Gekkou no Carnevale

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TL note: "Gekkou" means "moonlight".




Single Route Progress: 28.3%

  • Scripts dumped and uploaded, translation has begun.
  • Repacker finished and working as far as we need it, but still needs more testing and cleanup before publication.
  • Locale porting is working, interface has been mostly translated.
  • Good news, everyone! I taught the toaster to feel love discovered an engine function that implements a sort of word-wrapping (text in <t> tags won't be broken up). However, the function isn't perfect; it only hits when there would be more than two characters on the new line. More research is needed.
  • I started to write down everything I find out about the script format.

Technical details[edit]


  • Apart from the usual text (which is obvious), the "text" field in choice tags has to be translated. Example:
<CHOICE HREF="B0501" TEXT="彼女と逃げる" OPERATOR=""></A>
Note that some choices are in the script, but are commented out; presumably debugging leftovers
  • Also, the "class" fields in voice tags have to be translated, see talk page
  • Due to locale porting, there may be no visible two-byte characters, that includes spaces (but leave the leading ones in the script for now, that is something that can be easily batched later - just don't introduce any new ones)
  • Possibly more due to things breaking in non-Japanese locales, watch this space
  • Comment out the original Japanese with "//#"


Script Files[edit]


Main trunk
A/L trunk
R/N trunk
Anna route Lunaria route Rebecca route Noel route

General interface text[edit]

Images needing translation[edit]

Gekkou no Carnevale image files archive (Includes everything below excluding the menu PSD, but including ALL button states)

The following are the the popup menu buttons. The original first state is uploaded as an image for easy reading, and the whole tentatively translated menu is also included as a flexible PSD file. It's pretty obvious what they mean, but they are included for completeness.

The following are the first (of three) states of the music menu buttons that contain Japanese. We will have to decide whether we want to translate them at all.


And then there's the OP movie, which could be karaoke'd. If we even want to (I dislike OP karaoke in general). However, transcripts and text translations for the OP song ("嘆きの人"形), the two ED songs ("Memento" and "幻灯") and the insert song ("月下") are probably in order. These can be supplied on request.

Oh look, somebody already transcribed them, at least in Japanese: