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Only compatible with the Windows version, also known as "Elf Classics" / エルフ大人の缶詰 / elf 大人の缶詰 release.

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Please do not redistribute/mirror these files without permission.
Use AI5ENG_VOICE.exe to play with voices.
The translation patch automatically works and plays the voice files if they are properly inserted into the YUNO game folder. If you desire to play unvoiced, then move the voice files out or simply don't download them.
If you installed the prologue patch previously on Windows Vista/7, there is a possiblility that the wrong font may be used for the full patch due to the game reading the already existing prologue patch's .ini file from the Virtual Store rather than the full patch's .ini in the game folder. In the case the game font does not match the font in this screenshot, then try navigating to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Classics\YUNO and deleting AI5ENG.INI there.
You will need to be in Japanese locale to run the game correctly.
The installer may need to be run as administrator depending on where the game was installed and which OS you are on - particularly in the case of the default install location into Program Files on Windows Vista or Windows 7 due to UAC. If this is the case, selecting "Start Menu Shortcuts" will create the shortcuts for the admin, which is probably not what you want. Instead, just run the installer a second time as standard user and select only "Start Menu Shortcuts" - this will put them in the right place.

Finally, if you notice any errors (whether they be typographic, grammatical, or technical), we'd greatly appreciate it if you would report on our error reports page.

  • An installer only for the users speaking Japanese and wanting to play the game untranslated but with voicepatch. Contains untranslated Japanese script/data files with voice commands in it, along with the required exes. Naturally you will also need the voice files above. Most of the additions detailed below are also included in this. Use AI5WIN_VOICE.exe to play. (Warning: not tested much.)
  • 44 kHz jp exe for Japanese-speaking users who want to use the 44kHz music patch above. To use with the voice patch, continue launching the game with AI5WIN_VOICE.EXE after replacing the original AI5WIN.EXE with this one.

Other notes

  • We advise saving often during the last chapter of the game, as there is a part where the player can't save for about 20-30 minutes.
  • The main menu gets buggy when deleting or copying game slots (only graphically, it's still functional).
  • Moving the FLAG__ files while the game is running may cause bugs and/or corrupt saves.
  • The Japanese voicepatch doesn't interfere with the English patch at all.

What this TL patch offers

Voices from the Sega Saturn release
Pretty much almost all the voices are present now in the translation patch. Those familiar with oldschool Adventure Eroges would know that the voices mainly play when advancing the story, and in fewer cases when trying other commands, while most of the joke or look commands tends to be unvoiced in all the releases. This is also the case here. In order to have most lines voiced we leaned toward following the saturn lines in cases where there was a discrepancy, but there are a few lines not being voiced due to them not being present in the Saturn release, or when the line refers on something the Saturn didn't have.
Few additional lines, and/or entire scenes from the Sega Saturn release
The major additions are scenes which replaced the PC98/Win eroscenes to a conversation instead, don't worry though, the eroscenes are also present in their normal form.
Fixed the protagonist's name as Takuya
While the PC98 and the Windows release normally have nameable protagonist, the Saturn release -due to the added voice acting- does not, and consequently due to our voicepatch, and also due to the wordwrapping issues a nameable protagonist would cause, this translation patch ommits the name selection screen and goes with the default "Takuya" name.
Some CGs from the Sega Saturn release
As mentioned previously, we didn't find the normal sized Sega Saturn CGs passable when edited into the Windows release, but we managed to bring over and implement several of the larger, "full screen" sized ones, mainly into the Saturn Exclusive scenes, and some during normal scenes in the last chapter.
Sound effects from the Sega Saturn release
Although we didn't change every one of the old sound effects, there were about 50 Saturn exclusive sound effects which weren't present in the PC98/Windows, and there is a few of them which definitely improved some scenes as those lacked sound effects of any kind in the PC98/Win. Additionally the Saturn ones sound more refined in general compared to the old sound effects.
Extra side scenario implemented into the main game
Some time later after the PC98 version's release an additional Special Floppy disc edition was released which included among other omake stuff a side scenario which plays during the last chapter. In the Windows release this Special Disc feature normally is only accessible after clearing the entire game, but just like how this is found in the Saturn release, and using it as a guide, we integrated this side story into the main game directly.
"Decensored" erotic CGs from the PC98 versions
The erotic CGs of the Windows release were slightly altered obscuring the nether regions of several of the ones where the crotch area is visible with a white "reflector light" (see NSFW example), but we decided to incorporate the original PC98 CGs instead of those, as the PC98 ones lacked this censorship.
Deasterisking some of the lines changed in the Windows release
Related to above were another sort of censorship where a select few words were replaced with asterisks. For those lines we decided not to keep the asterisked words censored, and translated them effectively like how they were present in the PC98 release.
Other minor cosmetic changes in the game exe
Removed the CD check; fixed a bug present with the Japanese exe crashing while changing wallpapers; changed that upon exiting YU-NO, the Classics.exe wouldn't start running automatically.


Takuya Arima is a young student whose father, a historian who has conducted various researches, disappeared recently. During a summer vacation Takuya receives a peculiar package from his missing father, along with a letter containing information about the existence of various parallel worlds. At first Takuya doesn't take it seriously, but soon he realizes that he possesses a device that allows him to travel to alternate dimensions. Is his father alive, after all? If so, where is he?


"If Masakatsu Yuuki is peerless at one thing, then it's running away!"

6 /12/2011 Our friend, Audi of Hardcoregaming101, who's a very good personal friend of the late Umemoto, YU-NO's composer, has written a stellar, really detailed article he dedicated to Umemoto himself.
We originally intended this article to be a sneak peek before we released the patch, but due to the sheer amount of care and love he poured into the article, he finished it some time after we were nearing release-ready state. Thus after discussing with him we decided to release the patch first instead. If you are interested in the game whether to play it, or played and liked it then please go and read his article. You can find it here. --Izmosmolnar 08:43, 6 December 2011 (CST)

6/10/2011 A pack to replace the 22k mono music tracks of the Windows Elf Classics version of YU-NO with lossless 44k stereo recordings of the original PC-98 FM tracks was created and graciously provided for download by Kaminari of the Tokugawa Corp. Japanese retro computing forums. You can get it here (the files have been split so either use something like JDownloader to download them or HJSplit to merge after download). Replace the included AI5ENG.EXE and MUSIC.ARC with the ones in your game directory (don't forget to make backups). Note that you can still play it voiced by running AI5ENG_VOICE.EXE. --Phar 16:45, 6 October 2011 (CDT)

1/10/2011 A translation of the full version of Prof. Imagawa's paper on parallel worlds, which you come across in your desk early on in the game, is now available for your perusal‎ (Online PDF). It's taken from the guidebook, where it was originally published. It explains how the YU-NO world works, but in a very (very) fundamental way, so it's pretty much safe to read from a spoiler point of view. Happy "reading". --Phar 10:07, 1 October 2011 (CDT)

29/9/2011 The full translation patch along with the voicepatch is released as of today. Allow me to seize this opportunity to express my deepest thanks toward all the staff I had the pleasure to work with, especially those who've put an amazing amount of work and time into this release, and also everyone who helped us along the way. I'm really overjoyed and proud we all managed to create this patch. Thank you, and I really hope everyone who'll use this translation will enjoy the game as much as we did! --Izmosmolnar 17:47, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

News archive



Error Reports


Additionally, special thanks to the other contributors: LoSs, Moogy, Fungi, Ixrec (thanks for the voicepatch feedback), P (thanks for the help in hacking the voicepatch).


To assure consistency please keep in mind the Translation/Editing Guidelines and various Names, Locations, Items when editing a script.
Don't translate any of the speaker tags (inside the 【】 brackets), these will be globally substituted later during the rebuilding process.

Italics = Translated
Underlined = Translation checked
Bold = Edited
Bold + Italics = QCed and ready to go


Primary tools

Secondary tools

  • Yuno_cpinsert.zip - Copypasta inserter (Python 3.x) - requires cplines.txt
  • Yuno_mstfind.zip - .MST searching tool (Python 3.x) - works with voices.txt, cplines.txt
  • Yuno_mesdecompile.zip - script decompiler (Python 3.x), not used in current toolchain, just for reference


  • AI5ENG_v7_debug.zip Debug game exe for the translation patch, it constantly shows which scriptfile the player is at. It's recommended for people intending to report a large number of errors.
  • Yuno_cplines.zip (cplines.txt) - listing of copypasta between script files
  • Yuno_voice_mapping.zip (voices.txt) - mapping between Saturn ver. voices and .MST text dump pages (finished, minus a few potential errors here and there)
  • Script commands - so I don't forget them (very incomplete)



  • Translated paper from the guidebook:
    Imagawa, Y: An Inquiry into the Fundamental Composition of the Universe (zip‎) (PDF) (ad-infested mirror)
  • Seiyuu/Voice Actor List:


Please note that most of the screenshots still used the old font display method, which currently aren't in use anymore.


Please be advised some of them might contain spoilers.

Language Link Score Version Quote
en Ixrec's review 10/10
“Many awesome games give you a sense of epic scale, making you feel like you actually did just save an entire planet from catastrophes millenia in the making. On the other hand, YU-NO will make you feel the size and scope of each and every extant universe from the beginning of time to unforseeable futures. Each and every branch really did feel like a real alternate retelling of a real event, and not just a different set of tricks the author came up with to make everyone show up in time for the finale. On top of that, the actual subplots in each route are awesome all on their own (contrast with E17), partly since the metaplot justifies copious foreshadowing, twists and character development.”
en TakaJun's review 9/10 PC98 “Even though this is an old game, it’s still a masterpiece. It’s hard to recommend to people since it’s so old, but I would still recommend people to play this game if they do not mind old games and are even slightly interested.”
en Short review by an Anonymous
“Honestly before playing this I thought it was only overrated, no way an eroge that is so fucking old (made in 96) could be that awesome.
I was wrong, it's really that great, no eroge I played before come even close to the level of epic story (in the real sense of the word) that this game offers. It's a really ambitious story with a huge scope.
Anyways it's awesome, people who are proficient in Japanese and who didn't play it yet because it's old or some other reasons should try it asap.”
en RPGFan review by WooJin Lee 97/100 Saturn “As a whole, I feel this game to be THE best Graphical Adventure game ever, which from me (I play tons of these games) is a huge compliment. In fact, I feel saddened by the fact that the scenario designer that made this (I forget the name) isn't working on enough games!”
en Review by Mista Lijing on GameFAQs 10/10 Saturn “The final segment of the game is just mind-blowing - I cannot think of a more rewarding ending to a more demanding game. ”
en Short review by JMason on GameFAQs 10/10 Saturn “Wow what can I say, this game just blew me away. A real class act. ”
無限軌道さん 10/10 PC98 “ゲームである必然とやり応えと読み応えとをあわせ持ったゲームシナリオ、それがYU-NOです。”
管理人のきゅうきゅう 10/10 PC98 “このゲームはすごく心を動かされます。”
Remuria 98/100 PC98 “膨大なシナリオ、これをわずか8ヶ月で手掛けた菅野ひろゆき氏は神。”
mbreaker 92/100 PC98 “貴方も(貴女も)「この世の果て」を確かめてみてください。”