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Symphonic Rain[edit]

There are all sorts of sorrows
Tears that cannot be expressed aloud
Will there be a day
when light pierces through the clouds?
Even in the rain...


At the Scuola Comunale di Musica Piova school of music, there is a longstanding rumor. According to that rumor, a couple performing at the graduation examination will be forever bound by fate.

In a city which never seems to fall short when it comes to rain, this tale tells the story of Chris, a Fortell player in his final year, and his childhood sweetheart Arietta, with whom he has kept up weekly correspondence for nearly three years. Chris still hasn't found a partner for his performance... Will their love wane before this trial, or conversely, will their relationship deepen, stronger than ever?




April 26th 2012: After two years, the third side story is now translated. Expect the remaining four at the same rate of release unless someone wants to take over. --Phar 21:05, 25 April 2012 (CDT)

May 15th 2010: The second side story is translated. Sorry for being a slow bastard about this. A kind soul has provided us with the missing three sidestories, so I suppose those will be translated as well. One day. Maybe. Phar 12:09, 15 May 2010 (UTC)

March 18 2010: Patch installer created. Have some links to [TLWiki]_Symphonic_Rain_English_Patch_Beta2_[317107F7].exe! This contains the updated scr_qc.pak below. --TinFoil 02:40, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

March 7th 2010: The first of the four side stories from the DPC disk is now translated (though not yet edited). The other three will follow sometime soon, maybe. And there are actually three more side stories that came with the Fukyuuban release. If anyone happens to have these, it would please us greatly if you could provide them for translation. Phar 16:37, 7 March 2010 (UTC)

Second beta patch: mediafire megaupload.

An updated Scr_qc.pak: mediafire. This fixes a crash in Phorni's route as well as the minor stuff reported so far.

The Japanese walk-through can be found here

Just extract into your install directory, select 'yes to all' when asked to overwrite stuff, then follow the instructions in the included readme.

Since this game probably won't be hacked properly any time soon ever, I bit the bullet and made the best of what's available now. I've manually circumvented all crashes that plagued the previous release by either shortening lines or inserting page breaks. I've also somehow managed to fix the broken script jumps by hex-editing some scene table file and guessing the correct (?) entry byte addresses. English edited images and lyrics are included now too.

So basically, the game is fully playable now, albeit with a few minor restrictions:

  • Message speed is still slow and broken. This can be circumvented by setting message speed to max (instant line display).
  • Some lines that were displayed at a fixed speed in the original (for effect or whatnot) had become excruciatingly slow due to the above issue. They're now displayed like regular lines.
  • Mid-line script effects (mainly tachi-e changes) had to be stripped because they broke the awesome word wrapping algorithm.
  • The message history is cut off a bit on the right.
  • The 'next line' icon is misaligned in NVL mode (who cares).
  • RT removed the Ranking modes from the localized .exe for God knows what reason. I've no idea how to bring these back.

There's a good chance I didn't catch everything, so if you still come across any crashes or lines that get cut off, leave a message on the Symphonic Rain Error Report page and I'll try to fix them.

- Phar 20:07, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

If you have the no-text bug then get the Essai font from here copy it into your gamefolder and windows font folder, then run regedit, search on Borland and add the exe manually like

Then right click, "New String Value"

After that, edit the string you made. The Value Name should be the path to SR_qc.exe, and the value data should be MOO.


  • 18 February 2010: Second beta patch released.
  • 21 November 2009: Beta patch released.
  • 26 September 2009: Translation finished
  • 5 August 2009: Torta and Al Fine routes translation finished (90.0% of full text translated)
  • 7 May 2009: Falsita route translation finished (60.1% of full text translated)
  • 22 March 2009: Lise route translation finished (42.6% of full text translated)
  • 7 October 2007: Project started


Global progress: 78.45%

Scripts breakdown[edit]

Translation & TL Check (none) • Editing / Proofreading (none) • Quality Control (none) • Release-Ready (187)

Uncategorized scripts: 0 of 187.

Per section[edit]

  • Reverse-engineering, hacking: pretty much done, stalled
  • Tools: pretty much done
  • Translation/TL check: pretty much done
  • Graphics edition: close to completion
  • Proof/edit/QC: in progress
  • Packaging: close to completion

A script dumper and reinserter program is available in the Tools section. The tool is being improved to adhere to standard guidelines for better translator friendliness (separate strings file, automatic text layout). It still needs to be upgraded, but deeper work is needed for tweaking the game program and its text layout algorithms.

Project Participants[edit]


See Symphonic Rain:Scripts, for scripts to be localized.


See Symphonic Rain:Graphics, for a list of images to be localized.

Song Lyrics[edit]

See Symphonic Rain:Song Lyrics, for lyrics to be localized.

Buying the game[edit]

Extra offered to purchasers of Kogado's Omnishop online shop

There are three editions of the game. The first re-edition, シンフォニック=レイン 愛蔵版 was available for 9,240円 in retail stores and comes with extras. The second re-release, シンフォニック=レイン 普及版 comes at a lower retail price and has the same game contents. It includes side-stories in HTML format.

Extra offered to Symphonic Rain Fukyuuban who purchased the game through Omnishop

Online resellers[edit]

  • Himeya It seems Himeya is no longer offering this product because it is out of print.
    EMS/UPS shipping (~3 days after your order is processed, i.e. 10 more days) - add an extra USD ~20 S&H fee
    We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal and check/money order. [1]
    You might be able to request them to stock the renewal edition, by asking them through their Custom Order request form.
  • Note: does not ship software internationally.
  • Use as a last resort if your only option is to use or any of the Japanese resellers. See this guide how to use Tenso.


Technical Details[edit]

This section for reference only. For programmers and people curious as to how the game engine works.


  • 【AMV】【MAD】 シンフォニック=レイン -おてんきあめ-
    • Author: トイレの残り香
    • Song: 【原作:ツブオト/中原涼】 - from Game "Quartett!" 「ユニ」 Ending Theme [Littlewitch]
      Lyrics: 中原涼
      Composer/Arranger: 細井聡司 (hosplug)
      Vocals: 中原涼
      Strings performance: 竹内Strings
  • 【AMV】【MAD】 Symphonic Rain - Rainbow
    • Author: Tonelf
    • Song: 【原作:いつでも微笑みを/岡崎律子】 - Torta Image Song (Composer's self-cover)
      Lyrics/Composer: 岡崎律子
      Arranger: 長谷川智樹
      Vocals: 岡崎律子
      Strings: 弦 一徹グループ
      Harp: 朝川朋之
      Flute: 相馬充
      Oboe: 柴山洋
      Clarinet: 十亀正司
      Bassoon: 木村正伸


Language Link Score Quote
Vnn icon.jpg p997tt 9.2/10 “if you can understand Japanese or Chinese, and you like visual novels in general then I see no reason why you would want to miss this game. If you have never played a novel game before but you like anime music, like cute looking characters and you just want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the storyline of a game then by all means, give Symphonic Rain a try.”
en kgptzac - “Even though some parts of the plot aren't very sensible, the overall enjoyment of it is beyond excellency.”
アレル・ニア 9/10 “ほとんど隙の無い、非常に完成度の高い作品です。”
448 (ヨシヤ) 85/100 “うん、やっぱ俺って、トルタ大好きだわ(笑”
a-park 9/10 “そしてただ鬱で暗いだけでなく、すべての伏線が解消される最終ルートまで進めれば綺麗にまとめてくれるので終わった後はなかなかに爽やかでした。”
エル 100/100 “ノワールなゲームだな。”
Ken 9/10 “深く突っ込んで考えていくというよりは、その場で醸し出される雰囲気からキャラの心情を読み取りつつ、少しずつ得られた雰囲気をレイヤーのように適宜重ねながら新しい雰囲気を作っていくという楽しみ方ができます。”
Kipima 70/100 “浮気ゲーの部分に期待して買うのはやめたほうが賢明です。じゃないと大ダメージを受けます。私のように(泣”
三剣 龍 B+ “女キャラの描写は上手。現実的なギャルゲーかも。”
LRL 100/100 “キャラの受け取り方とか、それぞれのルートの位置づけなんかは本当に千差万別といえるでしょう。同時に、この物語の構造自体が、そういうそれぞれの受け入れ方を否定しないようにできているというのが、また素敵です。”
jade 80/100 “序盤から中盤にかけて物語に動きがないことやCG枚数が絶対的に足りないこと、演出効果が地味で今ひとつ盛り上がりに欠けたことなど、いくつか粗も目立ちました。”
ヒンメル 9/10 “シナリオ重視のゲームがやりたいけれど、重すぎるのもNG、頭を捻るのもNGという人にお勧め。”
yowamax 70/100 “萌えや笑いを楽しみたい人にとっては、退屈でダラダラした鬱展開はストレスを蓄積させるだけで逆効果になるかも。”
PP 74/100 “文句が無いというわけではないが、非18禁作品としては高レベルです
六結 4/5 “音楽の完成度は高い。音楽と作品(キャラ)との関連性も実に巧妙によくできている”
雨相 月 - “切なく、美しい心の調べを奏でてくれます。胸を締め付けられるようなシナリオをプレイしたい人は是非プレイして下さい。”
タニシ 90/100 “こんなに愛すべき、素晴らしい作品を遺していただいたことに感謝しつつ。”
QP 86/100 “あらすじで判断して購入すると痛い目に遭います。”

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