various PS2 voice samples into the game for Midou and other various random unvoiced characters in the game. It is an optional patch.
  • Mediafire link Fixed 08/02/2010



Old Patch Releases[edit]

  • These are older patches that are now considered outdated.
  • These files will not be re-uploaded once the links have expired.

Interview Patch[edit]

  • A redesign of the Introduction Patch, this patch only translates the Introduction found on the right side of the Extras menu, but uses the Voice Patch V2 to voice Midou and the Announcer.



Young Hinata Patch[edit]

  • This is the latest translation patch. Translated 20.09% of the entire game, aka Chapter 1 of Pure Pure.



Voice Patch V1[edit]

  • Previously used to add Midou's somewhat muffled PS2 voice clips to the voice package.


Song Patch[edit]

  • A patch that changes the BGMs in the game so that you can listen to PS2 Pure Pure Songs instead of the PC ones and vice versa.


Movie Patch[edit]

  • A patch which subs the introduction movie of Pure Pure.


Introduction Patch[edit]

  • The very first patch released as a teaser, this only translates the introduction in the extras menu.



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