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VH GAME 01 a.k.a Violated Heroine is a game made with the RPG Maker 2000 engine. In this game you take control of a young heroine named Nanako, and guide her on her deadly but often erotic adventures. The update of this game is still on going.


Ver.170722(YYMMDD) is out! To download the newest release, see Downloads section. Also visit assembla to check out the translation updates.

Error Reports[edit]

Main Article: Violated Heroine:Error Reports

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Script Files[edit]

For an alternate layout using javascript show/hide boxes (good for enormous amounts of scripts), see the Alternate Script Template.
File Type Translation progress
Map Files 619/619 (100%)
Translated Dialogs 112056/112056(100%)
Total Updated (100%)
Italics = Translated
Bold = TLC'd
Bold + Italics = Edited and QC'd

Common Files[edit]



Common Codes Used in Script Files[edit]

Code Function
\N[**] Calls character's name assigned in Database
\V[**] Calls variables assigned in Database
\C[**] Changes color of text
\S[**] Changes showing speed of text
\. Delays text speed 1/4 second
\| Delays text speed 1 second
\> Indicates text immediately
\< Changes text speed to normal
\^ No wait for key-in
\! Waiting for key-in during showing text
\_ Half space
\\ shows YEN symbol

Common Codes for Symbols[edit]

Uppercase Symbol Lowercase Symbol
$A Sword $a Smiley face
$B Shield $b Normal face
$C Hexagram $c Frown face
$D Sun 1 $d Sweat 1
$E Crescent moon 1 $e Sweat 2
$F Mercury $f Spade 1
$G Venus $g Heart 1
$H Earth $h Rhomboid 1
$I Mars $i Clubs 1
$J Jupiter $j Spade 2
$K Saturn $k Heart 2
$L Uranus $l Rhomboid 2
$M Neptune $m Clubs 2
$N Pluto sign $n Skull
$O Aries $o Cross
$P Taurus $p Sun 2
$Q Gemini $q Crescent moon 2
$R Cancer $r Small circle (dot)
$S Leo $s Arrow up
$T Virgo $t Arrow right
$U Libra $u Arrow left
$V Scorpio $v Arrow down
$W Sagittarius $w Arrow upper right
$X Capricorn $x Arrow lower right
$Y Aquarius $y Arrow lower left
$Z Pisces $z Arrow upper left

Screen Shots[edit]



From version 1.3d1 onwards, RPGMaker Trans has an optional configuration file. If the file doesn't exist, all values are left as defaults - most of the time, that's fine. However, if a file named config.ini exists, containing lines of the format "variable=val", then the following option(s) can be controlled.


The number of subprocesses to invoke. By default, this is the number of cores that your OS reports. Higher numbers result in faster performance, by parallelising the difficult parts of translation, altough if you're using more cores than you have you'll see performance worsen. You might also see performance worsen on the old P4's with HyperThreading.

Using to Patch a game[edit]

Note:Ideally, the game and patch should be placed within the same folder as RPGMaker Trans. If this is the case, RPGMaker Trans can provide selection via dropdown menu and potentially automatically find the patch. If not, then you must select the game/patch via a file chooser.

  • Run RPGMaker Trans
  • Select the game to patch via the dropdown or file chooser
  • Select the patch to apply via the dropdown or file chooser (Note: If the patch is correctly named, it will be selected automatically)
  • Click the Start button
  • Wait until it finishes

Using to make a Patch[edit]

Place the folder containing the original game inside the folder containing RPGMaker Trans. Run RPGMaker Trans; select the game and make sure "Make Empty Patch" is checked. Click Start and the patch will be generated. A patch folder will be created. This folder will contain UTF-8 text files. Each text file contains a header; don't modify it. The headers are just a convienient way of identifying particular versions of the patch format, although the current 2.0 format should be around for a while. Each text string is represented as follows:

Format Example 1 (Conversation) Example 2 (Item List)

# CONTEXT : Some/Example/Context

Original Text String


Translated Text String


# CONTEXT : Dialogue/Message/FaceUnknown
# ADVICE : 49 char limit (35 if face)



Suspicious merchant
「You've worked hard... Ah, hey...\!do
 something about the \C[10]semen\C[0] in your


Sampled from Map0531.txt Glory Hole

# CONTEXT : itemAttr/ItemName
# ADVICE : 19 char limit



Aizen Carnet


# CONTEXT : itemAttr/Description
# ADVICE : 54 char limit



Bypass Aizen’s customs checkpoint.


Sampled from RPG_RT_ITEMDATA.txt

The second line is a marker for untranslated strings. Obviously, it only appears if the string is untranslated. The marker has no effect on patcher operation, and will be automatically removed when running the patcher.

The CONTEXT field gives a brief indicator of the context in which the string was found. Context is both important to the translator and also important in minimising mismatches. A string is translated only if the context of the translation matches, so for example a the string 'Body' with context 'Dialogue/MessageBox' won't match the same string if it has context 'Dialogue/Choice'.

After the context is the string to translate. This should not be modified by the user. Instead, a translation of the string should be inserted after the line "# TRANSLATION", on the blank line provided. The string should obey common sense with regard to how long it is. The only time when an RPGMaker layout rule can be broken is dialogue message boxes; if a translation is more than 4 lines long, RPGMaker Trans will automatically split it into multiple message boxes.

Text strings are listed in the order they are found within the file or section of RPG_RT, minus repeats. Patches can be tested by just running RPGMaker Trans. The game in the translated folder will be updated correctly. To prepare a patch for distribution, just zip the directory containing it. (A right click on the folder, zip and you're done). Other compression methods are not supported, because I'm just using a common format which has easy Python bindings.

Let's get involved[edit]

VHゲーム01 Translation Project SVN by fucksands[edit]

How to contribute to the project[edit]

  1. Create an Assembla account
  2. Add yourself to the member's list
  3. Download and install TortoiseSVN or RapidSVN
  4. Create an empty folder for the project files to be downloaded
  5. Right click the folder and select "SVN Checkout"
  6. Put as the URL
  7. Wait for it to finish downloading
  8. Make your changes to the files. Be sure to use SVN Update to keep up-to-date.
  9. Commit the files when you're done using SVN Commit. Be sure to leave something meaningful in the message box
  10. You will have to enter your Assembla username and password if this is your first time

(Originally from VH Assembla wiki)


Pre-patched Game (All translation patches are already applied)[edit]

Latest ver is 170722.

Due to a request from a developer, the archives have been encrypted.
A hint for the password is the main character's name in lowercase.
What's the name of the red haired girl in this game?

Tools for Applying Patches[edit]

Note:RPGMakerTrans is continuously updated. Visit Habisains Stuff to check latest update.

All Patches You Need[edit]


Patches and Tools[edit]


For those who struggle with Kanji(Chinese Character)[edit]