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The imas-patcher program[edit]

This program allows you to easily add translations and replace pictures inside the game. The only downside is that it doesn't work with the iso file you downloaded -- you must get a new one, with little modifications that make it easy to insert stuff into game (it is also 300MB larger). Currently, I'm only distributing Perfect Sun version, please try it out.

Here's the process of using the program:

  • Download imas-patcher program from [1].
  • Download iso from [2].
  • Put iso you downloaded on your PSP.
    • Some people have reported that iso only works if you use m33 umd driver on your PSP.
  • Run the program; choose iso you downloaded.


  • Choose files to insert into iso. Add them to list by dragging into program window or pressing "Add files..." button and selecting them. This is the most creative part. Here's what you can insert:
1. Script translations. You can get them from pages Idolmaster_SP:PS, Idolmaster_SP:WS, Idolmaster_SP:MM. Find a script you want to insert translations for, 1694.txt, for example, select text on it (starting with word Names and finishing with the last sentence), paste it into notepad, save as 1694.txt (please note that both name and extension matter).
You must save file with utf-8 character encoding. If you're using Windows Notepad, there's an option to choose encoding at the bottom of "Save as" dialog.
A visual guide on saving files
2. Pictures. You can download insert-able pictures from Idolmaster_SP:Pictures (of course you can edit them to your heart's content). To be recodinzed as picture, file name must end in xxx-xxx.png or xxx.png, where xxx are digits (for example, Idolmaster_SP-Pictures-tl-41-1.png). It would be wise to insert files fonts/30.png .. fonts/38.png, because they contain modified font for game. without it english will appear as gibberish in game.
3. Lines from executable (basically, all in-game text that is not stored in scripts). Have a look at Lines page (or even Raw lines). Copy any number of lines from there and save as a file that ends in ".lines.txt". For example, file menu.lines.txt with this text:
 002bfb34    34 Continue producing an idol
 002bfb58    32 Select a new idol to produce
 002bfb7c    24 Delete idol data
 002bfb98    30 Delete producer data
will translate some part of menu that asks you what you want to do when starting the game.
4. Emails, from Idolmaster_SP:Emails. File must end in .mail.txt. Not tested because I didn't get any (emails).
  • Hit "Apply". A dialog informing you whether the operation was successful will appear.


That's it! You're ready to launch the game. Here's a screenshot of about box with cute picture: